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    In your world jews/ bush did 9/11. Mohali semi fixed and if you die killing kaffir you ascend to heaven for numerous virgins but back in the real world ...
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    He is much better off working with youngsters who will still respect his input than the superstars with bloated egos in Indian team who think they are too good to listen to coaches.
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    Rahul Dravid has way too much self respect to be with the national team when they don't want to be mentored by him.
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    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced a cash reward of Rs 50 lakh to each player of Women’s Cricket Team for their performance in ICC Women’s World Cup 2017. The support staff will also be rewarded with Rs 25 lakh each. --- I think they will receive more if they win the trophy ... all the best!!!
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    The best batsmen of Indian cricket.
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    Only chance he is getting a game is if he changes his birth certificate to show he is is over 30. Kohli & Shastri's cricket themed retirement home has a strict limit on minimum age entry.
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    Since Last 5 years 2013 Champions Trophy won 2014 T20 WC Finals 2015 WC Semi Finals 2016 T20 WC Semi Finals 2017 Champions Trophy Finals No country in the world has that degree of consistency on LOI cricket.
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    Indian women winning this world cup is more important for the women game to spread and make the game popular than what England winning world cup will do for the game. This coild change our women sports for good. Will be very inspiring for the teenagers who will see themselves representing India across different sports. The real Chak De India women moment is this one.
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    One of the most outstanding t20 innings
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    The TNPL second season is here .If you don't know what it is ,help yourself https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_Nadu_Premier_League Teams : 8 teams 28 Group games followed by Semifinal and Final at Chepauk Squad list : http://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-series/2594/tamil-nadu-premier-league-2017/squads Schedule : All matches will start at 7.30 pm with the double headers starting at 3.30 pm . Broadcast : STAR SPORTS 1 , HD 1 , STAR SPORTS TAMIL AND VIJAY SUPER Anthem : There is also a six hitting contest today before start of the first match today where CSK legends MSD , Hayden etc will all participate http://www.oneindia.com/sports/cricket/ms-dhoni-take-part-six-hitting-contest-at-tnpl-2501329.html
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    Most of these pics are from post 2003(The era I was part of) with a few older ones that I remember from videos/interviews . Feel Free to add your moment(s). These are pictures when you felt proud as an Indian Cricket fan. They might be about a single Indian cricketer's on field achievement or team moments or just good pictures that have stuck in our memories. No discussion please.Just pictures. Here They Go : In no particular order............... No better Pic than this that defines Indian cricket. A shot that stopped a billion hearts at once. The picture perfect shot. In the background : "Dhoni Finishes it off in style......" The celebration that followed and Sachin being carried. Shree's catch in the first ever T20 WC and the Indian victory celebration. In the background : "Its Shreeshant under it....." Sachin's 200 In the background : "..and its the superman from India..." Yuvi's 6x6-SA '07 Kapil Dev lifting the trophy-'83 WC Kapil Paji's catch to dismiss Viv Richards-'83 Yuvi-kaif partnership and Dada's celebration -Netwest Finals '02 Yuvi's Roar after the QF against AUS-A picture depicting his fight against cancer. THE FIRST EVER BOWLOUT-Uttappa bowing made it look that much more memorable (IND 3-0 PAK) Sehwag's 300-Multan ka Sultan bana viru India's CT2013 victory and Cheeku's dance Shreesant's Dance after hitting that 6 off Andre Nel The Dravid-Laxman Show-Kolkata 2001(A partnership of 376) Tendu takes apart Australia(and Warne)-Sharjah '98 Venky's Revenge Kumble get's them all(10fer)-kotla '99 Indian perth victory-'07 CB series victory-'08 The day Kohli announced himself-Hobart '08 IND vs PAK WC Clash- SA '03-The most memorable rivalry clash ever India becomes no1-The long Streak of unbeaten tests. Kumble Showing his dedication-Antigua '02-A picture that jaw-drop's you. Kohli asking rahane to share the tropy '17-India Complete a memorable home season Two of the finest T20 innings you will ever see-Masterclass session for the rest of the world. 1. Kohli vs SA - WT20 SF '14 2. Kohli vs AUS- WT20 '16 THE MASTER bids Adieu -The moment every Indian cried.
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    Never heard so much buzz about their performances earlier. They are doing well and people are following their game. I doubt that there will be anything to look back if they win this world cup.
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    Ashwin has to play as the 6th batsman if we are playing 5 bowlers We can play 3 spinners and 2 quicks then. Problem would arise if Rohit Sharma gets his mandatory slot at No.6
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    Jagdish Raj is Anita Raj (80s hot actress) 's dad.
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    You guys plonkers as usual icf confusing formats wanting jadeja / ashwin head in tests based on odi performances and ct. ashwin and jadeja been brilliant in tests for long time . Ashwin genuine all rounder in tests ( in odis no as has no power but nor did laxmam good thing we did not drop based on odis ). we shoudl drop pujara from tests as after all what did he do in ipl and odis . He could not even get a game
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    Yes real awakening moment for women's Cricket this world cup. But the problem is whether it can be sustained. They desperately need a IPL of their own.
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    That's visible in the profile pic you have chosen!
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    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    virat fans still stuck on dhoni for virat's poor captaincy ,i wonder this is first time you watched any former captain playing under new captain,dhoni gets noticed more because he is wicketkeeping,he is always in the game ,you always get to hear him on stump mic i want to know what earth shattering captaincy have we seen in even in test matches,virat is someone who at the moment can lead from with bat and thats about it ,havent seen any tactiacl or strategic or out of box moves yet that i can rmember,he appears to bea street smart guy while batting but defintely not captaincy one of his biggest flaws in limited overs captaincy is lack of game awareness on how to utilize 5th or 6th bowler,which is key for becoming a good odi/t20 capatin,i remember how ricky ponting used to get overs from clarke and symonds regularly or how dhoni utilized yuvi/raina etc on op,yes he should always be closer to action,at covers or something
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    Thats just BS. Marathi and Konkani which have significant speakers in Northern Karnataka in regions bordering Goa and Maharashtra are both written in the devnagri script just like Hindi. Its easily more than 4%. And speaking about the controversy with namma metro. The names were in Devnagri which the marathi speakers who have been living for hundreds of years within the boundaries of current karnataka speak. So who is imposing Kannada on these people? I have been to Belgaum (home of the Maratha light infantry) and the Karnataka government is the first one to snuff out Marathi as a language. Practice what you preach on the imposition front.
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    And alone like this:
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    My playing XI in tests on a normal Asian pitch Rahul Dhawan Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin Saha Jadeja Kuldeep Umesh Shami -- If green-top, Bhuvi replaces Jadeja or Kuldeep. -- Ashwin has to play in any case as the 6th batsman
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    India's first ever Test Series win in England in 1971. India fight back to win the 3rd Test in Melbourne in 1981 to level the series 1-1 thanks to Vishwanath's masterclass in the 1st innings. India follow up the '83 WC win with an utterly dominant display in the World Championship of Cricket by winning all their games and taking 49 of the 50 wickets on offer. A year later India win their 2nd Test series in England cruising to a 2-0 victory. Vengsarkar is the hero. It's the early 90s and there's no such thing as a JAMODI. Tendulkar pulls off a heist against South Africa in the Hero Cup Semi Final. India's best ever Test Series win, bar none. India ends a 22 year wait to finally win a Test in Australia. Dravid scores a monumental 233 (with India being 85-4 at one stage chasing 550 odd) and follows up with 72* in the 4th innings. India win their first ever Test series in Pakistan. Dravid signs off on a high as captain with a series win in England. Probably the last time anyone gave a f*** about a non-ICC ODI event as India win the CB series in Australia in 2008. India's greatest 4th innings chase since 1976. India wins the 2nd Test in Durban to level the series 1-1. Laxman scores 96 in a game where no one else crossed 40. Kallis' dismissal to a snorter by Sreesanth is iconic.
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    No ways Ashwin is getting dropped.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    yeah, becoz I have a Killlaa attitude ....
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    What are you eating now?

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    Fantastic op . Great pics . Brought smile to my face going through them
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    Where are we ranked again ?
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    Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    i had no doubts this would be the case
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    Well after IPLs started we have won a WC and CT. Only thing missing is a WT20 trophy which was screw•d up by Yuvi. So no complaints regarding winning World Events! Even better that the team is doing all this without relying on individual brilliance.
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    Would take someone who scores 50s on a consistent basis especially if it happens at brisk pace like Rahul usually does than someone who scores a hundred and then goes into hiding for next 5-6 innings.
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    Cracking punjabi power! mazaa aagya oi! Huge back lift and a straight bat hitting, no slog this. Was livid during the mix-up with Deepti, but regained composure to console her. I think this is the first women's match that I have watched, pretty intense and energy. Aussie women are so energetic on the field, quite a bit of fun to watch. Will watch often from now.
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    take off your CHina-whoring glasses for a minute and you will see how laughable this notion is. Nothing is tilted in India's favour ? really ? We have more mountain divisions than China. We don't require as much high altitude bariatric acclamatization, since our mountain brigade is already acclamatized to the himalayan altitudes. China maintains just 1 division in tibet- any escalation will see them bringing in troops from the plains, which would require acclamatization. We have close to six divisions for mountain warfare. We also have decisive edge in air-power in China sector- not only are our aircraft response time is 2x-5x superior to China's due to where our air bases are relative to the border, we are not taking off from 15,000 feet altitude, so our planes are not at half-capacity like the Chinese ones. And also LOL at SAMs. What moron deploys anti-aircraft SAMs in the high himalayas, instead of using our superior capacity planes and using A2S missiles ?! I hope Pakistan and China get sanctioned for this, since China is a signatory to non-proliferation of missiles treaty. But we all know how China doesn't play by the rules.
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    Over the period in various roles since he took off his helmet, I dont see Sachin interested in any serious time consuming job/role. Guy has done enough and should be left in peace. I will be surprised if he takes up the offer. Even if he is forced to take batting consultant role, He will do exactly what he did in his Rajya Sabha stint.
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    No one better than sachin in the entire world, not sure why some people are crying
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    I am glad he did that. England has a better culture and is more tolerant of critisim. The only player with some balls who could do that in Indian cricket was Bedi and they traet him like a pariah. Shastri, Tendulkar , gavaskar should be ashamed of themselves. Instead ofg advancing cricket these shameful people have made this stuff a personal domain.
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    always loved hussain and atherton's insight,you hear them ask questions during presentation you know they are not their to ask easy questions
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    Lovely from Hussain. Doesn't hold back. Our pu8sy legends have no guts to speak up. That includes Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, and Sehwag. Shame.
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    Something thats also happening in Indian cricket “Selection is not just about saying 'Gary Ballance has 1,000 first-class runs so Gary Ballance plays'. Speak to umpires, speak to bowlers, has he actually changed? He hasn't changed a thing and we're getting exactly what we got the last two times.He'll go back to county cricket and score runs again but that doesn't mean he's an international cricketer.” - Naseer hussain Something similar that i believe is the case with someone like Dinesh karthik or many people who keep getting recycled Wish we had someone like hussain , instead indian cricket has people who get blinded by IPL n domestic n doesnt wanna study more then stats
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    Hindus, a minority

    regional cultural and language takes higher priority for Hindus, and it is even more prominent when Indian Hindus go overseas i always felt the Eurpoean Union wants to move towards how India is setup, obviously without mass overpopulation, low quality education and lack of respect to environment.
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    Hindus, a minority

    Hopefully people can keep bringing up their children in such a fashion that Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc. all become minority and we don't hold a 'moral code' created by practically illiterate fools as some sort of standard to go by.
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    So much for Amla the walker

    Pakistani seem to get offended with the slightest bit of Amla criticism
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    China will fight India to the last pakistani.
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    lmao where was your passion when we gave u one side beating after beating in icc tournaments the last 8 years. You always folded meekly. one good game now u have more passion than us. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk

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