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    Long time ago before the Border Gavaskar trophy begin we were calm and composed human beings enjoying the beauty of nature. Then a coward kangaroo came from behind and pushed our captain into the sea of humiliation. Turns out kangaroo was using special shoes that did not make any sound while they hopped. Also he was using a mobile GPS referral system controlled from his zoo to give exact location of our captain and take right decisions. This transformed our captain into a wild bear. Dangerous if provoked. Meanwhile the cheating kangaroo transformed into gorilla since his cheating was the talk of the jungle news next morning. A fight ensued between them: But ended up being a draw. Bear is disappointed and livid with the result. He goes back to the place wher he was pushed to take an oath of complete revenge in the next match. Below bear taking his oath : He is ready now and roaring to go against all odds with a need for speed: To be continued after the action days....
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    2017 Elections Thread

    You have not stopped being political analyst yet. I remember your thread 3 and half years back predicting number of seats in 2014 elections and your quote "Even Sonia's dog will be able to defeat Modi". Politics is not your cup of tea sir :).
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    The BCCI's contract list for 2016-17 Grade A (Rs 2 crore): Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, R Ashwin, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, M Vijay. In: Pujara (moved up), Jadeja (up), Vijay (up). Grade B (Rs 1 crore): Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Wriddhiman Saha, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuvraj Singh. In: Rahul (moved up), Saha (up), Bumrah, Yuvraj. Out: Suresh Raina, M Vijay (moved up), Pujara (up), Rayudu (down), Dhawan (down). Grade C (Rs 50 lakh): Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Amit Mishra, Manish Pandey, Axar Patel, Karun Nair, Hardik Pandya, Ashish Nehra, Kedar Jadhav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Parthiv Patel, Jayant Yadav, Mandeep Singh, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shardul Thakur, Rishabh Pant. In: Dhawan (moved down), Rayudu (down), Pandey, Nair, Pandya, Nehra, Jadhav, Chahal, Patel, Jayant, Singh, Thakur, Pant. Out: Stuart Binny, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Karn Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, S Aravind, Jadeja (moved up), Saha (up), Rahul (up). Good to see Pujara in Grade A
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    People are hammering him . Criticising him. cant score runs . Too aggressive and means effecting batting . Why don't he shut up . Look being exposed . Look how wonderful smith is blah blah the big grizzly bears shoulder will have healed . When he walks out to bat the squirrels will chirp away . He gonna make everyone stfu . Corny phrase but class is permanent form is temporary. virat kohli will score big . You have been warned !
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    Baffling to see raina out [emoji35] What the hell! murli Vijay in grade A ?? Grade A should have players who represents in all three format!!
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    Shastri excellent point on pujara

    Pujara, Vijay and Jadeja given Grade A contracts. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/story/1088000.html
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    Stodgy elitism, pure and simple. And a bit of nostalgia. People like me who grew up in the 80s and 90s seem to love to extol how great things were back in their day, how test cricket is the ultimate, and how we must all accept that every other form of cricket is inferior. What they don't realize is that most tests "back in the day" were boring, most of them finishing as meandering draws. We looked forward to things like the mandatory overs on Day 5 when Sunil Gavaskar would imitate the bowling action of Abdul Qadir. Every now and then there was an interesting match. We must thank ODIs for injecting a sense of urgency, athleticism and result-oriented thinking into test cricket. Every form of cricket has its nuances. Instead of complaining about what is better or worse, we must enjoy the variety.
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    Seriously,how effed are up are these people? http://www.crictracker.com/peshawar-zalmi-owner-is-hopeful-that-darren-sammy-will-soon-convert-to-islam/
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    Glad we had partition. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    ICF Fantasy Hub 2016

    This is the 2016 one.. Check the pinned 2017 thread.
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    For IPL 2017, we are going to use Fandromeda similar to last year. You can use the following link to join the ICF League: https://fandromeda.com/v2/user_leagues/mygang/1971?code=75968472 When creating the team, join the 'Classic' version as that is the one that allows subs without paying. Make sure that you join the league before 31st March if you want to be part of the auction for Team Based FL Competition. Any members entering after this will be allowed in auction only at the discretion of the organiser (Sourab10Forever and me) If this is the first time you are going to play in Fandromeda, do the following steps to create a team and join: 1) Click this link: https://fandromeda.com/v2/champ/edit_squad_classic/172 2) Register your details and make sure that your User name is given as something related to your ICF name 3) Create the squad according to the rules given with regards to no. of batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeeper, overseas players, etc. 4) After saving the squad, click the above (https://fandromeda.com/v2/user_leagues/mygang/1971?code=75968472) League link and join Make sure you become familiar with the number of substitutes per game, cut-off time for making substitutes, how points are scored, etc. from the 'Game Guide' section. Some details regarding subs are as follows: 1 free sub each match 80 subs for the whole league stage (56 matches) 8 subs for Playoff stage (4 matches) Before the first match and between league and Playoff stage unlimited subs are allowed (meaning you can change your squad fully if required) Do the subs before the scheduled match start time (eg. if match was scheduled to start at 8pm, the team will be locked at 8pm regardless of the match starting on time or getting delayed) Ensure you have a Batting and Bowling star for each match as they score double the points for their batting or bowling Also unlike last year you can actually change your subs multiple times before locking as the subs used will be calculated only based on what changes have been made at the time of locking (Read the Game Guide section for more details) I am looking forward to a lot of players joining this marathon Fun ride!
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    Trump won big in the end, despite all the hate media campaign against him. So, Kohli and the team will win the next test.
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    Damn!!!! [emoji35] someone please close this thread!!! Keeps on popping up [emoji36] DHONI has retired and gone forever never to comeback and nobody is missing him !!
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    2017 Elections Thread

    I belong to the city of Gorakhpur. I had spent almost 20 years of my life there and from last 3 years again got chance to visit my home town very frequently. Before Yogi got elected 5 times from this city it was his guru Mahant Awaidhnath who was MP from here twice. I am not sure there is any other city of India may be apart from Gandhinagar which from 1991 has in each and every election elected BJP MP. During 80's Gorakhpur was always Congress Bastion, Veer Bahadur Singh, two time CM belonged to this city. Interestingly Veer Bahadur was the person who actually persuaded Rajeev Gandhi to reopen Babri masjid in Ayodhya and started Pooja of Lord Ram. People have voted here on religious line always even when they voted for Congress. There is a reason which I noticed while growing up and it was that Muslim areas of this city used to be very unsafe for non muslims. I remember I was always told not to go to Ghosipurwa, Bada Imambada, Ismailpur etc as even if a child of these areas got hurt accidentally by some one other than muslim community he was killed mercilessly. There was terror of these places and in 1992 after babri mosque demolition things got worse. Hindus were not sure when and what could happen to them. It was then the Mutt of Gorakhnath temple decided to enter into politics. Atleast till 2003 elections people used to vote on basis of hindutva but slowly things started to change as rightly mentioned by the driver with whom you got chance to talk. Adityanath raised lots of issues in parliament, he played big role in construction of few flyovers. He is lucky to get Modi as PM in 2014 who gave him and the city reward of opening AIIMS and also reopening Fertilizer. Lot of development related to Central government have started which are now visible. Ujjawalla yojana was the real game changer for Mr Modi, women of villages have voted for him as the ladies have got gas cylinders. Triple Talaq also played a role in getting few muslim women votes. So all in all Hindutva along with development and good intention of Mr Modi was the reason why BJP won the election.
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    Seriously some of the Pakistanis can't think beyond Islam. World has moved away from religion, but for them it's all about Islam, Islam and Islam. They are more happy and proud of the fact that Mohommed Ali converted to Islam rather than the fact that their Ahmedi Muslim won a nobel prize and created nuclear system for them. Why because he wasn't Muslim enough for them. They have kicked all seculars and liberals out. There country is called Islamic republic of Pakistan. Their biggest political party is name Pakistan Muslim league. Yet they have the audacity to do challange Indian and American secular and democratic institutions.
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    ICF Cricket Quiz thread

    Amazed to see no cricket quiz section on this forum.Gives me an idea to start a recurring topic on cricket quiz.I am guessing one can transfer ICF rupees to another poster,so I have already posted a request to convert my runs into ICF rupees. Initially questions will involve 3-4 anagrams of cricketers and a connecting question.One who gets min. 2 cricketers and connecting question right (FIRST) wins ICF Rupees.Winner gets 2000 ICF Rs per right answer. If people are interested I can post questions.
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    In summary pujara stellar Indian test bat in ultimate format . Yet some young talentless pup in ipl will earn more then him need to reward likes of pujara more . Test cricket is ultimate and incentive must be there bcci needs to look at this and reward test stars
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    Didn't Mohammad and his followers once defeat a rival tribe and then killed all their men and boys who had reached puberty? Finally he took the rival tribe leader's wife for himself the same night and slept with her. Doesnt sound like a nice man. Then there is the whole business of him marrying a six year old and sleeping with her when she was nine whilst he was in his sixties. Hardly a good role model.
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    Too bad thousands of Muslims don't react to the Koran with the same peaceful attitude that you apparently do
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    Do Israelis go around the world and kill people in name of religion in U.K.,States. Israel and Palestine is a local issue. Just like South Sudan and North Sudan. India and Kashmir. I know bunch like yours. You want sympathies for Palestinians cuz a non Muslim is hurting a Muslim but your bunch don't give a **** about when Muslims kill Christians in Nigeria, Kenya. You don't give a crap about Ahmedis being persecuted by Sunnis in Pakistan. You guys don't give a crap about Yezdis being massacred by Muslims in Yemen. But guys like you would get their knickers twisted when Israel hurts Palestinians, or Buddhists hurt Rohingya Muslims. Stay in your Ummah world buddy.
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    You said fool to discuss this in the media meaning you would have been happy if it was done behind closed doors.
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    Israel gets enough hate from world media. I dont understand who is at fault, Muslims or rest of the world? please educate me. It seems to me wherever there are Muslims there is violence. Chechnya, South Asia, West Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa....har jagah jihad chal raha hai. I believe Israelis aren't that bad, they are being demonized for sfanding up to radical Islam in their region. Hindutva terror, Zionist terror, Buddhist terror, Neo Nazi type terror are highly localized and of miniscule magnitude. Radical Islamic terror is like an ocean to these tiny drops. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    YES. Indians don't realize that if it wasn't for the partition, our country would have been a hell hole. Yes Britishers did loot us big time but they made it up big time by giving us partition. Yes in short run, so many innocents were killed but it saved so many next generations of Indians. Sometimes I feel Indians don't realize how beneficial and helpful partition was for us. Yes we could have taken more land, but other than that, it was the best thing happen to Indian in Indian history in last 1000'years.
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    Don't agree that's true OP. Players such as Bevan and Dhoni are rated quite highly and will probably be in lot of people's ATG XI for odis. Tests is just one format and doesn't mean performances in odis & T20s don't count. For me a gun shorter format player is as important, if not more, as a gun Test player. After all you don't win WCs and other ICC tourneys on the back of Test only stars.
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    If you value your life dont lecture a Muslim about Koran or the next thing you know you have a machete in your skull. Believe me never engage with them in discussions about religion, many of them are very narrow minded and intolerant with tendancy to commit violence. Of course you get a few secular Muslims but you never know. In college I had an argument with a Muslim batchmate about Mecca-Jerusalem-Ayodhya and when he couldn't argue, he put a compass in my throat and threatened to puncture my windpipe. I along with my friends never took the issue up with any higher authority but we were scared of him for the rest of the 2 years. There were only about 15 Muslims in our batch of 600 but we didn't get into any confrontation with him. We weren't being phattus but we knew what these guys are capable of, they are desensitized to violence because they cut animals every year right from a young age. You can always argue with Christians or Sikhs about their beliefs but not with Muslims. I can only pity the pathetic plight of people living in a Muslim dominated area. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    Rip to the victims. These sort of attacks are very difficult to stop. But brits should introspect. During 26/11 they refused to call the attackers as terrorists, only gunmen. Their media never calls kashmiri jehaadis as terrorists but as rebels. All their media outlets called uri attackers as rebels or freedom fighters and many comments indicated thaf this wasnt a big deal because apparently we breed too much, are barbarians and our army is inept. Similarly when palestinian jihaados went on knife stabbing spree last year in israel majority of brits blamed israel for occupying palestinian land. I am really sorry for the victims here but general attitude has to change. Life isn't more precious in Europe than in India or Israel or Nigeria. All right meaning countries should unite against terror. As long as we are divided radical Islam + left wing terror throughout the world will keep on increasing. Wilders lost in Netherlands a week back. Hope results are different in france and germany this year. Sent from my SM-G350E using Tapatalk
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    Kar liya join Iss baar to sab ko harana hain
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    apunn ne join krliya h
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    @flat_wicket_bully join karlo per OB se door hi rehna. warna wapas se watt na lagjaye
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    Mohammad shami umesh yadav and bumrah deserves grade A
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    So first contract for Pant? Jadeja moves straight from C to A! Would've liked Shami in grade A as well. Dhawan could have stayed in B. Raina should have had grade C.
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    This is totally different to the other team based game. This game is similar to an actual IPL auction, in that you auction on real Players (Warner, Kohli, Gayle, etc.) and will have 11 of them in your team. Then the competition will be about which team scores the most points (according to Fandromeda or any other scoring chart). Got it?
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    Aaron out of the grade C contract. While Dhawal and Shardul get the Grade C contracts. Shows that Aaron has completely gone out of favor among the selectors. This is sad because Aaron got injured when he was playing and then dropped. He should have been picked when he came back from injury. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/story/1088000.htm
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    we are looking at 5 teams. The 3 current captains will continue and will have the right to retain 1 player. The 4th and 5th team captain can choose from the remaining (released players only). Then the rest go into the auction along with the new participants.
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    Is Kohli overrated?

    The guy who has far better avg than sachin ,dravid, laxman, sehwag n many in Aus, NZ, Sa......how can he be overrated??? 43 international 100 till.....if he is overrated well who isnt then The guy who a few weeks ago had an avg above 50 in all format.....how can he be overrated???? Best chasers the game has ever seen....... Where are these rubbish and impulsive threads coming from?????? Ur expectation from him to score every game suggest how bigger player he is
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    ~ Miss Warner ~

    Is Kohli overrated?

    As a batsman: No. Every player has a bad streak now and then. As a captain: No, because nobody here seems to really rate him as a captain anyway, hard to be overated if you're not rated.
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    Superb! We need more of these than the repetitive banality that goes on.
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    Just my two cents, let the current captains continue for the IPL too, i.e. if they are interested. We can have two more teams going into this tourney as we will have more participants this time. How about giving the current 4 teams the right to retain up to 2 players from their roster ?(only if both parties agrees to) Won't that make things a bit interesting ?
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    Ben Horne's articles are beginning to look more and more like they are written by Kohli's bitter ex
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    Is Kohli overrated?

    Who was better captain than him ? I have not seen a better captain than him captaining India. This nonsense that he is overrated captain is just ridiculous. Show me one captain in history who has better ideas when his no 1 bowler struggles to pick up wickets. He may be be over exuberant and demonstrative but I do not see how it is a bad thing. Now let us talk about his batting , he is best batting captain India ever had and people are complaining about his batting. Yes he had bad series so what, every batsmen has few but when he is on song he carries the team. It is sports other teams get paid too, we have to compliment Aussies for competing well.There is no rule written anywhere that India will win every match at home on any ground against any team.Getting twenty wickets with four bowlers is hard job on flat wickets.None of the Indian batsmen bowl so there is no SRT or Sehwag picking up vital wickets which are needed sometimes.
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    The icc president just resigned.Your own bcb president sided with bcci.
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    And Smith is like Hillary. Brainfade ~ email mistake
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