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    If other candidates are coming in for an in-person interview, Shastri should have taken that initiative too .... 1st he is vacationing when the interviews are being conducted (iirc) .... 2nd, he gives an imp interview on Skype .... 3rd, he complains about others not being present when he is on Skype and when who should be present is none of his business as far as the interviewing panel is ok Appears as if Shastri thought that by just applying he would get the job. That could work with BCCI but not with the likes of Ganguly, VVS and SRT .... And when a heavy weight and ATG player like Kumble applies and also gives an in-person presentation, chances of other candidates automatically become slim
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    Shastri did not deserve to be a coach when he was appointed more than a year back but based on BCCI's criteria he checked the box and not Kumble.....Kumble at best is a good administrator and a go getter based on his success previously...if he wanted to get into the coachin side and had a blue-print...he should have started at the grass root level like Dravid. Special Respect to Dravid,.....no shortcuts
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    Malcolm, A new thread for every comment / article ? Much easier to read and discuss if you use the already existing threads on similar topic .. http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/96615-anil-kumble-head-coach/ or http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/96635-india-coach-selection-panel-was-aware-ganguly-would-miss-shastri-interviewcommittee-recommended-more-than-one-name/
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    Again this was the period Karnataka team was very strong & where Ranji champions . Sujit & Ganesh where leading the batting and bowling charts that season , David Johnson was hyped as a pace sensation . Joshi was far from mediocre & the reason he was given multiple chances was cos Ganguly was looking for a All rounder / pinch hitter kind of player and Joshi could bat a bit & he did have some match winning bowling performances as well . They are just international failures , but they where picked for the same reason as Dravid , Kumble or Srinath where picked . Sunil Joshi's record for India : Bowling : 15 Tests 41 wickets at 35 69 ODI 69 Wkts at 36 and ER of 4.4 Batting : 15 Tests avg 20 69 ODI avg of 17
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    Total Respect for Ganguly. He will fight dirty for Indian cric
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    Mahaa Raavana

    I'd Take a Bullet for You

    Meh..ICF has become too cheesy I miss the Tharki thread..
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    Bumrah ranked #2 in ICC T20 rankings.

    Lalaji....he is a young player. Usse dua do......ki uska future great ho. All we have to worry is that he doesn't get injured .We atleast don't have to worry about him chucking,taking drugs or betting .
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    Good days ahead for teams like Zimbabwe, SA and Ireland......England can no longer pouch players from other countries.... Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
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    Gangulys passion for Indian cricket is over whelming.....total respect Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk

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