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    There's hardly any inspirational being a Cricketer unless you are Sachin. A tier 3 or 4 player would get paid more than, say, the Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu. Their route to glory is just too easy and in the end they lose any morality they have after tasting the riches. May be this is what Gambhir meant to say, but ended up using the wrong example. He knows better than anyone here what life a Cricketer leads.
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    Biopics are made on interesting stories. Of course some masala is always added. Plus there are plenty of war movies out there already. As someone said above, Kapil Dev would have made an excellent biopic. His life story was interesting unlike Gavaskar or Sachin's. Also, they should make a comedy movie about Rohit Sharma's career starring Varun Dhawan
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    It comes as a no surprise as Srinivasan has proven that he is a successful businessman. The way he made ICC to bend it's knees , he's here to stay. I just hope he stops his weird fetish towards some Indian players.
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    if there is high possibility of reverse swing. it should be shami and umesh. its a no-brainer.
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    Glad you brought this up. I don't think we as a nation can literally afford an all-out war at the moment, nor is it necessary. Honestly, I sense a much larger conspiracy at play here. Think about it putting the global economic situation into perspective. Both US and Chinese economies are going slow. Russian economy has been suffering since last year due to low oil prices. India has been one of the few bright spots with regards to economy. We are currently enjoying jobless growth but if our current govt. is able to crack the job problem, our economy will really take off. Who stands to gain the most by crippling our economy by flaming Indo-Pak tensions? US and China. Who are the biggest facilitators of Pakistan's shenanigans, historically and at present? US and China. Pakistanis are just being used by their masters in the way they are meant to be used. These baboons are emboldened by their masters to maime us. US are the masters of playing good cop-bad cop while the Chinese will do whatever it takes to meet their pressing needs. It will be interesting to see how we play this out diplomatically and militarily. I would suggest we start by taking action in POK and G-B to throw a spanner in the work being done on CPEC.
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    Full article here : http://www.firstpost.com/sports/venkatesh-prasad-ashish-kapoor-among-leading-names-for-bcci-selectors-posts-3013184.html With Kumble and Prasad at the helm, looks like great news for Stuart Binny, Vinay Koomar and Mithun
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    Remember when singer Abhijeet raised his voice against Pak artist employment over employing local Indian talent and all the liberals, seculars and Pak bootlickers berated/alienated him. Sidenote: Completely agree w/ Bookworm. Bollywood is ruled by Punjabis and they have special love for Pakistani. Hence ppl like Atif Aslam & Rahat fatel ali shit makes crores while local Indian artists starve to death.
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    Excerpts from an article on ESPNCRICINFO -- http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-new-zealand-2016-17/content/story/1057897.html " In the absence of a replacement, and looking at the activity in the India nets, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav seem to be the frontrunners to make it to the XI. Mohammed Shami is the other quick in the side. The pitch is quite dry and cracked up, although the cracks are not loose or powdery. According to the curator it won't turn as alarmingly as it did in Nagpur last year, but there is certain reverse-swing on offer. The possibility of reverse-swing at high pace could tilt the selection in favour of Yadav ahead of Shami. If India play five bowlers, that is. There will be turn on this pitch for sure - the amount and the promptness of it can be argued - which means India will play three spinners for sure. Turn in Kanpur is usually slow, which could make India feel they need an extra bowler to take 20 wickets. If they don't, though, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the frontrunner to be the lone seamer in the XI. In the nets two days before the Test, only Bhuvneshwar and Yadav bowled to the frontline batsmen. It was a long intense session involving a lot of bouncers in the fast bowlers' net. Shami only came out to bowl at the lower order and Shikhar Dhawan, who likely to miss out on selection. Rohit Sharma batted along with the other specialist batsmen, which could be an indication that India hadn't yet made their minds up regarding the selection " Why is Shami not the front-runner ? He can bowl reverse swing at pace and is perhaps our only all-condition fast bowler. If we play only one fast bowler, it should be him.
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    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    prank on zerodha employees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbSaenItxNU
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    People who still continue to post on Pakistani websites as much traitors as the people who sell out their own country.
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    Ill prefer Abhishek bachchan, both given chances despite failure after failure........
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    India-KXIP fan

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    3rd place playing against 5 people So when is 2016-17 season championship starting? This the first leg I presume...
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    Its shocking lapse of security by Indian army.Be it attack on crpf convoy on naxals or last few attacks.Basic precautions if followed would have limited casulaity.Sucide attacks are hard to fight against so precaution should be paramount.
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    Prasad confirmed as chief selector https://t.co/Y9nydthL94 Not sure about this.Would have preferred some one more autonomous ,feel he is too close to Kumble.
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    India need to stop the broadcast of that popular Pakistani channel zee zindagi first . Loads of indians and indian muslims in particular are in love with that channel . People idolise the actors and than bollywood employs them . So many actors got exposure from the channel and girls including bollywood actresses go crazy about actors like Fawad khan.
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    Finally something from somewhere that will humiliate the Terror Republic of Pakistan. US lawmakers move bill to designate Pakistan as a terrorist state http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/US-lawmakers-move-bill-to-designate-Pakistan-as-a-terrorist-state/articleshow/54436323.cms Symbolic as the bill will not see the light of the day as elections are near, but rightful humiliation for the rogue nation.
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    Lost all wars and your dictator cum terrorist former President started a war in Kargil and still lost it. Aren't you guys really thinking that you are one hell of a superpower. Even when you waged war, you couldn't win.
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    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    i see this as unnecessary risk and risk to reward is not that great.. on normal expiry ( like no big events are there ) , 3% OTM call or put might trade for 4 or 5 rs .. approximately we might get 600 to 800rs per 1L locked margin.. once in a while there might be a bigger swing which will give us huge losses i prefer to sell options on stocks , but i dont sell nifty or bank nifty options ( from my exp index option are comparatively cheaper, so its better to buy ATM options on index )
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    Biopic is not like a national award that one has to be most deserving of it. Biopic will be made on people who have charisma,who have great following and who can interest people into watching it. Dhoni has all off these. He may not be the most talented or even the most successful...but he has lead a damn interesting life and people seem interested in his life.
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    The 1983 World cup win was like a fairytale come to life...proper movie material with so much masala that can be added....why no one has ever tried to make a movie on that. Yeah he has had an inspirational story but not really a standout...such inspirational stories are dime a dozen...it is not like Dhoni has become the greatest captain or WK-bat or cricketer of all time...He is a successful cricketer from a middle class background...so much self promotion here. But on Topic...really below the belt by Gambhir to further a personal agenda
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    Ishant Sharma out of first test

    He never uses 'All Out' due to his notoriety for not picking wickets.
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    notable exports from pakistan are mangoes , embroidery cloths , processed leather and terrorism .. nothing will change of we break our economic relationship with pakistan , but pak wont stop exporting errorism
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    Totlly uncalled for, could have left it as a tribute without bringing in Biopics His performances toward the end of his career were bad enough, now cheap shots like these are further tainting Gambhirs legacy. This was the guy who was crucial in two LOI WC wins, and one of the best openers in the world at his prime -thats how he should be rememberd
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    It is good to know that in Pak even 5-6 years old talk about nuking countries .... All the more reason to contain such evil

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