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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    disappointed india went back to bhuvi n bummers after just one game.
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    Currently everyone is looking at this score: AUS - 167/4 (34.4 Ovs)
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Faulkner's back. Someone will be very happy
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    Iyer gone for 82 off 79 balls. Get this guy in the Indian team FFS.
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    The pitches in the last 3 ODIs have been really bad and unexciting for pace bowling. No pace, no bounce and minimal movement.
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    Exactly, it's not as if he gets tailenders out. He gets the main men like Warner, Williamson, Smith, etc. and also has a low ER to boot
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    Indian management once again is making a big mistake. first of all, making these useless batting pattas, they are ensuring once team travels abroad they are going to suffer big time. I must say that the indian cricket boards mindset is absolutely short sighted as it always has been. Its going to ensure Indian team never reaches its potential. Very weak decisions made by the team and management.
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    Should not have dropped Shami after 1 game. He is a quality bowler. Aksar Patel is waste...we might have played 3 seamers.
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    As the continued poor performances of Rahane isnt enough to get him booted out of the team, i believe only prayers and duas can do it now.
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    Was this sarcasm?? Dude din’t get a game was always live on Instagram chatting!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shivam Mavi: u19 bowler

    He has potential.
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    India should also groom Avesh khan on some A tours, he touches 140 ideally would have liked if he could cross 145k with his height & bounce would be a handful, still slightly less on pace for my liking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    India should find a left armer like khejrolia or Khaleel, milind or somebody, all right handers are not ideal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Wade played both football and cricket. Should have stuck with football. Trivia: Wade was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 16 and has recovered from it.
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    Wade providing much needed entertainment
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Both keepers are blocking full tosses in the death overs.
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Dhoni or wade?? Don't know who is the worst.. Lol
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    say what you may kedar time and time again has shown that he is more than handy bowler. Does it today.
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Bumrah the awkward guy awkward but quite effective these days.
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    So just one match rest for bhuvi and bumrah????? They are your premier fast bowlers should be well rested and preserved
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    How to Make ODI cricket more relevant ?

    Here is why ODI cricket is struggling in my opinion. New Rules As much as people have been burnt out on slogfests, that is the only way to go about in this era with the new rules unfortunately ..on a grassy or a dusty difficult pitch if a team batting first gets out to a sub par score, the team batting 2nd will get there 9/10 times because it is that much more easier to chase. Atleast in a 300 run fest even if a team batting 2nd has it easy these days there is a little bit of pressure at stake which makes for some amount of compelling viewing. Again it's the chicken or egg situation...run fests which we all used to love when they were far in between back in the day, we all have reached a saturation point clearly evident by the posts above. A 250 odd runs per team game where the team batting 2nd gets close or chases it down with some struggle is the best odi game scenario possible but the occurrence of that is very rare and nearly impossible in the current era. This shows ODI cricket as a whole has become a little predictable as we already know only 2 things will happen 9/10 times - A slogfest or a boring one sided game.predictability over a 100 overs is pretty much the biggest problem with the modern odi game. Absence of star power in a lot of bilateral games As far as bilaterals go- Meaningless series and dead rubbers have always been around but I don't remember back in the day a Warne or a McGrath or a Donald or an Akram skipping bilaterals to concentrate only on important tournaments and series. Most bilaterals do not have teams with enough star power atleast from a bowling perspective.May be what I mentioned above has a lot to do with it. Hell even the odi series after the Ashes has Eng-Aus fielding 2nd string lineups at times. Tournaments have more intensity than Bilaterals Infact ODI from a team competitiveness standpoint is at its peak right now....Srilanka upset India in CT but lost a series to Zimbabwe. Bangladesh made it to the semis of the CT...WI are at their lowest point but on their day beat Pak and scored 350+ against England. There are no teams that would lose for sure in a one on one setting anymore..yes obviously there are weak and strong teams ,but there are no teams you can call as minnows anymore. What the above point leads to is that....having strong and weak teams can make a bilateral boring but at the same time presence of no definite minnow means tournaments can have that much more intensity and have the any thing can happen edge to them,which the bilaterals cannot keep pace with. so only way to save ODI cricket is to give each game a context. Sure slogfests can get repititive but there is no getting around that in this era, so giving the games context will lead to better management of player workload that will have teams playing with more star-power and in result raise the intensity of the games which is missing so badly in the modern odi game.
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    What's with the name of the team............ The sultan of Multan is none other than: VIRENDER SEHWAG.

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