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    Worst terror attack since 26/11. 17 dead. 17 families lost a son/father/provider. And the mfers in delhi will dilly dally as usual.
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    We will respond by handing over a extremely strong worded letter to pakistani high commissioner; PM will not attended summit in pak, barkha will interview family of those who died , arnab will invite and insult pak panalist , someone from congress will call it a response to whats happening in kashmir and someone from UP will link it to atrocities on minority .... and then teaser of some salman/srk movie will come out and all will forget about it.
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    I really wish that one of these days, army guys would come out and say that they wont fight with both hands tied behind their backs. Wont happen though with the corrupt mfers that have infested the top brass. Until you make the ropers realize that even one causality among the security forces will not be tolerated, they wont stop. Whatever hesitations, regarding unleashing the full might of the state power, the state had 20 -30 years ago, should be gone by now. No one is passing any sanctions, OPEC aint gonna stop selling you oil in this economic environment... Jihadis were jihading 20 years ago and jihadis will be jihading 20 years from now. If you dont have gumption to solve the problem for good, atleast get into a punishing mode, will you?
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    17 killed + 19 injured (several critical). If it doesnt happen now, it wont happen. At this stage, Its not about waiting for "time and place of your choosing" but saving face and morale. Otherwise, disband the armed forces, let the jihadis and chinese walk in and out as they please. Save the 50 billion budget except a couple of billion for SFC. Pakistani and chinese wont go to full war anyways because of nukes, so invest the money in your handout schemes. You have been tolerating these pin pricks for the last 70 years so whats a few additional ones gonna do? A coward with a t90 and SU 30 is still a coward.
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    Terror Republic of Pakistan strikes again Cowardly Pak army resumes normal service was expected after pakistan's hypocrisy has been ruthlessly exposed on global platform. And these retards react as expected, seeking revenge rather then introspect for their past and current genocidal crimes
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    Why can't it happen in Indian team?

    + he is a southpaw in the absence of anyone else in the top-6
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    What is it with our padosis having siege mentalities? I mean, why would the BCCI, who sent their team to B'desh in 2015 and 2016, ask the ECB to not send their captain/team? More importantly, why would the ECB even listen to the BCCI? The ECB probably has its own set of risk management experts who they consult. Rather than cooking up baseless conspiracies, our padosis would help themselves if they looked inward at their own inadequacies. A personal decision by Hales and Morgan spins into BCCI's conspiracy against the rising power of B'desh. Grow up habibis! PS: Anyone who takes Piers Morgan seriously needs to promptly see their psychiatrist.
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    http://nation.com.pk/blogs/05-Dec-2015/how-balochistan-became-a-part-of-pakistan-a-historical-perspective Pakistanis are masters of violating agreements and forcefully trying to annexe territory.And they have the guts to talk about Kashmir.
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    SQUADS FOR KARNATAKA PREMIER LEAGUE, 2016 Mangalore United (MU) Team Squad Karun Nair(c), Ronit More, Shishir Bhavane, CM Gautam, Bhavesh Gulecha, Mitrakant Yadav, Kishore Kamat, Bharath NP, Vishwanathan M, Nidhish M, Rohith Gowda, Nishith Raj, Nitin Mulki, Ankit Kumar, Shashi Shekar, Pranav Bhatia, Harsha Basvaraj, Akshay M K Belagavi Panthers (BP) Team Squad Vinay Kumar(c), Shoaib Manager, HS Sharath, Mayank Agarwal, Likhit M Bannur, Praveen Dubey, Abdul Majid, Abhishek Sakuja, Kaunain Abbas, Pradeep T, Satish Bharadwaj, Sunil Kumar Jain, Anurag Bajpai, Darshan Patil, Ram Sharik Yadav, Rajvardhan Reddy Bijapur Bulls (BB) Team Squad Robin Uthappa(c), Abhimanyu Mithun, K.C. Cariappa, R. Samarth, Sinan Abdul Khader, Arshdeep Singh Brar, Naveen Mg, Kiran Am, Sachin Gankal, Kc Avinash, Suraj Sampath, Zahoor Faruqi, Prithivi Shekavat, Amarnath Akki, Praveera Venkatesh Murthy, Manoj Acharya, Bharath Chipli, Manohar Chavan, Farhan Magi, Manoj Bhandage. Mysuru Warriors (MW) Team Squad Manish Pandey (c), Krishnappa Gowtham, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jagadeesha Suchith, Arjun Hoysala, Anirudh Joshi, Anand Doddamani, Kushal Wadhwani, Rajoo Bhatkal, Aditya Sagar, Vyshak Vijay Kumar, Liyan Khan, Prateeksh, Nihal Ullal, V Koushik, Nikith Sanganakal, Akshay Kodoth, Shreyas Nagendra, Abhishek Bhat, Nandakishor K .V Bellary Tuskers (BT) Team Squad Amit Verma(c), Akhil Balachandra, KB Pawan, Devraj Patil, Prasidh Krishna, Bharath Kondaji, Karthik CA, Anil IG, Suneel Raju, Rohan Kadam, Prateek Jain, Chiranjivi GS, Vinay Sagar, Akshay Angadi, Vishnu Prabhas, Surya Kumar, Syed Abrar, Gnanadeep Gundlapalli, Nagesh Namma Shivamogga (NS) Team Squad Stuart Binny(c), Shreyas Gopal, Sadiq Kirmani, Abrar Kazi, David Mathias, Pavan Deshpande, Siddharth K V, Zeeshan Ali Sayeed, KP Appanna, Nischal D, Nikin Jose, Pradeep Gangadha, Sharath Srinivas, Hoysala K, Rohan Raju, Sharan Gouda, Vineet Manjunath, Bharath Prashanth, Yuvraj R, Rishabh G M Hubli Tigers (HT) Team Squad Sreenath Arvind(c), Shivil Koushik, Kranthi Kumar, Mohammed Taha, Kunal Kapoor, Abhishek Reddy, Vinoo Prasad, Stallin Hoover, Dikshanshu Negi, Aditya Somanna, Chethan William, Manjesh Reddy, Naga Bharath, Mohammed Niyas Nisar, Cheluvaraj V, Sarfaraz Ashraf, Prasanna Patil, Sarfaraz Allahabad, Parikshith Shetty,, Aditya Patil Rock Stars (RS) Team Squad Sudeep(c), Neravanda Aiyappa, Ritesh Bhatkal, Santhebennur Akshay, Dhruv Sharma, Nitin Bhille, Raju Gowda, V Mahesh, Balachandra Naveen, Madan Mohan, Raahul RK, Rajkumar, Rajeev H, Sharath BR, Charan Teja, Daivik Vishwanath Schedule : http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-series/2506/karnataka-premier-league-2016/matches
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    Barmy Army not going to Bangladesh

    Why risk lives? Bangla fans turn terrorists when their team loses..
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    The PM is tweeting...everything will be fine ....as usual.
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    Mira Rajput: Shahid Kapoor's Wife
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    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    I have been holding Havells , Yes Bank and Marico for 4 years or more. Any major dips I will add more , especially Marico . Recent investments : TVS motors and RBL Bank . Very small investment in RBL at the moment , bought it ~298 . Good asset quality , very low NPA's and the growth has been impressive in past few years . They are expanding fast , this may not necessarily be a good thing . Strong Management . I havent found many reasons not to buy this stock . it looks good for mid term as well imo . I think I will add some more between 295 -300 and more if it dips to ~270 . Shree Pushkar ( CMP 119 ) : Almost 70% revenues comes from Dye intermediates and rest from Fertilizers , cattle feeds etc . The company evolved from Chemical Trading in early 90s to Manufacturing , so a relative late entrant . They are moving up the value chain , have added capacity . Claim to be a zero waste company . Impressive revenue growth in last 3-4 years , FY17 onwards the top line growth is expected to be higher . Risk : China clamping down on some of the Dye intermediate/ Chemical companies due to environmental concerns was one of the reasons the focus is moved to India which is the second biggest source for these products . There is actually a shortage of supply and thus he prices of these products spiked up 2-3 times in last one year . so you will notice a sudden revenue jump in most of the companies in this sector . There is no other alternative as its banned in all the developed countries . There is also a massive demand in the domestic market . I dont expect India to take similar actions , but keeping on eye on China . The stock has been range bound in past 3-4 months . I started accumulating ~100 and my average price is 109 . I dont see a big downside for this stock from current levels . May need to be patient with it .
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    aarthi venkatesh and sakshi dhoni
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    Saw a Srinivasan interview few days back.Said Star was very happy with the overall viewership figures so that augers well for the future. Also said they are trying to have few more new stadiums for next season in Coimbatore and Salem or Erode which is great as well. Went to the match in Dindugal match last week and the crowds were packed and great.Ultimately if the league is to attract regular crowds to the stadium it needs to be played in the districts not in Chennai .We need atleast 4-5 stadiums (even if capacity is around 10-15k) in the future for TNPL matches to be spread evenly .Once CSK returns to IPL no need to play too many matches in Chennai as will only result in fatigue. As for viewership figures the TNPL has, according to its broadcaster Star India, drawn around 44 million viewers in the country. As many as 10 million of them are from Tamil Nadu. Source Also to add , Srini said TNPL tried to include the Ranji players from other states but BCCI said no.Not sure why it would have been great to see every team having a marquee player like Yuvi or Viru or Nehra.Will be great for the youngsters playing as well.Hopefully BCCI will allow it as money won't be an issue as most franchise owners big corporates .Could even have a rule of 2 non Tamil Nadu players per team either Indian or foreigner .Even having any decent player from associate nation like Afghanistan can only be mutually beneficial.It could a decent platform for IPL opportunity.
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    Not really surprising imo. Unlike cricket which is requires lot of skill Kabaddi needs just physical ability to start playing . Probably another reason why cricket will never catch on in too many countries .
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    Why can't it happen in Indian team?

    Yeah youre right. To me he has been trying to guts it out of late, at least not throw his wicket away. I wish Mukund had gone to Aus with the A tem, he is better thn Fazal.
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    express bowling

    Guess Who???(answered)

    Sharp eye bro
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    Looks like that statement has an element of truth to it. Rohit Sharma may want to play tests consciously but it looks like he dislikes it deep down. There seems to be a conscious effort going on to create multi-format stars to increase the popularity of cricket ( like Tendulkar , Ganguly, Dravid, Kumble, Srinath, Sehwag, Zaheer ). After Dhoni's retirement, we have only Kohli and Ashwin nowadays. Rohit in test matches and Rahane in T20s look like forced attempts to create multi-format stars. Thankfully....KL Rahul and Shami maybe non-forced answers.
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    "One legbreak got rid of Jaffer for 69, after which Rohit played an edgy innings. It just seemed anything could happen every time Rohit faced up. One of those things was a clean six over mid-off after eight straight dots, but he never looked in. On 18 he looked to charge Sodhi, who dragged his length back, drawing an uncertain defensive shot. In the same over Rohit repeated the charge without bothering about defending when beaten in the flight. An easy stumping for BJ Watling ensued."
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    Arjuna Award has become joke now-a-days.
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    Watched it mainly for Mohanlal .Nice movie liked it . No better actor than Mohan Lal in Indian cinema seriously.
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    he can change a game in a session, he can take a session away from opposition. stop all this Rohit hate. He is talented so its his right to play test crikut for India.
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    uske paas tailunt hai. for that you need talent.
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    And ultimately its a personal call. I think post that 2010 bomb scare in Bangalore eoin has also played in the bpl. The issue with the Dhaka attacks was it specifically targeted foreigners. Australia I do believe have pulled out of bd in the recent past in events such as the under 19 wc. So it's not as if eoin is the only one. This may have put an end to his career. That is sad. Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk

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