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    Sehwag kehta hai yuvi, raina ko wapis lao Sunny g wants rahane in all formats Tendulkar tells rahane to back his game which is flawed in LOI Ganguly once said in an interview on aaj tak adjust rahane anywere be it no.6 and he supports nehra's comeback Kumble wanted gambhir, yuvraj back and he got them. Ye to haal hai humare legends ka
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Good decision, and here we are busy picking 36 and 38 year olds..
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    pathetic from sunny g,blatant regionalism
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    Bambi quota... Now remove rohit he ll have a heartattack
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    Talent watch

    He might be as quick as Akthar in 95-97 but Akhtar wasn't at his quickest at that time. Even in 1999, Akhtar's quickest was 154. Now talk about 96, a 21 year old Akhtar, dont think, was clocking over 150KPH in 1996. But the thing was Akhtar kept getting quicker as he matured. Zahid did not.
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    SL have Chameera who is quite quick.
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Lets see: big liability in the field , below average performances with the ball, apparent decline in pace so it was a no brainer, common sense decision by the selectors
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    Talent watch

    Aaron is a investment selectors should've made, far better then S Thakur, Unadkat, Dinda, Dhawal not even in his league. He would be an ideal foil n competition for Umesh, slightly quicker with more seam movement and bounce, hope some how he is back into the squad.
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    Don't worry you can still use pins, blades, shoe spikes,bottle caps turfs etc. for reverse swing [emoji23] [emoji5]
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    he gives teeth to the bowling attack
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    Surprised Kedar Jadhav passed it
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    This is the kind of regionalism that has held Indian cricket back for decades Gavaskar doing everything in his powers to destroy any credibility he had. Rahane has a SR of 113 in T20Is and Rahul 149
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    Talent watch

    There is no proof Zahid was that quick, or even quick. I wonder how you can count him quick when you don't consider Srinath, Aaron or Yadav to be express. The bias is hilarious
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    I love this kids action,comes in clean and move it both ways.He doesnt seem big though,seems similar to Agarkars build and height.
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    Bullshit. when did jagmeet say they were martyrs. He condemned the attack. but what' wrong with asking for a separate khalistan just like the kashmiris though? politicians and media people in india are endorsing for a separate kashmir and yet nothing happens. as for violence, sikhs faced a genocide in the 1980s. entire villages were burnt by the mobs. the police round up anyone using fake encounters in punjab. point is, on one hand you have politicians/media people talking about a 'resolution' for the kashmiri people. the people that waive pakistani flags and ask openly for a separate kashmir. on the other hand, just the though or world khalistan is a taboo. khalistan isn't even an issue anymore amongst sikhs, yet you still have a unresolved issue with the kashmiri muslims.
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Baroda Squad for the Ranji Trophy 2017-18: Irfan Pathan (C), Deepak Hooda (VC), Yusuf Pathan, Kedar Devdhar, Aditya Wadhmode, Vishnu Solanki, Pinal Shah (wk), Swapnil Singh, Rishi Arothe, Babasafi Khan Pathan, Soaeb Tai, Lukman Meriwala, Atit Sethi, Mitesh Patel Looks like Krunal is still injured, not named in ranji squad
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    Well at least they didn't pick Nehra
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    I don't know why some of you keep on bringing up khalistani. A lot of your posts don't make any sense and just spewing up garbage. What is khalistani? someone who promotes a separate sikh nation? why is the term such a taboo? In any case, the khalistan movement started out as a rights movement for the sikhs. many of the original demands are already in place. For what it's worth, a separate sikh nation i.e punjab would be against the interests of the sikh ideology and interests considering there are numerous historical places/takhts all round India. And there's no such movment for khalistan in indian punjab anyways because the majority of people aren't interested in a separate country and more busy earning their daily bread. Btw, how is asking for khalistan any different from muslim kashmiris asking for separate kashmir. Let's clarify one more thing, Canada has already passed a motion which stating the 1984 genocide against the Sikhs.
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    How come noone is outraged if dhoni plays but everone is hissed off if Nehra does. Hypocrisy much.
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    The benchmark must be very low if this selection committee is regarded as the best. The test/odi teams are a couple of injuries away from being exposed for their dependency on a few players. Batting depth in particular is nonexistent. The T20 team is a joke, a veterans XI that recycles has-beens and ignores young players. What vision has this committee shown? What is their strategy? All their selections are safe easy picks that a computer could do instead. There is no out of the box thinking or identifying young talent and backing them.
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    excellent....get the importance of fitness into the youngster's mind early on in their careers. Indian cricket players have had a cosy ride (with regards to diet and fitness) for too long.

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