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    If Ashwin and Jaddu would have bowled here, I guess we would have been looking at a score of over 320+. Wickets are the best way of restricting the scoring. On flat pitches like these 75 for 2 is any day better than 60 for 0.
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    '94-'96 Gangu was yet to blossom. He got into the groove only after 1997-98. Sidhu was strictly OK. Dhawan wins this hands down. Yuvi post 2011>Azhar because Azhar was a serial match fixer and untrustworthy. Moreover any version of UV can be a match winner on his day, Azhar was not a match winner. Raina>Jadeja not only as a batsman but also as a team man and on the integrity front. MSD>>>Mongia LOL Robin Singh>Jadeja as a batsman more because of the latter's selfishness than any special skills of the former. Kohli's partners win 4-1. What you are missing is the phattu culture of the 90s Indian team. With gonads made of wax, they would melt at the first sign of adversity, spineless and having no belief in themselves. Moreover match fixing was rampant in our team back then, you never knew whom to trust, team cohesion was missing. Azhar was always jealous of Sachin and worked his ways behind the screen to sabotage our team's chances every single effing time, helped by fellow crooks in our team and the underworld. If you haven't watched 90s Indian cricket, it will be difficult for you to comprehend the state of our team back then. Sachin was the only person worth watching till 1997 when Ganguly started emerging. Ganguly of the late 90s too was box office in case you missed his peak. But till Gangu's rise our batting unit was in pitiable plight. In hindsight we had a decent bowling attack(Kumble and Srinath will walk into an Indian ATG XI) but the mentality was too submissive and when we were bad we were really bad !!!
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    Whatever the team combination, you have to make space for someone who has 91 wickets from 49 ODIS @ 24 avg. Then we complain about not having wicket taking bowlers
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    This is the first match after IPL where bhuvi is facing good batsmen(for flat tracks) on a flat deck.
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    The way some of the players are kissing Dhoni's bottom the past few days, I hope they don't say 'Dhoni ki meherbani' the day they become dads.
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    Fastest balls by Indians in the 3rd ODI vs Australia Bumrah 144 k Bhuvi 142 k Pandya 139 k
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    Sunny and Manju in the commentary box
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    Our wrist spinners has done well on this patta pitch, ashwin should learn from them, how to bowl on such pattas.
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    Look guys who did not watch India play during 90 s don't understand and never will . Team was poor really and folded as soon as so much as said boo to them . Only one man stood up and regularly took it all hit big punches back . Sachin got out it was literally switch tv and it's all over . Takes one amazing man to have mates who could not fhight back . Yet he would go head and out with balls in pants to front up and lead these pussies in to battle sachin was a god and a true great . People who saw later part of career won't understand as agree as time came on he became more calculated and risk free . Back in 90 s he was like a frearless warrior . God i love that man
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    Hopefully Shami gets a game in next match
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    Well explained by harsha , with a lot of sugar coating as usual. @Khota - i have said the same thing, atleast a cricket expert agrees with me. Find me someone who agrees with that IPL stats matter over international stats
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    Do me a favour dnt give me a benefit of doubt, coming from u ill start doubting myself
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    ...and the best Indian bowler is warming the bench...just like CT
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    Run out missed Such a flat deck. This is where we miss Shami.
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    If not for SRT, these guys would've watched the 2011 WC final on TV.
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    bcci is stupid as fck...i would have given a green seamer pitch instead of slow turner in this match...to test the ability of spinners and pacers in overseas conditions ad check the temprqament in swinging conditions of india a batsmen .....bcoz there is no fear of losing as it is just india a side....this would bring best out of them instead of providing them with ranjee like pitches.... need them to push beyond limits
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    Promote pandya 1 down against this spinner
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    Iyer & Pant should be selected for the next 2 odi

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