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    Why India is not in World XI?

    I read this article by Ugra and was bewildered - http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20668282/sharda-ugra-why-there-indians-world-xi? Is it really such a difficult thing to answer? Let me a total randum dude and not an expert try to answer 1. Security concerns - Indians are definitely likely to be a much bigger targets for terrorists. The SL attack was also initial planned for the Indian team. When Indian tour was cancelled they decided to continue with the conspiracy and target SL team instead. 2. Diplomatic reasons - India and Pakistan are engaged in low intensity warfare for months now. Govt. is not really keen to carry on any relations with a state we are not in very friendly terms with 3. Things have not really improved - There are no indication that from the last time govt' decided to not tour / play with pakistan things have really improved. State sponsored terrorism continues at the same levels. Ugra mentions PM's 2015 Lahore visit but ignores that right after that India suffered terrorist attacks that has made things worse than ever. Talking about our place in world cricket etc.without considering above factors is a very ignorant position to take. Our situation is not all the same as the other countries part of World XI. Their concern is only security related and that also is a much bigger issue for us.
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    I beg to differ. What pressure to perform.No one expects Abhishek Bachan to be like his father. They just expect some good movies .Despite getting a so many opportunities , he has proven to be a non star. Which means he did not have it in him and is in the industry only because he is a celebrity kid. No one expected Rohan Gavaskar to be Sunil Gavaskar. Even if he had been an averagely talented cricketer, he would be fine . But he was not even average. If the son of Rajeev Gandhi had half a brain, he would have been a successful leader , given the hold of his family over Indian politics.But alas! It is more a case of unworthy celebrity offsprings being given chances. The worthy celebrity offsprings manage to make a mark irr9espective of the so called pressure and spot light. For most people , getting an opportunity is the most difficult part which the celebrity kids don' t even have to bother about. They get their tailor made debuts , practice with stars and get opportunities to bowl to stars. Arjun Tendulkar will get all this . The advantages, the easier chances.He will get into teams with one or two good performances while some unknown kids will have to perform consistently for seasons . If he is good , then no problem. Even If he is average, he will make teams that others will have to shine to get in . Even if he is below average, he will make it to MI for years . If the sons of bcci officials can be permanent members of some teams and even sons of politicians get into teams, why not the son of a cricketer. I feel there is hardly any disadvantage in being a celebrity offsprings. It is more a case of ' what have they got to lose' .
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    It is simple really in sports. if he is good enough he will take wickets and move up.
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    If given a opportunity any youngsters can replace any superstar players. The game is too big to be impacted by any individual player.The game always move on. If we have this mentality how are we going to look forward. The board is looking after the popularity of brand"Dhoni". They should judge him as a player.
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Well there goes the 2019 World Cup ;(
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    How will a suitable replacement be found if no one else is tried for any length of time ? I can understand people wanting Dhoni to play based on his current ability to play with his team in trouble...... but the " no suitable replacement " logic is a poor one.
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    Kulwant gets Stoinis's wicket. Excellent performance from Sundar.
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    Avesh Khan gets Cartwright for 0
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Well ,for Sehwag Ishant is a very good bowler. Rest my case.
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Commiserations to you
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    Sandeep Sharma leaking runs in a test match. Avesh has one already.
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    Another related article Taposh Chatterjee - The dynamics of pitch preparation
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Hope he retires before 2023
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Whichever way ,it will be decided by performances in IPL
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    If Pant & Kishen have a great domestic season this year, selectors will have to consider them in the team . When they selected Binny the selector were giving the argument that there are no ready made cricketers in the domestic cricket.Then Pandya got the chance & he proved the selectors wrong. Pant should have been selected in the squad in place of Rahane
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    World XI playing *IN* Pakistan

    I hope they have a successful tornament. I am happy for them. Bottomline is India should not play pakistan till they modify their behavior. India should not care either who plays there. It is none of our business.
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    prob still looking at tuk tuks from his master from 1991
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    Yep clearly who is stuck in stone age looking at old data LOL
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    This RCB chamcha got owned by above post.. Tnx tric LOL that should set this guy right.
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Awesome thread and even better gif that
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Because you are not a selector or kohli that's whyDEAL WITH IT till 2019 minimum More you cry more series he will play
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    Siraj has been selected for the A team against New Zealand
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    WTF shot is this !!!

    Wth ! Batsmen have too much freedom and poor bowlers have too many restriction. Either the batsman should not move till the ball is bowled or bowlers should also be given option to bowl from whichever side, whichever arm without having to inform any one. Guys like this and Dickvella should join some dancing contest instead of dancing around at the crease. Totally unfair.
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    Some more fond memories bro. Check out the ball to get Pollack's wicket at around 2:50. How do you play those? :)

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