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    What is Ishant Sharma's role in the team?

    Ishant - 70 matches, 205 wickets Ashwin - 34 matches, 189 wickets Almost as many wickets in less than half the matches.
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    Actually no. I want Bumrah to be a Malinga type bowler for us in LOIs. And playing all 3 formats can be risky as well.
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    70 test matches and 205 wickets at S/R of 67.5 is unacceptable especially when most of those wickets are against the Windies and he has played so many overseas tests.
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    Team for 3rd test

    Team for 3rd test Dhawan Rahul Rahane Kohli Rohit Saha Jadeja Ashwin Shardul Bhubaneswar Shami
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    Team for 3rd test

    I would prefer BK over Ishant if he bowls same pace every over as he did in IPL for Hyderbadis.
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    He is a good bowlers as he can seam the bowl from good length - should be given a chance. only worry I would have is injury with that action of his
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    Pick your favourite XI for all Formats

    Jayasuriya Gillchrist Sangakkara Inzaman-Ul-Haq Dhoni AB Yuvraj Singh Kallis Wasim Akram Shane Warne Malinga
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    Bumrah is a very accurate bowler and has shown the tendency to set up batsmen. He has sufficient pace and can get the ball to kick up from short of good length. Has a decent bouncer too. Has a good FC record with average of 25. Gets seam movement consistently If conditions favour swing, he gets some swing too. Has an excellent yorker. Why should he not be tried in test matches to see how he does ? He will surely do better than Ishant Sharma. His workload can be managed by playing him only in those T20s which are in important tournaments like the World T20. ( which will now happen only once in 4 years ). This year had too many T20Is which is not representative of a typical year.
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    Do you come here just to feel good about yourself for taking on Indians or people of Indian origin? Because so far you have been running away for presenting any facts including posting the UN Resolution, commenting on Mushraff's confession, etc. And then you have it in you to make random allegations against PM, hilariously show an innocent video outlining strategy to combat a terrorist state like Pakistan by Sir Doval as a confession, etc. :rotfl: You are not the first Pakistani to post here. Everyone is aware of Pakistanis modus operandi - run away when presented with facts and keep posting nonsense to make them feel good about themselves. If this is all that you have. Pak will continued to been seen as a loser and made fun off. Keep up the good work!
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    No other seam bowler in india as of now hits the sweatest spot on pitch as often as bumrah. imo he will make a good test bowler.
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    The reason he doesn't get injured is because he tries to preserve himself while bowling. When he gave his true 100% by bowling bouncers at Lords, he got injured. So now he has learnt to bowl within himself. And why does he even need to bowl at 100% when even bowling at 50% keeps him in the team.
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    Bumrah can be a good test bowler because he has control, is accurate enough, gets Awkward bounce n can move the ball, injury can be an issue so if he plays all three format he should be sufficiently rested , also his body should be strengthened
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    This picture is a misnomer, the reason the bats look so big n thick these days is because they uncompressed wood, n light but earlier days bat actually had more wood n were greatly compressed, the other major factor beside the width of bats is batting on uncovered pitches
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    Ishant Stats this series 4 wkts, avg-45, S/r- 88.50
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    Arnab is hardly right wing, he is right of people like Barka or Rajdeep, but he doesn't seem to hold any particular right wing beliefs aside from being a hawk on the military.
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    Team for 3rd test

    All our bowlers look clueless when being attacked. I understand kala lakdi troubling them with his batting, but there should have been some strategy in place. I hope they take the WI batsmen a bit seriously in the series from now.
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    Team for 3rd test

    Time to throw away the so called spearhead of the Indian 'attack'. Ishant has done nothing like a strike bowler does for the team. Bhuvi should come in place of this useless bowler.
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    If we can be able to get another 200 or more I guess winning chance of this match is 90% unless no rains
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    Home series or not. You cannot let a team escape from 48/4 with 2 debutants and a bowling allrounder left. Only bad teams do that, good teams just do not.
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    Ishant Sharma is quite possibly the worst player to play 70 test matches in the history of the game and at this rate he will play 100 tests soon. IMO he is just not good enough and once in a bluemoon performances should not keep him in the side. The guy lacks a cricketing brain and that's his main problem. Otherwise he had all the ingredients to be a very good bowler. He does not even get injured too often which is rare for Indian quicks. Unfortunately that is one problem which is almost impossible to solve.
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    He is ready to jump from sky scrapper for his captain,first Dhoni & now Kohli.
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    Singh bling

    DRS Hat-trick

    Rangana Herath took Hat trick by reviewing the last wicket , he himself was not sure but still Mathews allowed him to review it and he became second Lankan bowler to take test hat rick.Is there any earlier incidence when a bowler took Test hat-trick by reviewing the last wicket?
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    Team for 3rd test

    WI should drop Bishoo and get in Joseph. Chandrika already replaced with Shai Hope. This would spice up teh contest and who knows.. we may provide Windies enough confidence to start winning tests again..
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    no pakistani ?? Inzi or Wasim should have been there, even Misbah doing great in Test compare to some average batsmen like Hayden, Cook.
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