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    This is why test cricket is best, there are no flukes and wins like these are so memorable.No odi wins except world cup can be compared to this.
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    Shai Hope- take a bow!

    First player to score a century in both innings of a first class/test game in Headingly (127 year period). In a sizeable 4th innings chase, on one of the most difficult batting tracks in the world against a very good attack. Has good technique and temperament. Really hope he can help bring respect and dignity back to West Indies test cricket. Massive respect!!
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    Comment is in very poor taste. Shows himself as a bitter, sad guy with a massive inferiority complex.
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    Don't Whine like the Srilankans, Ranatunga should have added.
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    Well sure Indian crowds have some bad behavior in the past. But the comment is still in poor taste. And thank God Indian players don't behave like the Lankan ones. Bowling intentional no-balls etc.
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    Potential? OP asks who is currently the best allrounder in the world. Fast bowlers who can bat well enough for the top 6 are rare, and are rightly valued and sought after. But are also over-rated due to this. There's a wide gulf between the Shaqib and Stokes as test bowler - Shaqib can play as the 1st choice spinner for any test team in the world, not just Bangladesh. And even if you give the batting edge to Stokes over Shaqib, that particular gap is nowhere near as wide. Overall, Shaqib is just a better test cricketer than Stokes, period. Does Shaqib get more "opportunities" with the bat because he bats for a weaker team? Sure. But he also gets more pressure. Take the ongoing Toyger-Aus test as an example. He walked in at 10/3. Stokes by contrast, gets to walk in and play his "natural game" 8 times out of 10. Nobody will point a finger at him if he fails to cross 40 5 times in a row. Not the case with Shaqib. I actually have a bit of a negative bias against the Bangles players, and especially their fans. Their players act like superstars because they get a lot of crowd adulations, even those that haven't really achieved much with their cricket. And the less said about the majority of Toyger fans' silliness, the better. But you got to be objective and give credit where its due. Shaqib is a bit of a tool, but is undisputedly the best test allrounder at the moment.
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    Left-wing Terrorism

    Every time you switch on any English language news channel (except Republic) especially NDTV, you will keep hearing about right wing extremism, intolerance, etc etc. However, very little will you hear about left-wing terrorism that, if anything, is the worst kind of extremism that our country is facing in the form of Naxals. So, my question is - how come nobody faults the CPM, CPI and other Left parties for the activities of the Naxals while at the same time any criminal conduct by any cow vigilant gets directly somehow tied to BJP, Modi, RSS et al? How come all our overwhelming majority of leftist parties (beyond just the Left front) not get admonished when Naxals strike? If the same rules were to be applied to both sides of the spectrum, I would like to see the so called "intellectuals" do dharnas, award wapsi, have long debates about left-wing terrorists and directly blame leftist parties for the same. Somehow, leftist parties get away scot-free. Why is this so?
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    riots used to happen every where in the world back then ,now security has tightened up ,it is down to crowds interest in the game ,once you become "logical" you wont be that interested any more ,wi used to have riots i remember a pic of kepler wessel and other aus all locked up in the dressing room as they feared being attacked ,now the grounds are empty as they dont care any more , in ind as well interest levels have gone down significantly as the crowd behavior has improved ....funny how things work
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    Watched last 2 hours of the game. Pitch was good for stroke making, but it wasn't easy to bat on. There were some balls rolling along the ground - Blackwood tried to pull one and keeper had to stop it at toes and then there were some just shooting from good length around off stump like real jaffa. Surviving those deliveries was more challenging than scoring 300 in last day. Brathwaite and Hope somehow managed not to throw wickets on those deliveries. 9 out of 10 times, good accurate bowling would be enough to bowl out teams there. Apart from avoiding those balls, they consistently played their strokes and kept runs coming. I think England lost the plot in last session where they were visibly frustrated and couldn't control themselves. Then there were drop catches, 5 runs on overthrows, wides, wayward bowling and Broad kicking up the pitch. I think what we witnessed was top class batting and an average bowling performance.
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    Shai Hope- take a bow!

    Now that is called match winning performance. Showing up in both the innings much like Dravid did multiple times in his career. You cannot show up in one inning and go missing when a little bit of effort is needed in the 2nd innings.
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    A big over reaction there. England is still a very good team, coming from a neutral. They are a flawed team like many others and WI have played some good cricket the last couple of years. If WI play their best cricket they can get these kind of solitary wins against any side in the world, so no need to feel bad.
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    Don't eat like Ranatunga- that message would have probably made him a bigger hero in Srilanka
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    it depends who was batting at that time and doing well
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    Basically Bran is the 3-eyed Raven and everything he says is taken at face value. It doesn't make sense that the Knights of the Vale so easily turned their backs on LF, especially since they are loyal to Robin Arryn, who considers LF a father figure. The dumbest thing was the fight scene between Theon and the Greyjoy soldier. The directors showed the guy kicking Theon in the groin 3 times, as if we need a reminder that Theon was mutilated. What's worse, Theon was getting a power-up as the guy kicked him. As if kicks to that region wouldn't hurt normally, and losing one's genitals turns that region into a magical power up button. Kick here and boost your enemy's power level over 9000
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    Bishoo no-ball discussion

    Problem with checking the no ball after it's been called is the batsman can claim he only went for that shot because the umpire called no ball.
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    hain ? WHen was in media ? Fact is Media person who started the investigation was killed ....Kuch bhi maatlab
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    Ravindra Jadeja has the ranking the 3 300s the "sir" moniker the stats and he might be the 2nd coming of Jesus but he is still not an "allrounder" At best a decent lower order batsman
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    Trial by media? How? This case was hardly in news before the judgement.
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    M S Dhoni (India) - ODI Cricket Performance Analysis by Batting Position Position Inns NO 100s 50s 0s HS Runs Avg S/R Ca St Opening 2 0 0 1 0 96 98 49.00 86.73 2 0 3 16 4 2 6 1 183* 993 82.75 99.70 13 8 4 26 5 1 11 1 109* 1223 58.24 94.81 27 13 5 67 17 4 15 1 134 2693 53.86 87.78 65 16 6 115 35 1 27 2 139* 3738 46.73 83.89 88 38 7 28 11 2 5 3 139* 812 47.76 94.97 34 13 8 3 0 0 0 0 20 51 17.00 62.20 2 0 Overall 257 72 10 65 8 183* 9608 51.94 88.47 278 99 And this guy has batted most of his career at 5,6,7 Now how long did others took to reach 10k runs Player Opposition Ground Match Date Debut Time Mat Inns Scorecard SR Tendulkar (INDIA) v Australia Indore 31 Mar 2001 18 Dec 1989 11y 103d 266 259 ODI # 1699 SC Ganguly (Asia/INDIA) v Sri Lanka Dambulla 3 Aug 2005 11 Jan 1992 13y 204d 272 263 ODI # 2265 RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) v South Africa Basseterre 24 Mar 2007 15 Feb 1995 12y 37d 272 266 ODI # 2552 JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA) v Australia Sydney 23 Jan 2009 9 Jan 1996 13y 14d 286 272 ODI # 2802 BC Lara (ICC/WI) v Pakistan Karachi 16 Dec 2006 9 Nov 1990 16y 37d 287 278 ODI # 2466 R Dravid (Asia/ICC/INDIA) v Sri Lanka Margao 14 Feb 2007 3 Apr 1996 10y 317d 309 287 ODI # 2522 TM Dilshan (SL) v Pakistan Hambantota 26 Jul 2015 11 Dec 1999 15y 227d 319 293 ODI # 3672 KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) v Australia Sydney 17 Feb 2012 5 Jul 2000 11y 227d 315 296 ODI # 3241 Inzamam-ul-Haq (PAK) v India Birmingham 19 Sep 2004 22 Nov 1991 12y 302d 322 299 ODI # 2179 ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL) v India Colombo (RPS) 9 Aug 2005 26 Dec 1989 15y 226d 337 328 ODI # 2268 DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) v Pakistan Dubai (DSC) 18 Nov 2011 24 Jan 1998 13y 298d 355 333 ODI # 3214 Dhoni in 257 innings and 392 runs away.....well will do it before many top order batsman in that list above Now diff is On many occasions overs would have been finished were he cud have scored more when he was not out ........and most top order batsman generally gets lot more overs If i take not outs from no.5 position- 17+35+11 = 63 chances to score more.......take half or even less for the sake of argument who knws this guy might have been the quickest to reach 10k Says a lot about his consistency .....infact that is one hell of consistency if u check his every year stats Talking about stats- Year Mat Inns NO 100s 50s 0s HS Runs Avg S/R Ca St 2004 3 3 1 0 0 1 12 19 9.50 135.71 4 2 2005 27 24 6 2 3 1 183* 895 49.72 103.11 19 6 2006 29 26 6 0 7 0 96 821 41.05 92.98 33 3 2007 37 33 8 1 7 3 139* 1103 44.12 89.60 31 18 2008 29 26 7 1 8 0 109* 1097 57.74 82.30 38 11 2009 29 24 7 2 9 0 124 1198 70.47 85.57 26 11 2010 18 17 4 1 3 1 101* 600 46.15 78.95 19 4 2011 24 22 9 0 6 0 91* 764 58.77 89.88 17 6 2012 16 14 6 1 3 0 113* 524 65.50 87.63 12 5 2013 26 20 8 1 5 1 139* 753 62.75 96.05 21 13 2014 12 10 2 0 5 0 79* 418 52.25 92.07 7 6 2015 20 17 3 0 4 0 92* 640 45.71 86.84 27 3 2016 13 10 0 0 1 1 80 278 27.80 80.12 13 4 2017 16 11 5 1 4 0 134 498 83.00 82.86 11 7 Overall (14) 299 257 72 10 65 8 183* 9608 51.94 88.47 278 99 Do people still want him dropped for having one poor year .......... Yes his s/r have dropped but all top players face some sought of dip in their game .... I really hope he does it before ganguly, would be tough but really hoping he does before ganguly or ponting
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    ICF doesn't promote abuse, name calling and insults to players and other members no matter what. It should have been clear to all members by now. We have been requesting everyone to follow this. We have been lucky that we don't have do much for this, but sometimes if we feel that things are going out of hand, necessary actions are taken to ensure that core values are maintained. Mods can't spend whole day on ICF, so support of all members matters a lot.
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    US Open 2017-28th AUG to 10th SEP

    We will see how Fed's back is doing versus tiafoe. From what i've seen of his practice clips from USO buildup, he looks fine. Back injury or not, i wasn't expecting him to play 4 of 5 weeks leading up to USO final anyways. Anyhow, has anyone seen an easier draw than the one Cilic/Zverev have ? i never bet on tennis but am real tempted to bet on Zverev reaching the final.
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    I don't think Eng, NZ, Aus, Ireland will go there for a long time, maybe ever again, probably viewing the security situation as too dangerous for Westerners. I don't think we should tour them, but you never know what the Indian government will authorize. I can see some of the teams like Bang/ AFG/ WI/SL/ Zim touring there much sooner, whether because the boards are satisfied with the security situation or they don't look past the monetary reward. SA is the big team that may tour Padosiland, IMO. Faf is part of the world XI touring them correct? If he gives a positive review of the situation, that may be good enough for the rest of the Saffers.
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    Places like pakistan somalia etc where there is lack of governance security and barbarian populace should first aim for proper governance first before trying to bring in sports...all that is 20 to 30 years away for 4th world places like that.
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    So they are using real bullets here, but they are too afraid to in Kashmir. What BS. Nakli human rights walas are also silent.

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