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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Good decision, and here we are busy picking 36 and 38 year olds..
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    pathetic from sunny g,blatant regionalism
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    Talent watch

    He might be as quick as Akthar in 95-97 but Akhtar wasn't at his quickest at that time. Even in 1999, Akhtar's quickest was 154. Now talk about 96, a 21 year old Akhtar, dont think, was clocking over 150KPH in 1996. But the thing was Akhtar kept getting quicker as he matured. Zahid did not.
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    SL have Chameera who is quite quick.
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Lets see: big liability in the field , below average performances with the ball, apparent decline in pace so it was a no brainer, common sense decision by the selectors
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    Talent watch

    Aaron is a investment selectors should've made, far better then S Thakur, Unadkat, Dinda, Dhawal not even in his league. He would be an ideal foil n competition for Umesh, slightly quicker with more seam movement and bounce, hope some how he is back into the squad.
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    Don't worry you can still use pins, blades, shoe spikes,bottle caps turfs etc. for reverse swing [emoji23] [emoji5]
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    he gives teeth to the bowling attack
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    Surprised Kedar Jadhav passed it
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    i guess that Viru is trying to make a living via comments. cant blame him
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    Younger guys like Amol Majumdar, whose identities are far more linked to Mumbai cricket .... are very fair and non-regional in their assessment of new talent in domestic games.
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    Talent watch

    within 6 yrs of his debut zahid was struggling to touch even 140 ,people like ishant are lot quicker than him in terms of pace,nehraji can touch 140 even now after so many years and injuries.
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    The Realist

    India squad for NZ Series

    Expecting the T20 team to be OLD - probably slightly younger than the selection committee.
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Rajasthan Squad: Pankaj Singh(c), Rajesh Bishnoi, Robin Bist, Dishant Yagnik, Rajesh Bishnoi Jr, Amitkumar Gautam, Tajinder Singh, Tanveer-Ul-Haq, Khaleel Ahmed, Deepak Chahar, Aniket Choudhary, Siddharth Dobal, Arjit Gupta, Mahipal Lomror, Ashok Menaria Nathu singh also seems to be injured........ Where is nagarkotti?????? But If all bowlers are fit this has to be the best ranji attack Pankaj Aniket Nathu kamlesh nagarkoti Rahul chahar Lomror T ul haq Deepak chahar Khaleel ahmed
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    Talent watch

    how it is dodgy? elbow isnt bent here. might have a bit of hyper-extension. like this.
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    The actual interview: starts at 20 https://podcast-a.akamaihd.net/mp3/podcasts/cbcpowerandpolitics_20171002_90537.mp3 Here's the full transcript: Terry: I wanna ask you finally about the fact that you’ve long identified throughout your career with the grievances of the Sikh community against the Indian government. And you support it for example, labelling the 1984 terrible riots in Delhi as a genocide of the Sikhs. Some people go further than that don’t they. Do you think that some Canadian Sikhs go too far when they honor Talwinder Singh Parmar, as a martyr of the Sikh nation when they put up posters of him as a Shaheed, a martyr, when he was the architect of the Air India bombing. Do you that’s appropriate. Singh: Well, I think so important that we really clarify a misconception that exists. There’s been a lot of work and seems to be a creating a conflict that’s between Hindus and Sikhs. And for me, that’s really offended me. I grew up with a lot of close friends and dear family friends that were from the Hindu faith that told me stories of how they actually put themselves at risks to save their Sikh neighbours. So for me, one of my goals was to erase this false narrative of a false Hindu Sikh conflict and what I really believe in Terry: Forgive me but you could do that right now by saying that no it isn’t appropriate to put up posters of Canada’s worst ever mass murderer. Do you think that’s appropriate Singh: Let me just clarify a point here. It’s so important we rid this notion that there’s ever been a conflict between Hindus as Sikhs. It’s never been the case..we’ve been living in co-existence as neighbors. Terry: interrupts again: Third time asking. Is it appropriate to put up posters Singh: Let me finish my sentence. So the community has lived together, co-existed in peace and harmony and we need to celebrate that. So naming something a genocide takes the blame off of a community and puts it on the government. That’s the facts. It was the government that initiated this..there’s been great reports that point that out. There’s been a lot of investigations/commissions that really clarify that it was the government ..not the people. I think we need to make sure we never inappropriately accuse the people of doing something when it was not their fault. This is always something that’s been a government initiative, not the people. So that’s what I really believed in, making sure it was named a genocide and not a riot. Terry: What about putting up posters of Parmar, the architect of the Air India bombing as a martyr. Is that appropriate. Yes or No? Singh: So, it is so unacceptable that the violence that was committed, the heinous massacre that was committed is something that Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus all denounced. The violence that’s perpetrated against innocent Canadian lives is something we all denounce. I regularly denounce it on the anniversary, it’s something we all collectively are opposed to. There’s no question about this, that innocent lives were killed, and it is completely unacceptable and needs to be denounced as a terrorist act. Terry: So you won’t denounce those posters of Parmar? Singh: I don’t know who was responsible but I think we need to find out who’s truly responsible. We need to make sure the investigation actually results in a conviction of someone who’s actually responsible and we need to as a society collectively unequivocally denounce any time innocent lives are lost. That is something unacceptable. All Canadians stand together united against any forms of violence, terror against Canadians, and in fact anyone around the world.
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    Well. Why are you guys comparing our performance with Pakistan's? Pakistan are on par with SL in terms of ability in tests and this match showed that. India dominated SL like a no.1 team is expected to. Pakistan do not have the bowling attack to restrict SL or the batting to take the game away consistently in these conditions
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    What sort of ex VP is this guy? Attending as a guest of honor in a conference hosted by PFI, which is under NIA scanner for terrorist activities. PFI has sent maximum Indian fighters to IS and is involved in a targeted terror campaign in the southern states. Sonia's gift to India is this radical traitor mullah who also betrayed our RAW officers in Iran in the 70s. Typical ungrateful, hateful Muslim this Ansari. http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-kerala-hamid-ansari-faces-flak-for-attending-event-held-by-suspected-terror-organisation-2548088 http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/ex-vice-president-hamid-ansari-attends-pfi-event-kerala-faces-flak-social-media-68928 http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/2017/sep/24/former-vice-president-ansari-attends-conference-amidst-controversy-1661824.html
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    Dear Indians, I visited your country this winter with my family. I enjoyed New Delhi very much; in fact, I felt there like home. I felt something very common, but It's hard to explain. Maybe what I enjoyed the most, especially in other smaller cities, is the conservation of traditional values. And I'm know what I'm talking about because in our country we struggle to keep our values safe because they get erazed from the face of the Earth by the power of globalization. It's an phenomenon that kill sa nation's history and spirit. I read and I hear much critics about traditionalism in India: much "specialists" think that it draws the country back. But in my opinion, the Indian spirit is still powerful to show that tradition is a strong and a wise way to build a great country. The most common point between India and Russia now, is the struggle for the national spirit. This video shows how our government tries to rebuild all the lost traditions with powerful Putin's speeches (it's translated, and you might be interested): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp6AmfjdVHI&t=4s Here is my question: What are the main drawbacks of tradionalism in India and am I wrong thinking that Indian values should be defended?

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