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    Development of Pandya as a cricketer has been a delight to watch.In many ways this guy has completed our side in almost all formats.Hitting ability aside ,the matirity and calmness he has shown in last 6 months exemplifies his development. Much of Pandya's growth as a cricketer must be attributed to Dhoni at start and largely to Kohli for always backing him in every situation.There were times I thought him playing as a 3rd seamer is a slightly risky option but he has seldom disappointed with the ball in the hand.Going into the champions trophy final I thought he might be the weak link in the bowling but he turned out to be one of the best bowler on the finals day.Subsequently he has taken crucial wickets and now hardly can be treated as a weak link as I presumed he was in this side.Inclusion of variations like knuckle ball is a pleasant sight as well. Batting has been a revelation.I remember I was not convinced that much after his 50 odd vs Eng at Eden Gardens in January this year , the innings was riddled with edgy shots.But 6-8 months after that,Pandya looks much more calmer, equally destructive against spinners or seamers but he does all that with a plan in mind.Never have I seen a batsman who finds hitting sixes against spinners as easy as this guy and even yesterday when Agar was bowling I knew chakka tou padega hi isko kabhi na kabhi and Pandya didnt disappoint.Now the growth part ,when he miscued one on a flighted loopy delivery, he knew he had committed a mistake and it was great to watch he didnt repeat it and on the contrary changed his modus operandi and hit Agar for a six using his feet.Maturity,calmness and game awareness everything was on display. Now coming on to the nub of the point I am trying to make,looking at Pandya grow as a cricketer in this regime, a thought came in my mind that Rishabh Pant who I believe is an equally big talent,should be given a chance to become a polished cricketer like Pandya is on course to becoming.As I wrote earlier,Pandya has completed our side in many ways already but if Pant is a given a chance to become a player he has the potential to become ,our limited overs team can be the most dangerous side in the current circuit.We have one maverick in Pandya and there is still scope for one more in our side and Pant is ideal for that. Now comes some people's apprehension that Pant can only play if Dhoni hangs up his keeping gloves.I dont believe that, Dhoni and Pant both can play,like Healy n Gilly circa 1997.The world cup is still 2 years away and I am desperately hoping Pant is in Kohl's scheme of thing for that tournament because such a talent has to be tapped.
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    Man, I feel bad for him. He doesn't have the media and lobby like Rohit, Rahane, Jadejas. One bad series and he might be gone. But I trust in Kohli to back his matchwinners.
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    Watching the 3rd India Australia ODI meander to its predictable conclusion, I couldn't help but notice the despair and frustration in the eyes of the Australian players. Smith. Warner. Finch. Stoinis. Handscomb. Agar. You can see it in all of them. Frustration. Fatigue. Disappointment. That creeping knowledge that the game is over. And with it, the series. And all they can do is go through the motions and take another L. These are professional cricketers out there, all quite skilled in their own right, doing their best, but knowing that slowly, inevitably, their best is not going to be good enough, and is going to come up short. I know that look. I have seen it. Felt it. Endured it, way too often as an Indian fan during the late 90s and early 2000s, at the hands of that all-conquering superlative Australian team of that era. The shoe is on the other foot. And damn if it doesn't feel good. Let's brownwash the potty-mouth brats.
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    As India has won the series, selectors should have selected Pant for the remaining two odi
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    Md Siraj 7 overs,6 maidens,2 runs in the second inning of India A Vs New Zealand A team
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    Changed my mind about MSD. Its fine if he is in team for now. But he shouldn't ever bat before no. 6.
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    Pant is not as careless as Maxwell from whatever I have seen. You cannot bring any random player to shove your point. What should we look at Pandya? LOL. Look at some of his innings even before he made to Indian team. He always played like he plays now. He is level headed right from the beginnimg and plays according to the situation. Only issue with him was when he starts playing shots(rightfully given the situation) he throws bat at everything wildly rather than trying to time it. He is improving on this aspect in internationals.Most of his shots now are coming right from middle of the bat. And funny thing is while you make a point of Pandya learning you forget he is learning in internationals. And you don't want Pant in team till he improves his strike rotation in domestics.
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    Re: Indian ODI batting circa 90s, I'd divide it into 4 phases: 1990-1993 This was truly the weakest batting phase in the decade with a bunch of players averaging in the low 30s and the likes of Shastri having a SR of 50 . The only guy who was making runs consistently at an exceptional SR was none other than Mohammad Azharuddin. Azhar not only had the best raw stats but also happened to be the MOTS in the Hero Cup and the MOTM in the Asia Cup final (these were the only multi-national tournaments we won in this period). Oh, he was also our top-scorer in the '92 WC. SRT was the only other specialist batsman in the side who batted with a SR of 70+. 1994-1995 Achhe din for our ODI side as we had a massive upgrade at the top of the order with SRT as an opener. However, it's not a one man show as Sidhu had an amazing couple of years averaging nearly 50 with a SR of 70+. Jadeja and Kambli stepped up as well averaging 40+. Azhar was no longer as consistent as he was from 90-93 but made up for it by delivering MOTM performances in the Singer World Series Final as well as the Asia Cup Final. 1996-1998 This is clearly SRT at his peak as he played a leading role in multiple tournament wins. Titan Cup in India, Independence Cup in Dhaka, Desert Storm series in Sharjah, Series Final against a strong SL side in their backyard were all won with SRT being the top scorer, MOTS, or MOTM in the final or all of the above! The supporting cast changed somewhat as Sidhu and Kambli faded away and Ganguly and Dravid emerged. Azhar surprisingly enough maintained an average of 40+ at a healthy SR of 73. Jadeja moved to the middle-order and became a discount Bevan. This is the only phase in the 90s where we were close to being a "Sachin or bust" side. Still, others did step up every now and then like Sidhu and Jadeja vs Pak in the '96 WC, Ganguly winning 4 back to back MOTM awards vs Pak in 97 and Ganguly and Robin Singh in the 3rd Final at Dhaka in '98. 1999 After his best ever year in '98, SRT started off with a poor series in NZ and was never the same after his back injury in Chennai. Ganguly by the end of the year established himself as the best ODI batsman in the side and Dravid ended up as the top scorer in the '99 WC. As good as these guys were, we missed SRT rather badly and got our asses kicked in back to back finals against PAK. tl;dr: SRT did most of his damage in two phenomenal years in 1996 and 1998. During his best phase (94-98), he did have decent support first from Sidhu/Azhar/Kambli/Jadeja and then from Azhar/Ganguly/Jadeja. Azhar may have been a match fixer but was a bloody good ODI batsman and performed superbly from 90-93 when he had diabolical support.
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    Considering most of people on icf wanted kohli sacked after losing one frigging game . The kid has not done too bad , handy with bat as well even though some wanted him dropped as player as well because of one dissmissal the mob is so fickle
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    Dhoni is Unremovable, i was a dhoni fan then a dhoni hater for a while because of his csk & sreeni connections and bullying attitude, and now a dhoni fan again purely because he's shown the hard work and the dedication to stay fit, hes a legend behind the stumps and in his mind their is a software that literally runs this team..players look up to him, the captain looks upto him, and i guess no one is ICF should have any complain anymore.
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    Ind replies to Terroristan

    Abd finally Pakistan has responded to EAM's jibe...
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    Look guys who did not watch India play during 90 s don't understand and never will . Team was poor really and folded as soon as so much as said boo to them . Only one man stood up and regularly took it all hit big punches back . Sachin got out it was literally switch tv and it's all over . Takes one amazing man to have mates who could not fhight back . Yet he would go head and out with balls in pants to front up and lead these pussies in to battle sachin was a god and a true great . People who saw later part of career won't understand as agree as time came on he became more calculated and risk free . Back in 90 s he was like a frearless warrior . God i love that man
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    After SRK glorified Abdul Latif in Raees now it is time for Shraddha Kapoor to glorify the evil ***** sister of Dawood Ibrahim, Haseena Parker. Why do these B stars make my blood boil so much? Can't they make more movies about shaheeds Mohan Chand Sharma or Omble or Niranjan? Why this fascination with India's enemies and indifference towards those who have laid down their lives for our protection? If it were up to me I would hire a firing squad and kill every last member of D family currently partying in Mumbai. All of them are in extortion, land grabbing, real estate and contract killing dhandha. All these ****** getting VIP treatment while Omble's daughters are living in abject poverty is an abject reflection of how so called secularism has screwed over this country time and again.
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    Pant will be kept away with a 20 foot pole from Indian team till 2019 WC. Its time to make peace with it.
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    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    One floater as opener & now another floater at no 4
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    Maybe in Bangalore, Rahul will play on his home ground
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    If you see maxwells dismissal today you will note idiotic " this is how I play nonsense " sorry to sound boring but pant wull will need to learn how take singles so can just rotate strike at times and choose moments to unleash . Look at pandya , has learnt
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    People r stupid to expect ready made replacements lol, that was the stupid excuse Dhoni gave for his losses, Pant ,Samson, Saha should be given chances n more experience n that can happen when Dhoni is rested n slowly phase out, this should have been done 4 years back.
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    Way too many even neutrals are calling him out for his usual BS can't get worse than that. He was already called out by his fellow mod before..
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    there is a reason all of India, and i mean everyone not just the lowly peasants, switched off and/or gave up all hope when Tendulkar was out in the 90s. that's really all that needs to be said on the subject.
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    Here is the whole career list from the same article, without selecting specific favorable periods of a player's career Top Batsmen In Run-Chases In ODIs Batsman Runs Run fac SR SR fac Runs/inn RPI fac Chase index Virat Kohli 4447 0.28 94.56 1.12 49.97 2.03 0.65 Viv Richards 2655 0.25 86.91 1.38 36.37 1.69 0.58 Gordon Greenidge 2597 0.30 65.04 0.94 43.28 1.83 0.52 AB de Villiers 3522 0.25 95.73 1.16 42.95 1.81 0.52 Saeed Anwar 2992 0.24 81.13 1.14 36.94 1.82 0.49 Brian Lara 4631 0.23 77.62 1.11 36.18 1.85 0.48 Tendulkar (career) 6928 0.22 87.89 1.19 37.25 1.72 0.46 Adam Gilchrist 3570 0.22 98.67 1.32 37.19 1.55 0.46 Javed Miandad 2831 0.24 67.09 1.00 35.39 1.86 0.44 http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20780821/reopening-debate-best-chasers-odis

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