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    Why does Dhoni still want to captain India, even after being a captain for 9+ years? Is there no physical and/or mental fatigue after being in such a stressful job for such a long time? What are his goals for himself and for the team? What new/more/better can he provide as a leader to take this team forward that he hasn't done in the last few years? Does a captain/coach have a shelf life? Does 2016 Dhoni has the same level of desire/energy/priorities as the 2011 Dhoni? Does Team India need a fresh captain, new ideas, a new approach to take it forward? Is someone ready and good enough to be the new captain? Or is it happy with the status quo? Does Team India needs Dhoni's captaincy for its survival/betterment or does Dhoni needs India's captaincy for his survival/betterment?
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    This is important coz its coming from a guy who was part of dressing room for past 2 yrs Ravi Shastri- no disrespect to dhoni- he can play on but if I was a selector i'd think of making virat captain in all forms Absolutely agree with him, Its time Dhoni shud play as player and enjoy his game and he can contribute massively as player and he still is India's Best keeper batsman n one of biggest match winner In Odi's and let him enjoy his game . No offence to his contribution he has been the best Indian Odi captain but there comes a time always. Virat is in best form of his life and its walys the best time to give someone captaincy and we have 3 yrs left b4 next Wc. Virat Captaincy in Ipl was absolutely superb considering they had the shittest bowling yet they were in final and didnt loose badly also. No point giving him captaincy when after few yrs he is not young and that enthusiast as of now and is more worried about his form or may be even fitness. The way Virat has led his team complete team his shoulder has to be appreciated same as warner and as far as final goes someone will win someone will loose. Had Rcb not lost starc, badree n SRh have lost Mustafizur n boult b4 Ipl begun story might have been diff. But wats imp is whats gud for Indian Cricket not for particular indidvidual.
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    ICC admits fixing India v. Pakistan draw

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2016/06/01/icc-admits-fixing-draws-to-put-india-and-pakistan-in-same-group/ I am speechless. what a disgrace! yes we all kind of knew it was fixed but still right from 2003 there was always a cry of oh my god we're in the same group. Now we know it's all been a lie. What else is fixed to fill ICC coffers? Pitches, tosses, how long a test match lasts, IPL? Did the players know...i suspect so!
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    Bhuvi will still be bowling in low 130s in tests. He always bowls quicker in T20s as he has to bowl only 4 overs. Best to keep Bhuvi for LOIs and include him in tests only for swing conditions.
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    Can't blame Ashwin here, he wants to pursue his career...unfortunately for him, not a great IPL this year, CSK is banned & Godfather Srini Mama is also not there... so, obvious statement....wishing him a good future.
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    Bowlers - Wasim Akram -LFM Waqar Younis - RF Imran Khan - RFM Muralitharan - ROB .......... Now you can put any name as you please... On 2nd thought, Imran Khan could be the No1 bowler ever. Don't forget he didn't bowl for 2 yrs in his career, yet ended up with such stats... So he could have been better than Wasim...
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    This is wrong news about Pranav. Check the following link http://www.criclife.com/buzz/seen-and-heard/pranav-dhanawades-father-clears-air-on-the-under-16-selection-controversy-surrounding-his-son-and-arjun-tendulkar-76506 Moreover, he just played one mammoth innings.
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    Lot of parents have complained against Arjun tendulkar in the past as well. They were saying nepotism is there. It is tough to see your kid not getting picked even if he plays well. I heard Arjun tendulkar is poor at Fielding and not great at batting as well. He is a quota pick.
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    Better to have different captains for different formats. Same captain in all formats means too much power on a single person which is bad for the team.
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    Shastri's is regarded very highly by lots of international players, past and present. Primarily because he is a very positive person and is a very good motivator. He has helped many young players too. He is not a big tactician but his understanding of cricket is not that bad either. He has a simple way of looking at things. During his playing days he was one of the few batsmen who batted well against the West Indian quicks....opened the innings in test matches in the West indies and scored runs...and also gave back verbally what he got from the Aussies. Once , when he was playing in Australia, Mike Whitney, who was the 12th man, abused him. Shastri said, " If you could fuc*ing play as well as you can fuc*ing talk, you would not be the 12th man ". Lots of interesting anecdotes are there regarding his aggression. There was another incident in South Africa in 2000 or 2001 ......when a white match referee ( I think ) made a glaring decision against India. There was a big controversy and a press conference was held. The guy came and said " No comments ". Shastri raised his hand and said, " We all know how you look like...if you have nothing to say on this matter, why did you come ? " His support for Raina in tests was wrong....but everyone makes some mistakes.
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    We've saying this for long time...
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    MTC getting back into the groove But need csk for his original peak writing skills
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    By a margin of 8 runs After scoring 208 runs.

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