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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    I feel he is already the best wicket keeper batsman of all time, but winning the ct13, t20 world cup 2007, cricket world cup 2011, surely cements him as the best cricketer India has ever produced. That is 3 pieces of silverware, while teams like new zealand and south africa have cobwebs in their cupboards. He is far from finished either. Has an excellent record this year. One match where he couldn't finish it off in a meaningless odi series and people want him kicked. smh. Fans need to have faith, he is here to stay until 2019 world cup. Love you Dhoni!
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    +GOAT in mocking reporters at press conferences instead of answering the damn question.
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Don't mix captaincy with other aspects. GOAT in terms of LOI captain. GOAT keeper ATG in ODI batting Avg in test captaincy,test and T20I batting. Far from being the greatest Indian cricketer.
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    Kb indian ocean littoral states in mid summer are not for outdoors sport u need to be a special superhuman to bowl 140 all day. The humidity makes the feels like temp 5 degrees more and it usually hovers around 35 to 40 UAEs dry heat can be fought with fluids but not SL TN or Kerala its something else. Geneuinly without trolling only Aussie pacers can out pace Indian pace squad atm in tests.
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    Hardik bowled 132 - 144 thats something.
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    Haha Good that you did not say he should RETIRE
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    Pakistani fast bowling is a myth now.Who was the last pakistani fast bowler to take 200 test wickets?
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    He was referring to bowling speeds Both Indian quicks bowled 135 k to 147 k in the last test series in SL .... in hot and humid conditions Pakistani seamers are bowling 126 k to 140 k in this test series.
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    no steyn is ATG. Aamir is shyt basically and alos puny.....
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    @KeyboardWarrior @Don may be this trundling from pak bowlers is because of malnourishment or more genetic could be ? concerning for you i am sure.
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    pak medium pacers trundling. #paktrundlers fast bowlers from India bowl like this.
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    If exclude last over, Shami bowled very well. Even in the power play, he was very good and he was playing an ODI after a long gap. Cant expect him to just come in start taking wickets
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    Srilanka was also hot and humid. UAE max temp is 37 degree today.
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    Pant is over the hill then . Need to source new keeper / bat talent then
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    Restrict bilaterals to max 3 matches Play more triangular series Bring back 1 ball rule Remove power plays after 10 overs Allow 4 bouncers in a over in first 10 and last 10 overs. 2 bouncers in remaining 30 overs Bouncer rule will probably make teams think more. Some bowlers will get carried away and likely to be thrashed for sixes over in last 10 overs as batsmen will look to score on misdirected balls. Some bastsmen will be exposed as they miss and play lot of dot balls.
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    what has this to do with ICC or cricket? he may be a cricketer but it did not happen on a cricket field.
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    Why is MSD playing T20? Because he doesn't want anyone to come into the picture, if player like Pant starts smashing in T20, ODI calls will start coming as Dhoni knows he is **** batsman nowdays. Reason he is playing is for money, as he will lose lots of sponsorships he hangs his boots.
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    I don't think you have watched much of Umesh in test cricket in the last 15 months or so. A massively improved bowler from his days as a spraygun. Think of him as a faster, better version of workhorse, ahead of Ishant. And one that can deploy reverse-swing to deadly effect when available.
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    for that MSD shld retire from T20s
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    http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/understanding-the-slowdown/article19694073.ece Exports stagnating http://wap.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/share-of-exports-in-gdp-at-14-year-low-of-19-4-117092500965_1.html Inflation rising up again http://m.timesofindia.com/business/india-business/retail-inflation-in-august-shoots-up-by-3-36-highest-in-five-months/articleshow/60478331.cms Petrol price reaching unprecedented levels http://m.hindustantimes.com/business-news/petrol-prices-hiked-rs-79-per-litre-in-mumbai-at-highest-since-august-2014/story-K1nXE29mK6ect6o4PANNoN.html Job creation projections nowhere near as projected. Infact at an eight year low http://businessworld.in/article/-NoJobs-In-India-PM-s-Promise-Of-1-Crore-Jobs-Annually-Far-From-Reality/20-09-2017-126601/ Govt planning to inject 65k crore to stimulate economic growth because slipped to a three-year low of 5.7 percent in the quarter ending June.Which in turn will cut into fiscal dificit. http://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/finance/india-considering-7-7-billion-stimulus-spending-in-2017/18-government-sources/articleshow/60780738.cms Also that 5.7 % is after the adjusted stats of GDP growth model .With the old figures the GDP figures are at 3-4% acc to Sinha. And Telecom sector is the new sector under Stress and in danger of becoming NPA and to prevent that Govt is planning to bail them out. http://www.livemint.com/Industry/tAgwcBSFOR3bn5T6focq4L/Ministers-panel-starts-hearing-case-for-bailing-out-debtla.html
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    I would take 71-4 if atleast 3 of those wickets are from overs 1-25 as compared to 55-0. And I wouldn't pick Umesh for ODIs.
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    Fastest balls at the end of the innings, 4th ODI vs Australia Shami 146 k Umesh 144 k Pandya 142 k
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    Twitter messages

    Great joke from Manju
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    Dhoni will not make a world xi team with Gilchrist, who is a far better player than him available.
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    Kartik didnt play a single game in CT 2017....ill have wat ur smoking Irrelevant that international cricket, he can go n keep his whole life in IPL

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