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    " Shikhar comes in for Rahul and Bhuvi comes in for Umesh, we feel he can give us more in this kind of pitch with new ball" I like this flexibility in team selections as far as bowling attack is concerned. No more "same 11" crap. Greenish pitch go for Bhuvi and on a pitch that might help in reverse swing go for Umesh.
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    We will find out eventually that telling Pujara to bat at a slightly higher SR is the slight adjustment that was required for him to realize his full potential. Pujara's natural game is getting set and then scoring freely. That is what he does when he is in form and that is when he looks the most dangerous. He was getting unsually bogged down out of Asia and that resulted in him playing a lot of balls but getting out before a meaningful score. He is a much better batsman than that. He has the potential to be a top international batter and I want to see that realized.
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    After years of terror strikes supported by Pakistan, the Indian Army has hit back with a textbook surgical strike that caused heavy casualties including 2 Pakistani soldiers, and destroyed seven terror camps. Latest imagery suggests that the number of casualties of terrorists across the LoC is around 50. Ghatak platoon of 6 Bihar and 10 Dogra units were made part of the surgical operations as they were familiar with the terrain. It also gave them a sense of responsibility in avenging the deaths of their fellow jawans. Both units suffered losses in the Uri terror attack on September, 18. Few hours after the surgical strikes in PoK, Pakistan government has released the photographs of 2 dead soldiers. They have been identified as Havildar Jumma Khan and Naik Imtiaz. Meanwhile, the Indian Army has issued a statement, saying one soldier from 37 RR with weapons inadvertently crossed over to the other side of the LoC. It has denied reports of any Indian casualties. India Today has got exclusive details of the inside story behind the surgical strikes. Opinion: Indian Army's surgical strikes should make Pakistan think twice before trying another Uri It was around midnight, when the Army's Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-para and 9-para crossed the LoC into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The helicopters dropped the commandos at earmarked spots and returned. They were now in enemy territory.
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    Congrats to Kohli for turning Pujara's career around with some well timed advice
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    After Vijays wicket, I remember you talking about changing the angle when nothing is working. That's how that West Indian pacer got wickets. Came wide of the crease and then came closer. The angle sometimes makes the difference. It made a difference here.
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    He was called to bowl at Indian batsman before the 1st test to help them face Boult & Wagner
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    It's a pain to watch Dhawan bat... what a fool! Hope his test career is over for good.
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    LOI affecting Indian batting?

    It's just Kohli though, correct? Dhawan and Rohit didn't ever really look great over their numerous chances. Kohli did well on 3 of the 4 overseas tours we completed. Vijay/Pujara don't play LOI, and Rahane has excelled everywhere overseas. Kohli just can't stop fishing at wide deliveries. The thing is, he was almost perfect leaving wide deliveries in SA against Steyn and Philander. Since the England tour he has been getting out this way consistently. Dravid was giving batting advice to the team during our last SA tour. Maybe Virat needs to speak with him to sort this glitch out.
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    Pandya wont do any worse than Rohit. Dont think Jaddu or BK will be much useful with the bat on such a pitch.
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    If Kohli continuous at this rate there will be legitimate questions about his place in the XI. Maybe that's why wants to keep Rohit in the team.So that when pressure comes he can show there are worse batsmen than him in the team like Rohit
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    That was a very poor shot from Kohli. Looks like Rohit's batting rubbing off on Kohli.
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    That is how the influence of a good leader brings a change in you. Not by outrightly bashing in front of a media by calling them brainless.
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    Yeah, and the thing is he didn't really look out of place overseas, he clearly had the technique to be a good player. I guess something happened that messed him up mentally.
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    The good thing is that we bat down to 10 in this match. Even Shami can slog a few boundaries at 11. Big innings for Pujara, this pitch is more like an overseas one. This is where he usually defends non-stop and gets out for a low score. Let's go Chepu
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    The Five Bowler Theory

    Today we needed 5 bowlers ,3 pacers & 2 spinners
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    Brother...Thanks for educating on this....I really didn't knew this...... I am a very emotional person and i know thru reliable sources that lot of corruption happens in Hyderabad cricket association and i always want someone to intervene and teach these guyz a strong lesson...
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    3 changes for NZ Nicolls for Williamson Patel for Sodhi Henry for Craig
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