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    Looks like Dhoni will play till 2020 http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-Horoscope/m-s-dhoni-dashaphal.asp
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    How many of the players in the team were really picked by these selectors? MSK Prasad became chief selector in Sept 2016. Pandya made his international debut in Jan 2016. I believe Sandeep Patil was the chief selector then. This selection commitee continues to pick Umesh Yadav in ODIs despite him having a horrendous record in ODIs and even some of his diehard fans don't support picking this guy in ODIs. They picked a veteran's team for T20 matches. No big strikers. They have no guts to drop Dhoni from T20s. They gave a rough deal to Pant. This is by far the worst selection commitee in recent memory. The successes are thanks to some picks from previous commitees.
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    I am all for raising the bar for fitness so that unfit cricketers don't make it to the team. But there needs to be some study around how relevant this yo yo test is to cricket skills. Also, what about general catching ability? How come fitness that would help general ground fielding is given so much importance but taking catches, which is probably even more important than running hard to stop a boundary or running a quick single is not given any importance at all. The captain himself drops catches by the dozen. He might be a topper in fitness levels but he is also the worst catcher in the team. How come being a poor catcher doesn't incur any minus points?
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    ATG bowling ? Ishant Sharma would walk into their lineup considering Aamirs performances since his comeback
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    This selection committee has been the best in a long time regarding test matches, ODIs and A-team selections. Below average regarding T20 team selections.
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    Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif has been approached by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) for the post of the team's head coach. Kaif is a top contender for the job and will become the second Indian to coach Afghan team, if he takes it up. This comes a month after ACB decided not to renew the contract of the current coach Lalchand Rajput. Source : inshorts
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    Not good enough. Their flawed approach is keeping us back, we will never be a truly dominant team even after having the right ingredients.
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    this yo-yo must be the death knell for likes of Piyush Chawla, Mishra, Sarfraz Khan
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    But our test team is pretty much stable so they actually pick themselves. Ashwin and Jadeja have been very good albeit in SC but most of the players pretty much pick themselves. Only Kuldeep was the main pick but I guess even that was warranted. Their real test now is with Rohit Sharma healthy and how much 'leeway' he gets in test cricket where he has been largely underwhelming.
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    Sad days ahead for Indian Cricket
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    @SLICKR392 @BeautifulGame
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    Flukes and upsets happen in ODI's and T20's, Not in Tests.
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    Twitter messages

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    Twitter messages

    Great joke from Manju
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    lol applology not accepted..hehe..stop telling yourself that you care dude, come on you know you dont. Some scum cheated their way and got caught with their pants down, the ball can reverse with natural and wear & tear and some legal aid ( no pun intended), the illegal aid in terms of bottle caps and mud made it prodigious which is what fetched them wickets, this went missing after increased scrutiny. Some of them were legit fine bowlers, Wasim was definitely a great and Waqar could swing at pace but you can tell that they are not the messiahs that they are made out to be , they would not have needed bottle caps if they were.
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    ICF FH 2017 : IND v AUS T20s Website : cricketweb.net League Code : 1507044446
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    This is a better camera angle
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    hey you said she was planted. if you want your statement to be credible, then time to show proof or else it's just an empty statement by a random unknown person on the internet.
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    what a rubbish post. Do you have any idea of the workings of politics? Obviously, leaders change every few years if they fail to deliver the results. Goras? what is this inferiority complex you seem to be carrying on your shoulder.
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    Talent watch

    Agree with the list and now it is the selectors job to nurture and help bowlers from this pool and not keep on picking up, Dinda, Unadkunt, Dhawal coz it's counter productive.
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    Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Should have had 4 wickets. Just the slightest bit of help for pace bowling, and Bhuvi rips apart batsmen. Not the worst on flat tracks either for ODIs. * his stats. The guy is quality.
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    What pisses you off?

    Drinking lots of water

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