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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    I feel he is already the best wicket keeper batsman of all time, but winning the ct13, t20 world cup 2007, cricket world cup 2011, surely cements him as the best cricketer India has ever produced. That is 3 pieces of silverware, while teams like new zealand and south africa have cobwebs in their cupboards. He is far from finished either. Has an excellent record this year. One match where he couldn't finish it off in a meaningless odi series and people want him kicked. smh. Fans need to have faith, he is here to stay until 2019 world cup. Love you Dhoni!
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Don't mix captaincy with other aspects. GOAT in terms of LOI captain. GOAT keeper ATG in ODI batting Avg in test captaincy,test and T20I batting. Far from being the greatest Indian cricketer.
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    Kb indian ocean littoral states in mid summer are not for outdoors sport u need to be a special superhuman to bowl 140 all day. The humidity makes the feels like temp 5 degrees more and it usually hovers around 35 to 40 UAEs dry heat can be fought with fluids but not SL TN or Kerala its something else. Geneuinly without trolling only Aussie pacers can out pace Indian pace squad atm in tests.
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    Hardik bowled 132 - 144 thats something.
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    Haha Good that you did not say he should RETIRE
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    Pakistani fast bowling is a myth now.Who was the last pakistani fast bowler to take 200 test wickets?
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    He was referring to bowling speeds Both Indian quicks bowled 135 k to 147 k in the last test series in SL .... in hot and humid conditions Pakistani seamers are bowling 126 k to 140 k in this test series.
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    no steyn is ATG. Aamir is shyt basically and alos puny.....
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    @KeyboardWarrior @Don may be this trundling from pak bowlers is because of malnourishment or more genetic could be ? concerning for you i am sure.
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    pak medium pacers trundling. #paktrundlers fast bowlers from India bowl like this.
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    Washington Sundar capped off a memorable match with career-best figures of 6 for 87 as India Red wrapped up a 163-run win over India Blue to lift the 2017-18 Duleep Trophy on the fourth day in Lucknow. It was Washington's second five-wicket haul of the match, coming on the back of 5 for 94 in Blue's first innings, and gave him a first-class-best match haul of 11 for 181. The wickets came in addition to a first-innings knock of 88, and 42 in the second that lifted Red from 58 for 4 and recover to 208, setting Blue an improbable 393 to win. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8630/report/1118611/day/4/
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    fact dikha diya ab kya badabada raha hai...... ladne se aamir tez nahi ho jayega. Ek match ke patake fodte raho das saal tak ab.....
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    hehe...i just showed you the recent test performances man, tests are not like come in and bowl cute 4 over spells that you see in LOI, you need real physical ability. but why do you think pak bowlers trundle ? is it genetic? i guess so.
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    Can Toygers avoid follow-on?

    ok SL vs Pak.. wtf happened @Don @KeyboardWarrior why are your atg greatest fastest amir trundling ? with a 130 k average ? hassan is a bit better with 133 who is the other slow bowler abbas ?? Jadeja bowls faster than him lol. I think its because of malnourishment in pakistan
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    Can Toygers avoid follow-on?

    I am more interested in knowing how pak does against sl. I see world beating bowling lineup has already conceded 400+
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    The no.4 conundrum

    Give me Rahul at 4 and then Pant at 5. Goodbye Dhoni
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    Surgical Strike heroes speak out

    While I agree with you on the BJP's shamelessness in trying to milk political mileage out of issues and incidents which should be kept apolitical, I disagree with you on keeping this private. Both armies have deployed so-called "Border Action Teams" against each for other for decades now. This one was just a bit larger in scope than most. I believe that the conscious decision to publicize the strike, was a good move. I also loved the master-stroke of categorizing the strike as one aimed at 'terrorist launch-pads' as opposed to PakMil posts - when in reality, there isn't much difference between the 2. The public follow-up ramped up the pressure on the PakMil to "do something", and fits in with the current strategy to heat up the LOC - something that the PakMil would rather not do. They can't afford the constant and growing cost of a hot LOC. in arms, ammo as well as men. This is the reason why the PakMil Jernails won't even share casualty details with their own elected government. If that became public knowledge, the pressure on PakMil to retaliate and escalate would be too great for them to bear. Fire and Fury along the LOC is a 'theater" of operations where India has the advantage. The rationale for this is to create a pain point for PakMil, and thereby some leverage of our own where we can apply pressure, in exchange for their shameless support of "non-state actors" across the LOC. They turn off their tap, so will we - they keep it going, so will the Indian border forces. Btw, this is not a 'new' strategy that the BJP can take credit for - Indian army was already given a "free hand" and were doing this before BJP came to power. But arguably, the policy and the implementation have sharpened in focus and firepower since then.
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    just saw the celebration of hasan ali after an unlucky dismissal of dickwella,what an idiot this guy is,pak have got replacement of afridi in showmanship
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    17 year old Washington Sundar's performance in Duleep Trophy Finals - 88, 5/94, 42, 6/87 This guy knows how to perform on the big stage!
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    The Never Ending Thread

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    The current kartick outperformed dhoni in CT. Dont show me irrelevant stuff.

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