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    Another one of those ex-CSK overhyped by Dhoni player.... Just like another Jaddu... He's not worth the IPL amount which was actually a bidding war between DD and RPS... Not his fault though but he needs to shut his trap and concentrate on improving him "form"....
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    LOIs would be Rohit by a fair margin In tests there is no comparison obviously...
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    Despite Stuart Binny being mediocre and getting into the squad these days on recommendation, He has pretty decent First class numbers for Karnataka and is a very important player for them......He is leagues above Rohan Gavaskar for sure. If not for his father Binny wouldn't have been an international star,but then again if his father wasn't there,we would be calling him a more than decent allrounder at FC level.....As I have said before from what I have seen,he is better than Rishi Dhawan and (ICF will kill me for this) but Hardik Pandya at the moment.
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    I am WatchingWithWestindies triiseries 2016 , Pitches are almost testing technique of batsman , just a thought Came in My Mind ,what would happen if ,R Ashwin Would have been Bowling in these pitches Speciallly in IPL ? Any way I am Impressed With Pacers of Australia And South Africa , the Way they Have Bolwed in Previous Match Also .
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    Top 10 batsmen Sachin Tendulkar(Ind) RHB Sunil Gavaskar(Ind) RHB K.Sangakkara(SL) LHB R.Dravid(Ind) RHB V.Sehwag(Ind) RHB J.Miandad(Pak) RHB Inzamam-ul-Haq(Pak) RHB VVS Laxman-(Ind) RHB Y.Khan-(Pak) RHB M.Jayawardena-(SL) RHB Honble Mentions(anyone you feel deserves to be in the list ahead of some of the names mentioned)-G.Vishwanath,D.Vengsarkar,S.Jayasuriya,A.Desilva,S.Ganguly,M.Azharuddin,Z.Abbas,M.Yusuf Top 10 bowlers M.Muralitharan(SL) ROB Wasim Akram(Pak) LF Anil Kumble(Ind) RLB Waqar Younis(Pak) RF Imran Khan(Pak) RFM Kapil Dev(Ind) RFM H.Singh(Ind) ROB C.Vaas(SL) LFM S.Mushtaq(Pak) ROB Z.Khan(Ind) LFM Honble Mentions(anyone you feel deserves to be in the list ahead of some of the names mentioned)- B.Bedi,A.Quadir,J.Srinath,S.Akthar,M.Ahmed,R.Herath,B.Chandrasekhar,D.Kaneria
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    Rohit Sharma vs Kane WIllamson(in LOI's)

    Who is better? Discuss
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    Saqlain vs Bhajji against the best team of their generation. Saqlain vs Australia 1995-2002 Matches-8 Wickets-30 Best Innings Bowling-6/46 Average-33.80 Bhajji vs Australia 1998-2013 Matches- 18 Wickets-95 Best Innings Bowling- 8/84 Average-29.95 Saqlain vs Bhajji against the 2nd best team of their generation Saqlain vs South Africa Matches-6 Wickets-18 Best Innings Bowling-5/129 Average-40.72 Bhajji vs South Africa Matches-11 Wickets-60 Best Innings Bowling-7/187 Average-28.40
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    Seems like Hardik pandya is type cast as a T20 player and a batsman who bowls a bit. Plus he had a very poor IPL. Unfortunate because he definitely needs to improve as a bowler and this tour could have been useful.
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    Rohit Sharma vs Kane WIllamson(in LOI's)

    I have 264 reasons for Sharma being better than Williamson.
  11. 1 point

    Rohit Sharma vs Kane WIllamson(in LOI's)

    In loi Rohit
  12. 1 point
    That is precisely why I compared it with Bhajji's batting. His batting is not better than Bhajji from whatever he has done so far and Bowling is not even comparable with Jadeja.
  13. 1 point
    I dont want an Indian coach. A coach who understands importance of fast bowling and creates a culture and environment that support fast bowlers and that help them improve quickly.
  14. 1 point
    I would like to see Streak work with our bowlers.
  15. 1 point
    Rohit . Kane is better only in tests.
  16. 1 point
    what is done with Bangladeshi cricket is a magic...i hope he repeat it against India... After zaheer, he is the best bowling coach available in the world right now
  17. 1 point
    Watch India's Last tour to new zealand and you will know the answer.
  18. 1 point

    zim squad India in Zimbabwe 2016

    are their any batsman who can give a severe beating to Dhawal, unadkat, rishi n axar n get their career done with
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    Well he is left arm seamer who can bat too. He has all facilities available including regular UK trips. The kind of love and affection our selectors give to our seamers, He has no chance to make it.
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    People are so quick to judge a young player. It is really disgusting to see people posting such shit stuff and discarding a young player based on a few IPL matches. Yes, Indian cricket must have been really blessed if someone worse than gully cricketer could play like that. Innings like these in IPL and after that in domestic cricket what made him hot property in IPL auction. He is still a young guy and can have a bad patch, especially, T20 cricket can make a joke out of even the best of players when they are out of form. It is the hardest format for out of form players.
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    Time for my comments- ZAK is the no 1 bowling COACH that India can possibly get , he is even better than wasim akram and glen MCgrath as bowling coach. if ZAK refuses than Srinath can be considered as the bowling coach. ZAK's captainship was a revelation and that indicates that he is a strategist- all Indian pace bowlers will achieve 25 % more success if ZAk bcom's india bowling coach. ZAK is way above any bowling coach as of today or if I say that he is the ONLY best candidate and way better than others. Bangar /Praveen Amre are good batting coaches. abhay patil /Sridhar may do a good job as fielding coaches as indian fielding skills have really improved under Sridhar. we need to have 3 coaches and one who is the most influential should become the Head coach.
  22. 1 point
    Is he the same guy who took Kenya to 2003 world cup? That's a good feat... Atleast as a selector, he has not done good job. Looks like he didnt lookout for long term benefits
  23. 1 point
    ishant umesh and Shammi may be our Pace attack and Mishra and ASHWIN may SPIN. Bhuvi has turned himself from a 125 to 133k trundle to a 136 to 143k fast medium bowler and his Accuracy has always been very good. I will not be surprised if he replaces one of the 3 Main pacers in one of the tests at least. only worry is can he SUSTAIN pace over three 5 over spells??
  24. 1 point
    NOICEEEEE...busty & big booty...desi...made my day DW.
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    Team india for Zimbawe tour 2016

    It is surprising to see that Iyer is not selected after scoring more than 1300 runs & Faiz can be selected on the basis of 2-3 innings. If Iyer failure in IPL went against him,Faiz was not part of it
  26. 1 point

    Team India For West indies Tour 2016

    Test captain like PACE. Bhuvi wont get a chance on dead and slow wickets of WI. Whereas he would have been perfect for swinging conditions of ZIM.
  27. 1 point

    Team India For West indies Tour 2016

    BK is in such a great form and he should have been on the ZIM tour not WI tour. Nathu's exclusion is understandable. He is just a rookie, needs more time. Ishant, Umesh, Shami, Aaron, Shardul (has been performing well) should have been the fast bowling attack.
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    Team india for Zimbawe tour 2016

    What a joke. No bhuvii..... nonsense. Looks lke each selector gave their list and they compiled this nonsense.
  29. 1 point

    Team india for Zimbawe tour 2016

    I dont know why hp is gone? He could have done well here with the bat.
  30. 1 point

    Team india for Zimbawe tour 2016

    What jokes. The best indian pacer in IPL bhuvi does have a place in ODI/T20 squad. It was so so good to watch him bowl after he got his rhythm back. He saved us from losing a match on last ZIM tour by bowling a fantastic last over. I thought fazal is a youngster but he is 30 years old Were selectors drunk??
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    She is the most beautiful actress of tv serials.Still Karan singh gorver ends up with Bipasha Bashu.
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    Jennifer Winget:TV actress:
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    Melanie Kannakoda:
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