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    Lead under 180= Australia strong favorites Lead 180-200 = Australia slight favorites Lead 200-220= About even Lead 220-240= India slight favorites Lead 240+= India strong favorites
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    Sure poor use of DRS and under bowling Jadeja were tactical blunders. 100% agreed. But look at the body language and intensity of the players. I thought Aussies would run away with the game by end of day2. I imagined drooping shoulders and pathetic loser attitude but I was proven wrong. the focus and grit and intensity was off the charts. pick a name for the best master strategist captain ever and there will be 10s of instances of muck ups by them. I have seen tons of instances of drooping shoulders under Dhoni,Ganguly,Dravid or Azhar the most successful captains from India. This team is something else...from what looked like a hopeless situation on the beginning of day2...it looks like we are still with a shot. For all the blunders this is really a heartwarming quality which shows great promise.
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    Kulwant Khejroliya today in VH Trophy 8-1-23-5 He has picked up 13 wickets in only 5 List A matches so far at an average of 14.7 and an economy rate of only 4.2 He is supposed to be genuinely fast too and a left-armer. Will we see him as a net bowler in the Team India nets in the near future, so that Kumble and Kohli can have a look at him and practice against him ?
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    Well beer is waking up but little slow
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    Did Jadeja kill Kohli's dog?

    Lol Jadeja averages 23 against lefties. Ashwin averages 24 Ishant 32 and Umesh averages 27 But keep posting those random theories.
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    Dhoni is an atg bro. Saha is a nobody. I don't think we should compare him with Dhoni.
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    Wow 8-1-23-5 this is some eyebrow rising stuff can't wait to watch him bowl hope he is genuinely quick His name might be problem though very difficult to pronounce and remember [emoji53]
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    Moan about his batting . But his keeping is excellent
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Khejroliya has 5. And he's still got overs left.
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    Khejroliya 3 wickets for 11 runs so far in 3 overs
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    yeah, he is an overrated captain, because he isn't tactically excellent. Above average, but he has a long, long way to go to be in the same class as Ranatunga, Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh, Hansie Cronje, Stephen Fleming, etc. as 'great captains'. He is an aggressive captain, who always come off better than they are (as opposed to defensive captains, who always come off poorer than they are) but Kohli is a rare Indian captain that knows what to do with fast bowlers, but is below average (by Indian standards) on what to do with spinners. Either way, blaming Kohli the captain is missing the point - Kohli the fielder is a poor catcher close in and that is his weakest suit. This generation of Indian batsmen grew up idolizing ODI glory and as such, we have a very good set of outfielders, who are all about throwing themselves around and saving boundaries. but they have lost the art of close in catching and the conclusion that the current indian team is the worst slip & close-in catching team atleast since the 1960s, if not ever, is pretty inescapable.
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    You can always One thing I do agree is Saha is a far superior test batsman than Rohit. Saha averages 44 in SriLanka , Rohit averages 33. Saha averages 51 in West Indies , Rohit a staggering 25. And Rohit is a specialist batsman Let's hope you never ever ask for Rohit back into the test team ever again.
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    Saha is averaging almost 40 with the bat in the last 1 year. Much better than Murli Vijay, Ashwin or Shikhar Dhawan. Has scored 2 centuries too. Given his excellent keeping.... this batting average is tolerable, and I would not call his batting poor in the recent past.
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    We ? You are not part of phastt brigade.. You are part of Troll brigade
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    Give me a break !! is this the fist time we are seeing an Indian team fight back ( is this really a fight back ? ) ? We are playing at home against an extremely weak Aus side in these conditions . One of our spinner ran through their lower order and the batting looked batter in whats arguably the best time to bat in this match . The only difference between the last match and this one is that we batted first . I watched most of the days match , we played very average cricket ..lets stop with this rubbish . Like i said earlier , there is no reason to criticise Virat here too much , its quite pathetic to see the media already talking about his captaincy ..am not just worried about his captaincy , hes our best bat ..hopefully it does not start impacting his batting . That does not change the fact that this is a series we should have won 4-0 , now anything less than a 3-1 is very embarrassing .
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    Should consider stand comedy as a career, Gollum.
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    I think Shami was compensated by BCCI last year for missing IPL after he had played with injury for India prior to the league. http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/mohammad-shami-gets-rs-2-2-crore-for-loss-of-pay-in-ipl-2015-2907145/ Ashwin should also be compensated like Shami was and be allowed to recuperate. It is high time BCCI takes care of our bowlers if India is to become a dominant test side at home and acceptable overseas.
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    Seriously? He bowled 4 overs out of our first 50 or so.And in that he took out Smith.You are talking about his ER?:facepalm: And I'm sure the great Jaddu batting at 5 in a Test match to stabilise innings
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    the way we drop catches for fun behind the wickets in the slip cordon,can't risk replacing our only safe option behind the stumps....As much as I want to see Pant fulfill his promise,I don't think an important series especially the kind of wickets we have in this series is time to blood him in
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    ^To continue vs Srilanka- MSD-1 50 with an average of 32.00 Saha vs Srilanka-1 50 with an average of 43.66. Ok picked up my mic and dropped it again...Boom
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    you need to detect sarcasm better. PS: check this ball. Does it look like 125KPH.
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    abhi bhi second last hoon.
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    Did someone just whisper Amit Mishra?
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    The problem is that sports hernia is a neither here nor there injury for a spin bowler. Not one to keep you completely away, but enough to affect you so that you can't do with your body what you normally do. Especially bad is the inability to twist your lower body correctly, which is so key for a spinner. And with rhythm, precision and consistency being such a key element of spin bowling, even a 10% loss of ability can make the difference between Ashwin the destroyer and Ashwin the innocuous.
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    Lost respect for Healy's comments a few years before. One of the most ultra biased commies I have ever heard on TV
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    Good. Hope Kohli sledges them even more in the 2nd innings.
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    When your leading bowler is not picking up wickets on bunsen burner your team will struggle.Kohli intensity alone made the difference yesterday, Aussies batted whole day and just lost 6 wickets but Kohli kept all the four bowlers in the game, every bowler did their bit to keep India in the game. Yes Jadeja was under bowled a little bit but that happens , What are people expecting from him.
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    He has been brilliant behind the stumps.
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    Nobody is perfect Kohli has his faults.But he has got this team playing with intensity and passion. Yesterday was perfect example Australia would have gone away with the game but we have just 197 runs.
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    express bowling

    Did Jadeja kill Kohli's dog?

    Why not post it in the same thread ? It is easier to follow Too many threads make the forum too messy. We just saw another guy open a thread on Mukund's collar
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    express bowling

    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Khejroliya has picked up 13 wickets from only 5 matches at an average of only 14. One of the best pacers of this tournament so far. It's sad that we won't be able to see him in QF
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Great bowling from Kulwant . Unfortunately he won't be able to play the knockout phase and telecasted matches as Delhi is almost out of the tournament Instead we will be seeing Vinni Kumar , Aravind etc Prefer zonal system any day
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    We would have needed a separate thread to discuss that decision anyway. Stuge
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    And we are looking for such a fast bowler.... who is actually getting results. His ER is impressive too
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Khejroliya is already making an impact and has become a go to man for Delhi.
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    that was not a dumb shot, neither he threw his wicket away. Just bad luck and a stunner by Smith.
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    Phaast brigade needs to ease up with their fanaticism.
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    Under kohli . There is energy , fight ,Intensity . No doubts this is a massive positive change
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    Kohli and his handling of Spinners

    Ashwin bowled 49 overs, so, there's nothing wrong in his handling of spinners but Australia having so many left handers dictated Ashwin bowled more being an off spinner. I think keeping pacers in the play is good thing. It will force them pick wickets and be more responsible. Good for their development. Not a short-sighted tactic. And if all the catches had been taken. Shaun Marsh's review was taken, pacers would have had 5 wickets between them on the second day and AUSTRALIA wouldn't have gotten that big a lead. So, captaincy was not that bad apart from over-bowling Ashwin and under-bowling Jaddu but fielding and Drs tactics let us down.
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    Icf ki activity badhane ke liye kuch bhi karega
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    Sports hernia I heard can be very irritating. I hope he skips IPL. We need a fit Ashwin in Champions Trophy especially after what he did in the previous edition.
  48. 2 points

    Toothless Team in their own Backyard

    You will be accused of putting down Kohli to prove Sachin's greatness
  49. 2 points

    Did Jadeja kill Kohli's dog?

    Lol...dude stop it. You are creating 10,000 threads about the same topic when you can post everything in one thread.
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    Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17

    Shami to play today's VH match for Bengal.

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