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    That too when people thought he would flop given poor IPL
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    This is brilliant!!!

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    This is brilliant!!!

    Afghans are defacto Indian citizens Their home ground is Noida's cricket stadium and I wish they become a force in cricketing world soon
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    Indian team management should monitor these 2 carefully. Big game for Pakistan, their biggest in many many years. Out of desperation these 2 may start chucking. We saw how they would chuck in critical moments in their Australia tour, may see a repeat again. Honestly no matter how good a batsman is, once the bowler starts chucking it gets very difficult. We need to be wary, bottom line.Our opponents aren't really known for their integrity on the field....ball biting, ball/pitch tampering, claiming dropped catches, old habits die hard. FYI I am being paranoid for a reason. In the 2014 WT20 finals, Senanayake chucked his way to a match winning spell where he tied down UV. He was subsequently banned after that match but the damage was done.
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    Kuldeep, Pant selected for WI tour

    Should have picked one new young fast bowler. Nathu should have been picked.
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    express bowling

    Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    Shami is sufficiently experienced too and a much better ODI bowler than Ashwin.
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    I might die of laughing
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    Being self critical and stoic is a norm in British culture, you can see the evidence of this in their humour itself which is strongly sarcasm and self depreciation. A good way to begin curing depression is by accepting your limitations and being good to yourself. Perfectionism is endemic in industrially developed countries which is the breeding ground for any kind of mental illness.
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    This guy seems to be from the same gene pool as Imran Nazir and Afridi. Don't see him lasting more than 15-20 balls.
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    the average pakistani on twitter probably spends about 6 hours a day crying like a little bitch about sehwag's tweets..."so not funny"..."such cheap humor"...blah blah bah. i just have to ask: are there no celebrities in pakistan? make some celebrities of your own, then you wouldn't have to get offended by ours. sehwag posts a lot of nonsense, but these Pakistani spend all day and night obsessing over his and other indian celebrities' tweets.
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    express bowling

    Shami over Pandya/Ash?

    Even today, despite being expensive, Pandya could have picked up 2 wickets in his 4 overs One wicket was a bowled off a no-ball and that does not dilute the quality of the delivery. The second was a dropped catch off a bouncer, which should have been taken If he had got those 2 wickets, his performance would have been better even in terms of economy
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    Virender Sehwag Funny Tweets/Posts

    I support this troll attempt by Sehwag...classy way to own Latif i sign off on this attempt-high praise
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    Jadeja is a better bowler, fielder and batsman in shorter formats than Ashwin. Pak really struggle to get him away and his wkt to wkt lines give us nice control. He can't be dropped, especially for Ashwin who hasn't done much.
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    Fakhar with Hardik
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    This was during the peak of his career and he elaborates on this thoughts more in his book. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/cricket/england-ashes-hero-steve-harmison-10629666 I know the first reaction here especially from people here in Asia is to scoff at this. Book publishing is one of standard ways a lot English cricketers try to support their post playing days. Almost all of them are writing books and then publicizing it. We feel that this seems to be a problem only with First world players and our players are tougher coming up from more hard background. Asian players will appreciate and enjoy their success lot more as this is their chance for making it in life in an insane competitive world where there are no freebies in life. However, with time I have changed my outlook on this. Guys like Trescothick, Trott and Harmison are living their own life and they are facing their own demons. They are not soft or pansies for battling and owning up to mental illness. We don't know what battles any other individuals are facing in life. Robin Williams one of the most famous comedians was fighting some of the biggest demons in his heads all his life. Life in the west is privileged no doubt but it can also be very isolating. Few times I have had to spend some days there can be very unsettling sometimes for the isolation that hits you. It feels very easy to slip into depression. Plus Substance abuse is a very common theme in lot of sections of society there. Second point is that it is a myth that We here have sorted it all out when it comes to mental illness. Mental illness is so much more prevalent here than we are ready to accept. I have seen so many women who are busy all life supporting others in life and losing their own identity fighting depression later in life. This is just one of the sections of the society - there are many others going through different types of mental illness. Teens under performance pressure, young couples in bad marriage, etc. Our big cities are already like west in terms of problems and issues we are facing on an individual life, I am sure depression is something that some of our sportspeople also deal with. I think it is good that people are opening up with their stories and it is good to share and learn from them.
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    They have been reversing ball so early, where as other team can't even reverse in late overs. I am not sure if they are doing something to the ball, although i wouldn't be surprised.
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    This Indian fast bowling is the best I have seen in ODI, Bhuvi was very accurate n used diff lengths to keep BATSMEN busy, also quite a few runs came of edges, he has shown remarkable improvement in all depts, also looked threatening n like taking a wicket on a batters paradise. Bumrah bowled with pace n control, also changed length later on but should do it more initially as well also offcutter would be handy on some surfaces. Pandya went for some runs but could get wkts n bowled well and is growing as a player, I like that he is aggressive n uses short ball well, he is a natural talent n doesn't get fazed easily.
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    We thrashed you black and blue in the first match. How do we have a phattu mentality?
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    Beast player, beast captain. Future ODI great Futuew greatest ODI player ever Current Legend Current Arjun Current Tom Brady's daddy Current Michael Schumacher of Cricket Current Jesus Current Bhagwan Currwnt God Current Fastest Fiber Cable network Current Legend Legend
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    Such a refreshing change of captaincy from Kohli today. He is learning from the best ODI captain in history to perform a spin choke. Bringing kedar was a classic dhoni move. Kohli trusts main bowlers more instead of part timers. Great for the team if he could improve on this. New ball with bhuvi and shami when fit. Spin choke in the middle and Bhuvi/Bumrah in the end. This prospect is brilliant if we could deliver these on a more regular basis. Great to see he has learnt from SL match and also the bowlers backed it and no one leaked boundary/over. Maybe for the first time i didn't get angry at kohli's captaincy be it anything. Great win today.
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    commiserations to you guys as well. another loss for you when it really counts
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    1. Play Shami ahead of Ashwin 2. Open with Bhuvi & Shami That should be job done
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    How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    bhuvi will take care of fakar
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    Post like a Padosi: Match fixing. English players wanted to maintain their lucrative PSL contracts, so they threw the game vs Pak

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