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    Skipper Kohli has transformed Prolonged Dhoni’s Misery: Ganguly Now that looks better.
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    Lots of debates going on about his style , his tuk tuks etc.I think we can have a comprehensive debate ,consolidating everything in this thread.I will not touch upon his wicket keeping and intangibles like advises/general mentoring on the field because its just the batting that polarizes opinion about his place in the side. Note : Not bothered about stats,just the style of batting and the attendant positives and negatives. Dhoni , the batsman: Positives: I think in the last two series ,its apparent he is needed in the side.He has always been a master of ODI format and knows how to remain in the game and not throw it away.The chases in SL albeit mediocre totals ,once gain emphasized the importance of Dhoni in this side ,because deep down even the critics knew till he is there we are in the game. Coming to yesterday's game,watching the match I was also infuriated when he was playing those dots but eventually we reached a fighting respectable score.It was majorly thanks to Pandya's assault but when got out at the score of 205 ,it was still way below par.But once again the style of playing till the last ball of the innings helped and fighting total was reached Combining both 1st and 2nd point,one quality that one can ascribe to Dhoni is the art of building partnerships in Limted overs cricket.his sole aim in any limited overs format is to build partnerships and take the game deep and give himself and his team a chance.This attitude dates back to his 1st tournament as captain,WT20,2007.Remember the game vs Pakistan,when we were tottering at 20 odd for 3, he build a partnership with Uthapaa ,Dhoni was the sedate partner but eventually a respectable target was reached.Similarly in a must win game against SA,again we were in trouble ,yet again he played a key role in a match winning partnership with Rohit and yet again he played second fiddle.This quality is still intact and was on display yet again yesterday. I have been reading this nonsense a lot since yesterday that because Faulkner was there Dhoni was able to catch up in the Ind.To all those critics,if you have followed Dhoni's career, this has been the generally the case.He most of the time targets such bowlers and tries to gain maximum out of them.But its not the case that he cant hit other bowlers when he wants to.Yesterday that six over covers was refreshing to see and there is also a clear change in technique as well as set up when he bats these days , meaning there is an effort to evolve. Now on to the Negatives that invite criticism: As mentioned earlier, his tactics playing sedate partner in partnerships and trying to be there till the end to maximize the runs till 50 overs ,brings one question to mind.Why his partner has to show some intent always and he becomes stagnant in the process of remaining there till the end.This question mark will remain with him ,because he has done that throughout his career.And I don’t think we will see any improvement in this regard with his batting especially while setting up totals.There was this thought that once he relinquishes captaincy he might change his attitude and play a bit more adventurously but obviously that was false belief. In a way he thinking of the team first that he should be there in the end and add extra 20-30 runs but with deteriorating abilities he fails to execute perfectly. The most irritating part about his approach, is the proclivity hold back a bit longer than he should before going for the slog.Yesterday I thought he would open up post 45 overs mark atleast but he didnt and even Bhuvi helped him immensely during that period.The fact that he started going for runs only from 47 overs onwards is something thats not up to the mark and he needs to be more proactive in this regard specilaly on flatter wickets. Thirdly,it was nice to see him finish and chase those mediocre totals in SL but I have this big question mark on his art of batsmanship,when we will be chasing 300-350 kind of scores in near future.There is no scope of sedate batting at that time , there will be greater need of intent.Partnerships will still be the key in chases as always but his proclivity of playing dots and just being there can be a major handicap those situations.Major increase in RRR will eventually lead to wickets and such a situation should not forced upon any batsman. Obviously these are my assumptions what could happen in bigger chases with Dhoni but hopefully its not the case. Overall, to sum up he is an ATG ODI bat and still deserves his place in the side for his batting as well.He has these negatives attached to his art of batsmanship ,which will always be brought forth when he fails to execute.There is also this discussion going on about batting at no.4 may be ideal for kind of batting he does these days but I like him coming at no.5 but not below than that.
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    prolonging misery by having one of his better years in recent times
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    http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-vs-australia-2017/virat-kohli-responsible-for-ms-dhoni-s-superb-form-sourav-ganguly/story-Eay9B5VDWOWrYrr1MjrbYK.html @velu , @sscomp32 , @Laaloo , @Ankit_sharma03 , @sandeep , @Khota
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    Sreeni Mama : "badavas .. lets fix our team first and then we will fix the IPL winner " Mahi bhai : "teekay mama" @BeautifulGame @sscomp32
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    curious choice of word in the OP "fixing"
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    negative was randomly being used for good posts where opinions differed of two different posters but both made great suggestions. For example one guy would write how Umesh Yadav can be handy now with the new ball, while other would comment Umesh Yadav is better of coming later because he can use reverse swing better. Now in this situation, there is a good discussion going on and some random guy who doesn't agree with either of the two will come and give negative rep. Now this has nothing to do with troll yet the guy ends up getting negative rep. This is where system was absolutely farce and it was time to move on. If you don't like someone's post, you can always quote him/her and reply in the thread as long as you are not cursing the person. No one is stopping you from calling out someone's post as rubbish or anyone. You have freedom to do that.
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    whatever is done is done I remember posters throwing a hissy fit about making login compulsory to view the forum . However it boosted the posting on the site by 200%. Once activity picked up we ensured that we lifted the login only requirement and saw no real change in activity which is why it has not been reintroduced. As things stand the down vote feature we feel is taking away from posting. If we feel the same way about upvotes we will eliminate that as well. This has nothing to do with laloo. I observe pattern of posting on ICF and make the calls as necessary. Have any issues you are more than welcome to PM me or write in the feedback section. As far as player opinion goes, people are free to express their opinion for or against players as they deem fit.
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    How is meyeppan these days? Is he looking for some enthusiasm again?
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    you are missing some real cricket
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    What exactly has Dhoni done under VK's captaincy, am I missing something here? He is just getting worse and worse every passing year. Did Gangu miss the WI series?
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    Nothing to worry about. Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly etc too didn't set county on fire but it helped them in international cricket. Pujara I am sure is trying out something different keeping in mind the overseas assignments because county is where he can experiment freely. He will deliver next year in England, you can mark this post.
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    i realy tthink dhoni is playing like he always plays .. extremely cautious
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    against lanka shammi out bowled Umesh yadav in some test matches and constantly bowling around 141 to 146k...he was one of the most important reasons as to why lanka lost all the matches and every srilankan was frustrated to the core on the last day and kinda bowed down to indians like as they are born inferior to indians. if shammi is available and running hard then he is way better bowler then bhuvi and only bumrah can compete against him in odi..neither bhuvi and umesh is never in the odi line up should be ahead of shammi. shammi should have played in first 3 odi's and won us the series...
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    He was never even proven guilty. At this point it feels like Bcci just wants to avoid seeing him break dance on the pitch. Maybe he should make deal with Bcci to allow him to play if he doesnt break dance on pitch.
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    Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    Pad your stats against minnows. Fails when it matters. Point that your average is so good. Oh I wish life was so easy.
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    BCCI needs to quit challenging courts and treat Sreesanth with respect. He was treated unfairly.
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    The Holy Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadan in 610 AD. That means Islam is probably Capricorn or Aquarius.
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    No...I just mentioned that if Nepali Gurkhas are banned from carrying Kukris...how will they protect themselves against armed thieves when patrolling the streets at night and guarding the houses of rich people in India. That's why I recommended that they should carry a licensed firearm.
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    Acutely short of match practice, Ishant Sharma is set to play the next Duleep Trophy match between India Blue and India Green. Ishant was supposed to play a few county matches but it has been learnt that no favourable deal could be worked out. . He has been way short of match practice so the national selectors, have instructed him to play this particular Duleep Trophy game,"
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    I think down-voting should be allowed to discourage trash posts.
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    Not quite the top of the world but not far off.
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    What pisses you off?

    Liberals abusing hindus, being anti-hindus, casteist, calling others bigots!

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