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    We should stop calling jaddu an allrounder till he does something worth while with the bat.He should play purely as a bowler. He is as much an allrounder as Mishra,bhuvi,umesh or even Shami....
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    Team for rest of the series

    Ranji match was for match fitness.......he took a fifer in the last international match.
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    Younis Khan : 54 innings, 2008 runs @ 38.61, 4 hundreds and 9 fifties Ravi Ashwin : 21 innings, 634 runs @ 37.29, 2 hundreds and 2 fifties Note: Stats against Zimbabwe have been excluded. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/26421.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=default;template=results;type=batting Ashwin stats http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/43652.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=default;template=results;type=batting Younis stats At this point in time, you have to say Younis is a better batsman outside the subcontinent but it looks like Ashwin will overtake him soon in that regard.
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    Rich people use credit cards. Poor people don't need to line up 4 times in ten days. Most people shedding crocodile's tears in the name of the poor are crying for some other reason....
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    Seems to be its Jayant Yadav who looks more of an alrounder than Jaddu. This is what happens when you play at Lahli.
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    This cook is a pussy captain. always has men on the boundary take the damn single
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    Ok Chalo....since we got this win out of the way time to focus on the Indian game
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    2 bouncers in the over finally some intent
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    Vicious bouncer by Shami at 142 k...hits Hameed
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    Jayant Yadav can be a big asset in test matches in India as a batting all-rounder
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    Slowly slowly everyone will replace Saha at no.7 and Saha will have to bat at 11 :)
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    Rohit Sharma would have been so useful on this pitch keeping his batting side his swanesque off spin and world class fielding/catching would have been critical even though on a rough pitch can't expect much from batsmen anyways
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    Priceless innings from Kohli comes to an end at 81 on this uneven track. I was hoping for a 400 run lead if Kohli was still around.
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    Jayant has chance to show his batting skills
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    Closest is Peter-Shaun. Former was better than his figs suggest although they are good. The Mohds were both very solid too. I was clearly kidding.
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    Both great is rare. But both at least solid- Lala and Jimmy Amarnath, Chris and Stuart Broad, The Pataudis, Peter and Shaun Pollock, Micky and Alec Stewart, Hanif and Shoaib Mohammad. Then there are others where perhaps one out of the father-son duo was perhaps mediocre, but still perhaps good enough to make it on theor own merit.- Vijay and Sanju Manjrekar, Geoff and Shaun Marsh
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    Vicious ball by Umesh at 147 k. needs to get wickets now Bowling 142 k to 148 k now.
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    one good ball and the next ball on the leg can you be consistent?
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    Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Dont think he is really great technique wise.
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    to be honest, only Broad looked dangerous today with his cutters and variable extra bounce.
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    4th kohli should be shot if its the fifth day and still batting now
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    Then they have zero memory of Chennai 08. England scored over 300 in their second innings in that test .That pitch was far easier to bat
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    Team for rest of the series

    Ishant is getting married during 4th test waisay bhi.......pre honeymoon phase mein hai banda. Bhuvi should come back.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    There are all kinds of people . It is shocking how people still vote on the basis of ... meri caste ka hai Meri Biradari ka hai Meri side ka hai...mere gaun ka hai meri language bolta hai mere religion ka hai ab isne meri jaisi topi pehni....ab yeh meri side ha... isne hamare yahan ki sari pehni.....yeh hamari taraf hai..... There are all kinds of people and the politicians know it......if it did not work,they would not be putting so much effort into ths.
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    Rahane is that stupid kid who has dysentry on the same day his mom cooks biriyani. Srsly missing out on improving his avg in home conditions

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