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    Srinath still has the 2nd best bowling average in the history of Indian test cricket among pacers, just marginally behind Kapil. Pacers hunt in pairs with another good dependable pacer as the 3rd seamer. All good Indian pacers have suffered from lack of support from the other end in test matches. There was no pressure created from the other end. This factor had taken a toll on their bowling averages compared to the rest of the world. Srinath never benefited from the use of bottle caps etc. and his figures should not be compared to those bowlers who did so. All Indian pacers suffered from the lack of fast bowling culture in our country, till the last 2 years or so. The main reason why Srinath is special is because he dared to bowl out-and-out fast in a country where everyone believed in that era that Indians could not bowl genuinely quick. Every youth coach from that era ( at an age when the bowler actually develops ) would tell you that there is no point focusing on pace as Indians have to depend on their skills alone to take wickets. There was active encouragement to cut down pace. Srinath acted as pioneer in this field in independent India and gave belief to the future generation of Indian quicks that they too can bowl genuinely fast. His value to Indian cricket cannot be gauged by stats alone.
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    Late Cut

    Tough and dedicated

    How tough is this team? Half the team was playing with injuries including Umesh, Rahul, Vijay, Jadeja, Ashwin... Such a tough group who deserve applause for not just playing but performing at such a high level.
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    Very well put! Srinath never engaged in unfair means and has always been respected for his behaviour. Now its clear, after the admission of New Zealand players that all Pakistani pacers were using unfair means and hence have an inflated record. I think if we check the figures for Pakistani fast bowlers and Srinath, in the matches they played together, my guess is Srinath would be the leading bowler. To put things in right perspective, please check the figures of Wasim Akram when his bowling partner wasnt Waqar Younis. You will see a significant dip. Same for Waqar. Srinath bowled his entire life as the lone strike bowler and the workhorse. The other legends may not have fared any better than Srinath if they were in his shoes.
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    If anybody wants to relive Dhoni innings, Here is a Ball by Ball of that 91. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4F8hZ9EPBkYUHFqNTA4UXFzN0k/view
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    Etched for eternity this shot
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    Arrey bhai koyle ki dalali mein haath to kaale hote hi hain. Pakistan bred and supported terrorists to use them against them India. it had to happen one day and look at their situation now. Those who dig pits for others, tend to fall in them themselves.
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    Thanks...just watched..one of his greatest innings Good support from GAmbo too
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    Let's track speed and performance of Indian and foreign pacers and trundler in 2017. Just to remind all..watch out for Thampi Aaron Sran Ankit rajpoot Aniket chowdhary Sanghwan Sandeeep Bhuvi Bumrah Sid kaul Dinda Navdeep saini And few others among Indians. Tymil n Morris johnson n other foreigners... Let's see how our pacers compete against foreign pacers...thats something I watch...if stokes is bowling 140 plus on a pitch ...r our pacers doing. If stokes is having a slow ball...r v also using variations.... This is a direct competition of Indian pacers n foreign in my eyes. You all watch teams to win. I watch Indians vs foreigners.
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    6 Years back to the day when Wankhede witnessed amazing scenes Scenes that will be etched in memory of every Indian cricket lover.
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    Tough and dedicated

    Yes it was a tough display. Fact that so many are now missing IPL after choosing to play through injuries in the Tests should shut up anyone who questions their commitment
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    Which promising or established Indian fast bowlers to follow in which teams -- KKR - Umesh, Rajpoot, Sayan DD - Shami, Saini, Chama, Khaleel MI - Khejroliya, Bumrah, Pandya GL - Thampi, Nathu, Sangwan RCB - Aniket C, Avesh KXIP - Aaron, SRH - Bhuvi, Sran, Siraj RPSG - Shardul
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    The Great Pune bandwagon

    Ranchi roosters?
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    And they haven't learned a thing. They are continuing down the same path and TBH I have no sympathy for them. I want BCCI not to schedule a bilateral series with them and stay away.
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    Dude srinath isn't overrated rather I would say is very underrated, Indian pacers often doesn't gets enough credit they deserve in spite of bowling their life out on slow sluggish dead subcontinent wickets,you can't compare ajju and srini both are very different , srini I would say is much reliable then ajju,as ajjus bowling would completely dependent on rhythm he is in.
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    Thank You Dhoni
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    3 Cheers for MASCOT, Mariyam... Hip Hip Hurray! Duniya Hila Denge Hum... I request Mariyam to allocate Match threads to Paltan. Paltan, you have to discuss and help our Mascot in awarding the Home match threads... //www.iplt20.com/teams/mumbai-indians/schedule First Home match on April 9th at Wankhede against KK HAAR...
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    Ye mera playing XI hain first match ke liye 1) Rohit 2) Parthiv 3) Simmons 4) Rayudu 5) Buttler 6) Pollard 7) Hardik 8) Krunal 9) Bhajji 10) Johnson 11) Bumrah Mujhe lagta hain ki parthiv khelega first match rana ko bahar bithayenge aur mcclenneghan ke jagah Pollard khelega
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    Thats a bambaiya tapori language word. We are so great you subconsciously use words we coined to describe us. We already control you.
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    Have high hopes from Kejoroliya, Thampi, Rajput. Would like to track bowling performance of Vijay Shankar, who seems a decent batting all-rounder
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    what will cricket board do to act against terror ? kuch bhi matlab .
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    During kapil s last tests he was bowling at 125k. I remember he took 3 tests to take the 432nd wicket and had he not taken this wicket he wud have been dropped. He played for 3 years extra and finished the career of many pacers. Srinath should have also started 1 year earlier. Srinath bowled 135 to 152k... How could they play prabhakar and kapil ahead of him.
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    Proudest moment as an Indian fan
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    The Great Pune bandwagon

    Looking forward to captain kool playing a calm innings of 8(21)* coming down the order and in process running out his partners who would outshine him......
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    The players deserve their due.People watch cricket because of them , not bcci. They only have a few years to earn for their lives. Most of them come from poor homes. They are first expected to give their family and siblings a better life , then save for their retirement.That is what the expectations in Indian families is. The successful son will settle the other children of the parents.Get sisters married lavishly, get brothers settled. Bechara .Not every one gets endorsements like kolhi , Dhoni or Tendulkar. If the aussie and English boards can pay their stars big money.....why can,t the rich board pay our stars. The comparision to normal working Indians doesn,t make sense .Film stars earn even more. It is the question of what they are worth. Bcci's retirement scheme etc is commendable. But the money for that is coming because of they players.Paying them better will not empty Bcci coffers.

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