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    I have been following their story and they were advertising a lot earlier how hard it was for the team to participate in the event as they lacked the funds and the government support. They even had funding account and asked people t donate and they did get lot of help from the public later. Even Sehwag was tweeting about them. Well guess what, they have finally won their first game. This is a beautiful story. This is brilliant by the Hockey team. With not much facilities, hockey can be a really tough sport and in particular Ice Hockey. Hopefully, they get more support in the future. http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/big-moment-womens-ice-hockey-india-team-registers-first-international-win-58365
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    This is so much fun!!!

    I am addicted to test cricket now after tearing my head for so many years when we were lead by a certain someone. Kohli's captaincy is a refreshing change and this team feels different. In ODIs and T20s we are still playing has beens and the flat pitches and 40 m boundaries don't help.... Hope we play 15 tests every year and less of boring bilateral LOIs. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    It all depends on fast bowling culture in a country. We are seeing fast bowling culture setting in very strongly in the last 4 years or so in India..... more and more young pacers in domestic cricket and U19 level are bowling with effort, hitting the deck hard while bowling, gymming regularly and wanting to bowl quick. As a result, there are atleast 20 pacers bowling quick in India now. Out of that lot, quite a few are skilled bowlers too.
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    What is with the IPL owners and their constant ass licking of the goras? What wrong did Vijay do last season? And what are Maxwell's credentials as captain at any level?
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    Are we talking about Chris Broad here? Because if we are, its completely justified. The % of conviction white vs other players get when he is the match referee is on record
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    This is so much fun!!!

    I can just picture this team under dhoni, if we lost the first test in pune and batted horribly in the first innings of 2nd test under him then by the second day the shoulders of all the players would've dropped, the body language of our fast bowlers would've been shyte, the match would have drifted away, wade would have scored a century and starc would've scored a quick fire 50, Australia would've scored 450+ and we would've meekly given up in the second innings and got bowled out for 150-200. Then dhoni would come to the press conference and throw our fast bowlers under the bus and talked about the "process" Man, kohli is such an awesome change from the days of captain uncool
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    Ozzie papers running with it doesnt mean its right.. For all we know. .Kumble might have gone to their office to Invite them for dinner at the end of the match.. Banglore is his hometown.
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    We can use this guy to get more clicks to the forum that is for sure.
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    Chris Broad will still be the match referee:
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    dont rate Gambhir as a cricketer? What did I hear!
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    Watch the entire video - Its Langer not ponting who knocks it over. And he clearly does it intentionally. Its no accident. But gotta love how greenbros ghusofy and chatofy into convict * when an India-Australia series is in progress.
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    Oh my god feels sad for starc as he is one of my favorite !!! We have to be very careful with umesh and shami as this genuine quick guys are liable to injuries we as a fan often don't realised huge efforts this guys p puts on
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    Asif was a big miss for Pakistan and Amir 2.0 isn't half as good as 2010 Amir. Pak bowling could have potentially competed with RSA and Aus but are presently very mediocre. They are now generating trundlers like no other previous Pak team had ever done. In fact they aren't even producing equivalents of Gul, Rana Naved, Aaqib etc. Junaid was very promising initially but look what he has become today. May be with the shift to UAE they may never produce great quicks like they used to but instead give great spinners. They are becoming like India of old while India has turned the table dramatically. We have a good set of quicks and a culture of fast bowling is sweeping the youth like never before. Thankfully that is not at the cost of spinners. We luckily have good spin back up options like Jayant, Kuldeep, etc but fear they may be unable to break into the team the way Sir and ATGwin are going.
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    2017 Elections Thread

    My predictions: UP - BJP (simple majority) Goa - BJP (simple majority) Uk - BJP (simple majority) Manipur - Hung assembly. BJP (single largest party) Punjab - Hung assembly. INC (single largest party) UP is the semi-final for 2019 but Punjab is what worries me the most, being a border state and all. Hence why I hope for a hung assembly with President's rule for a few months.
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    I thought Vijay did well in the later part of last season.
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    Stop feeding the Troll.
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    I am surprised how the on-field umpire gave Kohli out ! There was no way he could have been certain that it was pad first...... and the benefit of the doubt goes to the batsman.
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    Like Kumble and Ponting met before 2007 series. No thanks, Kohli should give it a miss. Never make a deal with the devil. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    Unlikely. All VK needs to do is point to the umpires and ask them to testify that he notified them of his suspicions prior to the Steve Smith dismissal. VK kept his allegations private until there was public evidence confirming his complaint - the smith dismissal. Actually, he kept his allegations private until Smith dismissed the entire thing as a "one-off brain fade". Only way Virat would be in trouble is if he in fact did not notify the umpires. In which case, I don't think he'd be stupid enough to claim he did so, in an official post match press conference. The only other thing VK could be on the hook for, is excessive sledging during the game. Look, both boards are more interested in making money, and a drawn out investigation embarrassing Australia does not benefit the BCCI financially. But having them owe a favor to the BCCI does. Simple as that.
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    Why isn't OP banned for impersonating and falsifying his identity? We don't need threads with troll diarrhea on this forum.
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    DRS has to be in such a way that a dismissal is either out or not. This umpire ki marzi is stupid beyond measure.
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    i am pretty sure he was there to politely inquire, since he is jumbo its interpreted as 'storming'.
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    Owner loves Pakistan and Captain abhors them

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