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    Yeah let see the comparison. Ponting took over world champions and won again. Dhoni took over a took knocked out by Bangladesh and won the world Cup. Daft comparisons.But then really shouldnt have been surprised . Comparing with Beckham seriously
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    Comparing with a football captain is the most hilarious of them all. Not the coach, but the captain in football.
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    Or Ganguly in every ICC tournaments. Hell, Ganguly had the best line up as a captain in Tests and failed to win a series overseas which Dravid, Dhoni and Kohli has won in England and Windies.
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    like Dravid in 2007 WC
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    No more conflict, http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/1083493.html Maniacs New favourite player
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    You think it is and you want everyone to agree with you. Stop acting like a 11yr old 'Bhai saab apka top 5 actors kaun hai'?
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    That makes him better than Sachin,not Dhoni
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    LOL! Yeah, you stick to people who look at each other into their eyes, I'll take trophies. Also, overseas win, which Dravid first gave us in England after Ganguly stepped down.
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    So let us forget all the captains in every sport who have been credited for their triumph. He is considered as one of the great captains by most pundits, for a reason. You just answered that earlier saying Dhoni, obviously had a good team. How do you argue with someone so biased and full of hate? LOL!
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    So suddenly KT's opinion is bigger than cricketing legends.
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    It would be nice to respect opinions, but you should be last person I should be telling this too. Again, putting words in my mouth. I have abused, slated Dhoni more than I have supported him. Yes, I'm a fan but not a blind one, as opposite to you being an absolute blindfolded hater. And what's with the, name your top 5 from 2011, or 1900s! You surely aren't 13? Whatever my list is, my top 2 would go Dravid and Gambhir. And Gambhir might not even make it to, I don't know top 15 of most. Gambhir is mostly because I love watching the guy bat in form and his intent as a player. Dhoni, as a captain, in the top 5. Undoubtedly has given more joy to the country than any other god damn captain.
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    Are we talking about the Harbajan who faked injury and ran off from England tour because he couldn't hack it lol Real legend stuff that
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    3 ICC trophies KT. Without him you got just the one. Test number one for the first time. This is just as captain.
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    Shami is currently bowling in India's needs and generating good pace "Running in at the fast bowlers' net were Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami - who, bowling mostly off a short run-up, was generating serious pace and seeming to be recovering fast enough from a troublesome right knee and hamstring to be back in contention for the third Test" http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-australia-2016-17/content/story/1084951.html
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    Won more interesting factoid for you. 2013 is after 2011. And India , under Dhonis captaincy, won ( the actual won, not the won won you mention) the champions trophy in that year.
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    Yeah, use the time to call players criminals and misquoting people to support your post. 'lol'
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    Specious logic. The Goras wanted to and migrated to America when it was still inhabited by just Red Indians. So did the Chinese and Vikings and other ethnic/national groups. And Indians have migrated to not just to the Anglo nations. Indians (and all of humanity) has been migrating for centuries. Heard of the gypsies of Eastern Europe? Thats just how things are. Having said that, none of this has anything to do with the despicable murder of the Indian citizen there.
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    Those great players with other captains didn't win and Dhoni led team won without those great players. The team Ponting had has no comparison. When Ponting became captain they were already world champions. Sreesanth played like 2 matches in WC
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    You probably don't get sports despite being however old you are.
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    My memory is a little foggy,but which WC did Beckham win for England? Must be the '98 WC against Argentina no?
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    David Johnson did play a test match vs Australia and got smashed around. He used to run in faster than he used to bowl.
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    Lol! Yuvraj and Ganguly? Get out, maniac. You could just leave your bias opinion aside like just once?
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    No, I am talking about a player who's contributed to the country in terms of his achievements and trophies as a captain and a player. As far pure cricketing ability is confirmed he's still on Top 3 in ODIs for India. And being and icon or increase in popularity isn't something that was given to him, but something he achieved. And no, he's not our version of Beckham. Probably for you. To call someone corrupt without any claims and filled with hate for that individual, your opinion on him is arguably the most irrelevant here.
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    Rohit vs WI pace attack in Kolkata.......legacies would have been destroyed Ishant vs Bradman on uncovered pitches....Bradman can bash luloo bowlers all day wait till he runs into Ishu
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    Lol did you just seriously just put that low life chucker in the same sentence as sachin, ajmal in his prime wouldn't get into a club side if he wasn't throwing
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    Selectors....bring back Aaron immediately as he can be an answer to Starc.
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    If this guy slips and accidentally falls on Yuzi...he'll be dead within seconds. Good God man this guy is more like a linebacker than a cricketer
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    How many times out of the 3 were you caught fapping in the theater to Disha? Should have been renamed to Disha: The Unseen Beauty. Carried the whole movie by herself.
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Delhi Recalls Unmukt chand and Pawan suyal, Nitish rana and pawan negi gets Axed http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/vijay-hazare-trophy-delhi-knocked-out-but-unmukt-chand-gets-a-lifeline-4548750/
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    My initial reaction was ohh my god one more hack is born but then I saw that video some good proper cricketing shots their can hit hard with straight bat the guy is talented I say get him in the IPL
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    Feel Good News

    The papers and media are usually filled with negativity. This thread is to highlight the news that makes us feel good .Very often,these bits of positivity are buried in the middle pages .Let us bring them out and high light them here. To start with.... Jharkhand: 300 Muslim families speak out, return dowry in silent protest Nice development .
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    Was wondering when the third stooge would show up,didnt take long.. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Your goalposts have shifted so far away that even Beckham's kick might not help
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    We just have to go through your other posts generated over the past few years to understand how productive you really were with your time...
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    Yeah, not because I think it is irrelevant to state them to you but I'm extremely scared of King Tendulkar. Might caps lock me to death!
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    Says the guy whose board is searching for players to play PSL final
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    I would have actually liked illegal Ajmal vs Sehwag in his prime
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    Lol! Include 'your' MSD? People like you are the reason we support him even if we don't wanted to or liked to. And include top 5 for what? So the great KT could ridicule someone else's opinion because it doesn't suit his lot? Dude. Seriously you really think someone can have a civil debate with someone who calls a player a corrupt and a criminal?
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    What's so funny? Just because someone did not agree to your stupid hate mongering opinion? Also, I said top 3 ODI. Not surprised that you have to lie to support your claims lol. As delusional as you were before you cried out of the forum.
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    David Johnson if I think you are talking about the same one was from Karnataka not Punjab/Haryana. Also him being 145+ was a myth...he was an ordinary trundler as ordinary as they can get.
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    I am not talking about changing them But, they need to work hard and become more consistent. Cut out all the loose shots and tighten their game outside off stump.
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    there is no excuse for the pune debacle other than skill and application. I have respect for the Aussie team, they beat the indian team fair and square.
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    Where are the traditional Indian pitches which are good for batting for the first 3 days and then go nuts? We need those. That is where our strength lies. Where we grind down the oppositions and murder the hapless souls at the fag end. Pitches like Pune open up the game.. just like Lords 2014 England vs India..
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    fielding coach cant field for the players.
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    I became a big fan of Aaron when I saw him humiliating broad and English spinning all rounder with beard... Finally hitting broad and even hitting this guy. He created a scare...a fear...terror. It was a win for us then itself.
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    war is between dhoni fans vs the insecure sachin fans.. we love kohli ..
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    Can't wait for this years ipl

    Where did you unearth this gem

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