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    Home Season Fielding Statistics

    vs England Fielder Count Kohli 5.5 Saha 2(+1 stumping) Parthiv 3(+3 stumpings) Rahul 1 Nair 1.5 Ashwin 1 Jadeja 1 Rahane 2 Vijay 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 7 Umesh 7 Jadeja 4 Shami 3 Jayant 1 Mishra 1 vs New Zealand Fielder Total Vijay 1 Umesh 1 Gambhir 2 Rahane 2 Ashwin 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 2 Jadeja 2 Shami 2 vs Bangladesh Fielder Drops Kohli 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ishant 1 vs Australia Fielder Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Vijay 3 Mukund 2 Nair 2 Kohli 2 Rahane 2 Saha 2 Ashwin 1 Bowler Total Wickets Lost(Drops + Stumpings) Ashwin 4 Umesh 4 Jadeja 2 Ishant 1 Jayant 1 Bhuvi 2 Overall Fielder Stats Fielder Drops+Missed Stumpings Nair 3.5 Mukund 2 Umesh 1 Gambhir 2 Ashwin 3 Jadeja 1 Kohli 8.5 Vijay 5 Rahane 6 Patel 6 Saha 5 Rahul 1 Overall Bowler Lost Wickets Bowler Lost Wickets Ashwin 13 Jadeja 8 Umesh 12 Ishant 2 Kumar 2 Jayant 2 Shami 5 Mishra 1 Vote in the Poll
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    Why do most discussion/threads eventually end up in Dhoni or Dhoni vs Kohli??? ICF is turning into the green forum. You only have to replace Dhoni with Misbah and Kohli with Afridi or Sarfraz and you won't be able to see the difference. We talk about Kohli not letting things go and yet here we have bunch of folks talking about Dhoni when he's retired from Tests for more than 2 phucking years!!!
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    The most frustrating thing is this has completely taken away the focus of the media from us winning the series on a pitch that resembled more WACA than Wankhede. Or how excellently our seamers bowled.Or the performance Rahane as captain. Now everyone is talking about Kohli this/that instead of the magnificent season we have had. Kohli really acts like a immature child at times .He is the Indian captain ffs. Let the team enjoy the limelight of our excellent season for once.
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    Should not play the rogue nation's team. If we give in to this, we will be seen as soft on all the terror activities sponsored by this Terror republic of Pakistan.
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    Manjrekar: Rahane personality gets his team to focus on the game not on other things which comes with Virat's personality. With that everyone remains focussed on the game including people who are watching it The focus is entirely on the field that comes with rahane personality...... Honestly WTF does that mean..........have the ba**s to say what u want to manju ....... Does he mean Virat concentrates on Nautanki more http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/video_audio/1089026.html Srsly did i miss something in the home season that some nonsense happened under virat but no under rahane. Just becoz Rahane is from mumbai u see logistic in his captaincy.......or do u mean being expressive makes u not concentrate on the game.
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    They appear to be friends. Look what happened when India won. Rahane was quick to credit Kohli and Kohli quick to credit Rahane. Both of them held the trophy as equals. Mark of friends. I may have issues with Kohli's tactics as captain but its clear as day he gets on well with everybody and commands respect from all.
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    Virat already achieved more as Test captain than what his predecessor Dhoni achieved in his career. Way to go.
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    I agree i do want to play them so we can blank them easily and correct the overall record but sometimes some things are bigger than cricket.
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    Hope the permission is denied.
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    Manju, you came from a generation where many were willing to bend over backwards (and bend over, period) to foreigners. I saw it, I know it. This is a generation that doesn't. I don't want a return to the days when even Kapil Dev could be barged by some c*nt and not retaliate. Phuck that. Manju, you're a grown man. At least now stop behaving like a timid, passive aggressive teacher's pet. And if you can't do that, just shut the f*ck up. You have no clue.
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    Yes...i believe so... Rahul mimics kohli to the core....even his celebration yesterday was complete copy of kohli's body language Ashwin got into verbal altercation with anderson as he commented on Kohli... Umesh and shami openly said they like him more than Dhoni.... Rohit, Rahane, pujara and vijay seems to be in good friends with him.... so overall, he is most respected indian captain from last 20 years or so....
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    Make dumb statements on the ipl Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
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    Why would I care about the Afghan border being sealed? Its just an example of an extreme response by the Pakistani government - and well supported by most Pak citizens apparently. The point is, that if you suffer from a terrorist attack, all manner of vindictive responses are justified, but somehow Indian government taking a stand against terrorism emanating from your territory is somehow unfair. Dude, I know your mental age is about 12 - the juvenile love for all kinds of chinese phataakey etc, and the rampant tribal jingoism is ample evidence of it. But this is not that difficult a point to understand. Try reading it slowly, maybe twice.
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    OP must have been itching to open this thread. With every passing day it's getting more and more obvious where Dhoni stands in-front of Kohli's leadership skills.
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    Aussies thinking they are dealing with captains like Dhoni who even ditches his own players to win popularity contest. Those loser days are gone, thankfully.
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    A captain is primarily there to serve the other 10 players not to win popularity contests.
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    I want Sirji as kaptaan! Then you will know the true meaning of motherchaud!!!
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    Final Team standings confirmation: Congo again to Myself, @zakk, @OpeningBatsman, @zandubaam, @JaFanatic, @VS319
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    Manju is a complicated person with multiple issues . This is just his love for everything mumbaIndian.
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    Praising and following the current captain is the sensible thing to do irrespective of how the captain is.It is called survival . When Dhoni was skipper , the team mates usef to praise him too.
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    All talk and end result Same as always
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    Some Virat fans are "classless"

    Don't worry.....down votes are not aggregated by 2 accounts
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    Virats statement after the series was very disappointing tbh . He needs to show some maturity . Lot of things are said and done during a series and it's understandable cos every one wants to win , but there is no need to stretch it beyond that .
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    If we really have to appoint a globally respected person the captain then Dalai Lama would be the best choice. Though even he would be an upgrade over MSD the test capt :D
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    Lol, @India-KXIP fan finished 5th from Last, last time as well
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    The whole PSL fixing saga was more about PR management than actual facts. They wanted to be seen as managing the issue promptly - it was less important to actually go about managing it, than managing the perception. Pretty much how everything happens in Pakistan apparently. Facts not important, perception management more important.
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    The funniest thing is Aussies still seem to think they rule International Cricket. Who the hell are they to dictate rules to others? First that crap about what happens on the field stays on the field last tour and now this nonsense. We don't play by their rules .If u wanna be friends then should have acted like one through out the series.Same with sledging . I am sure Kohli would have had no issues having a drink with Kiwis or England players. After coming with nonsense like that Head of Snake, calling Vijay Cheat, Mocking Kohli Injury, etc and now crying that Inda didn't bother getting drunk with them. What a bunch of wussies these new generation of Aussie players are.
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    Great. Please tell your Bhikaari board to stop begging constantly for hosting India. Their shameless nagging and begging is not only embarassing your nation, its getting a bit tiresome. You may have better luck with bheekh maango strategy with the ICC - tell them how broke you are because Big bad India doesn't play cricket with you. Actually, since we control the ICC, daal udhar bhi galni mushkil hai. Maybe ask China. They are your new savior now right?
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    Agreed sick and tired of head to head **** from pak fans.. 3 tests will put us further in tests records.
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    Yes,Guy is very very likable,best thing to happen for us since ganguly
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    Duniya hila denge hum!!!!!
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    New Beard culture in the Indian Team

    Not just the team....it is the whole country. Lazy guys.
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    Nope. I don't understand what we are still waiting for to close all ties with that nation.
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    Just no, hope the permission is denied , no more cricket with that coward terrorist nation
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    Risk of exposing our players to bookies. Should never play bilateral games in places like uae, singapore, malaysia, ...
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    That owner Goenka is an old @rsehole for making Smith captain over the likes of Ashwin or Rahane. I hope Pune finishes bottom of the pile this year.
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    This team can do great overseas. Our seamers are capable of taking 20 wickets a match; in fact, this team is better on fast and bouncy wickets than on slow and turning ones. Jadeja is a lot more effective on quicker and bouncier wickets for one. Kuldeep can also be impactful on flatter tracks. It should also be noted that we played the entire series without our best quick- Shami. Even Ishant is a vastly improved bowler; the trio of Shami, Umesh and Bhuvi (or Ishant, or couple of the up and comers) supported by Jadeja and Ashwin can definitely win overseas. The key here is who we can find to solidfy the one batting spot (Nair, Sharma, someone else- i actually prefer the 5 bowler route). That and slip catching are the weaknesses for this team. We have never had such quality bowling for all facets of the game.
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    The Great Pune bandwagon

    Contenders for wooden spoon, last season Dhoni saved them from that at least.
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    RCB, MI and GL
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    Some Virat fans are "classless"

    What a trollfest
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    Are you reffering to youself ? Who claim to be neutral fan
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    I think Kohli will realize after few days/weeks/months that he should have been bigger than this.. He is taking things too personally which is not good for his health either. I think it'll be all forgotten during and after IPL.
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    Manjrekar talks a lot of nonsense but him raising points about Sachin's 2nd innings in a set period (not a small sample set) is not a bad thing. You have to have critics who are willing to speak what others don't. Hardly any Indian commie criticizes Tendulkar so for one guy to stand up and do it takes guts. However if he did make up terms like "Endulkar", that is poor from him.
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    Umesh was quite good against England our slip fielders dropped 7 catches and 12 in whole season of Umesh.Coming to Bhuvi he will find it hard to play with Yadav and Shami being fit in India.Abroad he will get his chance and swing bowlers need specific conditions and Bhuvi is been given opportunity in those conditions.He is developing his speed and bouncer as well so Competition is good in indian fast bowling currently.
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    That's vague. All captains have commanded respect from team mates. When did that happen?
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    This is to fulfill the legal requirements.In case anyone sues bcci they will say that the govt. didnot allow and claim force majeure.
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    Maybe Rahane is better tactically but kohli should still lead the team.Kohli's passion for winning rubs onto other players. If you see after retirement of dhoni body language of team is lot more positive.Umesh has already said on record how captain Kohli allows him the freedom to set his own fields and do his own thing.Dhoni liked to dictate the bowlers and once in a while it came off took the credit.(Lords test).
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    The last thing I want to see is the Pune fans supporting Smith over other Indians
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    Kohli has reason to be pissed with the Aussies. I learnt through reliable sources, that they made several derogatory comments about Anushka. Kept asking why Anushka is nowhere to be seen while Mrs. Rahane, Mrs. Pujara were all in attendance. I am sure the Aussies have no business talking about Kohli's GF and when they do it, they are obviously not going to be his friends.

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