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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Tiwary set up a nine-man slip cordon with Dinda and Shami bowling in tandem
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    With respect to India - Either engage with Pakistan fully or don't engage with them at all. This half arsed nature isn't gonna work out. With respect to Pakistan - Go ahead and not sign the MOU. The ICC has already said that the league will proceed regardless of Pakistan signing or not. Let's see who's the bigger loser when you withdraw from the league insisting on playing India and you lose out on playing your fair share of games against other teams. Other teams aren't going to be interested in playing Pakistan in UAE especially when there's no context to that series anymore. They'd rather schedule series against teams which reflect in the points table. We all know what's going to happen. Pakistan will end up signing the MOU. This posturing is a ridiculous attempt to make their voices heard.
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    I see that Shami has bowled 30 overs in 4 sessions in his 2nd Ranji match of the season. I think he bowled 23 overs in a day in the first match. This is too much workload for an injury-prone pacer. He is being rested in ODIs to manage his workload ..... but is being bowled to the ground by his Ranji captain. This is a serious issue and demands a separate thread. A fit Shami is very important for our success in SA. The BCCI should see to it that his workload is managed in the Ranji Trophy.
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    Almonds boost men's sex lives

    I will read this when I have a sex life.
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    One isolated stone throw is same as hundreds of discharged bullets. Please think through before posting. As far as Pakistan being isolated I really feel bad but as Kabir Ji said "Rope birva neem ka, aam kahan sa hoi" - translation if you sow neem trees dont expect mangoes.
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    There is no bullying. BCCI has taken a honorable stand that innocent blood should not be shed. I disagree with BCCI on 90% of things they do but this 10% I agree with. By not playing the bilateral they have honored the MOU. The MOU had a condition of govt approval . This was dependent on you guys behaving. You did not behave. No permssion granted. MOU honored. There is more to life then a silly game of cricket. We need to chart different courses in life. You dont like us and we wont play.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Note to Northies:- We celebrate diwlai in memory of the day when lord krishna kicked narakasuras ass.
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    Everybody knows Pakistan aren't going to pull out, just purely on financial basis, the PCB is a loss making board, and the Pakistan is economy is a basket case based on foreign doles where big TV rights will be difficult to achieve The talk of Pak's 200m people is laughable because there is no value in these people, Bangladesh is a far more lucrative TV market with a well endowed middle class population who got disposable income to spend, no wonder BCB is making profits and building world class stadiums
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    express bowling

    Prithvi Shaw

    Trent Boult very impressed by Shaw. Says that the ball was swinging early on but it did not trouble Shaw. https://epaper.telegraphindia.com/details/284973-171846105.html
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    I see other sports teams having engagements with each other. Either stop all engagements or resume all. Can't be half arsed esp with respect to cricket.
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    Anyway , I feel for the public of Pakistan. They clearly aren't to blame for the actions of the persons in power. But with the situations to what they are. both I&P should stop engaging with each other fully. No bilateral trade or relationships of any sort. Just wall up the borders and ignore each other and pretend the other doesn't exist.
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    There's a difference between a hooligan throwing a stone or a terrorist throwing a grenade and firing 1000 bullets. Can't ever equate the two of them. The drunk fan who threw the stone was sent to jail. He'll not be allowed in a cricket stadium ever. Whatever happened to the terrorists who attacked the Lankan team? I think they made a clean get away and were never caught. That's another difference. Where's the double standards ? It's about the fallacy of equating being attacked in a planned and coordinated terrorist attack with the actions of a drunk individual.
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    American authorities don't have any say in Indian sports .... like they do in Pakistan.
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    I think people can understand the difference between a drunk fan showing frustration by throwing a stone and a planned terrorist attack which wanted to kidnap/kills players. I like how you claimed about players not getting hurt but apart from 6 players injured, 6 policemen and 2 civilians were killed. Does their deaths not matter? However, to answer your question, the reason for the perception Pakistan has is because of their own doing. Seriously or not, people know that the stone throwers were caught and jailed. They know the intention and trust India and Indian government. on the other hand, this week, Pakistan threw out terror charges against Hafeez Saeed. Pakistanis can fool themselves by saying no evidence, etc, etc but the rest of the world is not blind and deaf. They know Pakistan government supports terrorists and since they do, how can they keep people safe from their own terrorists? Pet terrorists constantly go rogue The trust issues Pakistan has is linked to your government and their support of terrorists
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    No Country is safe now from terrorism. But there's a difference in being a country which is a victim of terrorism and in being a country which has sheltered terrorists and is continuing to shelter them The Pak army can't be trusted. Everyone knows who calls the shots in Pakistan and dictates the terms to the civilian government. The minute there's a civilian government strong enough to dictate terms to the Pakistan army and the said government is interested in talking and taking concrete steps against terrorist outfits. Let's have the discussion.
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    Countries like Australia have a path charted for their pacers, how many overs to bowl, in a season, also are monitored in domestics, yes Shami needs to be match fit, but not over used.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Wishing all icfers a very happy Dhanteras and a very bright Diwali.
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    Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    You win the world's worst bragger contest
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    Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    It's been raining since weeks in Hyderabad. Why couldn't BCCI just shift it to another venue? This time you had time on your hand. Rajiv Gandhi has terrible terrible drainage. They should have shown a bit more awareness and shifted this series decider. Just swap some venue of the NZ or SL series with Hyderabad. One week should be more than enough for any of the metropolitan cities to arrange for a game.
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    Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    Biggest shock was India beaten by a mediocre Pakistan in CT final, probably shock of the decade so far...that Bumrah no-ball was very costly
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    Find great Babar Young boy, for Pakistan, runs churning like century every match
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    Mumbaikar in WC finals Gavaskar - 12 ball duck in 83 world cup final Sachin - 4(2) in 2003 final Sachin - 18 in 2011 world cup final Compare that with Delhiites Amarnath - MoM in world cup final Sehwag - 84 and top scorer in 03 final Gambhir - 97 and top scorer in 2011 final(Also top scored in 07 T20 WC final)
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    K Gowtham - against Assam 149 off 170 balls with 6 sixes and 10 fours .... liked the pulled 6 off Nechim 3 + 4 = 7 wickets True all-round performance.
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    So Dickwella bats better. Maybe keeps wickets better. But Sarfraz is better cuz Lahori logic.
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    New guy

    Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    T20 is a game for young players. The only T20 WC we won was when the oldies stepped aside and we went with a brand new, hungry team

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