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    Srinath still has the 2nd best bowling average in the history of Indian test cricket among pacers, just marginally behind Kapil. Pacers hunt in pairs with another good dependable pacer as the 3rd seamer. All good Indian pacers have suffered from lack of support from the other end in test matches. There was no pressure created from the other end. This factor had taken a toll on their bowling averages compared to the rest of the world. Srinath never benefited from the use of bottle caps etc. and his figures should not be compared to those bowlers who did so. All Indian pacers suffered from the lack of fast bowling culture in our country, till the last 2 years or so. The main reason why Srinath is special is because he dared to bowl out-and-out fast in a country where everyone believed in that era that Indians could not bowl genuinely quick. Every youth coach from that era ( at an age when the bowler actually develops ) would tell you that there is no point focusing on pace as Indians have to depend on their skills alone to take wickets. There was active encouragement to cut down pace. Srinath acted as pioneer in this field in independent India and gave belief to the future generation of Indian quicks that they too can bowl genuinely fast. His value to Indian cricket cannot be gauged by stats alone.
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    Late Cut

    Tough and dedicated

    How tough is this team? Half the team was playing with injuries including Umesh, Rahul, Vijay, Jadeja, Ashwin... Such a tough group who deserve applause for not just playing but performing at such a high level.
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    Very well put! Srinath never engaged in unfair means and has always been respected for his behaviour. Now its clear, after the admission of New Zealand players that all Pakistani pacers were using unfair means and hence have an inflated record. I think if we check the figures for Pakistani fast bowlers and Srinath, in the matches they played together, my guess is Srinath would be the leading bowler. To put things in right perspective, please check the figures of Wasim Akram when his bowling partner wasnt Waqar Younis. You will see a significant dip. Same for Waqar. Srinath bowled his entire life as the lone strike bowler and the workhorse. The other legends may not have fared any better than Srinath if they were in his shoes.
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    If anybody wants to relive Dhoni innings, Here is a Ball by Ball of that 91. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4F8hZ9EPBkYUHFqNTA4UXFzN0k/view
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    Etched for eternity this shot
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    Another nice article on Javagal Srinath apart from the " Javagal Srinath: One in a billion" which can be found here: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/111878.html Posting few lines from the new article: In 1992: "And yet when the series came to a merciful end and we were told it was safe to come out, the highlights packages were full of Srinath. He was everywhere: running in silkily, sliding into a lovely, wrenching side-on sling of an action, almost like a proper fast bowler. There he was, pitching it up, making the batsmen play, taking wickets at a rate second only to Donald. There he was, sending Meyrick Pringle to hospital with a monstrous lifter that beat Pringle's hook shot and burst between visor and grille. Almost like a proper fast bowler." In 1996: "We were almost right. Spin dominated the first three innings. The South Africans clawed ahead; found themselves set just 170 to win. And then, out of nowhere, they were 0 for 2: Srinath had trapped Hudson in front and nicked off Darryll Cullinan next ball. It was all over inside 39 overs: South Africa rolled for 105, and Srinath supreme with 6 for 21." In 1997: "One man, however, went with his head held high. Srinath's wicket tally was second only to an utterly dominant Donald - 18 to Donald's 20 - and he had taken almost twice as many wickets in the series as the new local hero, Shaun Pollock. I had to admit it. The guy was almost a proper fast bowler; making the new ball swing in or seam away; getting the old one to cut back; finding the outside edge, beating the inside edge." "By 2001, though, when India returned for another series, I was sure he was done. It felt as if he had been bowling at South Africa for decades. I was midway through high school when I first saw him. Now I had left university and had a job. But there he was - "Oh it's him!" exclaimed my mother - still gliding in, still pitching it up, taking five hard-fought wickets in Bloemfontein; 6 for 76 in Port Elizabeth, snuffing out Gary Kirsten and clean-bowling Jacques Kallis." You might have seen an honest toiler who could nip out a few here and there. But I saw a strike bowler who dismissed South Africa's batsmen at a better strike rate than Warne, Murali and McGrath. I saw a man coming back over after over, Test after Test, year after year; excellent to the end. Only six bowlers have taken more Test wickets against South Africa, ever. No seamer of the last 50 years has taken more. Yes, I saw a proper fast bowler. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1086094/wolf-in-sheep-s-clothing
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    Arrey bhai koyle ki dalali mein haath to kaale hote hi hain. Pakistan bred and supported terrorists to use them against them India. it had to happen one day and look at their situation now. Those who dig pits for others, tend to fall in them themselves.
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    Thanks...just watched..one of his greatest innings Good support from GAmbo too
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    Let's track speed and performance of Indian and foreign pacers and trundler in 2017. Just to remind all..watch out for Thampi Aaron Sran Ankit rajpoot Aniket chowdhary Sanghwan Sandeeep Bhuvi Bumrah Sid kaul Dinda Navdeep saini And few others among Indians. Tymil n Morris johnson n other foreigners... Let's see how our pacers compete against foreign pacers...thats something I watch...if stokes is bowling 140 plus on a pitch ...r our pacers doing. If stokes is having a slow ball...r v also using variations.... This is a direct competition of Indian pacers n foreign in my eyes. You all watch teams to win. I watch Indians vs foreigners.
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    6 Years back to the day when Wankhede witnessed amazing scenes Scenes that will be etched in memory of every Indian cricket lover.
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    The Win against Aussies was most satisfying for me, it would have been a major upset if we had lost to either Pakistan or SriLanka.But beating Aussies who always knew how to win big matches was key and Yuvi was just awesome the way he absorbed the pressure. Dhoni stole the the limelight but it was Yuvi who deserves hell lot of credit.This guy is a legend of Indian cricket he was instrumental in India winning two world cups. Dhoni just rode his coattails for both titles.
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    What exactly did 1992 world cup winning (which was the flukiest world cup winner by the way) did win after that world cup, they never won anything significant after that cup.They might won in England but winning in England in 1990s was a cake walk for any decent team. 1983 Indian team won in Australia in 1985 by beating everyone and won a series in England and should have won series in Australia in 1985 as well if not for rain in last session in Melbourne. They dominated Australia thru out that test series. Kapil Dev never gets credit for his captaincy, he single handedly turn bunch of novices into world cup winners. People are underestimating the greatness of that 1983 WI team they have 7 hall of famers and most of them would walk into any all time world elevens.Desmond Haynes should be a hall of famer along with Dujon.Show me one cricket team in history of the game which was more talented. They would wipe Aussies of 2000s without any sweat.They just got cocky for their own good. 1996 Srilankan team won on batting strength,they were great they really redefined odi cricket but 2011 Indian team will beat them 9 times out 10 , it would do the same to all other Asian world cup winning teams including 1983. 2011 Indian team can go toe to toe with any team in history of game anywhere in the world and beat them.Their batting strength was awesome.It has to be best Asian team.
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    Very underrated knock by Raina too at the end to get us to a decent total and the game against Aus too him and yuvi saw us through.
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    The SF against Pak was even more satisfying. Gul talked big in the build up to the match before Viru put him in his place.
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    Sab zakk ki galti hai. Kuch bhi bolta hai.
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    Usi match ki baat kar rahe hain. Last year toh dono time RCB ko haraya tha
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    Which promising young Indian players are in which teams - KKR - Pandey, Jackson, Jaggi, Kuldeep, Rajpoot, Sayan, DD - Pant, Karun, Iyer, Samson, Bawne, Nadeem, Murugan Ashwin, Jayant, Saini, Chama, Khaleel, RCB - Sarfraz, Kedar, Baby, Aniket C, Avesh, GL - Ishan Kishan, Shivil Kaushik, Thampi, Nathu, Sangwan, KXIP - Armaan Jaffer, Nikhil Naik, Gurkeerat, Rinku Singh, Aaron, Natarajan, MI - Krunal, Nitish Rana, Gowtham, Gopal, Karn, Khejroliya, Hardik, Bumrah, SRH - Hooda, Shankar, Ricky Bhui, Sran, RPSG - Mayank, Ankush Bains, Baba Aparajith, Rahul Chahar, Shardul,
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    Tough and dedicated

    Yes it was a tough display. Fact that so many are now missing IPL after choosing to play through injuries in the Tests should shut up anyone who questions their commitment
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    Which promising or established Indian fast bowlers to follow in which teams -- KKR - Umesh, Rajpoot, Sayan DD - Shami, Saini, Chama, Khaleel MI - Khejroliya, Bumrah, Pandya GL - Thampi, Nathu, Sangwan RCB - Aniket C, Avesh KXIP - Aaron, SRH - Bhuvi, Sran, Siraj RPSG - Shardul
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    The Great Pune bandwagon

    Ranchi roosters?
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    And they haven't learned a thing. They are continuing down the same path and TBH I have no sympathy for them. I want BCCI not to schedule a bilateral series with them and stay away.
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    Dude srinath isn't overrated rather I would say is very underrated, Indian pacers often doesn't gets enough credit they deserve in spite of bowling their life out on slow sluggish dead subcontinent wickets,you can't compare ajju and srini both are very different , srini I would say is much reliable then ajju,as ajjus bowling would completely dependent on rhythm he is in.
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    Thank You Dhoni
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    That team went on to win Benson & Hedges World Championship Cup, which was sort of a mini world cup. You would know that as India beat Pakistan in the final and won that tourney by remaining unbeaten. That team also won the 1984 Asia Cup. All in all that subcontinental team did more than any other subcontinental team in terms of winning at the global stage and beating major teams. Essentially the team won 3 global tourneys on three different continents beating all-comers. Definitely much more than the 92 WC team did.
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    Nanda's Auction Game for IPL 2017

    tumhari baat maan ke hume bottom se 1st nahi aana hai bhaago yahan se
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    Nanda's Auction Game for IPL 2017

    arre PM na karke yahan post kiya uske liye tha re
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    The great Agarkar took 67 ODIs to take 100 wickets http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/26184.html?class=2;spanmax1=08+Dec+2000;spanval1=span;template=results;type=bowling Akram took 74 ODIs to take 101 wickets http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/43547.html?class=2;spanmax2=14+Oct+1989;spanval2=span;template=results;type=bowling Hence proved
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    yaar kyu ye sab injured horahe hai
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    I was trying to explain that part only. ICF rates him highly because he started the trend of good quality genuine fast bowling in India, something which was actively discouraged in the era when he developed as a bowler. His end results cannot be comparable with pacers who grew up in an environment which encouraged as well as guided them on how to be good fast bowlers. We have seen many pacers like McGrath, Ambrose, Walsh, Garner etc. who generally bowled lots of short of good length deliveries and still went on to become greats. Even the pacers who bowl good length as their stock ball need to bowl lots of surprise bouncers to keep the batsmen guessing.
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    c ya in IPL FL
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    Apna ABD hi kafi in sab ko harane ke liye
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    woh bhi gaye gujare
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    By that logic the 1983 WC winning Indian team is the best ever coz they beat ATG WI team with likes of Greenidge, Haynes, Richards, Lloyd, Dujon, Marshall, Roberts, Holding etc. not just in the finals but in the group stages too. That WI team was a veritable who's who of cricketing legends and Kapil's Devils tamed them twice! By the way did I mention that Indian team was the only team to beat that great WI team in a WC and they did it twice. Let it sink in... Rest of the world (including Pak) wins against WI in a WC - 0 (across 3 WCs from 75 to 83); the Indian 1983 WC Team wins against WI in a WC - 2!
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    KKR announce Colin de Grandhomme as replacement for Andre Russell
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    @zakk @OpeningBatsman PM me your 11 instead of posting it here
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    Nobody expects senile Shahryar to wield the gun himself. Nevertheless, it would behove the PCB to show its sincerity by pressuring the Pakistani government to bring the masterminds of attacks on SL team to book. How many times have we heard the PCB leadership make noises in this regard? PCB is rightfully called shameless because, instead of bringing about real changes within its means, it has adopted an attitude where it expects passage of time to wash away its culpability.
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    All registered members click the classic option inside the ICF Gang to enroll successfully. @flat_wicket_bully @GUNNER. @-Robin- @nanda14792 @Straight Drive @Viper @BeautifulGame @tweaker @sscomp32 @zakk @OpeningBatsman @Pollack @30markhanreturn @BleedBlue @kajubadamchor @zandubaam @HippoSucks @Sid_SuhaiL @BlueBee @flamy @laaloo
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    Rising Pune SuperGiants -Dhoni Gujarat Lions -Dale Steyn, Brendon McCullum, Delhi Daredevils - Kings XI Punjab - Pandey, Uthappa Kolkata Knight Riders - Manish Pandey Mumbai Indians- Jasprit Bumrah , Rohit Sharma Royal Challengers Bangalore - Virat Kohli ,ABD, Gayle SunRisers Hyderabad - Bhuvneshwar Kumar , David Warner, Morgan
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    What would be so great about the no. 1 Test team in the world spanking the no. 6th team and putting it in its rightful place? Indians don't enjoy bashing minnows that much
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    Bhai, modern day sports and especially the final playing eleven in cricket involves lots of mind games. Everything is not as black and white. Even other teams and especially Aussies resort to mind games. Heck they even have dedicated media to help them in mind games... Consider whatever happened was part of mind games...
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    Clap.. Clap.. Clap.. Clap.. Clap...Clap an absolute gem of a post and the second point is gold, you mentioned lack of a support in it that's any thing then a reality of that era poor srinath had partners as who ?? Venky?? Kurville, tiny yohanan?? Lol
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    Yes the four fingers pointed towards you form a quartet.
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    what will cricket board do to act against terror ? kuch bhi matlab .
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    Try not to be biased in your view...say you hate Dinda...but if he bowls well...be honest n appreciate the energy. Don't count a snick between slips going against the fast bowler...possibly captain was defensive..blame captain in such a situation as fast bowler got a snick which was not caught.
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    Unfortunatelt, that moron was posing for every pic on that day (contributed nothing, but posed for all photos).
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    Proudest moment as an Indian fan

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