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    pakistan shld quit SAARC .. they will do better with Pak - China - North Korea word domination axis
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    Kohli's Long Rope Club in full effect
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    Well time to give an ultimate ultimatum to him
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    express bowling

    LOI affecting Indian batting?

    Kohli should have played a Duleep Trophy match and acclimatized himself to the slow Indian pitches in 5-day matches. His natural game is suited to the ball coming on to the bat and bouncing well....we get that in LOIs but not in test matches in India. He needs to adjust mentally as well as technically to our slow test pitches. One long innings in India would do him a world of good. He also needs to get set before playing his strokes. Has done it almost every time he has played a long innings in the past but is not doing so in this series.
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    After years of terror strikes supported by Pakistan, the Indian Army has hit back with a textbook surgical strike that caused heavy casualties including 2 Pakistani soldiers, and destroyed seven terror camps. Latest imagery suggests that the number of casualties of terrorists across the LoC is around 50. Ghatak platoon of 6 Bihar and 10 Dogra units were made part of the surgical operations as they were familiar with the terrain. It also gave them a sense of responsibility in avenging the deaths of their fellow jawans. Both units suffered losses in the Uri terror attack on September, 18. Few hours after the surgical strikes in PoK, Pakistan government has released the photographs of 2 dead soldiers. They have been identified as Havildar Jumma Khan and Naik Imtiaz. Meanwhile, the Indian Army has issued a statement, saying one soldier from 37 RR with weapons inadvertently crossed over to the other side of the LoC. It has denied reports of any Indian casualties. India Today has got exclusive details of the inside story behind the surgical strikes. Opinion: Indian Army's surgical strikes should make Pakistan think twice before trying another Uri It was around midnight, when the Army's Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-para and 9-para crossed the LoC into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The helicopters dropped the commandos at earmarked spots and returned. They were now in enemy territory.
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    Pakistani are shouting and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. On one side they are busy trying to deny and mock India's public statement on the strike. On another, they are crowing about a captured soldier and vowing revenge. If there was no strike, why is Nawaz Sharif holding an emergency meetings with military and opposition parties. Clearly something big went down, but Pakistani "awaam" are so used to being lied to by their government and military, its like an addict craving another hit. Reality is, Indian army went public about something that happens all the time - so-called Border action teams often do "aggressive patrolling" and there is a lot of tit-for-tat going on at the LOC. But this is the first time, that the scale of the raid was amped up. And the first time Indian govt went public about it. Its a big time game-changer in what Pakistan can expect in future occurences of "non-state" actions. Not to mention a public pants-ing of their glorious Baghdad Bob army.
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    De Kock batters Aussies hard

    Duminy ruined the flow instead of taking single and giving De Kock strike he was trying to hero himself.
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    Yesterday was the first time. The point was, the News Hour is based on American style opinion shows like the Rachel Maddow show or the O'Riely Factor. The point of those shows are for a popular journalistic figures to opine, often loudly/obnoxiously, about whatever topic interests them that day.Their fans usually agree with them and have the same opinions, so they succeed. Other just watch if something they find interesting is going on, ie Arnab and Pakistani-bashing. Arnab has spent multiple programs demanding Justice Ganguly's resignation, spent weeks demanding one of Swaraj/Raje/Chouhan to resign, the National Herald issue, JNU issue, and recently going after Manish Sisodia for his foreign junket. He is open about his opinions on every issue, often hunts the big story/scoop/scandal, and the only people that seem to have a problem with him are people who want him to provide covering fire for their favorite party. No one thinks his program is supposed to be something like an investigative report. If anyone does, that says more about them. On the other hand, there are the opinion shows masquerading as "news" channels that are filled with loaded panels and echo chambers while wearing the mask of neutrality. Times Now does the same type of actual reporting as other channels, where a reporter actually goes to where a story is happening to find out what took place, ask for statements from relevant people, and relay that message to the anchor/viewers. This is what is defined as news.
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    M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    Some decent reviews so far Apparently the first before Dhoni become is very good but the cricketing stuff is pretty boring (as expected)
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    Earlier terrorists used to be safe in Pak. However, after this surgical strikes, not even terrorists are safe in Pak
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    How many ultimatums does this guy need to be given?
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    In his 38th test. Botham took 41 test for that. Imran Khan 45 matches Kapil Dev 50 matches Pollock 49
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    your army always blame us for LoC violations .. when we really do your army says that we never crossed
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    They are deniying that they captured anyone now. Looks bad for the poor jawan, but if they dont return him you can expect an other hit.
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    To me he is a better n more assured test batter then, Dhawan, Rohit certainly n very skillful natural talent, hope Virat gives up on Rohit, Dhawan, and gets in Pandey, K Rahul, Gambhir, Mukund also Virat seems to not play naturally and tries to dominate too early
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    Maggi lasted 2 mins great advertising
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    Has scored game changing,talented,x factorful,lazy,elegant 2 runs which has its weight in gold
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    A very stylish and hard fought 2 runs.
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    LOI affecting Indian batting?

    It's just Kohli though, correct? Dhawan and Rohit didn't ever really look great over their numerous chances. Kohli did well on 3 of the 4 overseas tours we completed. Vijay/Pujara don't play LOI, and Rahane has excelled everywhere overseas. Kohli just can't stop fishing at wide deliveries. The thing is, he was almost perfect leaving wide deliveries in SA against Steyn and Philander. Since the England tour he has been getting out this way consistently. Dravid was giving batting advice to the team during our last SA tour. Maybe Virat needs to speak with him to sort this glitch out.
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    The Five Bowler Theory

    Today we needed 5 bowlers ,3 pacers & 2 spinners
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    Brother...Thanks for educating on this....I really didn't knew this...... I am a very emotional person and i know thru reliable sources that lot of corruption happens in Hyderabad cricket association and i always want someone to intervene and teach these guyz a strong lesson...
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    All time Asian test XI

    In ODIs, I'd easily take Kapil over Imran. Neither are ace strike bowlers in ODIs, that job would be filled by Akram-Younis. Kapil is more economical than Imran. He takes more wickets/match. And above all, he is a LOT better than Khan Sahib in ODI batting. 24 runs average @ 90+ strike rate with the bat has a lot more mileage at #7 position than 34 average @ low 70s strike rate. Bear in mind that Kapil played one of the best ever ODI innings in his only century. Khan doesn't really have an ODI innings that is superlative display of batsmanship. Oh and one last thing- Kapil was way, way better fielder than Imran. This matters in ODIs- a LOT.
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    Breaking News: Pakistan army files case in International Court of Justice against Surgical Strikes by India. Issues raised: 1. Consent for surgery not taken. 2. Counseling about surgery not provided. 3. Anesthesia not given before surgery. 4. Post-Surgical care not provided. 5. Surgeons strike is un-constitutional !!! 6. Mediclaim refused by USA. 😀
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    Their whole history is about deception and shamming. Their education is a lie, their politics is a lie, their elections are jokes. Their military is rogue and is very powerful in the country which can control everything. They have a huge terrorism problem. They misguide their own young population to make believe idiocy. So majority of people there don't have any sense of balance. The only relief is when they stay in "denial-mode". We can't blame these poor people of terrorist country. Their minds are never developed to evaluate the situation based facts because they think they are the descendent of some mighty arabs or god-knows what. They are never taught from childhood to think independently. They cant question teachers when in school, they cant question their parents or elders when at home, they cant question religious bodies and mullas, or military. So they believe this is how the whole is. So for every situation they have the same response. They do not feel shame that some country flew in from outside, took the most dangerous terrorist from their own territory and these jokers are still looking for some proof. For everything they ask others for proof. Haffis Said is in Pak, Dawood is in Pak. The terrorist camps are in pak. What are they asking us for? On the topic, its really nice that first time in forever, we have taken some military action. This is not end but just new beginning. This will get better for us and worse as well. More preparedness is needed from now on. This should not be escalated in anyway. We cant afford to lose lives of our ppl.
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    Thanks for doing the analysis for me basic cricket 101 when a middle order batsman with an attacking reputation (Rohit) is playing with the lower middle order/ tail (ashwin) any opposition captain would put the men on the boundary to the batsman and bring men in for the lesser batsman to avoid what is called "farming of strike" in cricket terms..... Therefore ashwin could get those 6 boundaries which account to 24 which can be credited to Rohit i apologize for my post which was not the usual accurate and well researched analysis that I am known for. I would like to thank you for the research in providing me the accurate numbers i have already repaid you for your effort by taking you to school on basic cricketing acumen 101 youre welcome
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    OP said this innings, not this series !!
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    A minimum of six black cricketers must be included in South Africa's national team under new racial quotas. The "targets", as they are officially called, are for all three formats of the game - Tests, one-day internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 internationals - over the season. They have been in place at provincial level for several years, but it is the first time they have been introduced for the top side. They are aimed at increasing the number of black players in a sport still dominated by white people. The target of at least six black players, of which two must be black African, was reached in the side's most recent game - their victorious second test over New Zealand in Centurion. There were two black Africans - Temba Bavuma and Kagiso Rabada - and four other non-white players Hashim Amla, JP Duminy, Vernon Philander and Dane Piedt in the starting team of 11. The quotas were confirmed at Cricket South Africa's (CSA) annual general meeting in Johannesburg after being discussed by sub-committees. CSA president Chris Nenzani said: "The test starting XI that played in the recent series against New Zealand contained six players of colour and two Black Africans. "And the ODI starting XI had as many as eight players of colour in their most recent series against the West Indies and Australia." He added: "With the targets being measured over the full season and being cumulative across all three formats, our selectors and team management will have the flexibility to deal with varying circumstances. "This shows very clearly that the targets are very attainable and sustainable and we will maintain the world-class standards that our players regularly produce." South Africa next play in a one-day international against Ireland on 25 September, before facing Australia in the first of five 50-over matches at home on 30 September. Sixteen years ago, cricketer Kevin Pietersen, who has an Afrikaner father and English mother, left South Africa for Britain as a teenager in protest at the racial quota system which he felt was unfairly restricting his opportunities. http://news.sky.com/story/south-africa-racial-quotas-for-cricket-team-10564144
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    Huh ... I thought there was some sort of formula based on rankings to decide groups. Anyways this Anurang guy seems to be using these events to strengthen his position by playing the I'm a huge patriot card. Correct me if I am wrong but is he not some sort of politician ? He certainly is acting like one.
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    Yea and according to Pakistani media Kargil didnt happen till Sharif opened the box and Pakistan was winning the 71 war till 15th dec but Dhaka suddenly fell on 16th.
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    Sallu Bhai outraged at eviction of Pakistani Singers. I still maintain he has very close ties to Dawood hence he can make or break careers of any star. Adnan Sami's trolling wjhole of Pakistani media. Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are only ones with mobile device havent tweeted against him so far
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    The captured guy is RR, ghatak platoons used were from dogra and bihar.
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    there's tweet from srk....anyhow i think both these guys are strongly pro-india. unlike Burkha dutt and few other ndtv folks, who dont seem proIndia at all.
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    LOL. Cowards can't even accept that we came into your controlled territory, struck at terrorists and left unscathed and you were clueless. Is it really that hard to accept? When the Americans came in, they flew deep into Pak all the way to Abbotabad, got OBL, slaughtered him, and flew back. And nobody had a clue in Pakistan until the Americans actually told them. They could well have flown till the Indian border undetected. Dude, your military is good for nothing. I understand it is a hard pill to swallow. They are only good at playing petty politics and dethroning governments. They are more politically connected than your politicians. They can only oppress innocent Balochis. That is why your weapon of choice is terrorism. You don't have the guts to face us face to face. Hiding behind your terrorist burkhas.
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    Thanks for the reply. 1. From some defence forum chit-chat, it appears that the Americans were informed by our NSA about our strikes in POK. Yankees didn't object. You are right in saying that their response will be hard to predict. They'll probably do a cost-benefit analysis and act accordingly. Obama administration may not want any serious policy blunders on the way out, so they might play it safe. 2. I meant western front considering Pakistan to be the battleground.
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    'Definitely' want to think about DRS - Kohli

    Good high time India got drs ,They mostly get screwed by umpires.
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    Instead of giving senior citizen a chance . give chance to AkhilHarwardkar , manish pandey , karun nair , sheyas iyer
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    Too many interviews by Kohli and Kumble

    Too many interviews by Kohli and Kumble and sometimes opposing views. Stop giving out interviews Captain and Coach, and sort things with internal 1-on-1 meetings and team meetings. Decline public interviews or don't reveal much. Masala hungry media is Waiting To Pounce on 1 milligram masala. And the ass Sandeep Patil started this nonsense of Pujara strike-rate yes, but he is a known ass. I think Kumble (coach) should learn from his Karnataka team mate, U-19 level Rahul Dravid (coach) who carries himself admirably.
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    M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    Will it work in the overseas market or have the legs to run for 5 days?
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    looks like blake lively will be shown in bikini for the whole duration of the movie .. must watch
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    Twitter messages

    Virender Sehwag ✔@virendersehwag With wife be like u r at non-striker end.Let her do the talking & run when you need to #mybestpartner#ViruKaGyaan 9:10 AM - 2 Sep 2016
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    Twitter messages

    Virender Sehwag ‏@virendersehwag 27m27 minutes ago Arnab Goswami wants me to speak on that British guys views on India on NewsHour,but that man doesnt deserve any airtime,hence I have denied

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