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    Afridi, their talisman, is back in form with a fiver. With an in form Afridi, the t20 tournament is theirs to lose. Aamir, who is arguably better than Steyn, has returned now and is making batsmen quake in their boots in the PSL. Add to this a fired up Wahab who totally destroyed the talented Ahmed Shezad and you have probably the best attack in cricket at the moment. Yasir Shan will also be back soon and he is undoubtedly the best spinner in the world. my question is...can anyone reasonably hope to stop Pakistan at world t20 or overseas test series later this year?
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    Afridi is, as proven by our friends on the other side, the best cricketer of the 2000s. Just look at his pose when he takes a tailender's wicket. The only reason why Djokovic took up tennis is because he knew Afridi would stick to cricket.
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    I think the movie inside out got it right..... Some people don't have the sarcasm character in their head
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    Guys, I'd like to introduce you to something I made with some friends, Cricingif... What it does is it provides a clip for every ball as soon as it happens. Will be covering the Lahore Qalandars vs Quetta Gladiators match tonight I would really appreciate your feedback
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    I think the reason behind choosing Negi is because our T20 team was on the lookout for a player who can come in after the 16th over or so, bat for 10 to 15 balls and score at 150+ SR, hit a couple of sixes if possible and bowl a couple of overs. ( Negi has a SR of 150 + in the last 2 years in IPL ) We are not looking for conventionally good players who can build an innings and is a good batsman per se. Pandya is another such player who has already been taken ( he can build an innings too ). Who are the other options we have for this role ? Deepak Hooda definitely. Who else is there ? Question is...why is Hooda not being considered at all ?
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    Predict the Winner of ASIA CUP 2016

    Tbh, we should have dominated this tournament. Instead, we are locked with the number of wins with Lungan side (who started to dominate really from 90s only).
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    I guess the poster Misbah got internet access for the first time in Lahore and got overexcited and down voted everyone...good technological progress by our neighbours btw...Internet..wow.
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    Thank you so much for this qasimz. Most of us already know about cricingif and I am a regular user of this site. Wonderful work you are doing for us cricket lovers.
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    Mohammad Amir is the reason why Lara, Tendulkar and Ponting retired.
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    Which world you in bro. Amir is not only better than Styne but also Marshal, McGrath, Wasim, Lillee, Holding, Donald, Hadlee, Ambrose, Kapil, Walse, Thomson, Anderson, Roberts.
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    You forgot Afridi. He was a champ couple of times. Afridi is such a great AR. He's got some great dancing skills too
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    People need to fix their sarcasm meters. OP needed to be a bit more subtle for more lulz.
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    If pakistan dont want to come then IMO nobody can force them. IMO its not fair to press for sanctions. But, the tournament must go on. Somebody can replace pakistan. Australia did not attend the WC in BD but they did not want to hold their matches in a neutral venue either.
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    Dil Dil India

    Predict the Winner of ASIA CUP 2016

    Dhoni isn't really the kind to experiment too much. I mean, he played the same team 3 in a row against Lankans in a useless bilateral lol. The only experimentation could be Yuvraj moving a place up or something but I really hope they don't screw the team over in a bid to give chances to Yuvraj. As for India's Asia Cup showings in 2012 and 2014....well in 2014 Afridi fluked a couple of sixes. Won't happen all the time. IIRC we had Karthik instead of Dhoni who was atrocious and missed multiple chances vs SL and helped FTB Sanga score an undeserved ton. In 2012 we beat both Pak and SL and lost to BD...atrocious innings from Tendulkar coupled with terrible bowling from the Indians....and a stupid tournament rule which gave preference to HTH over NRR or some crap. T20 is fickle so you never know but on form India have too much for Pak, BD and SL. I am actually wary of BD because they will likely doctor pitches and make them rank turners. Not too confident of our spin prowess on rank turners....never thought I'd say that about an Indian side,
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    From an earlier post of yours in this thread-- You started off this debate citing just 2 innings of Jadeja as one of the proofs of his batting prowess. i wonder why ! Isn't it a very low sample set !! There are a few examples of bowlers, with limited batting ability, who have played a couple of such knocks under pressure. The low sample size issue is applicable to his T20I career....I agree. In case of test matches , his batting has been pathetic. He has had problems against the short ball, the swinging ball, the seaming ball and even the spinning ball. He has got out to rash shots when the team needed him to stay. He does not have a clear idea about his off stump and has a tendency of slicing deliveries. Compare this with his bowling in those same tests where he has tried his utmost best and has taken wickets whenever an opportunity arose. His batting stats maybe ignored in the 24 test innings he has batted but , if he does not rectify these issues, he will find it very hard to do well consistently with the bat in tests. He has been able to play just one fifty plus knock in 24 innings because of these issues. In ODIs.....an average of 32 is just about ok, nothing great ( Could have been very good for a finisher if SR were very high ). He has batted in 87 ODI innings and has been not out 30 times ( 34 % of times ) and this is making his average look decent. The not outs are often not helping the team because of lower than required SR. Leaving aside statistics, Jadeja looks like a very good spinner in the sub-continent but does not give this feeling as a batsman , in any form of the game. He has to improve every which way as far as batting is concerned. I will be more than happy if he does so.
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    Predict the Winner of ASIA CUP 2016

    Surprisingly, many posts on this thread have been unnecessarily voted down .... I guess, the poster Misbah is randomly pressing the button and misusing the function .... If he feels the need to down vote so many posts and that too on a thread that he started, I don't know why he is posting here
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    exactly. people aint understanding this basic point lol
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    Well CA received security alerts from the IB and the government and decided not to Bangladesh as a precaution ,not crying or whining for venue shifting or neutral venues like the pcb,hence icc did not intervene. Pcb have all the right in the world to not visit india if they 'genuinely' feel any threats but as the news coming in,the Pakistan government have given them green signal to tour india.so that settles!!
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    Lahore Qalandars doing surprisingly well considering their track record. 111 for 1 after 11/1 overs On another note @sscomp32 thanks a lot for the appreciation, if there's anything we can improve, do let me know :)
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    Watch your words, mate. You can't say something like that.
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    In international cricket it is all about doing justice to your role. Jadeja comes in to bat at no. 7 or no. 8 in LOIs. His role there should be to up the scoring rate and play quick-fire cameos....which would mean a SR of 90+ in ODIs and 135+ in T20s. He is way below that. If we consider all 3 formats and the IPL...he has a disappointing SR in ODIs ( 84.9 ), T20Is ( 86.7) and IPL( 123.6 ). He has a disappointing average in test matches ( 21), T20Is ( 9 ) . His only decent statistics are his 32 average in ODis and the IPL ( 23.4 ). ...and at 84.9 SR and 123.6 SR respectively .....he should bat within the top 5 in LOIs...if he is not good enough for that then he is not able to do justice to his role as an LOI batter till now. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/234675.html http://www.iplt20.com/teams/chennai-super-kings/squad/9/ravindra-jadeja It means that he comes in late and is not able to hit big shots and up the rate but does not get out and wastes deliveries. Hence the decent average and lowish SR.
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    Can't remember many innings by Jadeja when he has been able to up the run-rate at the end by playing a quick cameo. That is supposed to be his role as a batsman in LOIs.
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    Afridi's impressive dancing skills, when he thought no one was watching. KP was very impressed with his moves.
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    Md. Aamir is not only a great bowler, he's also a great humanitarian. Noticing the vast gap between him and bowlers of other teams, he took a 'break' from cricket to allow other bowlers to catch up with him. Shahid Khan Afridi is not only a great all-rounder, he's also a great humanitarian balleatarian, motivational speaker, and a ballet dancer.
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    Even Harbhajan and Zaheer Khan have played a few innings of quick runs. Important is do it more often. He is not a free stroke maker because of the kind of technique he has. Regarding averaging 32, most of his innings are in lost causes and most times he remains not out like his innings in Aus in 4th ODI. He has really had only two notable innings in ODIs till now. One in CT 2013 in Final against England and one against NZ in 2014.
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    What about his ball biting and butt scratching skills . You forgot those
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    zaroor plus puri team bhi accha karegi
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    The 5 yr old kid next to my home also thinks akshay kumar is stronger than bruce lee. I smile at him and say ' Yes, he is ' :)
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    ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    kya haal hai? NZ v AUS SS me kya haal hai? tum to tumhari asli jagah per ho LKC
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    Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    looks like Mumbai v Saurasthra Ranji final
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    Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    No dear...I still feel BRAN is more talented. Reasons- the confidence he showed in his first ODI was ABNORMAL...kinda too confident...it shows that he is sure that he belongs to international level. he could bowl up to 140k. was between 131 k to 140 in first spell which was lil impressive .. he averaged 135.5 in first 2 odi's in first spell. I would like to believe he is faster than Unadkat. In second spell he slowed down a lot and which is against him but he was always trying to vary his pace and had a slower ball which he used effectively. knows to use a slower ball. bcos of his abnormal 6 4 inch height he was getting spongy bounce easily and which is a big ASSET for him...I believe he is taller and stronger than unadkat and has more talent that way. He is a SIKH JAT guy who is a bit raw and has to improve on his stamina and later he will turn into a NEHRA or Zaheer Khan. I am also a JAT , though a Hindu Jat so I know this SIKH JAT will only become stronger and stronger. he definitely has future. I still strongly believe Unadkat will be behind BRAN.
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    if I start naming all the champs it will take up too much bandwidth but yes Shahid Khan Afridi is one of their biggest champs.
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    Of course Pakistan are the champs. Currently Yasir Shah is the champ. A while ago Hafeez and Ajmal were champs. A few years back Butt, Aamir and Asif were champs. No one can produce champs like Pakistan.
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    EPIC rants on Pune Rising Super Giants

    WTF is this? Looks like random gay colors took a shit together.
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    India should just forfeit the matches against Pakis and save ourselves of epic humiliation
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    Ironically the same people LOL and in every damn post for no reason or rhyme.
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    Apart from undeniable talents, what sets 'stanis apart is that they play with Jigar, Jazbaa and Junoon.
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    Pathetic Umpiring

    Dharma sena, Asoka de silva is no better than BC Cooray another incompetent umpire lol Don't use them as examples. Srilankans are by far the worst by a country mile when it comes to badgering umpires with incessant appealing.
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    There is a difference picking up 5er in a PSL match where TEST matches are played than performing in INTL matches. Aamir is a 50/50 but everyone in the crowd should starting waving the 100 RS note in WC Shezas is talented ? from when Guy who just got kicked out of T20 Team.. He is out of form. Yasir - Guy who took Drugs.. Will talk about him once he is back from Ban
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    Deconstructing Rohit

    Most un reliable good batsmen in the Indian history.. I just can't phrase it better
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    Mumbai Indians - IPL 2016, Support Thread

    My 2nd team Lets hope for a dream final
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    The only surprising this in this story is ICC actually responding to PCB which means actually taking them seriously or paying attention to their barking
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    It is not about how good Pandya is.....It is about the fearless attitude that might rub on to others......Jadeja as a bowler,batsman or fielder may be better than Pandya but in Australia he was taking singles in the last over and farming the strike with tailenders to get his not outs....even the Indian and Aussie commies called his bluff.....Everyone including myself were skeptical of Pandya,infact I still am as his bowling is pretty ordinary at international level...but what was heartening to see is the lack of fear of losing his spot
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    Unmukt Chand and Shreyas Gopal are 2 other youngsters in the MI team with potential to represent India. Hope that Pandya and Bumrah do well too.
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    Where is Icc when Australia pulls out due to security reasonsreasons Do they have guts to tell them .
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    PCB aunty was only looking for a bit of attention. Daant pad gayee
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    Predict the Winner of ASIA CUP 2016

    I don't care who wins it but, I want every subcontinent team to beat the living day light out of Bangladesh and beat them so hard ,just to silence their over the top fans and public.
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    Jadeja is a very good spinner, especially in the sub-continent. What has troubled many fans is..... him being selected as an all-rounder. The guy cannot bat in international cricket. period. Choose him as a bowler and I am more than happy to play him in the sub-continent when he is in form....but please don't say that choosing Jadeja makes the batting more powerful.

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