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    LOL.You have no idea.None whatsoever.
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    Over population is not that big a problem.....but we are not over populated.We are ripping at the seams.We are far two many. Before highways are completed,there are people encroaching . The By passes need bypasses. We have Australia's population added to our population every year. WTH!!! We are just too many.And the problem is not going to go away because the most important job that an adult is expected to do is get married and produced more children. Where I am ...there are hospitals in all directions ....but still the lines are never ending. How many freaking hospitals can be built...how many freaking beds ...how many freaking new humans do we need to keep adding? Why can't bloody in -laws and parents shut the hell up about"bacche bache bache bache" We are a nation obsessed with reproduction.We deserve this shit. Thank God for all the people who move out to greener pastures....
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    Many others especially some whining poms where wanting to get one up on BCCI taking the advantage of a spineless man like Manohar got the change now but don't know what will happen if BCCI revolts. And then everybody keep crying BCCI is killing cricket. If not for BCCI cricket would have never reached the level it is now.
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    Exactly. If Ind and China start to consume like USA, the planet's demise could accelerate Which is one of the reasons why I don't appreciate Ind's politicians sprouting the term economic development without considering sustainability. Planet should always be first On argument that these countries make is that West developed without considering sustainability, so why should Ind and China care for environment. This argument is faulty because the concerns were not as understood as today when the west was developing. Now we know the negative impacts. West also enjoyed the first movers advantage so what is the point in complaining for being late. Now the focus should be on making West more environmentally friendly rather than trying to ape it to cause more problems for the planet Our metrics need to change from measuring development from an economic / consumption PoV to quality of life (clean air and water, low crime rates, enjoyable working environment, decent education that enhances social responsibility of the students, health care facilities for all, etc.) and happiness of the population
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    after becoming a dad i feel a huge amount of pain and anger when i see infants/children like this, poor things have no ability to comprehend or react to what is happening to them. The problem is child protection is not a concept at all in India, there has to be child protection + punitive liability to parents who do this to children. Either dont have a child and do this to her or have a child and take proper care of her. I'd day take away voting rights and certain other civil liberties if a child is left to be exploited and denied basic existential resources like this by a parent.
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    I have seen a lot of desi chewt$ya managers who are top grade when managing just Indians but start favouring non desi/englishmen when it comes to salary hike and promotion. Why? simply because they havent got ability to argue with non desi peers or have some inferiority complex or both. They lack ability to think beyond few years since 1947. This icc guy seem to belong to that category
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    A cricketer you dislike.....

    He is an arrogant little git, but has done a HUGE amount for Indian cricket was a key part of a v good team. His role in that team gets overlooked
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    The snake Manohar needs to be put in his place. I hope it is a serious threat .
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    2 problems noticeable with Rajpoot -- He is a bad fielder. He fields like a cricketer from the '80s...does not even try to stop deliveries which are 2 meters away. Needs to improve this aspect big time. At times he gives the impression that he is just going through the motions and is not really interested in picking a wicket. This is in sharp contrast to Nathu Singh, who always looks focused , eager to bowl and gives his 100 %.
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    Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    Bro, the series was drawn 2-2. Your team didn't win the series.
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    Astute move by PM to call Pak terrorist at a G20 summit. now the terrorists have to wait for some obscure UN conference to rant and cry about Kashmir
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    Padosis are burning in anger now
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    Not taking name would keep many Pakistanis delusional about their country being a nuclear power house (as if it means anything. even NK has nukes) while the rest of the world would be stamping "terrorist" on Pak's map (and that would be attributed to world buying in to Ind's propaganda as how come their innocent nation is the epicenter of terrorism)
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    I think it is the other way round.. patta pitches are the ones that show the true class of a bowler. on a gream mamba, Mohit Sharma and S. Arvind are like Malcom marshal and Steyn.. A lot of pitches around the world now are like this - Australia, Trenton England, SL. We already have fair weather bowlers who can get 20 wickets on a helpful pitch. What we lack is the genuine thinking bowlers who can setup the batsmen on a flat wicket.
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    I have been watching cricket from the time when the West Indies toured India in 1983 / 84. Never stopped watching since then. In the '80s, there was only one and then two channels. When cricket matches were telecasted then everyone in the family watched them. Test cricket was held in a much higher esteem then and ODIs were often played like test cricket till the 40th over. Correctness of batting technique, and often form over substance, took precedence. Professionalism and fitness levels were far lower then. Perceptions based on reputations played a large part in cricket of that era. For example, any pacer from the West Indies was perceived to be quick even if he was medium pace. As the protective gears of that era were not developed, bats were much less strokeful and fitness levels were lower.....fear played a big part in the cricket of that era ( albeit lesser than in the ' 60s and '70s ). Any bowler, who could bowl short deliveries at even decent pace, was far more difficult to handle and risk of physical injury dominated the minds of batsmen then. West Indies was the undisputed king of teams and there was clear daylight between WI and the others. There was an old world, almost idyllic charm to the game. Indian cricket was very different. We were always the underdogs against top teams, whether we won or lost. This was primarily because India did not have any decent pacer apart from Kapil Dev. It was the era of endless Indian medium pacers, many of whom were small in size too. It was a pathetic sight to see them bowl unless we were playing in England. Then, they became tigers due to the swing on offer. Another factor which contributed to the underdog status was the poor quality of spinners then and the flat Indian pitches. The big 4 had left and Kumble was yet to come.basically India did not have any penetrative bowlers unless we were in England. ( as Kapil also deteriorated from 1986 or so ). It was all about the batting....and technically correct batting and we have won ODI tournaments using that in the '80s. Another aspect of that era were home umpires even in test matches and there were stars in that area, especially from Pakistan. The "90s saw a significant improvement in the quality of telecast as well as dedicated sports channels. ODIs became more colourful. Tendulkar and some other Indian batsmen brought stroke-play to Indian cricket among top quality batters ( previously, there was only Azhar ). Ganguly continued this trend as did Laxman. Kumble was the wicket taking machine...but my most exciting memories were India trying to produce genuine quick bowlers in that decade ( with the MRF pace Foundation and Frank Tyson's project ) and succeeding with Srinath....who was fast and bouncy....what a change that was from the era of Madan, Chetan, Prabhakar, Sandhu etc. This decade also saw improved protective gears and better bats in the 2nd half. ODIs were very exciting to watch, with strong rivalries and many evenly matched teams. There was a good fight between the bat and the ball but lots of exciting stroke-play was visible too. Cricket was not the one sided slog-fest it is now but neither was it sleep-inducing ODIs of the mid-"80s..with batsmen blocking. The modern era has brought about much much better fitness....which manifests itself in super fielding, high bowling speeds throughout the day and running between the wickets. We are also seeing much much better bats. T20s are dominant now. This has improved stroke-play in the other formats too. Lots of data is available and players are analyzed using software. Even fans are privy to the stats and player analysis. The game is much more professional. India is expected to win now. The mind-set of cricketers have become far more aggressive and the confidence that comes from an economy on the up is a big plus for us now. Speed-guns show the bowling speeds of bowlers and they cannot get away by taking it easy later on in the day. India producing multiple fast bowlers in the '10s is another aspect I enjoy a lot. All this is very good....I would just like more and more sporting pitches and a fair fight between the bat and the ball. Please don't hand over the game to only the batsmen and let them earn their reputation. Cricket would be the winner then.
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    Calling a spade a spade, Terror Republic of Pakistan
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Ye Pakistan hai. Yahan sab kuch chalta hai.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Is it allowed for relatives together? Usually airlines do not allow relatives to be pilot and co pilot. Pilots are expected to keep a check on each other and report any slip ups/breaking of rules. Most Indian airlines do not allow blood relatives to fly together.
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    Shashank Manohar is weak. Srini was the boss
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    The Tamil Nadu Premier League Thread

    Remember Rochelle? She is her sister Paloma.
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    NZ has best spin attack among teams we are playing next(Australia,Eng,NZ)..And our rockstars don't play that much in domestics to improve batting against spin....So,yes NZ can win this.
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    BCCI has seat vacant in the ICC finance & commerce committee but they have failed to appoint anyone for it.
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    If It is all about $, host World Cup in USA and that will make ICC more money than hosting it anywhere else.

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