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    In your world jews/ bush did 9/11. Mohali semi fixed and if you die killing kaffir you ascend to heaven for numerous virgins but back in the real world ...
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    One of the most outstanding t20 innings
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    Most of these pics are from post 2003(The era I was part of) with a few older ones that I remember from videos/interviews . Feel Free to add your moment(s). These are pictures when you felt proud as an Indian Cricket fan. They might be about a single Indian cricketer's on field achievement or team moments or just good pictures that have stuck in our memories. No discussion please.Just pictures. Here They Go : In no particular order............... No better Pic than this that defines Indian cricket. A shot that stopped a billion hearts at once. The picture perfect shot. In the background : "Dhoni Finishes it off in style......" The celebration that followed and Sachin being carried. Shree's catch in the first ever T20 WC and the Indian victory celebration. In the background : "Its Shreeshant under it....." Sachin's 200 In the background : "..and its the superman from India..." Yuvi's 6x6-SA '07 Kapil Dev lifting the trophy-'83 WC Kapil Paji's catch to dismiss Viv Richards-'83 Yuvi-kaif partnership and Dada's celebration -Netwest Finals '02 Yuvi's Roar after the QF against AUS-A picture depicting his fight against cancer. THE FIRST EVER BOWLOUT-Uttappa bowing made it look that much more memorable (IND 3-0 PAK) Sehwag's 300-Multan ka Sultan bana viru India's CT2013 victory and Cheeku's dance Shreesant's Dance after hitting that 6 off Andre Nel The Dravid-Laxman Show-Kolkata 2001(A partnership of 376) Tendu takes apart Australia(and Warne)-Sharjah '98 Venky's Revenge Kumble get's them all(10fer)-kotla '99 Indian perth victory-'07 CB series victory-'08 The day Kohli announced himself-Hobart '08 IND vs PAK WC Clash- SA '03-The most memorable rivalry clash ever India becomes no1-The long Streak of unbeaten tests. Kumble Showing his dedication-Antigua '02-A picture that jaw-drop's you. Kohli asking rahane to share the tropy '17-India Complete a memorable home season Two of the finest T20 innings you will ever see-Masterclass session for the rest of the world. 1. Kohli vs SA - WT20 SF '14 2. Kohli vs AUS- WT20 '16 THE MASTER bids Adieu -The moment every Indian cried.
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    Never heard so much buzz about their performances earlier. They are doing well and people are following their game. I doubt that there will be anything to look back if they win this world cup.
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    Yes real awakening moment for women's Cricket this world cup. But the problem is whether it can be sustained. They desperately need a IPL of their own.
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    That's visible in the profile pic you have chosen!
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    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    virat fans still stuck on dhoni for virat's poor captaincy ,i wonder this is first time you watched any former captain playing under new captain,dhoni gets noticed more because he is wicketkeeping,he is always in the game ,you always get to hear him on stump mic i want to know what earth shattering captaincy have we seen in even in test matches,virat is someone who at the moment can lead from with bat and thats about it ,havent seen any tactiacl or strategic or out of box moves yet that i can rmember,he appears to bea street smart guy while batting but defintely not captaincy one of his biggest flaws in limited overs captaincy is lack of game awareness on how to utilize 5th or 6th bowler,which is key for becoming a good odi/t20 capatin,i remember how ricky ponting used to get overs from clarke and symonds regularly or how dhoni utilized yuvi/raina etc on op,yes he should always be closer to action,at covers or something
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    yeah, becoz I have a Killlaa attitude ....
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    I would play 3 spinners if the wicket is not flat,no need for walking wickets like Rohit.
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    you sir are what is referred to as a dumbass. i'm not going to bother explaining the context of that moment to you since you have clearly chosen to be ignorant.
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    You dont know what goes through peoples minds. People arent cowards because they commit suicide. Poor post
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    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    Yes the player who can sledge best should be close to batsman.
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    I am not sure i can hit those full tosses that long like she did. She is female Pandya. One of her shots was very much like Pandya's shot in the CT final.
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    Over the period in various roles since he took off his helmet, I dont see Sachin interested in any serious time consuming job/role. Guy has done enough and should be left in peace. I will be surprised if he takes up the offer. Even if he is forced to take batting consultant role, He will do exactly what he did in his Rajya Sabha stint.
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    Fake or true. Immense support by fanboys Jai Hind
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    Hindus, a minority

    Africa will double its population by 2050, I dont think a europe with average age of 50 will be able to stop them from overruning the continent.
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    always loved hussain and atherton's insight,you hear them ask questions during presentation you know they are not their to ask easy questions
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    Hindus, a minority

    Religions become useless when they do not encourage evolution. Evolution comes when followers are equipped. In almost all the religions, followers are made into slaves. That is why religions never evolve. Now certain things are detrimental to spiritual growth and one has to abstain from such thing. Now it is very difficult to lead such abstemious life but it is necessary. Hinduism at one point was leading us to spiritual life earlier. The religion got distorted into god knows what. No wonder it is compared with other religions which are already leading to misguided path. In the west, there are so many people who are accepting spiritual path now. Spirituality can co-exist with science but not the other way. Religion starts with individual and not the custodians who adulterate the whole idea. So who bash religions, please seek more spiritual path and you will find it as interesting as science. I always thought the fight would be between believers and non-believers but here we find it is always between various believers. When one becomes spiritual first thing happens is you give up argumentative attitude.
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    Hindus, a minority

    regional cultural and language takes higher priority for Hindus, and it is even more prominent when Indian Hindus go overseas i always felt the Eurpoean Union wants to move towards how India is setup, obviously without mass overpopulation, low quality education and lack of respect to environment.
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    What is your cricketing profile?

    It was mostly a gully cricket. Bowler used to stand and throw the ball. But I was more into Badminton and even won couple of championships at state level.
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    Hindus, a minority

    I got my own religion. I like it. We drink and chill.
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    So much for Amla the walker

    Bald head is purity? So Zidane, lebron and most of the NBA athletes be the most purest athletes out there in between the smoking sesh and pulling birds on this side, I presume eh.
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    61 of the 62 mountain passes in Himalayas is held by IA. China will need 50 times the land force of India to get through, it will be a blood bath and they know it. No **** will happen..

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