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    It requires some extra ordinary skill to do this 8(22)...oh boy. Ultimate champion And that match winnings innings of 41(38) against RCB
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    Right. I dont blameDhoni for GG, Yuvi, Bhajji ousters. They all deserved to go. If anything, they got one chance too many. But now, Dhoni is the one who deserves to go.
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    Dhoni : The ultimate T20 player

    more terrible was his outright bullying of irfan, making irfan to run himself out, to save Dhoni
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    He would have bowled only 2 even if this where a 20 over game
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    He is waiting for the 20th over. See his SR after the 20th over. You 5g fakepans don't know anything (smiley)
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    Quite frankly, he doesnt need any tactics to wreck him. This guy is already a train wreck now.
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    GGs tactics on Dhoni did worked.. Completely wrecked Dhoni..
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    Dhoni goes with a vengeance against people he hates and destroys them....sreeshanth, gambhir,yadav etc etc.....no wonder these players hate him to the core. did not answer laxman's phone call when he retired and didn't even care i am pretty sure he put Yuvi in positions to fail as well to destroy his legacy since 2011 harbhajan a 400 wicket test bowler gets selected and treated like a water boy yadav is on his way to becoming our strike bowler...gets injured in the eng series at home and then is totally out of scheme of things shami is suspiciously forever injured and he was our strike bowler in lois...makes a comeback becomes a water boy irfan pathan makes a comeback gets injured during ct....that's it falls into obscurity
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    There was no run there... Dhoni sacrificed Pathan... It's ok as long as he wins the match for RPS... Pathetic leader though...
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    true only seen him doing to Ms only. There is something he has against him
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    Every time Dhoni comes into bat gambhir puts a test match field, Awesomee Best Way to say on ur face
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    dammit i was hoping to see Umesh smack another 6 as the winning runs with Dhoni watching it...
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    Agree with you on Dhoni continuing in ODI's. It suits his style of play and he has won us many matches and can still contribute in those chases. But he is done in T20's. It not because of his lack of faith but lack of ability. He is no longer the big hitter of before. Hitting one odd 6 in last over is not a great thing in T20's.
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    Finally a post worth replying. Tests he is gone and needs to retire in T20s ASAP. I thought he will retire after WC but didnt. The biggest problem i see with him is his lack of faith. He does not believe a lot in himself for whatever reasons when he can easily play a fast innings. When he hits Sixes it looks so easy . We have seen it in AUS series and Asia Cup also in last match how easily he hit a six in last over. He needs to play up or give up in t20s. ODI he can easily play because it suits his game. Also We need a specialist WK in Odis. T20 we can easily play Ojha.
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    8(22) WTF... Is he taking revenge on his own team? lol this guy has lost it completely.
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    Msd showed so much emotion in that run-out that we have not seen even when he won the trophy Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    And people complain about Rahane.. don't tell me Dhoni should be in t20 because he is a great keeper...that's not enough...poor batsman nowadays..can only slog for 10-15 balls at the last 2-3 overs..and a captain past his prime..
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    Rain Hope it will stop raining soon. Don't want the fans to miss out on this great test match innings.
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    Somebody tell Old Man that you are allowed to hit a boundary.
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    Bump. Dhoni trolled Irfan without having him.in team... Now trolling him after getting him in team. So selfish
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    Pathetic from Dhoni, forcing Pathan to sacrifice his wicket.
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    And Pathan fans outburst begin......
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    Not sure what GG has against msd... It's only for msd and no one else Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Unfortunately for Pune fans, Rising giants have suffered from erectile dysfunction this season
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    gambhir mocking dhoni what a fieldset
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    How I wish Nathu too gets chance but MI think tank sucks...
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    Definitely the moment of IPL for me. And Umesh looked so please
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    All gloryhunting Dhoni chamchas have jumped the sinking ship They won't show their faces now but had Pune won some matches they would have opened hundreds of threads how Dhoni is winning the matches.
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    Dhoni : The ultimate T20 player

    Wrong. He came in to bat in the 11th over when the 4th wicket fell. Getting 8 off 22 could be justified if the pitch was a minefield and the 4th wicket had fallen in the 2nd over. The 5th wicket was entirely his fault. For a start, if he had not even played a shot on that ball, it would have been called a wide. He tried running a non existent single and then bullied the runner, who had rightly stood his ground into sacrificing his wicket. Absolutely despicable! Even in the 18th over, he plays 4 balls and gets a single before rain stops his pathetic charade.
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    It's a stupidity to win toss and bat first... Day before yesterday Rohit did it... Now Dhoni... Especially while playing in Kolkata, never bat first during these times...
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    The hypocrisy is the NO ONE talks about Gambhir winning anything. It has been a Dhoni circlejerk by his fans for years You hypocrite had no problem giving Dhoni and Dhoni alone credit for so MANY years. Now you PRETEND that Dhoni is being victimized Of course you wont reply to me you coward, at least Sachin fans had the courage to respond when Dhoni fans targeted him constantly after 21 years of service. One or two bad threads and you run away to hide under your bed. This is most common thing with all Dhoni fans like Sidhoni and you, at least Velu has the courage to face things. Kept targeting Sachin and when your own favorite is criticized run and hide Now you lie and squirm and try to pretend that its a team thing when you had not problems giving Dhoni and Dhoni alone credit for all series wins, etc
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    KKR need 66 to win in nine overs, tweets the IPL. Three overs of Powerplay, and four bowlers can bowl two overs each. Dhoni's innings cost a lot of runs Now we need Dhoniconda
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    Go pune. Pokemon is a small bitter man.
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    And youngsters will miss out on a chance to learn from the best.
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    Dhoni 8 off 22 balls. Is this the lowest SR this IPL for a 20+ balls innings?
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    Dhoni's innings so far dayein bayein , physics samajh naheen aye
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    It can't get more in his face than that.
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    And Gambhir himself stands close to Dhoni taunting him, lol
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    We wouldn't have won the T20 WC and WC 2011 if not for him
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    This is blatant onfield trolling...
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    he is not giving 15 or 20 per over like 5g hack ofcourse you won't like him
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    Tall bowler who has done well in domestic cricket. Can bowl upto 140K. Good prospect.
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    How Bishop is commentating in this match... He was in Bengaluru commentating...
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    Michael Klinger got 3 hundreds in the Natwest T20 Blast in 2015.
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