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    But Md Amir, who bowls slower than Umesh and Bumrah and Shami, is 'Left Arm Fast'!!!
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    This classification is really looking ridiculous keeping in mind the high quality of this site. Bumrah has bowed lots of 144 k to 148 k balls this year ..... he must be the quickest " medium " pacer that has ever lived Umesh being classified as " fast-medium " is highly biased too.... as he has bowled loads of 140 k to 150 k spells in his life with a fastest of 152.5 k, http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/376116.html
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    Tearaway quick in the article but classified as "Right-arm medium" in the player profile http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/625383.html
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    He is Indian, so you know.....
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    No such thing as deserve to play. Team's interest is ultimate.
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    It is definitely way better than Pakistan. I think only Australia can challenge us, but do they have such spinners like India has? This considering that Shami, Umesh, Ishant are still not in the team. Or for that matter, Varun Aaron. We still have atleast 3 bowlers yet to make debut who promise to be world class and have genuine pace.
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    Krunal is a proper batsman who bats at 3 for his state side. He is not a slogger.
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    Would have liked Sangwan being tried in these teams. Not picked even for Duleep trophy. We need a left arm option. There is Aniket, Sangwan and Khejroliya who is quite raw at this point.
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    Shami-bumrah-Hardik triad is more balanced than Bhuvi-Bumrah-Hardik.
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    What finds these.. Kudos to the selection committee and the management for having trust in them in a big series..
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    Pakistanis explode (pun intended) in the comments section. https://twitter.com/ICC/status/910926615873335296
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    Bhuvi + Shami + Bumrah + kuldeep + hardik now if We are able to get Krunal n shankar as 6th bowler and they perform with both bat and ball not only this wud be bloody good all round bowling attack but our team would become really balanced as well . Its that 6th bowler which we have to cover. Coz team will look to target 5th n 6th bowler which can put our attack in trouble
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    What pisses you off?

    That we respect people only by their status and fail to acknowledge anyone working harder and tougher jobs like cleaning, mechanic etc. The whole cast system basically. Those who can't afford something, just do not belong among us, that type of mentality. I was part of it when I was growing up in India, I used to see kids from poor families play cricket among themselves as they are considered different than us. I realized it very early how wrong we were as a country when I came overseas and saw that every child, regardless of the background is equal. We are really backwards in thinking.
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    Interest rate in FD

    How about this I work in a bank...even though I can't give you any monetary value....I will upvote every post of yours as long as you do spell check and grammar check before you post...I mean grammar check is secondary...that will get you a Thanks...spell check an upvote...how about this special offer, I will give you Upvote for the proper use of caps lock well and a combination of any 2 of the above will get you a Thanks. This Is my best offer
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    5 time world champs and defending champs.....no need to laugh at them. We wouldn't want others to laugh at us when we get into a losing streak, no? When the times comes(2019 WC) they will be the team to beat like they have been in the past WCs, you can never count the Aussies out.
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    Probably for the first time our bowling is starting to look much more balanced and better than our batting.
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    @Trichromatic today's innings worth it or was the pitch flat because Virat scored runs ?
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    India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

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    Considering that only good ODI bowler who is playing regularly for India is Bumrah, certainly no.
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    Bumrah unlucky today not to get a wicket.
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    Money went to bank because banker involved in fraud. Fine. 4 lakh shell companies unearthed. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/4-lakh-companies-face-deregistration-for-not-filing-i-t-returns/articleshow/58232239.cms Note ban: Rs 2.89 lakh crore deposited by 9.72 lakh people under scanner, says I-T department http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/rs-2-89-lakh-crore-deposited-post-note-ban-by-9-72-lakh-people-under-i-t-radar/articleshow/60308828.cms Black money: DRI probing illicit outflow of $505 billion during UPA rule (2004-2013) http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/black-money-dri-probes-illicit-outflow-of-505-billion-during-upa-rule/ And Sabaka Baap! Aadhar Card becoming biometric mandatory and linking with allmost everything Financial or Government related Just because Government went after Kashmiri Militant funding (shell companies), Political symbol of Corruption Gandhi Family and Laloo ji or Gun/Don Symbol Dawood Ibrahims assets doesnt mean it cant go after others. Its step by step. Long back I said on this thread. At the end all these smartass Accountants, Bankers, Hawala Operators who are turning black into white have no clue how many digital footprints or trails they will be leaving behind which in turn will give government Complete control to deal with big men behind all this.
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    Same as anti-Gun laws, do you want to let people carry guns publicly, like they do allow in some parts of USA? Yes, keep the rituals in closed doors where it is revered and accepted. No, but people want to show their religion to others - blast loudspeakers with Azaan, bhajans. This one in Hyd, blasted Aiyappa songs one whole day near my inlaws' house.
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    Justified move and very sensible one. Good for the society. Why do any religious person need to carry swords to show of his religious passion in public ? There is simply no need for that. What next if some sect in Hindus start saying carrying guns in public is a way of showing there passion? These are civilized society and stuff like this should be curbed at the initial stage and a precedence should be set. If you wanna overtly show your religious passion show it inside your house or in Temple /Gurudwara.And get a licensed permit to keep it as well. Not in public spaces.

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