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    Never forget your mentors is our kaptaan's policy!
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    We are blessed

    Soon we shall see a day where Srilanka will be one of the participant in our Ranji Trophy and IPLs...
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    Don't believe this "story" Nehra's teeth alone would not pass any medical test.
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    Hey where is Yuvraj? He should be back too. Pathetic squad
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    @Asim bhai, we don't like losing to minnows. So it still hurts.
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    Selectors are high on some quality
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    Lolz raina failed fitness test and nehra passed it.. Do i ppl even blv this story. This is all politics dude.. BY THE way raina is just 30
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    Kathik is selected only to keep Dhoni Secure, B***C*** Pant would have made that guy insecure. F*** it feels like corruption.
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    What a performer. Great win.
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    We are blessed

    Just as we were beginning to miss playing against our old favourite, BCCI announce Sri Lanka to tour India next month. And that too for a full tour India v SL fixtures 1st Test: November 16-20, Kolkata 2nd Test: November 24-28, Nagpur 3rd Test: December 2-6, Delhi 1st ODI: December 10, Dharamsala 2nd ODI: December 13, Mohali 3rd ODI December 17, Visakhapatnam 1st T20I: December 20, Cuttack 2nd T20I: December 22, Indore 3rd T20I: December 24, Mumbai
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    Its like that fluke Asia cup win. They just need some sort of fig-leaf to cover their shame, no matter how small or illogical it may be. The delusions of "parity" will never cease. If all else fails, there's always that head to head record from the previous millenium that can be dusted off. Or Miandad's 6.
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    Time has come for Pakistan,srilanka,bangla to announce a combined team and try to beat India.
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    Talent watch

    Another one i am keeping big hopes on is Rahul chahar . Has all the core of a fine Leg spinner in him. But I think where he is different his build and shoulder strength , looks fairly big and Strong shoulder - Shoulder strength is so imp for a leggie to dish out rippers as well as bowl with real zip. Will not give any time for batter to adjust his shots once committed.
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    Missing an all rounder how about Vinay Kumar? To complete the veterans XI how about? RP Singh Munaf Patel Dinda Harbhajan Singh Gautam Gambhir Robin Uthappa Rayudu Murali Vijay A computer with a database can pick better players than these brain dead selectors
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    Wow...we can like our own comments I liked my own comment by mistake. See
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    Seamer-all-rounder like Hardik ! We can have 2 of them now !! I hear he can clear the 30-yard circle with the same ease with which Hardik hits 6s ! And bowl bouncers which can tickle the knees ! Simply wow !
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    Pathetic selection, dhoni, pandey nehra, karthic really???? Selectors are either incompetent or has no confidence on the youngsters or just lazy, all above 4 should have been kicked out of the squad especially dhoni who has been a mediocre t20 player and a proven failure
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    Dhawal and unadkat lol oh man. Sad day for world cricket.
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    Looks like they are having a reunion of the 2007 T20 WC winning squad. So Yuvraj should have been in this team. Maybe they should also ask Joginder Sharma to take a week's leave from his Govt job and be made to bowl last over of each T20 match. That would be nice
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    He can pass whatever Nehra passed..may be it was gas.
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    This is supposed to be a squad picked for a T20 series in 2017? Really?
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    Talent watch

    This thread will be one place to discuss exciting talent, predict, and monitor, post videos. Let's start with the most exciting 17 year old I have ever scene, audacious, talented, tough, someone special, once in a genuine player for me, Sarfaraz Khan.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/on-return-from-injury-sarfaraz-stars-in-khanga-league/articleshow/60908017.cms For everyone wondering and doubting his fitness and attitude, it wasn't the case but a knee injury, this guy should play for India in a year.
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    15th January 2017 - Kohli took over Captaincy from Dhoni. India has played 23 matches so far, and no young batsman has made debut under him. How long it will take for someone to get a game under him?
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    Under the current regime anybody under 35 is regarded as young. So the team under Kohli has actually got younger.
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    Raina's belly v Mishra's belly

    Mishra ji must be dragging the buffet cart
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    just caught 1st session highlights, this hasan ali gets on my nerve everytime he does that stupid celebration, this time after getting no.11
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    But today its your day bro :)))
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Kohli is so good, he features twice on your list
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    One swallow doesn't make a summer, Pakistan team apni aukat pe aa gaya.yehi Aukat hai rehgi Pakistani team ki..
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    Talent watch

    Talent to watch out in this season Kejoroliya Nagarkotti Pant Kishan Thampi Shaw
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    express bowling

    We are blessed

    Just 5-day gap between the T20 series and SA tour Kohli, Rahul, Pandya, Bhuvi .... and any other test player, who is selected for T20Is, need to be rested for the SL T20I series. Otherwise, they will be tired mentally and won't be able to give their best in the SA test series.
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    I had written about the new Indian fast bowlers after the IPL, in the " Speed and Performance thread ". I am re-posting that here. My impressions of the new Indian fast-bowlers in this IPL -- Md.Siraj - He has been impressive. He has bowled with genuine pace with a very high percentage of deliveries at 135 k to 145 k. Plus he is a skiddy pacer who hurries on to the bat after pitching. Gets inswing on a consistent basis and the in-dipping skiddy quick balls result in a lot of bowled outs and LBWs. Has a good pacy bouncer and has developed decent yorkers and slower balls in this IPL. Hits the deck hard when needed and his height is ok. The best thing is that he was learning as the tournament progressed. He took 41 wickets from only 9 FC matches this season and is the one bowler to look out for as he knows how to pick up wickets. Needs to be picked for our A team and can play all formats. Avesh Khan -- He is tall and bouncy. Hits the deck hard and bowls a heavy ball. Gets the ball to seam in and is accurate.... makes the batsmen play. He is one of those quicks who hurry batsmen visually. Can bowl lots of 140 k + deliveries in an over. Reminds me a lot of Srinath. He was really unlucky to miss 13 matches this season and should have been played by RCB. He is a wicket taker too and was our best pacer in the last U19 WC. took loads of wickets. Don't know how he is not picked for the MP Ranji team. The selectors must see to it that he plays Ranji next season and he is good enough for our A team too. He is one of the most exciting pace prospects from India and only 20, so he should add pace as he becomes older. Nathu Singh -- He got injured and played only 2 games. But he is a big talent. Looked really good in those 2 games. Bowled 138 k to 145 k, swung the ball both ways, was very accurate and bowled a few good bouncers. His ER was only 3.75 in a T20 tournament. Would have shone even more if he had played 6 or 7 games. Another A team candidate. Kulwant Khejroliya -- The man was conspicuous by his absence. Did not get to play a single game despite taking 13 wickets from only 5 VH Trophy matches. He is genuinely quick and bouncy and a left-armer too. Saw him in a DY Patil match he was bowling some superb and fierce bouncers and yorkers. Basil Thampi -- He has impressed most commentators and his team management due to his ability to bowl quick, inswinging late-dipping yorkers at will. That is a rare skill and he needs to be backed. he bowled 134 k to 144 k , was skiddy and got regular inswing. He has a somewhat round-arm action and a lowish release point and that often robs him of bounce when bowling good length. He has a good, quick bouncer. Needs to improve his accuracy regarding all deliveries. He bowled all the difficult overs even in his first IPL and that speaks volumes about the confidence that his team management has in him. Ankit Rajpoot -- He did not get to play that many games too but did well whenever he was chosen. He is a tall pacer and can hit the deck hard. Gets good bounce. Bowled 132 k to 142 k in this IPL but bowled upto 147 k last time. He gets seam movement with regularity and comes across as a skilled pacer for the shorter formats. Seen him swing the ball in FC too. Has a decent slower ball. Shardul Thakur -- He was good one day and bad the next day. This inconsistency is due to the fact that he tries too many things and often ends up bowling a bad line, either down the leg or too wide. He has a lot of skills, swing, reverse swing, seam movement, good bouncer, decent slower balls and decent yorkers....but needs to use them judiciously. His speeds were 133 k to 145 k. Aniket Chaudhary -- He was not supposed to be a T20 bowler and did not do that well barring a couple of matches. Needs to improve his yorkers. But, he is a test prospect for sure as he is very tall, hits the deck hard, has a great bouncer and can swing the ball too. Bowls decent speeds too, 130 k to 143 k
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    Exciting new talent in the pace department Siraj Nathu Thampi Avesh Nagarkoti Khejroliya
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    And the 3 Indian innings you chose do not even include Shami's quickest innings of the SL test series .... fastest 147 k average 141 k Such high average speeds are not easy to maintain in test matches in that heat or humidity .... I hope this fact is recognized by those who did not take notice of the weather
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    @zakkbookie ne last match book karna bool gaya
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    I wonder how Rohit Sharma passed the test, and nehra too?
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    This is big auction year in Ipl. All oldies will stay in the T -20 team .
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    Dhoni still Nehra Karthik this is a great squad. Well done. Its a good mix of youth and experience, dhoni will bat through the innings and steady the ship. And Nehra will lead the pace attack and be bowling captain.. Truely well done. Ok bye
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    IND v AUS final standings : @zakk ka KLPD ho Gaya @sscomp32 ODIs me LKC did not expect this from you.
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    Where's PANT?? Where's RAINA? Dhoni is not leaving like a bad rash unless forced out. Not willing to let go of paawar so quickly. Utter horseshyt. Hoping OZs win 3-0
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    Dhoni, Karthik, heck even Pandey, Nehra all misfits. And Australia will troll us by losing all 3 games and Nehra getting the most wickets and Karthik scoring runs.
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    We are blessed

    We haven't seen India play Sri Lanka that much in recent years, and so I welcome this move by the BCCI to bring variety into our cricket calendar.
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    Think whatever you need to, to deal with harsh reality. We will have our 5 minutes of ahahaha... and move on to more important things - like why our A team against New Zealand did not pick Nathu singh etc. This result should be indicative of the yawning quality gap between India and Pakistan. You should be thankful that there aren't any bilateral series between these teams right now.
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    lol @ conspiracy theories... Pant could have been tried for all 5 games here...and dunno why is he the captain? seems odd decision to give such responsibility right now, though its just a warm up game. Also, Sreevats Goswami? Could have tried Ishan Kishan as well...
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    BP 11 squad for warm up game against NZ

    Shreyas Iyer has now become a A team vetaran.
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    Supports khalistan believes in saffron terror suppots religion of peace and immigration of peacefuls...basically a very special snow flake.

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