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    New guy

    Project Rohit Sharma

    The untold story of BCCI's top secret project to rule the world Many people today are baffled by the affinity shown by BCCI, the captain, the coach, ex players, current players and many others seemingly sane people, towards Rohit Sharma. Those in the know reveal this exclusive, never told before story BCCI's goal plans Phase 1 - Include Rohit Sharma in the team Phase 2 - ????? Phase 3 - Profit!!!! So why is Rohit Sharma included in the team? Here are some reasons experts tell us 1) Rohit Sharma is like the chaff air-force planes deployed during world war 2 to distract heat seeking missiles from other planes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaff_(countermeasure) So while the opposition is baffled and focused on Sharma(he seems useless but is selected every time, why? There is some secret, some strategy, we need to find out. Let focus on Rohit Sharma) , other batsmen like Rahane can slip through the radar. The opposition thinks Sharma might be important and targets him and neglects other batsmen 2) Rohit Sharma is the next level evolution of a "batsman" Cricket has often been called the "batsman's game". And modern cricket is even more so. So what did scientists do to counter this dis-balance? They genetically engineered the batsmen who always loses to bowlers. It doesn't matter what kind of bowler it is. Pace bowlers. Swing bowlers. China-man. Part time bowlers. This batsman is designed to fail. To prevent bowlers from going extinct, scientists have designed the batsman who boosts bowler's confidence 3) Rohit Sharma is the "Judas goat" of batsmen who leads other FTB batsmen to their doom A judas goat is basically a trained goat (or other animal) which will lead the hunter to other members of his species. So the other animals get killed and the judas goat is rewarded. Rohit Sharma is the epitome and the prototype of the FTB who fails everywhere. So any batsman who follows him or bats like him can be identified and immediately terminated 4) Rohit Sharma is a trained commando on the field to protect other players This is self explanatory. Rohit Sharma is obviously not a cricket player. Then why is he on the field? Well considering that India is the richest cricketing country and the super star cricketers always a target of criminals or terrorists, we need extra protection for all the players. What better protection than a super commando, disguised as a player, who is on the field at all times? Rohit Sharma might not score many runs, but if any terrorist attempts to harm any player on the field, he can take them out with his bare hands 5) Rohit Sharma is an advertisement come to life This is the most likely explanation according to experts. Big companies first advertised on the radio. Then they advertised with flyers. Then they advertised on bill boards. Then they moved to TV. They finally created an artificial life which can go on the field and pretend to be a player. So Rohit Sharma is just an AI actor who needs to be on the field at all times displaying sponsor logos. He is just like the advertisement logos you see on the ground after each over They started with this And have now gone on to this Has technology and advertisement gone too far? Can ad-blocks block Rohit Sharma from showing up on my TV? Will more genuine players be replaced by walking advertisements? Only time will tell!
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    We really needed a 3rd fast bowler on this pitch.....lots of movement and bounce. Think Umesh could have scored the 2 runs that Rohit has scored
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    Brilliant innings from Saha on a tough pitch....with his team 200 odd for 6. He is showing that he is a fighting cricketer who can play under pressure. I would take that any day over "talent" without temperament.
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    BCCI has doubled the test match fees from 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Also reserve players fees has also been doubled to 7 lakhs
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    Kohli is a fighter

    Kohli is a fighter and he will fight his way out of this poor run since Antigua. He has great character and he will eventually triumph. The question is what is the approach he is going to take, swashbuckle or submit and surrender and play carefully like SRT @ Sydney
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    Saha gets to his 50 with a 6. Gem of an innings from Saha. 300 up for India.
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    Saha is playing a gem of an innings in the context of the match
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    New guy

    Project Rohit Sharma

    I am sorry, I thought I was writing comedy, but you trumped me easily
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    Harbhajan mocking Ashwin?

    source “Alas, had we bowled on such wickets” Harbhajan Singh believes that Ashwin gets a “lot of favour” from the pitch curators, something which he did not receive in his prime. The Turbanator also stressed on the importance of maintaining the balance between the bat and the ball, and said that conditions should never be the deciding factor.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    per hillary nuclear devices come in a to-go pack and can be detonated using borrowed matchbox
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    I am also looking at a player like Saha. 32 and has played two crucial innings batting at 7.Lets be frank he is not going to break into team India in the LOI. So why dont the BCCI say to Saha, play only test cricket and we will pay you 2 crore per year for say another 4 years plus the match fees. This way Saha can concentrate on a country stint.
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    Should be in a retirement home not on a cricket pitch
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    Where are everyone on this site?? It used to be so much fun back in the days .. I just came back maybe 3 years later and this looks like so few people in here ... Surely, there are more test cricket fans in India ??
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    we could have done with someone like Pandya who did well in Australia, both with bat and bowl instead of Rohit.
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    Hmm we might be a seamer light in this deck Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
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    M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

    Watched it today and man must say it's one of the best sports movies and the best cricket movie ever made. Should be a must watch for every Indian cricket fan. The first half of the movie sums up the struggles of a newbie, and especially someone coming up without any backing or from a non-major cricketing centre, to a nicety.
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    New guy

    Harbhajan mocking Ashwin?

    Lol, some of the wickets he bowled on were extremely conducive to spin and bounce. The guy got a ton of attitude after being successful and that resulted in his downfall. He took his place in the team for granted Also he was amazing till he was support bowler to Kumble. As soon as he became the lead spinner, his performance declined
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    People blame India for not finishing the tail but in modern times every team has this problem. If India was bowling commentators would point this repeatedly. It is nothing but confirmation bias. Show me the numbers
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    It's already a decent score. There is uneven bounce, good carry, good spin. Yes if we batted better we would score around 425. But from our position, let's take it. It's not a patta.
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    Project Rohit Sharma

    Yours was deliberate. His is un-intentional. Most times un-intentional humour is funnier because the source is so oblivious to it.
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    On Indian pitch in 1st inn, Yes 400+ is minimum decent score. This was not a "demons" pitch. Just horrible batting by a few top order guys.
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    They had two men back there. Jadeja knows the plan. Why execute that shot!??
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    Kohli is a fighter

    Any coincidence that Kohli's poor run of form recently has coincided with Maggi being in the team? The moment Kohli undeservedly dropped Vijay for Maggi is the game Kohli's struggles started. Before that he scored a 200. Solution: Drop the undeserving Rohit and VK will be back amongst the runs
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    Harbhajan mocking Ashwin?

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/current/match/297808.html 6 overs no wickets where Yuvi got 2 in 3 overs.

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