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    I think you've misunderstood/simplified the argument: 1. Apart from last 6 tests or so, Saha has not impressed with the bat (see batting average after 19 tests) 2. This series, Saha has been poor with gloves and bat- one of the main reasons to persist with his low batting returns was because he supposedly almost guaranteed you a performance behind the stumps 3. Saha is not young and will not give you long term returns- by the time he gets going, it may be time to end 4. He has shown poor batting temperament on a number of occasions (including this series)- most importantly Adelaide when he could have helped us win 5. Kohli/current management don't have much faith in him- hence Ashwin bats ahead of him Hence if he doesnt give returns by end of this series- questions should rightly be asked
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    Team for rest of the series

    Ranji match was for match fitness.......he took a fifer in the last international match.
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    Younis Khan : 54 innings, 2008 runs @ 38.61, 4 hundreds and 9 fifties Ravi Ashwin : 21 innings, 634 runs @ 37.29, 2 hundreds and 2 fifties Note: Stats against Zimbabwe have been excluded. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/26421.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=default;template=results;type=batting Ashwin stats http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/43652.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;orderby=default;template=results;type=batting Younis stats At this point in time, you have to say Younis is a better batsman outside the subcontinent but it looks like Ashwin will overtake him soon in that regard.
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    Would like to smoke watever ur smoking. Saha in his dream cannot play a knock like Dhoni's 224 which was a turning wkt.....
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    For next yr or so he is not going anywere, unless he fails so miserably. For god sake its just been 2 games n people go crazy be it with him or rahane.(What cricket hae u grown up on that u see people scoring in every game) Saha has done well in Sl, Sa series, Wi n NZ series Which Sangakara n adam gilchrist are resy in domestic that we are so admant on replacing him. All of us here know he aint a long term solution and is no special talent but for present we need him. He is a very good keeper who time n again has played very gutsy knocks. U cant forget present by talking about future all the time
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    Kejriwal always surprises me. Just when you think he hit the rock bottom can't go any lower, he digs a new hole and crawls into it. I can't believe I'm saying this but he makes Rahul baba look sane!
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    Rich people use credit cards. Poor people don't need to line up 4 times in ten days. Most people shedding crocodile's tears in the name of the poor are crying for some other reason....
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    Saha played quite a few gritty knocks against SL, SAF, WI and NZ...including 1 century and 4 fifties. Two bad tests ....can happen to anybody.
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    Closest is Peter-Shaun. Former was better than his figs suggest although they are good. The Mohds were both very solid too. I was clearly kidding.
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    Both great is rare. But both at least solid- Lala and Jimmy Amarnath, Chris and Stuart Broad, The Pataudis, Peter and Shaun Pollock, Micky and Alec Stewart, Hanif and Shoaib Mohammad. Then there are others where perhaps one out of the father-son duo was perhaps mediocre, but still perhaps good enough to make it on theor own merit.- Vijay and Sanju Manjrekar, Geoff and Shaun Marsh
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    PV Sindhu wins maiden China Open Super Series title FUZHOU: Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu clinched her maiden Super Series Premier title after edging out Sun Yu of China in the final of the $700,000 China Open badminton tournament on Sunday. Sindhu, who became the toast of the country after becoming the first Indian women to win a silver at Rio Games, continued her rampaging run as she lifted the prestigious title after beating Sun 21-11, 17-21, 21-11 in the summit clash that lasted an hour and nine minutes. World No. 11 Sindhu had come into the match with a 2-3 head-to-head record but then statistics counted little when she took the court at the Haixia Olympic Sports Center. Sindhu dished out a dominating game as she zoomed to a healthy 11-5 lead early on. The Indian looked sharp and athletic as she engaged in a fast-paced game to bamboozle her opponent. Eventually it was a cross court return which earned Sindhu a massive 12 game points at 20-8. A couple of smashes on Sindhu's forehand and backhand and a drop going to the net helped Sun save three points. But Sindhu sealed the opening encounter after dominating a parallel game and finishing it with a return that hit Sun's face. In the second game, Sindhu had a slender 6-3 lead which she extended to 11-7 and 14-10. But Sun soon broke the rhythm by mixing her strokes and coming up with steep and powerful body smashes to catch up with the Indian at 14-14. A sharp smash and a superb return on Sindhu's backhand helped Sun grab a 18-16 lead which became 19-16 after the Indian lost a video referral. At 20-16, Sun hit the nets but she roared back into contest when Sindhu's stretched low return at the forecourt could not cross the net. Back to her winning side of the court, Sindhu once again started with new exuberance as the duo locked themselves in a battle of supremacy. As a result service changed hands too quickly as they moved together till 6-6. Link:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/badminton/PV-Sindhu-wins-maiden-China-Open-Super-Series-title/articleshow/55523516.cms
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    Something i feel KL rahul shud take a note of or else he ll face the same problem what Virat did
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    express bowling

    Team for rest of the series

    Pankaj Singh was bowling like a dream in this year's Duleep trophy. I have never seen him bowl with this much intensity. Bowling to a plan. very accurate and at the batsmen all the time, sharp pace, bowling good bouncers, getting outswing. he was picking wickets regularly and injured Mukund with a bouncer.
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    The stats were in answer to a post that More, Mongia and most of our PAST keepers were better batsman than Saha...which is factually incorrect. I am not advocating a keeper who is a bad batsman. If and when a good test keeper comes, who is a clearly better batsman than Saha...he will be replaced. As of today, we don't have any.
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    WTF kind of nonsense is being posted in this thread, this will lead to an economic depression in India. By all means, criticize the move if you want, but don't resort to hyperbolic fear-mongering.
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    day 1 4 wickets day 2 11 wickets day 3 8 wickets day 4 9 wickets hmm based on the above 8 wickets is withing range.....
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    You are overestimating the batting ability of our keepers over the years in test matches. Apart from Dhoni, there has not been a single keeper in our history who has averaged more than 35. Not a single keeper has averaged over 40. ( among keepers who have played 15+ tests ) Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 0 MS Dhoni 2005-2014 90 144 16 4876 224 38.09 6 33 10 BK Kunderan 1960-1967 15 28 3 831 192 33.24 2 3 1 FM Engineer 1961-1975 46 87 3 2611 121 31.08 2 16 7 PA Patel 2002-2008 20 30 7 683 69 29.69 0 4 4 WP Saha 2012-2016 19 28 4 697 104 29.04 1 4 3 SMH Kirmani 1976-1986 88 124 22 2759 102 27.04 2 12 7 KS More 1986-1993 49 64 14 1285 73 25.70 0 7 7 NR Mongia 1994-2001 44 68 8 1442 152 24.03 1 6 6 KD Karthik 2004-2010 16 24 1 491 93 21.34 0 3 2 NS Tamhane 1955-1961 21 27 5 225 54* 10.22 0 1 8 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;keeper=1;orderby=batting_average;qualmin1=15;qualval1=matches;spanmin1=01+jan+1870;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=batting
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    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Did well in West Indies and against NZ too. Just 2 poor matches guys. Now you will find it tough to believe but replacing Dhoni is not that easy.
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    Pandya would have been more handy than Jayant in this test.
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    Been saying to my friends since day 1 - India to win the test by 167 runs - the exact number scored by Kohli in the first innings. He is the difference between the sides. Plain and simple. My two cents there..
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    Jayant Yadav

    How is he a spinner? Doesn't seem to turn it even his life depended on it... expected more! disappointed..
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    Might be closer than that Tics. I think we will win by about 70 runs. Ashwin Jaddu Jayant all picking up 3 wkts each with one for Shami.
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    Team for rest of the series

    I don't see any change apart from gambo and mishra getting dropped, hope to see kuldeep yadav . Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
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    I got the feeling that the team was trying to groom Jadhav as the No.6. Until we take guys like Pant, Hooda etc....he is our finisher. Rahane should be dropped.
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    With Rohit injured Dhawan vs Rahul debate of opening might end this Odi series as they both wud open and have chance The only problem that might force the team to bat rahul in middle is failure of Pandey. If pandey fails and dhawan score rahul wud go to middle order. About Pant lets try him in t20s 1st as opener in Ind vs eng t20 series, as rohit is injured and dhawan n rahane are pure shit in T20 Whats good for the team is we have someone who uses powerplay as rohit, dhawan takes their own time. But a batsman in middle order is also needed. So its really important that Manish pandey comes good and also deepak hooda whenever he gets a chance.
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    Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Dont think he is really great technique wise.
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    Team for rest of the series

    Bhuvi for Shami as Shami looks tired. If he looks all right then, Bhuvi for Umesh. That is the only change I will make. Also, will make Jayant bat ahead of Jadeja and Saha, so the message is clear for both Saha and Jadeja that they to put price on their wicket.
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    There are some very despicable posts made by Modi bhakats online, they often start their posts like - "The real fun will begin in last week of December", they are jubilant. Have no empathy for poors. There is no sincerity in such people, for them it is entertainment at the expense of poor people. I have visited bank 4 times, I felt richest among all rofl. There were no rich or big fish standing in line. Only aam aadmi is bearing the brunt.
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    Team for rest of the series

    Ishant is getting married during 4th test waisay bhi.......pre honeymoon phase mein hai banda. Bhuvi should come back.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    There are all kinds of people . It is shocking how people still vote on the basis of ... meri caste ka hai Meri Biradari ka hai Meri side ka hai...mere gaun ka hai meri language bolta hai mere religion ka hai ab isne meri jaisi topi pehni....ab yeh meri side ha... isne hamare yahan ki sari pehni.....yeh hamari taraf hai..... There are all kinds of people and the politicians know it......if it did not work,they would not be putting so much effort into ths.
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    Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    Sorry, but Rohit is not a Test great at the moment, and neither for that matter is Chepu. Rahane and Kohli are getting there (hopefully). As for Vihari, he can only play against the teams he is given the opportunity and his record is very very good. Bawne too. And not all greats averaged over 55 in FC, Sehwag averaged a bit below 50 in fact.
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    Ben Duckett is going to make it big

    Poor duckett. England and duckett should sue maniac for destroying a promising talent.
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    Ranji Trophy 2016/17

    Didn't do much at Sunrisers if I recall right. I know that he has the build, but I felt that Pant, Kishan (and even Lomror) are more of six hitters than he is. Just to be clear, of course I don't think that six hitting is the only thing that matters, esp in FC and Tests. His consistency has been excellent this season... if he'd converted that 98 to a 100, he'd have 4 of them already.
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    Injury issue probably. They had to play a debutant, shubek gill.
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    How did the Gujju Genius score three 300s?

    If there's anything more annoying than Jadeja being told to us that he's an all rounder, it's you fineleg. You're not remotely funny with the corny ass pictures.
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    From tomorrow banks will also withdrawal of 250000/- for narrative purposes. Conditions are that only the bride/bridegroom or his/her parents can withdraw the money . They must possess pan card and should also bring their wedding card .Also submit the declaration form (below)
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    What are you eating now?

    Andhra we make this same thing without the bhajis and besan. We add Onions and the tadka. No methi.
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    Day 5 - The day of Reckoning - Predictions

    england has shown a real grittiness...we have to win tomorrow at any cost ( otherwise series could go any way ) better win it before tea to crush their spirit.
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    Wrong. Kohli averages 68 in SA, 71 in NZ and in Australia he averages 62. Only place he failed was England and that was because of Anderson.
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    what a talent hameed is !!! Our openers couldn't survive even an iota of spin or seam. What was the last time when we had good opening partnership, both openers crossing 50
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    I would say, Srinath was genuinely quick between 1991 and early 1997, when he injured his rotator cuff. He was at his quickest in 1995 and 1996.
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    Why would rahane play after such poor series. Dhoni wont go without 6th bowler as he has talked about the importance of it so many times And i dnt see jadhav getting dropped. Infact m pretty certain just to have that batsman who can bowl part times- raina, hooda and yuvraj (1,2 among them would surely be selected) Rahane wnt be in 11. Jadhav hasnt done to bad either to be dropped to. If we have to play pandya as 5th bowler we need that 6th bowler from somewere. Jadhav, raina, hooda, yuvraj .....someone would definitely play
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    England need to handle him well. One bad tour like Ashes series etc can dent his career and he could be out and dropped for few years after poor run at young age. This happens a lot in England compared to countries like India where we still will always have those players on selectors' radar.
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    Arjun Tendulkar progress tracking thread

    Yes, they were. No. But Shaw ought to be.
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    He's obviously not as good as Steyn, but quite comparable to Morkel, and should have been the 3rd pacer. An attack of Philander, Steyn/Morkel, Abbott and Rabada is the way to go... I used Steyn/Morkel given poor fitness of former.
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    India-A team for test and LOI right now

    Amen to all that. Dhawan should be kept far away from Tests, but in ODIs he's not done badly. An alternative could involve Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli, Dhoni, Rahul too since No.5 is where he has batted in IPL. But, I agree that he would be a more suitable fit at 1. I'm not very convinced by Pant at 5 though, even in the A team. Seems to me that he's also better off opening, or batting lower (at 6). Perhaps Hooda and Pant can swap positions. Jadhav hasn't done too much wrong as of now either. Nathu's T20 stats are hugely impressive... didn't realize it until now.
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    There are some interesting options in spin, Express Bowling mentioned Qadri, there is Kuldeep Yadav, Ladda was another, hopefully Harmeet Singh can fulfill some of the early promise, they do have potential but need to be groomed on A tours While on the subject of pacers, Sandeep Warrier was mentioned as the next big hope, not sure how he is doing now
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    DRS is utter nonsense.

    Hope you meant 80 overs, not 80 innings :-)!
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    For some reason every delhite girl supported Kejri , I had never seen women so vocal about politics till that elections ..I guess they all genuinely thot this guy will bring in positive changes .
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    Austin 3:!6

    Bangladesh premier League 2016

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk

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