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    No more conflict, http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/1083493.html Maniacs New favourite player
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    3 ICC trophies KT. Without him you got just the one. Test number one for the first time. This is just as captain.
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    Shami is currently bowling in India's needs and generating good pace "Running in at the fast bowlers' net were Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami - who, bowling mostly off a short run-up, was generating serious pace and seeming to be recovering fast enough from a troublesome right knee and hamstring to be back in contention for the third Test" http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-australia-2016-17/content/story/1084951.html
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    David Johnson did play a test match vs Australia and got smashed around. He used to run in faster than he used to bowl.
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    Lol! Yuvraj and Ganguly? Get out, maniac. You could just leave your bias opinion aside like just once?
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    No, I am talking about a player who's contributed to the country in terms of his achievements and trophies as a captain and a player. As far pure cricketing ability is confirmed he's still on Top 3 in ODIs for India. And being and icon or increase in popularity isn't something that was given to him, but something he achieved. And no, he's not our version of Beckham. Probably for you. To call someone corrupt without any claims and filled with hate for that individual, your opinion on him is arguably the most irrelevant here.
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    Rohit vs WI pace attack in Kolkata.......legacies would have been destroyed Ishant vs Bradman on uncovered pitches....Bradman can bash luloo bowlers all day wait till he runs into Ishu
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    Lol did you just seriously just put that low life chucker in the same sentence as sachin, ajmal in his prime wouldn't get into a club side if he wasn't throwing
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    Selectors....bring back Aaron immediately as he can be an answer to Starc.
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    If this guy slips and accidentally falls on Yuzi...he'll be dead within seconds. Good God man this guy is more like a linebacker than a cricketer
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    How many times out of the 3 were you caught fapping in the theater to Disha? Should have been renamed to Disha: The Unseen Beauty. Carried the whole movie by herself.
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Delhi Recalls Unmukt chand and Pawan suyal, Nitish rana and pawan negi gets Axed http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/vijay-hazare-trophy-delhi-knocked-out-but-unmukt-chand-gets-a-lifeline-4548750/
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    My initial reaction was ohh my god one more hack is born but then I saw that video some good proper cricketing shots their can hit hard with straight bat the guy is talented I say get him in the IPL
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    People complain about a lack of a bowling coach but we have one of the greatest bowlers of all time as our head coach,which is fair enough if we had to make an excuse. I just looked up the fielding coach and it says it is R.Sridhar? what the hell....and this guy seems to be around for a while...Fire him right now!!! I mean likes of Jadeja,Yadav,Rahane are all natural athletes so ground fielding is covered for the most part, but our catching is plunging into new depths and there is nothing that is making the fielding coach accountable. He needs to go right now I mean like NOW!!! Also his previous coaching credentials are fielding coach with Kings X1 Punjab which is probably the worst fielding side in IPL. No upside here...time for a new coach.
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    A contest in cricket you would have liked to see among two players who never played against each. A contest you think would have created many memorable moments My picks - Mcgrath vs Gavaskar Mcgrath always had a liking for opp best batsman and always had a upper hand against defensive players. Gavaskar the most impeccable technique . Had they played against each other their would have been many gr8 battles. What would be your pick????
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    Shami training hard. He will be back for the 3rd test
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    Pretty sure they are trolls pretendeding to be dhoni fans
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    Often, the extra helpful pitches reduce the gulf between above average bowlers and just average bowlers. Like we saw with the Pune pitch last test match where O'Keefe out-bowled Ashwin ,Jadeja and Lyon. On a flat pitch, Starc and Hazlewood maybe better than Umesh and Ishant ( unless the ball starts to reverse and Umesh becomes unplayable at times ) . But if the track is seaming, who knows....and we might even play Bhuvi who is innocuous on flat tracks but starts taking wickets when the pitch and playing conditions provide him with the pace ( that he lacks ) and movement. If Shami is back from the 3rd test ( he is a quality bowler on most tracks and our best fast bowler ), our chances of doing well on seaming tracks will become even better. I think our batters are marginally better than yours if the ball seams around.
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    I don't think anyone really wishes for their teams loss and if they do then they are idiots of the highest order. But have seen recently some Dhoni fans come here and gloat whenever Kohli or India does bad. They come here and try to put down players like Yadav etc. same players who dhoni undermined during his tenure.
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    40replies....not bad on a non match day.
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    Why do you say this?
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    Can't wait for this years ipl

    Isn't he the same guy who slated people for watching IPL?
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