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    Looks like Dhoni will play till 2020 http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-Horoscope/m-s-dhoni-dashaphal.asp
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    ATG bowling ? Ishant Sharma would walk into their lineup considering Aamirs performances since his comeback
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    This selection committee has been the best in a long time regarding test matches, ODIs and A-team selections. Below average regarding T20 team selections.
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    Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif has been approached by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) for the post of the team's head coach. Kaif is a top contender for the job and will become the second Indian to coach Afghan team, if he takes it up. This comes a month after ACB decided not to renew the contract of the current coach Lalchand Rajput. Source : inshorts
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    this yo-yo must be the death knell for likes of Piyush Chawla, Mishra, Sarfraz Khan
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    But our test team is pretty much stable so they actually pick themselves. Ashwin and Jadeja have been very good albeit in SC but most of the players pretty much pick themselves. Only Kuldeep was the main pick but I guess even that was warranted. Their real test now is with Rohit Sharma healthy and how much 'leeway' he gets in test cricket where he has been largely underwhelming.
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    Sad days ahead for Indian Cricket
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    @SLICKR392 @BeautifulGame
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    Flukes and upsets happen in ODI's and T20's, Not in Tests.
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    Twitter messages

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    Twitter messages

    Great joke from Manju
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    Singh says his fashion sense helps disarm stereotypes about Sikhs with turbans and long beards By Peter Zimonjic, CBC News Posted: Oct 01, 2017 3:34 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 01, 2017 3:58 PM ET New NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is fluent in English, French and Punjabi. The Ontario MPP is also a trained martial artist and a criminal defence lawyer who grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario. (Chris Young/Canadian Press) Jagmeet Singh, the first turban-wearing Sikh to sit in Ontario's legislature, will now lead a federal political party with his victory in the NDP leadership race on Sunday. Singh, 38, won on the first ballot Sunday, taking 53 per cent of the vote to top MPs Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton and Guy Caron. Singh has represented the riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton at Queen's Park since 2011. The unmarried MPP served as the Ontario NDP party's critic for justice and consumer services before party leader Andrea Horwath named him her deputy in 2015. Jagmeet Singh wins leadership of federal NDP on first ballot 3 lessons from races past as NDP prepares to name its new leader A criminal defence lawyer who speaks fluent French and Punjabi, Singh was born in Scarborough, Ont., in 1979. Singh was raised in Newfoundland and Labrador while his father, who trained as a psychiatrist in India, attended medical school there and worked as a security guard before he could practise in Canada. His family moved to Windsor, Ont., when he was seven years old. Learning to fight Singh says he was bullied as a youngster and took up martial arts to defend himself, going on to captain his high school wrestling team and winning the Toronto championships in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He got a law degree from Osgoode Hall in Toronto and practised as a criminal defence lawyer. His brother, Gurratan Singh, now runs their firm. Singh's passion for fashion caught the attention of GQ magazine earlier this year, which described him as "the incredibly well-dressed rising star in Canadian politics." In the magazine's profile of him, Singh said his personal style is an extension of his political platform. Singh explained at the time that his style shows his confidence which can help disarm stereotypes about people wearing turbans and long beards. Among the issues Singh has worked on at Queen's Park is the controversial police practice of carding — stopping people on the street and demanding identification. Singh, who said he's been carded 10 times, pushed for a ban. The Ontario government outlawed arbitrary street checks last year. He also advocated for limits on fees to transfer money overseas and for a religious exemption for Sikhs from motorcycle helmet laws. Entering the federal fray When he launched his campaign for the federal leadership at the same banquet hall in Brampton, west of Toronto, where he celebrated his first election victory in 2011, Singh told the crowd that his party and the country are hungry for new leadership. "Leadership that will bring people together, to build a Canada that is truly inclusive and where everyone can realize their dreams," Singh said at the time. Singh has said that he would not immediately seek a seat in the House of Commons until he had time to help increase his profile outside of the House. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-profile-biography-win-1.4315780
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    I would say post WI tour , 1) they have been very good in selection for Tests . 2) exceedingly good in selection of A teams . Where they have been iffy iffy is in 50 ODI and i do not think they have a free hand here . They are under pressure to agree on couple of players of captain/Coach's choice . Can't blame them completely . They are minnows in front of KING ! 3) Where i was disappointed is the selection of T20 squad Vs AUS . We do not have any WT20 in the near future . So they could have really experimented with youth in T20 . T20 going forward should be used to give exposure to fringe players and prepare them for future 50 ODI. Guys doing well there should be claimants for 50ODI places If they do rectify this in NZ & SL T20 matches i will rate this selection team as the best . One more little hitch was not selecting any good pacers in BP X1. But i do not attach too much importance to that insignificant match.
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    Kohli has 180 runs with 81 SR.. Kedar 138 with 86 SR So sachin chamchas will ask kohli and kedar to get dropped or they are gonna type very phasttttly on their keyboard and hurt their feelings
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    I think Kaif will make an excellent coach. The guy had a very good cricket brain, and arguably wasn't giving a fair run in test cricket.
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    where is that art lost suddenly among Pakistanis? they had Waqar as their coach.
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    Well. Why are you guys comparing our performance with Pakistan's? Pakistan are on par with SL in terms of ability in tests and this match showed that. India dominated SL like a no.1 team is expected to. Pakistan do not have the bowling attack to restrict SL or the batting to take the game away consistently in these conditions
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    How can a youngster who has done so well in a recent match fail a fitness test?What exactly is this yo yo test and how does it test the fitness required from a cricketer ? Cricketers don't require the same kind of fitness that other sportsperson do. Spinners fo not require the same kind of fitness that pacers do. Same goes for bowlers and batsmen. Does yo yo test cater to the specific fitness required for the specific job?
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    Instructor : Kedar, come for your yo-yo test Kedar : No, I pass the offer Instructor : Kedar .... pass
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    hey you said she was planted. if you want your statement to be credible, then time to show proof or else it's just an empty statement by a random unknown person on the internet.
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    I had written about the new Indian fast bowlers after the IPL, in the " Speed and Performance thread ". I am re-posting that here. My impressions of the new Indian fast-bowlers in this IPL -- Md.Siraj - He has been impressive. He has bowled with genuine pace with a very high percentage of deliveries at 135 k to 145 k. Plus he is a skiddy pacer who hurries on to the bat after pitching. Gets inswing on a consistent basis and the in-dipping skiddy quick balls result in a lot of bowled outs and LBWs. Has a good pacy bouncer and has developed decent yorkers and slower balls in this IPL. Hits the deck hard when needed and his height is ok. The best thing is that he was learning as the tournament progressed. He took 41 wickets from only 9 FC matches this season and is the one bowler to look out for as he knows how to pick up wickets. Needs to be picked for our A team and can play all formats. Avesh Khan -- He is tall and bouncy. Hits the deck hard and bowls a heavy ball. Gets the ball to seam in and is accurate.... makes the batsmen play. He is one of those quicks who hurry batsmen visually. Can bowl lots of 140 k + deliveries in an over. Reminds me a lot of Srinath. He was really unlucky to miss 13 matches this season and should have been played by RCB. He is a wicket taker too and was our best pacer in the last U19 WC. took loads of wickets. Don't know how he is not picked for the MP Ranji team. The selectors must see to it that he plays Ranji next season and he is good enough for our A team too. He is one of the most exciting pace prospects from India and only 20, so he should add pace as he becomes older. Nathu Singh -- He got injured and played only 2 games. But he is a big talent. Looked really good in those 2 games. Bowled 138 k to 145 k, swung the ball both ways, was very accurate and bowled a few good bouncers. His ER was only 3.75 in a T20 tournament. Would have shone even more if he had played 6 or 7 games. Another A team candidate. Kulwant Khejroliya -- The man was conspicuous by his absence. Did not get to play a single game despite taking 13 wickets from only 5 VH Trophy matches. He is genuinely quick and bouncy and a left-armer too. Saw him in a DY Patil match he was bowling some superb and fierce bouncers and yorkers. Basil Thampi -- He has impressed most commentators and his team management due to his ability to bowl quick, inswinging late-dipping yorkers at will. That is a rare skill and he needs to be backed. he bowled 134 k to 144 k , was skiddy and got regular inswing. He has a somewhat round-arm action and a lowish release point and that often robs him of bounce when bowling good length. He has a good, quick bouncer. Needs to improve his accuracy regarding all deliveries. He bowled all the difficult overs even in his first IPL and that speaks volumes about the confidence that his team management has in him. Ankit Rajpoot -- He did not get to play that many games too but did well whenever he was chosen. He is a tall pacer and can hit the deck hard. Gets good bounce. Bowled 132 k to 142 k in this IPL but bowled upto 147 k last time. He gets seam movement with regularity and comes across as a skilled pacer for the shorter formats. Seen him swing the ball in FC too. Has a decent slower ball. Shardul Thakur -- He was good one day and bad the next day. This inconsistency is due to the fact that he tries too many things and often ends up bowling a bad line, either down the leg or too wide. He has a lot of skills, swing, reverse swing, seam movement, good bouncer, decent slower balls and decent yorkers....but needs to use them judiciously. His speeds were 133 k to 145 k. Aniket Chaudhary -- He was not supposed to be a T20 bowler and did not do that well barring a couple of matches. Needs to improve his yorkers. But, he is a test prospect for sure as he is very tall, hits the deck hard, has a great bouncer and can swing the ball too. Bowls decent speeds too, 130 k to 143 k
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    looks like a bunch of butt hurt peeps here without any reason.
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    wtf what sort of team selection is this. DK? Bose DK

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