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    This culture of dic# sucking has gone too far.
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    I am no Sachin fan but my verdict for Thakur
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    I have been wanting Shardul Thakur to play for India for quite some time now ..... because he is pacy, has a wide range of skills ( swing and seam both ways, reverse swing, bounce, bouncers, yorkers ) and picks up loads of wickets in important FC and List A matches ( A-tours, Ranji knock-outs, practice match against SA touring team etc. ). He has a decent seam position too. -- Shardul bowling in Ranji Trophy final 2016-17 and gets a 4-fer He is bowling an impeccable line and length here at pace and one of the wickets is off a quick bouncer. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/3742/ranji-trophy-final-2016-17-mumbai-vs-gujarat-shardul-thakurs-484 -- Next he is seen bowling in Ranji Trophy final 2015-16 and gets a 5-fer. He performs in big matches and takes loads of wickets. He bounces out Pujara here with a snorter, gets another batter with a short one, bowls an excellent yorker and we see a good outswinger too. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/2028/ranji-trophy-2015-16-saurashtra-vs-mumbai-shardul-thakurs-5-wicket-haul
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    What a bunch of idiots these guys are. Why does Jersey need to be retired? Really dumb.
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    No one is hating Dhoni, why can't people understand. It is all about Indian team and Indian team's success.Nobody is expecting Dhoni to be Dhoni of 2006 except selectors. These kind of series should be all about finding the future. I always said before CT Dhoni should be no4 and CT is done and dusted, it is time to move one and find ideal combination for 2019.I don't see how India is going to do anything good if Dhoni is still no5 or 6.
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    pandeyji http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/ms-dhoni-manish-pandey-india-vs-sri-lanka/1/1038620.html
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    I hope they don't select Ash for the Aus series. Let him play more county. Besides how will it be fair to make Kuldeep, Chahal, Axar play these minnows while making Ash, Jaddu play the Aussies on 375 wallah roads?
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    This ad is ******* great !!!

    This is an argument of convenience. I can promise you almost 90 % of all media content should be removed on rational of objectification alone.
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    Like folks have rightly pointed, society is to blame for this scenario. I find this obsession with education more prominent in Tamil culture than in any part of India. Of course, this problem exists all over. But in Tamil Nadu and Tamils in general, the emphasis on education is mind boggling and valuation of every person is purely based on academics. It is myopic way of looking at things.
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    India need better opposition

    Pak just beat us in a high profile game does not mean they dominated us in 7 back to back bilaterals. There is a difference. Rivalry is when both sides compete right now there is none with sl.
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    Not fans.. Few sachin chamchas here.They don't even make1% of cricket population Haters getting owned again.. Unlimited KLPDs this month haha
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    Countdown to MSD’s 10000 Odi runs

    Cricbuzz couldn't even calculate his average this series that says alot about this legend. SL couldn't get him out whole series. Peak of his career very well said
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    India need better opposition

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???
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    Agree with the post except the last bit. I don't think a 17 year old should be commiting suicide just because she failed to qualify once. It is the society and the expectations of the family that is to blame. It is almost like there is no life if you don't become a doctor. Besides she was 17 .She had so many more chances. Plus she has reservation as a dalit. If she scored so well in the school exams, it was just a matter of time and she would have qualified in the next 1-2 chances. I blame the expectations of the family and also not providing the support when she didnot make it this time. Sad loss and RIP .
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    India need better opposition

    What has Indian cricket achieved playing Westindies and Srilanka in 10 straight matches? sure our overall win-loss % has improved but how did it in anyway benefit Indian cricket. Players have improved their stats apart from that who are the new talents we unearthed? can we say that we have the perfect x1 for all conditions with capable backups after this long boring season? Without turning this into Dhoni bashing- I have always maintained he is our greatest LOI MVP since Kapil but do we have a backup for him when he eventually retires? can we be confident against big teams if Kohli is injured god forbid in a crucial must win game? there was a period after 2005 when even if SRT Dravid Kumble where rested we would roll over opposition-can we feel the same confidence now if our main players are injured/rested?
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    Must be great experience for lads playing with World great
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    Fastest deliveries in the 4th ODI vs SL Shardul 148 k Bumrah 146 k Pandya 145 k
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    Rayadu hasn't been the same since dhoni freeloaded on his biryani
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    Don't care about the numbers. Ashwin just needs to figure out what will work (and what will not) on english pitches, rest is protocol.
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    ICC ranking updates

    Pls mention the format in the title or description.. Would be better :).. (i know it's tests, but still..)
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    Alexandra Daddario !!!

    look little belwo as well
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    Alexandra Daddario !!!

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    Sad fans . The greatest chser and handler of run chases and greates handler of pressure ever gets out once . And his own fans start calling him a choker you guys pathetic

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