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    Looks like Dhoni will play till 2020 http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-Horoscope/m-s-dhoni-dashaphal.asp
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    ATG bowling ? Ishant Sharma would walk into their lineup considering Aamirs performances since his comeback
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    This selection committee has been the best in a long time regarding test matches, ODIs and A-team selections. Below average regarding T20 team selections.
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    Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif has been approached by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) for the post of the team's head coach. Kaif is a top contender for the job and will become the second Indian to coach Afghan team, if he takes it up. This comes a month after ACB decided not to renew the contract of the current coach Lalchand Rajput. Source : inshorts
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    this yo-yo must be the death knell for likes of Piyush Chawla, Mishra, Sarfraz Khan
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    But our test team is pretty much stable so they actually pick themselves. Ashwin and Jadeja have been very good albeit in SC but most of the players pretty much pick themselves. Only Kuldeep was the main pick but I guess even that was warranted. Their real test now is with Rohit Sharma healthy and how much 'leeway' he gets in test cricket where he has been largely underwhelming.
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    Sad days ahead for Indian Cricket
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    @SLICKR392 @BeautifulGame
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    Flukes and upsets happen in ODI's and T20's, Not in Tests.
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    Twitter messages

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    Twitter messages

    Great joke from Manju
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    They are practice matches for him so please excuse his performances overseas!!!!
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    Indians wanting to play at international level better starting taking fitness from early days
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    He needs to bekicked out whether he retires or not.
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    Its confirmd now , Rahul chahar has been selected and not deepak chahar . Wow this is a good selection again
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Lot of seam movement they got was by lifting it. That caused some turbulence and the ball moved quiet a bit more than to be expected from simply keeping one side shining and other not. They were good but not that goos as they claim. Why has their supply of pace bowling resources diminished. I think not being able to cheat has really hurt them more than any other team.
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    uber trolling.. Velu anna vanakkam.
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    So Dhoni outdid both Steve Smith and Virat Kohli while hardly doing much? "What a wow".
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    apart form t20s, they've been very good so far in t20s their insistence on not promoting the youth in favour of rehashing golden oldies is indefensible. In ODI their approach has been by and large been spot on (msd aside) Tests- they've been brilliant- results clearly support this A tours- looks like they're picking the right sort of players e.g. gave Pandya a chance in Aus and helped his development
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I have challenged my pakistani friends to give show mw an evidence of three consecutive balls by Wasim at more than 90 mph and still no show.
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    Time has come for Pakistan,srilanka,bangla to announce a combined team and try to beat India.
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    Dhawal and unadkat lol oh man. Sad day for world cricket.
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