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    India certified Final Chokers

    Choke choke choke, thats all people know to use whenever someone loses a close game. Give credit to England that they performed well at the end and won crucial moments and to indin women who almost took it home and were brilliant through out the tournament. How much women cricket you guys watch to call it a choke? Such games always go down the wire in women cricket and Indian girls played their heart out in the tournament and even today they took the game till the end but England were just a little better than them. We should be proud of the women team.
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    India certified Final Chokers

    Go and write such nonsense about women on some Pakistani forum. Our women players have made us proud. We don't need this crap here.
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    Nirupa Roy, the quintessential Indian Mother...
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    Team had already been rescued by GG and Kohli before Dhoni came into bat at 135/3. It is not like Dhoni came into bat at 10/2 or 3. Yes, he did well to finish the game but GG's innings was better.
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    What is wrong with this guy? Half the time he is injured or sick. Such a talent not being allowed to bloom because of health reasons, frustrating.
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    Many of you will remember Mahavir Shah who played a corrupt cop in countless movies. His image as the bad cop was so iconic that when I watched the movie Judwaa and he was a cop (once again), I just assumed he is going to be bad. But <<shock>> <<shock>> he was actually a good cop in that movie and ended up getting killed by the villains. Sadly, Shah passed away when he was 40 in Chicago as a result of a car crash.
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    SL test series is about to begin, Overseas tours are coming . In few days we ll be discussing team combinations Every tours holds a key towards the future goal, n our goal is to earn our tarnished reputation overseas. The brand of cricket we have seen under kohli gives us high hopes and we also have a good bunch of players in the right age group. For that to happen this team has to fill its loopholes. 1. backup opener 2. Backup keeper 3. wkt taking spinner 4. backup middle order batsman 5. Seaming all rounder 6. Fresh blood in fast bowling But there are some solution that can be found on this tour in kuldeep n Pandya. The potential Wkt taking spinner and Potential seaming all rounder But its important we play them and give them opp to learn . 1. Pandya- In overseas condition we need a 5th bowler + cushion in batting. Jayant yadav cant be our answer overseas neither can be jadeja whose batting is only good against spinners. So we are left with Pandya n Shankar , shankar is on A-tour and opportunity to give him 4 day games has already been missed. Pandya is someone who can destroy spinners and looks good against fast bowling. A bowler who clocks above 140k , get seam movement, bounce, bowls a wkt taking line and is deceptively quick. So he sounds a good package and better then binny n jadeja as all rounder. We have given chances to yuvraj, raina, rohit who failed so why we have fear with pandya . He might fail with bat but will still contribute with ball. A 5th bowler like him will always fetch wkts unlike binny who cud have done the role of containing. We played binny on last tour of SL so lets try someone better this time Pandya. Pandya will only improve if he plays. Come overseas tour we ll have to give him a chance so why not now, the way he takes on spinners who knws he might get the better of herath. If pandya plays all 3 test higher chances he ll come out as better cricketer. Also i have seen him take blinders in slips in domestic Another good slip fielder wnt harm among many droppers Test cricket can improve Pandya batting - as he is going to get more and regular opp with bat then in ODi at 7, and he ll keeping getting his 10+ overs for bowling as well. 2. Kuldeep yadav- before i put his case, ill have to start with jadeja as for me kuldeep shud replace jadeja despite him being no.1 ranked Do we see jadeja as our wkt taking bowler overseas Do we see him going as an all rounder Shud we take 3 spinners overseas- ashwin , jadeja , Kuldeep I have one answer to all this question - NO . Then whats the harm in dropping him now. Yes its subcontinent- so we can give kuldeep a chance safely and didnt we win in SL last time without jadeja. Jadeja has become no .1 by bowling in India with Sg but now its all going to be kookabura and that ball diff has effected even our gr8 spinners in past. Ashwin did really well last time in SL and contributes more with bat then jadeja. For me if we have to win overseas we need a wkt taking spinner and that hs to be decided among kuldeep or ashwin, i dnt see jadeja as a wkt taking spinner overseas. Neither we shud carry 3 spinners overseas. Its high time we look at filling these gap holes on this tour, few opp have already been missed lets not waste anymore. IF we can trust these 2 in similar condition how wud we in tougher conditions Lets keep individual n individual rankings aside , its all about the team not individuals
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    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    http://www.deccanherald.com/content/624451/suchitra-krishnamoorthy-faces-flak-sp.html Fitting reply to the queen bee of libtards.. Oh My! ....SHe will be banned from Bollywood by secular coterie for this...
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    “From what I know, Kumble is very a strong individual with a very good work ethic, so is Virat. Kumble is single-minded and Virat was single-minded even when he was captaining the Indian team during his U-19 days. So I guess, it’s a case of like poles repelling each other,” Whatmore quoted saying to the media. “It’s a little bit unusual, isn’t it? From what I understand, there has been a lack of communication between the two. That doesn’t help anyone, neither the team nor the player or the coach. I am not privy to what has happened between Kohli and Kumble but it is unfortunate such a thing has happened and it has been blown up so much in public domain” he added. On being asked about his stint with India’s skipper Virat Kohli, the 63-year-old said, ”Virat was always very direct. He also led by example and that earned him respect from his team members. But there is a vast difference between a player leading an under-19 team and a senior international side.” Link- http://circleofbollywood.in/2017/07/i-am-surprised-by-the-whole-kohli-kumble-saga-dave-whatmore/ Among all the bullshit opinion someone actually tried to make some sense .
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    Nice one.... But PV Sindhu is a legend on her Own... there are not comparison between PV Sindhu or Harmanpreet kaur both are Legens of their own Sports and great indian women warriors !
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    Old man (even when he was in his 50s) roles - budha baap not able to pay dowry or gets beaten for no reason by goons : A K Hangal Classic 2-min roles comes in 1 or 2 scenes - Satyen Kappu - Ramlal, Ramu Kaka, Village sarpanch, etc.
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    Razzak Khan: The perfect tapori/ fakeerchand http://images.indianexpress.com/2016/06/razzak-khan-hello-brother-ninja-chacha.jpg?w=820
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    Paintal: The comic businessman/bawa http://cineplot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/paintal.jpg
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    That's why Dhoni's innings is one of the greatest knocks in ODIs. Chasing in World Cup final and that too in front of home crowd of 100,000 people and after having lost Sachin, Sehwag early takes immense mental strength and resolve. Some losers who spend all their time on internet and at best can only give arm chair opinions can never understand that.
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    'अगला वर्ल्ड कप जीतना है, तो मांजरेकर को दंगल के आमिर खान की तरह रूम में बंद कर दो' http://zeenews.india.com/hindi/sports/women-world-cup-2017-twitter-roasts-sanjay-manjrekar-for-his-tweet-against-mithali-raj-and-team/334000
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    Regular sidekick of the villain, Mac Mohan (Mohan Makijani)
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    India certified Final Chokers

    Proud of them but unfortunately it was a choke....they could have won it easily. Yes no one saw them qualify for knockouts or get past Australia. Even in finals they were the underdogs when it began but they were in dominant position and they should have WON it and that's why it hurts and that's why it's a choke and that's a undeniable fact but having said that I agree with the rest of your post. PROUD OF THEM!!!
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    India certified Final Chokers

    Here's Pakistan's record in big tournament finals - 1985 World Championship: Lost (to India) 1992 World Cup: Won 1999 World Cup: Lost 2007 World T20: Lost (to India) 2009 World T20: Won 2017 Champions Trophy: Won (beat India) Overall: 3-3 Now, here's India's record in big tournament finals - 1983 World Cup: Won 1985 World Championship: Won (beat Pak) 2000 Champions Trophy: Lost 2002 Champions Trophy: No result 2003 World Cup: Lost 2007 World T20: Won (beat Pak) 2011 World Cup: Won 2013 Champions Trophy: Won 2014 World T20: Lost 2017 Champions Trophy: Lost (to Pak) Overall: 5-4 (+1 NR) So, here also, we have a better record than you in terms of both win % and overall head-to-head and even reaching more finals.
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    It feels really bad because we had beaten England earlier in the tournament.
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    Almost all men in my family don't watch cricket. I watched the match with my daughter.My sister watched with her daughter .
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    I think COA is making them cough money at women's cricket. For the first time they travelled first class lile men and got similar daily allowance. Bcci also has announced prize money. This performance has gone down well with people and the media. Mandana and harmanpreet have become popular celebrities. It's a long way to go but their lot will.improve. People will follow them more now.
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    Remember this guy who would get beaten up by Sanjay Dutt/Sunny Deol in most movies in the 90's
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    India certified Final Chokers

    No one denies that but hey atleast we moved ahead,our women are competing in sports and doing well, Is there even an accomplished Pakistani sport-women in your history?
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    India certified Final Chokers

    Need to remove Manju from commentary panel and then see if it improves the prospects...
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    Kris Srikanth's square drive in that final...one of the most important 38 runs in the hstory of Indian cricket Sandhu's inswinger to Gordon Greenidge Kapil 175(Not sure if this is from that game but this is what comes up in google) Sachin 200
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    @Malcolm Merlyn KLPD for DMK internet wing @BeautifulGame @StriKe
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    Never knew this, this is first full match I watched. Before this I watched the highlights of the semi-final where I saw Harmanpreet;s wonderful innings and thought they showed only the shots, there were no ground shots in her 4s as well.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    laws to prevent killings of elephant, rhino, lion, tiger, black bucks are all good but when govt makes law to prevent killings of cows, all knives are out.
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    Another SRT bashing thread. This forum is becoming a copy of Green Ghetto with it's rising Anti-Sachin sentiment. Just sick and disgusted with it.
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    I still can't get over the loss. Gutted for the girls, match was won at 193/3. The last couple of months has been very difficult for Indian cricket fans.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    While I don't agree with these laws around cow slaughter atleast a law to safeguard and protect an innocent animal makes more sense than a law killing people based on perceived insults of a book(not even written in their local language or book ) and it's author
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    As Indian cricket fans, we urge BCCI and relevant authorities to put this man in a dungeon. Over the years, not only has he proven to be a massive jinx for the Indian teams but his hoarse, grating voice and awful analysis has made it a torturous endeavor to sit through a broadcast. Can't take it anymore. ^ How does this sound?
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    Having the same (or similar?) script does not tell me much. For e.g. Boot in German means boat, while wand means wall Anyways, from wiki: a) Kannada in Karnataka Kannada is the official language of Karnataka and spoken as a native language by about 66.26% of the people as of 2001. Other linguistic minorities in the state were Urdu (10.54%), Telugu (7.03%), Tamil (3.57%), Marathi (3.6%), Tulu (3.0%), Hindi (2.56%), Konkani (1.46%), Malayalam (1.33%) and Kodava Takk (0.3%).[54] b) Hindi in Ind Much like Kannada is seen as linga frana in Karnataka, Hindi is seen as linga franca in Ind
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    India certified Final Chokers

    Don't talk crap about them too.
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    so getting zero marks >>>>>> getting 2nd rank? day by day I am learning new things from Pak brothers...
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    He exists, that's bad enough
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    Nerves got the better of India. Should have won. We as a nation have been missing that killer instinct. Oh well...you girls did very well. Lots of positives, but what could have been! India wouldn't have been the same if they had won. Celebrations would have been insane. Could have done A LOT for women who are interested in cricket and/or sports.
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    So close yet so far Overall very well played India. Beat the best teams Eng, NZ and Aus to reach the finals. Were in the game in the finals till the very end, at times being favourites to win. If only they held their nerve a little better, they could have been World Champions.
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    bhaijaan you try hard,but tere bas ki baat nahi
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    If not for that run out, India would have won the Cup as Deepti and Shikha were taking singles with ease.
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    Well played girls. That was a good match. Congrats England !!
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    Lol wut....atleast rest of the fanboys are open about it. in 2007 wt20 Bhajji didn't "want" to bowl the final over.....Sree,RP and Pathan had already bowled out so he had no choice but to give Jogi the ball and pray and trust me god definitely answered his prayers and Misbah clearly screwed it up. In 2011 WC- he flopped in QF and Semis....captaincy was just business as usual. I will never forgive him for the 2011 England tour and his captaincy there.
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    Excellent post I don't think Ravi Shastri & Kumble are thinking on the same terms. They just want their favourite players ie Rohit, Shikhar, Ishant in the team.When Vijay was unfit they could have gone for a youngster,but they choose to bring back Shikhar. We will know the mindset of Ravi & Kohli when they select team for the 1st test.Ideally they should select Pandya & Kuldeep, but they will select Rohit & Ishant in the squad
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    Hindus, a minority

    Modern day Hindus r the worst..own biggest enemy..sone friends of mine on social media: Angry at gau raksha violence zero absolutely zero reaction to any islamic violence..bloody hypocrites..
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    @coffee_rules Also this person was often seen a Judge
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    Anyone knows standings or has snapshot of CT FL in Fandromeda? Seems like Fandromeda delete all data soon after the tournament
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    Fake or true. Immense support by fanboys Jai Hind
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    It's fake news thankfully http://m.hindustantimes.com/cities/madhya-pradesh-not-opening-opds-with-astrologers-govt-calls-news-absurd/story-0Xs0s5lbhH0NUAgAL2VmDN.html But what I find amusing is that there are people prepared even to defend this regardless of how absurd the original news was. Scary blind followers they are.Proper cult following like.
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    Hey, Sanghis who want to classify Astrology as a science let's play a game called falsifiable predictions.
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    ,😂😂😂 21st century India of BJP Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk

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