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    http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/97268/ishant-sharma-to-lead-delhi-in-upcoming-ranji-season Ishant Sharma receives a lot of flak here on ICF despite being most experience workhorse for team India for nearly a decade. Granted he regressed as a bowler in India off late, but he has improved a lot in overseas conditions. Let us hope that Ishant gets his due and makes a comeback to team India after an inspired performance in this Ranji season.
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    Besides Australia doesn't take ODI bilaterals seriously. Come WorldCup and they would be team to beat. The tournament that really matters a lot.
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    I think we need to have hashtag or some sort of a campaign against this bias people have against Indian bowlers... I mean it..we need to start a campaign on it.... @express bowling @rkt.india @Mosher @Laaloo ...
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    But Md Amir, who bowls slower than Umesh and Bumrah and Shami, is 'Left Arm Fast'!!!
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    This classification is really looking ridiculous keeping in mind the high quality of this site. Bumrah has bowed lots of 144 k to 148 k balls this year ..... he must be the quickest " medium " pacer that has ever lived Umesh being classified as " fast-medium " is highly biased too.... as he has bowled loads of 140 k to 150 k spells in his life with a fastest of 152.5 k, http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/376116.html
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    Tearaway quick in the article but classified as "Right-arm medium" in the player profile http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/625383.html
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    the other funny thing is Aus are a better team than Indian team if you look across conditions.
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    Someone claimed that Kohli getting it was justified since the batting was harder than the usual flat tracks. By that logic, bowlers who bowl relatively well on flat tracks with massive scores should get MoMs. When was the last time a bowler got it with a 3/60 in a 350 game, where batsmen hit through the line to short boundaries? Bowlers don't get enough credit in cricket. And its especially the case in India. Nobody ever wants to bowl. Because its hard work. And a tougher skill. Any fat ass can pick up a bat and slog. If things were more fair, then a Ravichandran Ashwin would be as big a commercial star as Virat Kohli. Ashwin's test achievements are ridiculously good. And there's no way India would have won as many tests and series as they have without him and Jaddu. They could easily have done it without Kohli, as we saw in Dharamsala. And before some moron alleges it, I'm not some bitter southie saying this. Proud Gujju and member of the so-called "Mumbai Lobby".
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    Welcome to 4 day tests

    Hope boxing day match turns into a DRAW. It will be an egg to face to 4 day test format.
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    Why is our bowling better than our batting? We are not afraid to give chances to youngsters when it comes to bowling, whereas in batting line up we are still hung onto 2007 T20 WC squad, hardly any change in last 5 years to batting line up.
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    So have Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma and Varun Aaron.
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    Do you see the irony here? You are contradicting your own statement! Amir bowls in 130's.. Especially in tests. I am not sure when has Amir clocked quicker than all those 3!
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    Hardik Pandya is a pacer-all-rounder and not a specialist pacer. If you compare his ODI bowling with the pacer-all-rounders of other teams, he is one of the better ones. Bhuvi brings to the table 3 important ODI qualities Dependable death bowling Low ER Picking wickets whenever there is any swing on offer Yes... he does not get many wickets on flat decks, that is true. Shami has 91 wickets from only 47 ODIs with an average of 23. He can take wickets on any tracks and has genuine pace. As of now, he is being used as a test specialist ( has played 13 tests in the last 14 months ) .... but he is in the squad and will play as the 3rd specialist quick in away ODIs . That makes our attack really good.
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    He is Indian, so you know.....
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    No such thing as deserve to play. Team's interest is ultimate.
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    It is definitely way better than Pakistan. I think only Australia can challenge us, but do they have such spinners like India has? This considering that Shami, Umesh, Ishant are still not in the team. Or for that matter, Varun Aaron. We still have atleast 3 bowlers yet to make debut who promise to be world class and have genuine pace.
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    Krunal is a proper batsman who bats at 3 for his state side. He is not a slogger.
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    Would have liked Sangwan being tried in these teams. Not picked even for Duleep trophy. We need a left arm option. There is Aniket, Sangwan and Khejroliya who is quite raw at this point.
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    Shami-bumrah-Hardik triad is more balanced than Bhuvi-Bumrah-Hardik.
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    What finds these.. Kudos to the selection committee and the management for having trust in them in a big series..
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    Pakistanis explode (pun intended) in the comments section. https://twitter.com/ICC/status/910926615873335296
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    What terrific bowling that..anyone who saw his bowling yesterday would have noticed the difference between bhuvi that played in SL and this bhuvi.Made the pitch look like it was lush green. 2 great wickets up-front at that economy rate.. brilliant performance. Yes Kohli played a superb knock of 91 but he does that always...bhuvi should have got the MoM.
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    We confuse literate with critical and clear thinker. As we have seen before, even on this forum, literacy doesn't mean a thing. In fact, too much literacy makes people more fundamentalist at times. In WB, they are stuck in post independence era where a city is still living in some past glory while state is struggling in poverty. People love the stagnancy. Without the growth, cost of living has also not increased. All their aggression is in beating the indefensible. Good luck RSS, if they are trying to polarize. Mamta is not going anywhere for next 25 years
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    Whiny biatches. Not as tough as they act on the field are they? Didn't Aussies give grief to Indian players in Sydney(or some other venue, but in Aus) where Ishant Sharma had to go to some restaurant outside the stadium to have vegetarian food? Aussie thugs didn't have even basic decency regarding treating guests well but nitpick on their hosts. Send the feckers into the kitchen so they can make their special food the way they want.
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    Yes ....and Umesh touched 150 k in Bangladesh too. There was an ODI where both Umesh and Aaron played and both crossed 150 k
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    As someone said, make fun of their team if you could win even half of their silverwares. Dhoni won India one world 50 over cup and Indians treat as some kinda god. Smith, Ponting have won world cups, actually won series in SiythAfrica, England India. India on the other hand, we all know what happened to them with their god Dhoni as captain in SouthAfrica, Australia and England. Funny thing is, we Indians make fun of Bangladeshi fans but we are not better than them.
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    Yadav has done that in Aus, England, India..has not played in SA and NZ. Aaron has done that in Aus, NZ, England, Bangladesh, India. Has not played in WI and SA.
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    Welcome to 4 day tests

    Agreed. 4 day gives weak teams better chances to draw the game. How is that better for the game? And the pink ball idea only really works in Australia - The UAE experiment showed that D/N test and pink ball have a lot of environmental challenges in Asia, with dew and humidity, and can result in boring games as well. Even in England, in cricket season, you already have daylight till quite late in the day to begin with, and if you play into the night, it will get cold AF. And not necessarily improve the quality of cricket if the players are freezing and their hands are stiff.
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    Welcome to 4 day tests

    4 day test is worst idea i have seen in cricket. Saving one day is not going to make things suddenly attractive. It it still a 4 day game and just kills test cricket as a form. I really want this test to end on 4th day with result on edge
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    The question being raised here is -- how is Bumrah " medium " ? Even on his slower days, he bowls 135 k to 142 k .... and that is " fast-medium ". I can understand statisticians ignoring his rather frequent faster spells of 140 k to 145 k / 148 k .... but they must consider the speeds in his standard spells atleast.
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    http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-sports/will-gambhir-remain-delhi-captain/article19696009.ece Reason for his non-inclusion in all these teams.
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    Its a conundrum, tbh. Need to bring in Shami in the team, somehow. Shami's inclusion can make this attack very good with BK, Bumrah and Shami 3 leading pacers. Pandya does weaken the pace option and Shami is any day a better bowler but Pandya offers great batting ability. We need Pandya to bat in at 6 like Stokes does for England then we can get Shami in.
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    Same with Junaid, who can't even touch 140 k these days.
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    Bhuvi + Shami + Bumrah + kuldeep + hardik now if We are able to get Krunal n shankar as 6th bowler and they perform with both bat and ball not only this wud be bloody good all round bowling attack but our team would become really balanced as well . Its that 6th bowler which we have to cover. Coz team will look to target 5th n 6th bowler which can put our attack in trouble
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    What pisses you off?

    That we respect people only by their status and fail to acknowledge anyone working harder and tougher jobs like cleaning, mechanic etc. The whole cast system basically. Those who can't afford something, just do not belong among us, that type of mentality. I was part of it when I was growing up in India, I used to see kids from poor families play cricket among themselves as they are considered different than us. I realized it very early how wrong we were as a country when I came overseas and saw that every child, regardless of the background is equal. We are really backwards in thinking.
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    Interest rate in FD

    How about this I work in a bank...even though I can't give you any monetary value....I will upvote every post of yours as long as you do spell check and grammar check before you post...I mean grammar check is secondary...that will get you a Thanks...spell check an upvote...how about this special offer, I will give you Upvote for the proper use of caps lock well and a combination of any 2 of the above will get you a Thanks. This Is my best offer
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    5 time world champs and defending champs.....no need to laugh at them. We wouldn't want others to laugh at us when we get into a losing streak, no? When the times comes(2019 WC) they will be the team to beat like they have been in the past WCs, you can never count the Aussies out.
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    Probably for the first time our bowling is starting to look much more balanced and better than our batting.
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    @Trichromatic today's innings worth it or was the pitch flat because Virat scored runs ?
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    India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

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    Watch the game how dhoni actually takes over when spinners come, have u seen that during test saha taking over. Saha does get involved in decision making as dhoni From aussies u do expect that , n if an opposition player sees it that means its there Ab har baat ka galat matalb nikalana ho nikal hi ja sakta hai Yes both its gr8 both are working toghter , well acc to me kohli deserves all acclaudes n even gaalis at the end of the day he is the final decision maker that either he wants to go with dhoni's idea or not. I dnt see dhoni begging for credit .....these are all for fans to give credit to individual. Cricket is a team game at the end of the day
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    I firmly believe India has the best bowling attack bar none.
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    He might well be bowling in 150's, but I only believe what I see. whenever I have seen him bowl, he has been bowling in mid to high 130's. I never said that he isn't good. I said he is not a world beater, which he isnt in my book. All those deliveries that you are talking as if he is the only bowler in the world to have mastered, our own Bumrah and Bhuvi do, at similar pace and on Indian dead wickets! Not that it means anything at this point, but Bumrah has 42 wickets in 23 matches at an avg of 21.78, with an economy of 4.7 ; while Rabada has 65 wickets in 40 matches at an avg of 26.3 with an econ of 5.1 ( in conditions which predominantly favour bowlers ). And to answer your point clearly, I am happy with an Indian Bumrah. Wouldnt want to trade him with Rabada.
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    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    Curators of SA- Eng-NZ-Aus won't let that happen. See how they nullified Herath in SA last time Lanka toured. If we are to win tests our quicks will have to do the bulk of the heavy lifting. At max our spinner can tie one end up and take 1-2 wickets/innings apart from keeping the quicks fresh. Batting ability is more important for our spinner there and that is why I don't think Kuldeep fits in our XI. A good tail can convert a 240/5 into 400 but a bad tail will collapse for 280. That is why I feel Ashwin must play all tests, if he really focuses hard he has the ability to even score a 100 in those pitches. Remember how nonchalant he looked batting in England and Australia in the past. I am not sold on Jaddu the batsman so I won't place him above Kuldeep. My pecking order will be Ashwin>Kuldeep>Jadeja.
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    Manju is so unbearable as an interviewer. Annoying voice + stupid questions. Kohli is man of the match
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    In the A-tour to SA, Krunal got to play just 3 List A games before getting injured. He scored a 48 off 27 balls and another 25 off 15 balls .... coming to bat with a few overs left. Was economical with the ball in 2 out of 3 matches too. He showcased his temperament by batting well in the IPL final too.
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    Indians in County Championship 2017

    Kohli should have begged BCCI to get a similar county stint in stead of inflating his averages in useless pressure free matches on featherbeds. We all know he is great in these situations, pity he can't do **** in WCs or big matches. Now he is going to get humiliated ONCE AGAIN in England next year. Last time he scored 110 runs in 5 tests , less than what Sachin scored in 1 innings as an 18 year old. Let's see whether he can score at least that much next year. Something tells me he is going to be outscored by the likes of Anderson, Shami and Bhuvi ONCE AGAIN. That will be tragic because without a decent no 4 batsman, we will get creamed there in spite of having 10 gun players. Will our management be brave enough to drop the brat if he scores an Audi in the 1st 2 test. They didn't so that when he went missing on difficult pitches against a world class Aussie bowling unit earlier this year.

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