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    7th. By Velu alone. Step 1 : Velu creates a dhoni thread. Step 2 : Rasgulla Likes the OP Step 3 : Rasgulla Posts the first reply Step 4 : Velu likes the first reply Step 5 : the love b/w the two motivates Velu to create another thread. Step 6 : Repeat step 1. Endless loop this...
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    Dhoni chamchas are very insecure, so they need to create thread after thread about him to keep him relevant
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    @Rasgulla @sscomp32 @Sidhoni @Laaloo http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20539484/ms-dhoni-not-even-half-finished-yet-ravi-shastri
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    IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    IPL expansion has been to slow... only 8 teams is too few. It's growth also is being hindered by our pandering to the ICC.
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    Dhoniconda goes to PandeyPython
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    Dhoni is certainly the 3rd most influential cricketer the country has produced after Kapil & SRT in Chronological order...
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    And then sscomp logs into upvote dhoni chamchas and downvote all others And in between Sandeep acts as the mediator between the two sides
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    Lol 5th such thread imo..forum is this now. Its like the war in harry potter movies low intensity but always lurking in the background and no one is excused.
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    Few years back a student from my area committed suicide in Kota after he failed to clear JEE. He was a general category student, had he been SC-ST he would have got a seat in the top 5 IITs. Tab kisi ne nahin bola ki reservation is to blame, poor Brahmin boy is a victim etc etc. Why are the opportunist morons, esp the TN politicians blaming NEET now and playing the Dalit card? This is sad news but society and peer pressure are to blame, not NEET or any political party. Pretty sure the girl had some depression/mental issues and take my word..if not NEET she would have committed suicide for some other reason. Such mentally depressed people desperately seek an opening to free themselves from responsibility/society/environment, only proper counselling could have saved her. We need to treat mental illness at par with other diseases and have many well trained counselors in every ward to help out the vulnerable sections, mostly students or unemployed youth.
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    This culture of dic# sucking has gone too far.
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    I am no Sachin fan but my verdict for Thakur
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    I have been wanting Shardul Thakur to play for India for quite some time now ..... because he is pacy, has a wide range of skills ( swing and seam both ways, reverse swing, bounce, bouncers, yorkers ) and picks up loads of wickets in important FC and List A matches ( A-tours, Ranji knock-outs, practice match against SA touring team etc. ). He has a decent seam position too. -- Shardul bowling in Ranji Trophy final 2016-17 and gets a 4-fer He is bowling an impeccable line and length here at pace and one of the wickets is off a quick bouncer. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/3742/ranji-trophy-final-2016-17-mumbai-vs-gujarat-shardul-thakurs-484 -- Next he is seen bowling in Ranji Trophy final 2015-16 and gets a 5-fer. He performs in big matches and takes loads of wickets. He bounces out Pujara here with a snorter, gets another batter with a short one, bowls an excellent yorker and we see a good outswinger too. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/2028/ranji-trophy-2015-16-saurashtra-vs-mumbai-shardul-thakurs-5-wicket-haul
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    What a bunch of idiots these guys are. Why does Jersey need to be retired? Really dumb.
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    No one is hating Dhoni, why can't people understand. It is all about Indian team and Indian team's success.Nobody is expecting Dhoni to be Dhoni of 2006 except selectors. These kind of series should be all about finding the future. I always said before CT Dhoni should be no4 and CT is done and dusted, it is time to move one and find ideal combination for 2019.I don't see how India is going to do anything good if Dhoni is still no5 or 6.
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    pandeyji http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/ms-dhoni-manish-pandey-india-vs-sri-lanka/1/1038620.html
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    IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    I, for one, am glad that SC dismissed Swamy's petition, an e-auction wouldn't yield the best price for BCCI at this juncture. Unless Subramanian Swamy/Supreme Court/Vinod Rai and other assorted vested interests have other plans, BCCI would look to unveil the broadcast deal in three days time. The imminent broadcast deal would run for a period of five years from 2018 onward. The last deal was worth approx $1.6 billion and ran for a total of 9 years (or was it 8 seasons?). I can inform you guys that the 'data room' has been set up and working full time since last 4 weeks already to send out documents and other information to financial bidders. The one piece of information that caught my eye was the figure Swamy used in his petition at the SC to substitute the current bidding process with an e-auction. He mentioned broadcast rights worth 30,000 crore rupees. In other reports, figures have varied from USD 2-3 billion. Even if the winning bid comes at the lower end of speculated amount at USD 2 billion, it would shade the AFL - Australia's biggest sporting league. AFL media rights went for AUD2.5 for a priod of 6 years. Also keep an eye on internet rights, and whether firms like Amazon etc can challenge Star Sports who'd offer a bundled bid. Seems unlikely to me. Anyhoo, this would mean doubling of revenues for BCCI and franchises alike. We would very likely see the players' auction purse doubled. I can imagine some one like Pandya fetching close to USD 5 million in this next auctions.
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    Kulwant Khejroliya, Aniket Chaudhari and Khaleel Ahmed are the only 3 that interest me as of today. Khejroliya could be genuinely quick .... looks around 6'2" ..... has picked up 17 wickets from 7 List A matches in his debut season .... has a good bouncer and yorker.... looks like an aggressive bowler. Combo of pace and actual performance in pre-international cricket ..... that is what I am looking for. Needs to play lots of FC and List A matches. Aniket Chaudhari is around 6'5" tall..... bowls 130 k to 145 k range .... gets steep bounce ..... has a good outswing.... has a good FC record. Can be tried in test matches. Khaleel Ahmed is again a tall pacer 6'2"+ .... has hit 144 k in a recent training stint in Australia .... but not ready yet. Needs to play lots of FC and List A. Personally, I would look at the best pacers available rather than trying to pick a left-armer who is not ready yet.
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    The Dhoni-Pandey connection

    Was it that transparent? Interesting story, nevertheless. In replying to you, I shamelessly heave this thread BTTT.
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    Dhoni's Stumping record

    @sandeep dude .. you are taking things way too seriosuly
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    still one of the fittest players in the team
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    Dhawan to miss 5th ODI and the lone T20I

    Hopefully Dhawan's mother gets better. This is an opportunity for all three of Pandey/Rahul/Jadhav. All 3 may get a chance to bat in the next ODI.
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    Is it confirmed Rahane will play ? WC2011 wala bhai ko heart attack ayega Floater
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    Actually no, the medal is reserved for you...my only point was that AFL is clearly a niche sport as its sphere of influence is local (a point you earlier contested as 'laughable') and that IPL is more similar to EPL/NFL as it has an international audience.
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    I would love to find out what Dhoni's boundary per over percentage is currently in ODI cricket. Especially in the last 20 months. And in the 35 to 50 over slice. And compare it to his peers in international cricket - i.e. other #5/6 bats. That's where I would expect his batting decline to really shows up statistically. An in-prime Dhoni was probably world-class in the boundary per over metric in ODIs. Now he's probably not even in the top 7, even at his batting position.
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    Akila Dananjeya

    Too early to even say that he will be 10% of ajanta mendis. Real test will be now..when loads of his videos are available and players are prepared.
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    This ad is ******* great !!!

    LOL @velu are you as old as Butters?
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    More than getting bored, this is the reason I don't want India playing SL, Zim and WI. These series cause irreparable damage to Indian team.
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    Happy tears for gawd chamchas. Velu did u keep count how many times they got Klpd this month alone
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    sachin is way ahead of everyone else in this regard
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    Rahul at 4 : Discussion Thread

    Rahul has barely played 10 games.
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    Rahul at 4 : Discussion Thread

    KLR is our future, give him 10-15 matches and see how he'll do. If we had applied the same rules to other players, I wonder how many times they would have been kicked from the team.
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    This ad is ******* great !!!

    This is an argument of convenience. I can promise you almost 90 % of all media content should be removed on rational of objectification alone.
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    Like folks have rightly pointed, society is to blame for this scenario. I find this obsession with education more prominent in Tamil culture than in any part of India. Of course, this problem exists all over. But in Tamil Nadu and Tamils in general, the emphasis on education is mind boggling and valuation of every person is purely based on academics. It is myopic way of looking at things.
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    Not fans.. Few sachin chamchas here.They don't even make1% of cricket population Haters getting owned again.. Unlimited KLPDs this month haha
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    Countdown to MSD’s 10000 Odi runs

    Cricbuzz couldn't even calculate his average this series that says alot about this legend. SL couldn't get him out whole series. Peak of his career very well said
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    India need better opposition

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???
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    Agree with the post except the last bit. I don't think a 17 year old should be commiting suicide just because she failed to qualify once. It is the society and the expectations of the family that is to blame. It is almost like there is no life if you don't become a doctor. Besides she was 17 .She had so many more chances. Plus she has reservation as a dalit. If she scored so well in the school exams, it was just a matter of time and she would have qualified in the next 1-2 chances. I blame the expectations of the family and also not providing the support when she didnot make it this time. Sad loss and RIP .
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    Wow...why don't we even retire the number 4 (tests) and number 1 (Odis) batting positions and play only only with 10 men? Some people need to get a life.
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    I would like to watch him in a few international matches before forming a more complete opinion. After seeing him in FC, A-tours and the IPL ..... my impression is ..... He is a skillful bowler .... can bowl quick in some spells, hits the deck hard often enough, has a natural outswinger, can seam the ball, has a good bouncer, can bowl yorkers, can reverse the ball ..... has shown wicket-taking ability on two A tours, in practice matches against SA and in FC and List A matches. His issues are .... he may lack stamina and his quicker balls are usually bouncers and yorkers .... he needs to learn to bowl quick good-length balls.
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    Isn't it an amazing time to be an Indian fast bowling fan ! We are without our 4 fastest bowlers in this ODI series ..... Umesh, Shami, Aaron,and Ishant ..... and we have 3 other pacers all clocking highest speeds of 145 k to 148 k. We are without 2 of our 3 best ODI pacers in this 4th ODI ..... Shami and Bhuvi ..... and our other 3 pacers are all bowling wonderfully. Cheers to all my fast-bowling-fan friends here !
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    Must be great experience for lads playing with World great
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    Fastest deliveries in the 4th ODI vs SL Shardul 148 k Bumrah 146 k Pandya 145 k
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    Rayadu hasn't been the same since dhoni freeloaded on his biryani
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    How can the finisher end up with lower strike rate than guy who is setting up at no3. Dhoni's meows will be clamouring about his not outs and his avgs. He was given perfect platform to launch but he is done and it is fruitless and foolish to expect him to have same ability this late in his career. Either Dhoni needs to be no 4 or he needs to be kicked out of the team if they think he is not good enough there.They don't think he is good enough at no4 as he is completely struggling to rotate strike. What this Indian team needs is Dhoni and Yuvraj of 2006.BTW not sold on anyone else who played today.
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    ICC ranking updates

    Pls mention the format in the title or description.. Would be better :).. (i know it's tests, but still..)
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    Not sure how Stokes is ahead of Shakib, who is both one of the Bangles main bowlers as well as batter. Stokes on his best day is a handy 4th bowling option on tests. And hardly ever bowls more than 5 overs in ODIs.
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    Kohli chokes in a crucial final One loose shot can happen.... but 2 in a row on a flat pitch !! Choke.

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