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    So Good!
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    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    There is no Dhoni in RCB, and Kohli isn't much better as captain. In the shorter formats, Kohli's captaincy is disappointing with or without Dhoni.
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    Awesome these girls. Sensational ATG knock by Harmanpreet Kaur and that too in a semi final against Australia. Nothing but love for this girl. Our over hyped Indian batsmen can learn a thing or two from her. Now, my only request is to the girls is not to get complacent against England as they are a dangerous side. Enjoy the moment and then work on ways for the FINAL.
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    Just saw the highlights Wooohoooo..............what was that . Such a delight to wtahc her strokes...... And the way she had go at partner for running poorly showed how determined was she ... Top stuff, that gives u fans for lifetimes. I have Become a fan of hers
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    express bowling


    171 off only 115 balls with 7 sixes ..... in a WC semi-final against a strong Australian team This is what temperament and selfless cricket is all about Harmanpreet
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    New upgrade is horrible. Its not just you.
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    No name needed. This is the greatest ODI inning by an Indian cricketer.
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    Lovely from Hussain. Doesn't hold back. Our pu8sy legends have no guts to speak up. That includes Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, and Sehwag. Shame.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Pak helps everyone. It helped US in its search for OBL, while helping OBL hide from US
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    Have I mistakenly created this thread in the wrong forum? Not quite. This is America's prime time hour (don't get too technical over it). India's meant to be fast asleep at this hour. But what's this? WWC17 is trending world wide on Twitter along with the news of parole granted to the notorious showman from USA. *THIS* is what India brings to the international cricketing calendar. India ALONE provides relevance, eyeballs, context, meaning, and, most importantly, $$$ to global cricketing ORPHANS. Without India, this world cup would have slipped quietly into two-lined and platitude-ridden section of sports pages. For all the money pumped in by ICC (again, on the back of money generated from Indian cricket), nobody would blame the average consumer of cricket if s/he wondered if this tournament took place at all. India single handedly upends all these assumptions and equations. Now think about how the true potential of Indian cricket is held hostage by impotent interlocutors of global cricketing order.
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    Well done ladies !! Great SF win over Australia
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    When you are up against the ruthless team,deal them with your ruthlessness..Our girls just uplifted my mood after the bad day at Hospital..Go Girls!!
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    Harmanpreet idolises Virendra Sehwag and wait for it........ . . . . Ajinkya Rahane Harmanpreet in her own words say she learnt the art of defence and temperament watching Rahane bat in nets. Here is a short description: It was almost hypnotic for Harmanpreet, who quit her own practice to watch Rahane resist the temptation to offer any flamboyant stroke he possess in his repertoire."That day I learnt how crucial it is to work on things you plan to improve. Thinking is easy but one should implement the plans too." Mumbai keeps on contributing to Indian cricket. .
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    New guy


    Please don't let it go to waste
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    Absolutely brilliant. Started watching when she was 70 odd in 80 balls. What an inning.
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    McGrath lavishes praise on Basil Thampi

    Simple answer. There are Indian IPL players who aren't playing for India who are comfortably better than "international" T20 players from a bunch of countries. This includes young ones are yet to debut, as well as older 'discards' like Uthappa, Raina etc. To give you examples comparing to Pak players, since you would be familiar with those players - Axar Patel and Krunal Pandya >>>>> Imad Wasim. A Robin Uthappa, who has no realistic hope of making it back to the Indian team, would walk into the Pakistan T20 and ODI team as an opener, and be worshipped as their best ODI bat at the moment. There are a bunch of other examples like this. And yes, the IPL has been a critical factor in making these players better. IPL money and visibility has given these players extra motivation and means to really work on their games. Without the IPL, Robin Uthappa would not have been able to work with Pravin Amre and re-engineer his batting technique. Krunal Pandya would probably be re-habbing from his injury in some non-descript Physical Therapy office in Vadodara.
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    India vs SL on cricketer Stay tuned for details.
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    Hussain said, “The lads who are coming in aren't doing anything. They won (the first Test at Lord's because of Joe Root...the ones they've won before have been because of Root, Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Jimmy Anderson, Stuart Broad in Johannesburg.” He continued, “The selectors are going to have to have a good long look at themselves because their record in the last two years -- two years ago it was one-day cricket, now in Test match cricket -- their selections have been abysmal. Name some lads who've come in: (James) Vince, (Ben) Duckett, (Gareth) Batty, (Zafar) Ansari...I can name a long list but no-one's coming in and doing well. Ballance, Alex Hales.” Hussain also criticized the selection of Gary Balance saying, “Selection is not just about saying 'Gary Ballance has 1,000 first-class runs so Gary Ballance plays'. Speak to umpires, speak to bowlers, has he actually changed? He hasn't changed a thing and we're getting exactly what we got the last two times. He'll go back to county cricket and score runs again but that doesn't mean he's an international cricketer.”
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    Past CT perfomance, us criteria se to gambhir, yuvi shud have played 2015WC Odi is a diff format and ashwin has been getting benched SO is pujara, vijay....get them also Langer shud have been played in ODi and so shud have eng continued with cook Look at his ODI numbers, post 70 games this guy had an avg of 32 and s/r of 78 in modern cricket(before WI ) He is a good cricketer but he has been given so much chance.....what has he done in ODI He cant accelerate His dot ball % is so high Throws away his starts Struggles in middle overs Have to be hidden incase we need to score quick Why wud u back such guy........just becoz he is good in some other format whichn played with diff ball No talented youngster...... Sorry man not our concern if u dnt follow domestic or IPL or A-tours. We people follow them with gr8 interest and trust most here will list u 10-15 players who ll be above yuvraj, karthik, rahane What did pandya do.....the guy performs in every game He avg of above 40 with bat His eco, avg is better then our main bowlers. A player like sachin is once in centuary, u wnt find them in any countries domestic circuit. There were never 11 sachin in any era and never wud be
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    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    A couple more thoughts on this Indian women’s team - Deepti Sharma - good cricketer in the making and could be a future captain. However she needs to learn to float and loop more deliveries. Her bowling action tends to be flat. Both her wickets against Suzy Bates NZ team came from slightly slower deliveries which were given some loop. Smita Mandhana – a young and exciting batsman. She needs to concentrate more after a very good start to the tournament. The concentration problem showed in the field when she was caught on her heels and dropped what should have been an easy catch. Poonam Yadav – needs more variations as a leg break bowler. However, her fielding at point in the NZ game is what got my attention. She is NOT a point fielder. There was a clear run-out chance where she should have picked up one-handed and under-armed to the keeper. Instead she chose to field with two hands, transfer ball to throwing arm all the while wasting precious milliseconds and allowing Amy Satterwaite ( I think) to regain her ground. Jhulam Goswami – excellent player. And her catching is superb. I hope the coach is reading this board and rectifies these problems.
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    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    Hmm that was me. That comment(I am glad) was tongue in cheek and aimed at OP who spends half his day digging up negative stories about India. But I don't really expect a biased, agenda driven individual like you to understand that.
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    Eid aaya bhi aur gaya bhi, Bhai ka movie aaya bhi aur gaya bhi..mhotarma ka review nahin dikha.. @Mariyam , how is the movie?

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