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    and these guys think they can compete against us.
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    This post is strictly about the ODI team and not T20 team, which OP and rest are talking about. People throwing theories with bullet points to show how many seniors Kohli tried should remember that Yuvi was part of BCCI regime and in the selectors’ scheme of things when Kohli took over all of sudden when Dhoni decided to quit captaincy. And this has been mentioned hundred times, yet people blame Kohli. Yuvi was not dropped but was injured and hence could not play more or else he would have played in the tournaments which Dhoni last captained. Check the timeline of his career when he was dropped, before coming up with theories. Don’t assume that people won’t remember. Lot of people remember facts so stop coming up with random things. Also, same people were mad that Kohli won’t drop yuvi and Kohli did. Yuvi and co are no where to be seen since west indies tour post chanpions trophy. After telling same fans million times to wait for the Champions trophy to be over when Kohli and coach will rebuild the team, people did not agree. You can already see we are rebuilding. Pandya and Pandey have taken over the middle order roles and are featuring regularly now. Raina, Yuvi, Mishra, are no where to be seen. Guys like KL Rahul have been told to fix your ODI form and fitness and compete with other younsters like Pandya and Pandey, which will only make our odi team stronger. We are already strong number 1 and just keep getting better. We have never thrashed Australia this bad like we did just now, 4-1. This is big even at home. Team is gettinng ready for 2019, and its going to take some time. Things don’t happen over night that you get all youngsters you want. Kohli isn’t perfect and will never be perfect just like any other great captain in the past. But we as supporters need to be considerate about the ODI team. These aren’t like bugs and fixes in an app where manufacturer depends on user to find faults so they report and manufacturer can fix. Kohli and co know what they are doing and they know the standard of each player and what thy will offer in the ODI team. They won 4-1 just now but will continue to play the best combination to get better and get ready for the 2019. That is what at the end of the day, we should also want, that team is getting ready for 2019.
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    What are you guys talking about. This guy has made Umesh Yadav our premier test bowler, unlike Dhoni who never believed in quick bowling and played so many trundlers. That's the reason,Kohli has the best test win ratio over all indian test captains combined as he nurtured and supported our pace bowlers. kohli got Kuldeep Yadav in the odi and T20 squad over Dhonis favourite Jadeja kohli got Kedar Jadhav in, a guy who can rotate strike from ball 1 over Dhonis friend Rayadu And Yuvi kohli has never dropped KL Rahul in the squad in order to build his confidence. Players like Rishabh debuted under Kohli and hopefully will be supported.
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    Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    I would like to go with bhuvi, umesh, shami and pandya as the attack!! To be really honest, This time I am more confident of winning our first test series vs south africa in south africa and all that is because of that strong bowling line up and Captain kohli!!
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    Looks like Dhoni will play till 2020 http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-Horoscope/m-s-dhoni-dashaphal.asp
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    But our test team is pretty much stable so they actually pick themselves. Ashwin and Jadeja have been very good albeit in SC but most of the players pretty much pick themselves. Only Kuldeep was the main pick but I guess even that was warranted. Their real test now is with Rohit Sharma healthy and how much 'leeway' he gets in test cricket where he has been largely underwhelming.
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    <Hater mode on> Both apprentice of Dhoni and learned it first hand experience from him with Team India and PWI...
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    Well. Why are you guys comparing our performance with Pakistan's? Pakistan are on par with SL in terms of ability in tests and this match showed that. India dominated SL like a no.1 team is expected to. Pakistan do not have the bowling attack to restrict SL or the batting to take the game away consistently in these conditions
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    excellent....get the importance of fitness into the youngster's mind early on in their careers. Indian cricket players have had a cosy ride (with regards to diet and fitness) for too long.
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    How can a youngster who has done so well in a recent match fail a fitness test?What exactly is this yo yo test and how does it test the fitness required from a cricketer ? Cricketers don't require the same kind of fitness that other sportsperson do. Spinners fo not require the same kind of fitness that pacers do. Same goes for bowlers and batsmen. Does yo yo test cater to the specific fitness required for the specific job?
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    Instructor : Kedar, come for your yo-yo test Kedar : No, I pass the offer Instructor : Kedar .... pass
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    Surprised Kedar Jadhav passed it
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    Hardest hitter of the ball i have ever seen and the best in the world when it comes to keeping the spinners but other then that he is poor test match and t20i bat an average Odi bat, extremely poor and below average captain, baap of nepotism and an average wk against pacers!!
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    wait you seem like a dhoni fanboy,you are bringing the high quality of the forum down with your agenda
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    Its nearly 2018, in what world does it make sense to play two has-beens in the T20 format? Its embarrassing bordering on disgusting that the T20 teams are progressively getting older with no young players even given a sniff of a chance.
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    Under the current regime anybody under 35 is regarded as young. So the team under Kohli has actually got younger.
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    Its like that fluke Asia cup win. They just need some sort of fig-leaf to cover their shame, no matter how small or illogical it may be. The delusions of "parity" will never cease. If all else fails, there's always that head to head record from the previous millenium that can be dusted off. Or Miandad's 6.
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    Never forget your mentors is our kaptaan's policy!
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    I had written about the new Indian fast bowlers after the IPL, in the " Speed and Performance thread ". I am re-posting that here. My impressions of the new Indian fast-bowlers in this IPL -- Md.Siraj - He has been impressive. He has bowled with genuine pace with a very high percentage of deliveries at 135 k to 145 k. Plus he is a skiddy pacer who hurries on to the bat after pitching. Gets inswing on a consistent basis and the in-dipping skiddy quick balls result in a lot of bowled outs and LBWs. Has a good pacy bouncer and has developed decent yorkers and slower balls in this IPL. Hits the deck hard when needed and his height is ok. The best thing is that he was learning as the tournament progressed. He took 41 wickets from only 9 FC matches this season and is the one bowler to look out for as he knows how to pick up wickets. Needs to be picked for our A team and can play all formats. Avesh Khan -- He is tall and bouncy. Hits the deck hard and bowls a heavy ball. Gets the ball to seam in and is accurate.... makes the batsmen play. He is one of those quicks who hurry batsmen visually. Can bowl lots of 140 k + deliveries in an over. Reminds me a lot of Srinath. He was really unlucky to miss 13 matches this season and should have been played by RCB. He is a wicket taker too and was our best pacer in the last U19 WC. took loads of wickets. Don't know how he is not picked for the MP Ranji team. The selectors must see to it that he plays Ranji next season and he is good enough for our A team too. He is one of the most exciting pace prospects from India and only 20, so he should add pace as he becomes older. Nathu Singh -- He got injured and played only 2 games. But he is a big talent. Looked really good in those 2 games. Bowled 138 k to 145 k, swung the ball both ways, was very accurate and bowled a few good bouncers. His ER was only 3.75 in a T20 tournament. Would have shone even more if he had played 6 or 7 games. Another A team candidate. Kulwant Khejroliya -- The man was conspicuous by his absence. Did not get to play a single game despite taking 13 wickets from only 5 VH Trophy matches. He is genuinely quick and bouncy and a left-armer too. Saw him in a DY Patil match he was bowling some superb and fierce bouncers and yorkers. Basil Thampi -- He has impressed most commentators and his team management due to his ability to bowl quick, inswinging late-dipping yorkers at will. That is a rare skill and he needs to be backed. he bowled 134 k to 144 k , was skiddy and got regular inswing. He has a somewhat round-arm action and a lowish release point and that often robs him of bounce when bowling good length. He has a good, quick bouncer. Needs to improve his accuracy regarding all deliveries. He bowled all the difficult overs even in his first IPL and that speaks volumes about the confidence that his team management has in him. Ankit Rajpoot -- He did not get to play that many games too but did well whenever he was chosen. He is a tall pacer and can hit the deck hard. Gets good bounce. Bowled 132 k to 142 k in this IPL but bowled upto 147 k last time. He gets seam movement with regularity and comes across as a skilled pacer for the shorter formats. Seen him swing the ball in FC too. Has a decent slower ball. Shardul Thakur -- He was good one day and bad the next day. This inconsistency is due to the fact that he tries too many things and often ends up bowling a bad line, either down the leg or too wide. He has a lot of skills, swing, reverse swing, seam movement, good bouncer, decent slower balls and decent yorkers....but needs to use them judiciously. His speeds were 133 k to 145 k. Aniket Chaudhary -- He was not supposed to be a T20 bowler and did not do that well barring a couple of matches. Needs to improve his yorkers. But, he is a test prospect for sure as he is very tall, hits the deck hard, has a great bouncer and can swing the ball too. Bowls decent speeds too, 130 k to 143 k
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    Thought this was interesting. Good to see another young talent being considered by the Indian team and he is very, very promising but also great to see that they're not taking any exceptions over fitness. http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/yo-yo-the-new-dreaded-term-that-can-swing-a-players-fortunes/article19786606.ece Nehra passing it is a surprise.
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    This selection committee has been the best in a long time regarding test matches, ODIs and A-team selections. Below average regarding T20 team selections.
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    Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    I am talking only about test cricket ,do you think guys like Herath, Ranatunga, Boon, Gatting, Inzi, Warne would have passed such tests? Weren't they good enough in spite of their physical shortcomings? Tomorrow if we produce a player who is better than SRT with the bat and Ashwin with the ball, but with physical fitness of a sloth bear? Suppose such a player gets a yoyo score of 16, should we choose a Rayudu or Manish Pandey over him because they have better yoyo score? Test cricket is not a physically intensive game like boxing, tennis or basketball, we shouldn't give too much importance to these tests. Yoyo is a fad, tomorrow another fad will come and everyone will go gaga over the new toy. I think the focus is on fielding and running between the wickets with these sort of tests. A physically superfit guy like Kohli may get a yoyo score of 21 but bottom line is that doesn't even help his catching, he drops 3 of them for every successful attempt. A fat unfit guy like Boon/Gatting may have tubs for hands, in fact both Boon and Gatting were ATG catchers, better than what Kohli can aspire to be in his wildest dream. Even Inzi and Warne were better catchers than Kohli. It is also perfectly possible for the fat guys to score daddy 100s and be excellent judges of running between the wickets. You don't need superhuman fitness in test cricket. SMG pointed this out beautifully in the 2004 Chennai test where motu Sehwag batted a whole day to score a 155 while athletic ripped Kaif got all cramped out after a session of batting.
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    uber trolling.. Velu anna vanakkam.
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    Wait what.... What happ to kohli??? whats hi s/r??? Kedhar jadhav?????
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    this is exactly what is being told to napkins who come around here and try tell folks that they are atg fast bowling lineup that can beat Indian team any time.
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    apart form t20s, they've been very good so far in t20s their insistence on not promoting the youth in favour of rehashing golden oldies is indefensible. In ODI their approach has been by and large been spot on (msd aside) Tests- they've been brilliant- results clearly support this A tours- looks like they're picking the right sort of players e.g. gave Pandya a chance in Aus and helped his development
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    Guys at the top are not being challenged. No one is getting any chances even when our openers are playing like snails, worst RR in first 10 overs out of all countries. Our middle order is one of the worst i have seen in a while for Indian teams. They think that Dhoni is better than De Kock even at the moment. We have the worst keeper playing for us maybe apart from Australia.
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    Talent watch

    In this thread we should monitor which young talent has made it to the senior team. We can also discuss, from the young talented players,who will be the first one to be selected in the senior side I had high hopes of Iyer,Pant making it into senior side for the T20 series against Australia
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    all this seems so vague ,there is no clarity whatsoever.any one will question the likes of nehra and jadhav passing these tests but not sundar or raina
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    Talent watch

    Sarfaraz has immense potential. Street smart cricketer, can hit the big shots and the cheeky shots. Perfect candidate for a finisher role in LOI's. Hope he scores lots of runs this season and gets back in the radar of the selectors.
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    We are blessed

    looking forward to pandya vs lankan spinners
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    Talent watch

    Nitish Rana: * Hitting prowess. Leading six hitter in SMA trophy in 2015. IPL can also vouch for it. * Uses feet against spinners well. Generally plays spinners very good. * Can hit pace bowlers big but at the same time is vulnerable against pace. * Paces his innings nicely with a mix of aggression and strike rotation.Definitely an ODI prospect least for sure.
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    Talent watch

    Yes I was excited also about Suyal and Warrior as well, let's hope they're not wasted
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    better than your gawddd sachin anyway.. He has worst captaincy record of all Indian captains.. T20WC07 #1 Test team WC2011 #1 ODI team CT2013 Always been in Sf and Finals from 2014 Didnt get knocked out in 1st round LOL That's poor captain for you
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    Lol only truly shameless napkins can respond with such grandstanding after such a pathetic trashing. India just trashed this team 9-0 in their home and u lost to them in your home hehe..
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    Heard some geniuses blaming dhoni Well who bought yuvi back, dhoni chucked him in ODi ages ago and it was kohli who had love for him and infact bought him for his IPL side as well. Who bought bhajji back in SL, dhoni also chucked him long ago Wasnt kumble the one to ask for gambhir return and also pushed yuvi's case He was happily pushing mishra case in test cricket before realising well he was a sad case When kohli was named captain for zimb tour, parvez rasool wasnt given a single game and dhoni wasnt even there. So wud people even blame dhoni their to
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I have challenged my pakistani friends to give show mw an evidence of three consecutive balls by Wasim at more than 90 mph and still no show.
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    Dhoni stands among others in the Pantyhose of Sreeni mama, he should be kicked and collect his retirement from his Mai Baap CSK.
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Kohli is so good, he features twice on your list
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  45. 2 points
    Don't believe this "story" Nehra's teeth alone would not pass any medical test.
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    Dhawal and unadkat lol oh man. Sad day for world cricket.
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Strictly speaking collecting the ball is fielding. Wkt keeping is fielding. The position is more demanding than some of the slip fielders but outfielders also do lot of work. Everyone has a role to play.Wkt keepers have to collect lot of balls and out fielders have to run a lot.
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    Hey where is Yuvraj? He should be back too. Pathetic squad
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    I have to repeat myself> My tennis coach told me clearly that talent is god given but fitness you control. Dont lose a game because of fitness. Fifth set in tennis is all fitness.
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    Time has come for Pakistan,srilanka,bangla to announce a combined team and try to beat India.

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