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    Brain wise....sachin is the Rahul Gandhi of cricket.
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    Why should he?Whatever he achieved was due to his own talent nd hard work.He owes nothing to anyone.And SRT doesnt publicise his charity work.He has adopted a village and also sponsors education of 200 or so kids. What has the OP done for the society?Ran away to US? Criticising Tendulkar just for the sake of it.Move on.
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    In psychiatry, they have a theory about self-fulfilling prophecies. If you keep telling someone/group that they are not good (or not good in a particular situation) they will actually become so. If you tell them they are going to great in the same situation, they are likely to do so So under Kohli I am pretty sure the same set of bowlers will give much more even overseas than they have done before. Because by telling them to be aggressive, it shows he believes in them, and that belief will fuel success
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    It isn't genius rather absurd because he only thinking about batsman's perspective
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    The positives....Kohli is on a winning streak...on his way to create history and with the extended home season still to continue,he will be right up there among the most successful captains we have produced. In all the years I have been following Indian cricket, Kohli is the only out and out bowlers captain I have ever seen....Dhoni while handling spinners and to a very small extent Dravid came the closest but Kohli is on a different level when it comes to supporting his bowlers be it spinners or fast bowlers. However ,winning can become a habit and winning everything can make even an aggressive captain conservative. I am not going for complacent here because we know Kohli's focus and work ethic. when it comes to becoming out of the box and creative, usually it is associated with crisis and desperation so why would a guy on the top of the world need that? Let us take ponting for example...the guy didn't know the meaning of losing for almost 80% of his career....his mantra was bat first if you win the toss and outplay the opposition...if you lose the toss then you still have a side to run through opponents. I think ponting's beginning of the end as a captain was when he lost the test to Pakistan in 2010 in that infamous spot fixing tour...he chose to bat first on a green pitch which let Pakistani bowlers run through the Aussie line up and by that point they just did not have the ATG genius players to pull them out of impossible situations.This meant a wake up call that things will not be the same anymore and this resulted in eventually Clarke taking over who was a very innovative captain at least at the start of his captaincy stint. Now coming back to Kohli, right now he has a template and winning games as a captain is almost on auto pilot. Now I am not saying he is winning only on minefields or dustbowls but he hasn't been challenged enough yet or forced to be innovative. The Srilankan series where we lost a test from a winning position but still came back to win the series is a befitting example of his mental strength as a leader but that was still at an early stage when he had that hunger to establish himself. The Adelaide chase bravado was what announced him to the world stage as a captain. We Saw a guy who will not back down and will take a high risk for a high reward. But that game looks ages ago. May not be in terms of months or days but how far along Kohli has come since then in establishing himself as the chief-in-charge. Kohli had nothing to lose with a loss/draw at Adelaide but everything to gain. In Srilanka too there was a lot at stake for a young captain like him while a loss as disappointing as it would have been would have been overlooked as learning curve. But today he is a proven winner, someone who is just raking up wins after wins....do you think in the coming years in an Adelaide kind of scenario he would go for the win? or will he try to draw the game as now he also has his win/loss % at stake. The win loss % factor might not look like a lot for us arm chair experts , but things like this will definitely start playing on a captains mind. Even a seasoned captain like Graeme smith played it safe in the 1st test vs India and obviously there were valid arguments made on both sides of the spectrum. Kohli as a leader is an exciting era and a new dawn for the Indian cricket fan...if he can sustain his win/loss record till the end without having to over think anything like Ricky ponting's captaincy career,I will take it with both hands but can we except such out of the box thinking and bravado from Kohli in the coming years as he grows in strength to strength as a successful captain?
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    How much do you know about Mother Teresa and her inspiration behind the charity work?
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    less than 1 % of India's population is in the armed forces. There are physical examinations and tests to be taken. Clowns and worshippers like yourself would not make it beyond the 1st round. You must be a pretty pathetic individual to even compare people who risk death every single day of their life and compare them to entertainer.
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    him and gavaskar... its almost like caste feeling ... batting caste
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    I think he is talking about performing at an individual's higher end of ability rather than at the lower end. If a captain has 3 Vijay Kumar type bowlers and nothing better, it is better to have them performing at their best than at their worst.
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    BCCI screws up U-19 selections

    First the decision not to broadcast Ranji Trophy Then the incompetence about communicating about Women's series against Pakistan And now this pathetic incompetence. BCCI has been a real shambles .In any organization heads will roll for this incompetence but this is BCCI no one cares about any responsibility
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    Ferguson 1st over 147 150 149 148 147 148 - bowls warner inside edge
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    I just came here to post this...Dravid and Zak want to give everyone a shot but at times they seem to over think and over do the rotation thing. not just with Indian young players, I saw them do that to overseas players as well. makes for exciting stuff but at times can get frustrating. But all in all one of the best franchises to play for if you are an upcoming talent and have the hunger.
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    Ajmal was a chucker...now you might make that case for Murali but Murali was acquitted every single time...Ajmal was caught and then when he came up with a regular action wasn't 1% the bowler he was which means he over relied on chucking so any accomplishments of his are taken with a grain of salt.
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    SRT is not the best strategist or idea generator :)
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    Trump-Shareef Call

    Not just subcontinental thing, its a world thing. Because the west has been the biggest driver of human development for the last 500 years than rest of human history put together. Its the same thing as if you are a budding physicist, you'd run your idea by Einstein if you could and see how he reacts- coz he is the superstar and you are a nobody. The way modern life works,99% of things that make modern life possible is western invention. So they are the superstars in the room, we are all wannabe nobodies. Atleast we are not as bad as the Chinese, who change their names just to impress the western folks. In places like Vancouver or San Fransisco, where there are significant chinese populations, you will meet more Chinese Steve/Suzy/April/Mike/Judy etc. than white people. Or completely copying a white wedding. Not just the suit-n-tie and white gown business, right down to the organ music & in a church, even when the people getting married are not Christian!!
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    Couldn't see Ben Duckett there sir
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    Take a look at the 10 highest scores by captains in ODIs. Steve Smith's century v NZ today is also part of this list. Any idea who holds the record for the highest score?
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    http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2016/12/02/indian-startup-plans-to-land-on-the-moon-in-january-2018/ They may be getting help from ISRO on the project apparently. Another team to cheer for
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    Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    Better not
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    ANTI MVFC/Anti-MONK Club

    Now you understand the impact of AVKC.
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    one off talent for india... there is no competition really for a seaming all rounder's place. may be thats why pant will be selected soon though
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    MSK says Pandya is a one-off talent, hence his unorthodox selection. But, doesn't say the same about Pant (otherwise he would have been selected too) - that might mean that the selectors don't rate him as highly as Pandya
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    let dhoni survive 2017 CT first ! but I wish dhoni could continue and do well till 2019 because I dont wanna wear down kohli with captainship in every format.
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    If there is a will, i think this idea can be implemented looking into issues like protecting other pitch, degree of flatness/ turner or no issue second inning pitch will be.
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    RARE 100 in 100th Test!

    A 100 in 100th Test is a rarest of rare things in cricket. Only 7 batsmen have achieved this feat in entire Test history. Any idea who these 7 gems are?
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    It is simply not possible that a country which produced so many great batsmen never produced a good fast bowler with skills. Many of our young bowlers started as well as any other young fast bowler in other countries and were compared with them. It was only later they lost their way.
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    Jayalalitha Ji Passes Away.

    WTF is wrong with people of TN ? Why do these issues become law and order issues....?
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    The route will cut time to 19 days from St. Petersburg to Mumbai and the cost of transportation will drop by $2500 per 15 tons of Cargo. The following are member states in the NSTC project: India, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Estonia. The Chabahar port on completion will be integrated withe the NTSC.The NTSC was founded by Iran,Russia and India. This may well become the preferred route of transportation between Eastern Europe Central Asia and South Asia.
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    'Pokémon GO' - What is this new craze?

    22 here in suburban area. Pokedex is 92. Just caught ditto yesterday. Gen 2 will be coming out this month most probably.
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    he backs fast bowlers who can bowl 140 he once said about ishant in SL that an angry fast bowler is a captain delight. he is not gonna go dhoni's way especially if we get a good WK batsman that will give him cushion to go with 5 bowlers every time
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    can't one wicket be kept covered so that players running on them dont affect it btw two balls is very implimentable idea I think
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    I don't like Indian's tendency to cling on to one individual person. It was Indira in India, Zia in Pakistan. Timid desi people crave strong leaders, Now Modi. Why we expect and over-rely on others? Why not be individualistic like Americans? Indians can be easily mislead by pseudo patriots like Amir Khan and Amitabh.
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    Also he retired only '3 years' ago, International cricketers or any employee goes through depression after retirement, they say being fired from a job is akin to death in a family. It has similar psychological impact, my father retired from government job and went though this phase as well. Don't reach to a conclusion so fast.
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    they patched up right? Turkey was being hit in a big way from lack of Russian tourists.
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    Trump-Shareef Call

    @ Mulo I was talking about it more from a psychological POV. The massive inferiority Complex that is ingrained into us. Even when we do well, it is always in contrast to the West. Take for instance Mangalyan. What should we be celebrating? The success of our scientists. The stories of their sacrifices and hard work. What did we end up celebrating instead: Oh this is 1/10 as cheap as NASAs project. Did you know that India got it right the 1st time and the Americans/Soviets needed 5 tries. etc. If one were to do a recall test , I'd wager that 95% of those celebrating Mangalyan couldn't name a single scientist associated with the program. But everyone would rattle off numbers on how Mangalyan is better than the others. The source of our pride is no longer based on achievement. The main source of the pride is via a faulty comparison process which stems from a parvenu inferiority complex. Take your example too, about the Chinese. "We aren't that bad, so we shouldn't bother that much. At least the Chinese are worse off than us in aping/looking to the West in every wake of life" . I couldn't have made my point better.
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    BCCI screws up U-19 selections

    I think Supreme court should dismiss the BCCI babus
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    Actually Sachin's idead are very genius but always impractical, almost like a mad scientist's. This sounds like one of those ideas which seem great but will be impossible to implement in reality
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    This is a valid point. This is easier to implement. Additionally, bowlers need to practice bowling on a few flat tracks too. But, it has to be seen that all the teams get to play on different types of surfaces and with different balls. League match schedule management becomes important here. I hope, the idea of using different balls and different types of pitches are used by the BCCI. A big name, like Tendulkar, proposing this may help. I really wanted there 2 aspects introduced for a long time.
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    Rather than winning, my bigger concern with Kohli is him turning into a Dhoni if he is saddled with captaincy of all fornats. Captaining continuously across formats without much break, even in IPL could drain his creative juices and make him another stubborn mule like Dhoni. That is why I have been advocating separate captains for separate formats.
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    New Link to download: @SLICKR392 http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/niantic-inc/pokemon-go/pokemon-go-0-47-1-release/pokemon-go-0-47-1-android-apk-download/
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    Ajmal before ban was chucker not spinner.
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    This happened at Rajasthan Royals as well. Sanju Samson always seemed to shift around the order, and players like Binny would randomly be sent ahead of him.
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    SRT needs to enjoy his retirement and stop proposing ridiculous ideas around cricket.
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    Complete non starter, better idea would be to use kookaburra in first innings and sg in second innings.
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    Agreed, but in T20s it should be 150-160+ ...
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    Hmm did jayant feature for dd last IPL? Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
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    Fast bowling is the sexiest art in cricket, don't we all love our fast bowlers? Only if Aaron could bowl consistently!

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