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    Brain wise....sachin is the Rahul Gandhi of cricket.
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    In psychiatry, they have a theory about self-fulfilling prophecies. If you keep telling someone/group that they are not good (or not good in a particular situation) they will actually become so. If you tell them they are going to great in the same situation, they are likely to do so So under Kohli I am pretty sure the same set of bowlers will give much more even overseas than they have done before. Because by telling them to be aggressive, it shows he believes in them, and that belief will fuel success
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    It isn't genius rather absurd because he only thinking about batsman's perspective
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    The positives....Kohli is on a winning streak...on his way to create history and with the extended home season still to continue,he will be right up there among the most successful captains we have produced. In all the years I have been following Indian cricket, Kohli is the only out and out bowlers captain I have ever seen....Dhoni while handling spinners and to a very small extent Dravid came the closest but Kohli is on a different level when it comes to supporting his bowlers be it spinners or fast bowlers. However ,winning can become a habit and winning everything can make even an aggressive captain conservative. I am not going for complacent here because we know Kohli's focus and work ethic. when it comes to becoming out of the box and creative, usually it is associated with crisis and desperation so why would a guy on the top of the world need that? Let us take ponting for example...the guy didn't know the meaning of losing for almost 80% of his career....his mantra was bat first if you win the toss and outplay the opposition...if you lose the toss then you still have a side to run through opponents. I think ponting's beginning of the end as a captain was when he lost the test to Pakistan in 2010 in that infamous spot fixing tour...he chose to bat first on a green pitch which let Pakistani bowlers run through the Aussie line up and by that point they just did not have the ATG genius players to pull them out of impossible situations.This meant a wake up call that things will not be the same anymore and this resulted in eventually Clarke taking over who was a very innovative captain at least at the start of his captaincy stint. Now coming back to Kohli, right now he has a template and winning games as a captain is almost on auto pilot. Now I am not saying he is winning only on minefields or dustbowls but he hasn't been challenged enough yet or forced to be innovative. The Srilankan series where we lost a test from a winning position but still came back to win the series is a befitting example of his mental strength as a leader but that was still at an early stage when he had that hunger to establish himself. The Adelaide chase bravado was what announced him to the world stage as a captain. We Saw a guy who will not back down and will take a high risk for a high reward. But that game looks ages ago. May not be in terms of months or days but how far along Kohli has come since then in establishing himself as the chief-in-charge. Kohli had nothing to lose with a loss/draw at Adelaide but everything to gain. In Srilanka too there was a lot at stake for a young captain like him while a loss as disappointing as it would have been would have been overlooked as learning curve. But today he is a proven winner, someone who is just raking up wins after wins....do you think in the coming years in an Adelaide kind of scenario he would go for the win? or will he try to draw the game as now he also has his win/loss % at stake. The win loss % factor might not look like a lot for us arm chair experts , but things like this will definitely start playing on a captains mind. Even a seasoned captain like Graeme smith played it safe in the 1st test vs India and obviously there were valid arguments made on both sides of the spectrum. Kohli as a leader is an exciting era and a new dawn for the Indian cricket fan...if he can sustain his win/loss record till the end without having to over think anything like Ricky ponting's captaincy career,I will take it with both hands but can we except such out of the box thinking and bravado from Kohli in the coming years as he grows in strength to strength as a successful captain?
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    BCCI screws up U-19 selections

    First the decision not to broadcast Ranji Trophy Then the incompetence about communicating about Women's series against Pakistan And now this pathetic incompetence. BCCI has been a real shambles .In any organization heads will roll for this incompetence but this is BCCI no one cares about any responsibility
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    Ferguson 1st over 147 150 149 148 147 148 - bowls warner inside edge
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    I just came here to post this...Dravid and Zak want to give everyone a shot but at times they seem to over think and over do the rotation thing. not just with Indian young players, I saw them do that to overseas players as well. makes for exciting stuff but at times can get frustrating. But all in all one of the best franchises to play for if you are an upcoming talent and have the hunger.
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    Ajmal was a chucker...now you might make that case for Murali but Murali was acquitted every single time...Ajmal was caught and then when he came up with a regular action wasn't 1% the bowler he was which means he over relied on chucking so any accomplishments of his are taken with a grain of salt.
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    SRT is not the best strategist or idea generator :)
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    Trump-Shareef Call

    Not just subcontinental thing, its a world thing. Because the west has been the biggest driver of human development for the last 500 years than rest of human history put together. Its the same thing as if you are a budding physicist, you'd run your idea by Einstein if you could and see how he reacts- coz he is the superstar and you are a nobody. The way modern life works,99% of things that make modern life possible is western invention. So they are the superstars in the room, we are all wannabe nobodies. Atleast we are not as bad as the Chinese, who change their names just to impress the western folks. In places like Vancouver or San Fransisco, where there are significant chinese populations, you will meet more Chinese Steve/Suzy/April/Mike/Judy etc. than white people. Or completely copying a white wedding. Not just the suit-n-tie and white gown business, right down to the organ music & in a church, even when the people getting married are not Christian!!
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    Couldn't see Ben Duckett there sir
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    @radhika Commentary is not an option for Tendulkar.
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    I am with the OP on the Bharat Ratna issue. An entertainer has no business getting the Bharat Ratna. Where I disagree with the OP is that he has been in the public eye for the last 25+ years and needs some time for himself/family. Some other entertainers who have won the Bharat Ratna are : Lata Mangeshkar and M Subbulakshmi. They have arguably as much following as Sachin Tendulkar. Do we know of any social initiatives started by them? He's quit a few years ago. Probably he'd come back in a big way a few years down the line.
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    As I have said in the past, we will dominate as long as Kumble let Kohli do his thing. Kohli likes to be aggressive and Kumble is a very conservative mind when he it comes to handling certain situations. If they gel well together, it will be great for us. That is why I want a foreign bowling coach who will keep Kumble calm and give him confidence that we can win with more bowlers. That combination of aggressive Kohli, calm and hard working foreign bowling coach and a conservative Kumble as head coach will be a great recipe for the sucess of Indian test team. It is still too early but I feel India will dominate for years to come and this no.1spot will be ours for a long long time.
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    He can be a BIGGER influence in society. But he chooses not to. Ultimately, it is his choice in life, what he chooses to do. Yes he "could" be a bigger influence in societal causes - if he wants to. He has the position that people adore him. Even for the game of cricket - he can do a LOT MORE than what he is doing now. But yea - again, its his choice.
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    True. He has never been a great thinker of the game. His thinking is restricted to his batting, bowling rather than team strategy, how to improve team performances, etc.
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    Wow have you seen George bailey's new stance? Very very weird
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    SRT needs to enjoy his retirement and stop proposing ridiculous ideas around cricket.
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    Complete non starter, better idea would be to use kookaburra in first innings and sg in second innings.
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    I think, apart from kookaburra and SG, Dukes will be a welcome addition, it has a more pronounced seam than the two, infact, instead of green tops and rank turner, one pitch we can prepare is a flattish, pitch with something in it for bowler, these have been our nemesis in recent history also since England has been our bogey team in recent times might not be a bad idea to try this in conditions like dharamshala and lahili in winters. Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk
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    What he is suggesting seems a little unimplementable to me. How do you prepare two pitches side by side - one a green top and one a rank turner? Instead, after the first two innings you can just rough up the same pitch and shave off all the grass. I rather like the other suggestions here to have some grounds prepare greentops and some others prepare turners. Would even like to see pattas mixed in as bowlers should be able to bowl on such wickets. It is not easy to just replicate foreign conditions in India. The soils are different, the weather is different, the type of grass grown is different. All these factors influence the playing conditions.
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    I am so hoping Samson just get back to what he was doing with Dravid. He was working wonders for him in u19 and Rajasthan Royals. I think he is kind of having a bad slump but he should be back. He still has lot of time left. He showed way too much promise to be failing this many time the way he has done this season. The way he bats, he looks like someone who puts price on his wicket but still needs a coach like Dravid to fix his temperament and faults. I am sure few 50 over stints will make him a brilliant batsman across all formats. He is more like Rahane, who can look good in any format, but might dominate just one format. I think Samson, will be a pretty solid ODI player for us. We can even use him to open in ODI's once he is among some runs. And he can then take this performance to Test Cricket.
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    i would rather have this route to include pakistan .. we need padosi truck drivers
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    End of Saha's Indian career?

    Who scored runs in WI when we were 126/5, who socred that 100. WHo scored those runs in SL, 2 50s in demanding situation. scored a 54 not out at Kolkata when we were 200/6, only Pujara and Rahane had scored runs in that innings. IN 2nd test at SL, were were 250 odd for 5 and Saha scored a 50 and helped us to reach close to 400. Problem with a lot of people is that they remember 1-2 failed innings and keep parroting them. Short memories when it comes to good innings. and this case is only with regards a few players.

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