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    Comparing a stone pelting incident which was done probably by a drunk idiot to trained blood thirsty militants who are ready to kill and die in the process Pakistanis are a true breed. In Australia there are incidents when streakers run on the ground as well....it is still a security lapse but it is not the same as a suicide bomber running around shouting jalalalalalalalalalalalalala which you associate with Pakistan
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Tiwary set up a nine-man slip cordon with Dinda and Shami bowling in tandem
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    With respect to India - Either engage with Pakistan fully or don't engage with them at all. This half arsed nature isn't gonna work out. With respect to Pakistan - Go ahead and not sign the MOU. The ICC has already said that the league will proceed regardless of Pakistan signing or not. Let's see who's the bigger loser when you withdraw from the league insisting on playing India and you lose out on playing your fair share of games against other teams. Other teams aren't going to be interested in playing Pakistan in UAE especially when there's no context to that series anymore. They'd rather schedule series against teams which reflect in the points table. We all know what's going to happen. Pakistan will end up signing the MOU. This posturing is a ridiculous attempt to make their voices heard.
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    I see that Shami has bowled 30 overs in 4 sessions in his 2nd Ranji match of the season. I think he bowled 23 overs in a day in the first match. This is too much workload for an injury-prone pacer. He is being rested in ODIs to manage his workload ..... but is being bowled to the ground by his Ranji captain. This is a serious issue and demands a separate thread. A fit Shami is very important for our success in SA. The BCCI should see to it that his workload is managed in the Ranji Trophy.
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    If you are looking for "good debates" then you need to bring a bit of intellectual honesty to the table. Agree that hatred is useless. But pointing out facts, especially those are relevant, even critical to the question and subject at hand, cannot be dismissed as "fingerpointing". That's just a self-serving attempt at superficially claiming the "high road" while taking the low one in actuality. You presented a perspective that claims that Cricket should be played between India & Pakistan. When presented with opposing opinions, you choose to dismiss them as hatred, instead of arguing against the logic. And threw out strawman arguments claiming that posters are calling Pakistanis as terrorists - when overwhelming majority, if not all the posts on this thead, simply don't do that. That doesn't reflect someone "looking for a good debate", it reflects a close-minded person unable to stomach reality checks from differing perspectives. Colloquially known as Kuwey ka mendhak in the sub-continent. I.e. Frog in the well syndrome.
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    The scenario where you have to provide presidential level security and bringing life to a standstill for an exhibition game like the recent world x1 tour or for a PSL game played by a bunch of nobodies is not something to be proud of....in fact it is a very sad reflection of the safety in Pakistan.
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    Well that "average Pakistani" is also partially culpable. You reap what you sow. And if the average Pakistani and their average Pakistani representatives clean up their acts, then they won't be deprived. If they don't....
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    I can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for the average Pakistani fan who wants to see cricket being played in their home country. But the question must be asked - are the average Pakistanis blameless in this mess? Its not just that their government and military is aiding and abetting terrorist murderers - their actions have the de facto, and at times explicit, support of their public. Where are the Pakistani voices vocally announcing that the protection of the handlers and trainers of 26/11 murderers - crazy brainwashed idiots who shot and killed innocent civilians and children - should not be done in their name? In fact, the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis are out and about, justifying their government's policies and actions. Until the Pakistani people stand up and ask their own representatives to clean up their act, their military and govt is not going to do it. You want all the benefits that come with being part of the world community, but none of the responsibility. Can't have it both ways. Stop making tenuous justifications and comparisons with other countries. Take a honest, objective look at yourself, before you start crying isolation, bias, and all that nonsense.
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    Almonds boost men's sex lives

    I will read this when I have a sex life.
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    how did he not rake up numbers? He raked numbers so was picked for India, now seems out of form. Doesn't mean he did not score runs before. yes, he is not scoring now but he should have been played regularly when he was in form. Shaw will be more of a test player. Even Pant scored a 50 against touring England side last year that too just in 35 balls. Did you say the same thing about him then. Shaw too failed in one days against NZ A.
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    One isolated stone throw is same as hundreds of discharged bullets. Please think through before posting. As far as Pakistan being isolated I really feel bad but as Kabir Ji said "Rope birva neem ka, aam kahan sa hoi" - translation if you sow neem trees dont expect mangoes.
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    There is no bullying. BCCI has taken a honorable stand that innocent blood should not be shed. I disagree with BCCI on 90% of things they do but this 10% I agree with. By not playing the bilateral they have honored the MOU. The MOU had a condition of govt approval . This was dependent on you guys behaving. You did not behave. No permssion granted. MOU honored. There is more to life then a silly game of cricket. We need to chart different courses in life. You dont like us and we wont play.
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    Most teams nowadays are trying to play multiple allrounders. This policy is effective if such players deserve to be in the team based purely on atleast one of the disciplines, batting, bowling or keeping .... and the other discipline is additive. Ashwin and Jadeja are good examples of this ... they would be in our test team while playing in Asia, even if they could not bat. Mitchell Marsh in test matches is an ideal example of someone who can neither bat nor bowl and should not have played 21 tests, but has done so as a " potential all-rounder ". This is the type which should be discouraged and Ashwin-type allrounders encouraged. We have quite a few all-rounders already playing for India or doing well in FC and List A. TESTs Batting-allrounders for tests Hardik Pandya - pacer / big-hitter New - Vijay Shankar - pacer / big-hitter Washington Sundar - spinner Bowling-allrounders for tests Ashwin - spinner Jadeja - spinner / big-hitter Jayant Yadav - spinner New - Axar - spinner Gowtham - spinner / big-hitter Karn - spinner Nagarkoti - pacer Bowlers who can bat somewhat - tests Bhuvi - pacer LOIs Batting-allrounders for LOIs Hardik Pandya - pacer / big-hitter New - Shankar - pacer / big-hitter Krunal - spinner / big-hitter Washington Sundar - spinner / big-hitter Gowtham - spinner / big-hitter Bowling-allrounders for LOIs Axar - spinner / big-hitter Jadeja - spinner New - Karn - spinner Nagarkoti - pacer Bowlers who can bat somewhat - LOIs Bhuvi - pacer Shardul - pacer / big-hitter Batsman who can bowl somewhat - LOIs Kedar - spinner Getting a couple of new batting-allrounders in our LOI teams, like Shankar, Krunal, Gowtham ..... would lend a lot of balance to our team. Please discuss what you know about the new all-rounders.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Note to Northies:- We celebrate diwlai in memory of the day when lord krishna kicked narakasuras ass.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali to respected Gentleman, Malcolm (DR), Laloo,opening batsman,Velu,Texy and all ICF members From NATE and Family.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali to all!! The significance of Diwali to Sikhs is different than to Hindus, we celebrate it as "Bandi Chhor Divas" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandi_Chhor_Divas
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    Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Ten was mentally weak when you compare with his skill and execution levels. If he could have optimized his anxiety levels he would have done even better, he would for starters have had 15 or so more 100's and he would have won some more finals ( like how he played those cb series best in 3). but he occasionally showed remarkable mental strength under severe anxiety levels like the 241 with no cut shot in tests and his 2003 wc assaut on pak which he said he played in his mind several times and could not have got wrong, just that if he was less anxious he might have done much better. Rahane is just weak mentally, but can analyse game situation nicely in tests and modify which clearly shows in returns, in LOI he is just not there.
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    hasnt psl been around for just 1-2 seasons ? whats with PSL days its not like its been 10 years or something.
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    Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Yes, I recall reading that there are human limits to this sort of thing.
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    Not sure where I got "personal". And while I agree that ICF certainly has a lot of improvement in terms of discussion quality, on this particular subject, and in this thread, sorry I have to disagree with you. You seem to be dismissive of perspectives that don't mirror your own. Your loss IMO.
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    It does not matter. facts are facts. Janakpuri if you want to know. It has all to do with sporting ties and cricket is part of that. I am not good at debating that is why I just put my point forward. If I debate you I will probabluy lose but we can put forth our points nonetheless. I honestly spend 5 minutes reasseing after what you said and my argument still stands.
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    "All that is ok. Just play cricket with us, so that we can make money from your audience." Banjo, the shamelessness and nerve of these entitled fools.
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    Lulz no,ind is the best limited overs bowling lineup in the world,suck it
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    I am not Hassan Ali is bad. But he isn't that good. He is a good support bowler and he will be found out in the longer run.
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    From one side they say they aren't obsessed with India then they come up with BS like this.. If you don't want to be part of it don't be part of it simple as that. I doubt pak has that much power in ICC that can make India bow down to their conditions At the end of the day they ll shamelessly take part in the leauge..so why all this drama ?
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    Exactly. Move on. Stop begging for hand-outs from Indian Cricket as if you are somehow "entitled" to them. Cricket's bilateral fixtures have always been arranged on mutual agreement. Begging, pleading, threatening, etc will get you absolutely nowhere.
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    Prithvi Shaw

    I would prefer Prithvi to be earmarked for the test side (in preference to ODIs) as opening batting in tests (after being a fast bowler) is toughest job in cricket. Our test batting lineup is currently crying out for a gun opener. KL has the potential but we are all holding our breath re: whether his body holds up.
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    You keep on killing us then want us to pretend things are normal. You keep on teaching your kids in school books how bad we are and pretend things are normal. You steal our territory and pretend things are normal. You consider us as an inferior race and pretend things are normal. You kill hundreds of my brothers and sisters in Mumbai and pretend things are normal. No we have no desire none whatsoever to play you. I hope we never play you. We are doing just fine withput playing you. As a matter of fact we are doing great without playing you. As a matter of fact if we were not doing well we still should not be playing you.
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    Thommo - how quick was he?'

    This doesn't exactly prove it, but baseball has always recorded bit faster than cricket and the barrier of 102 mph is rarely crossed. I guess it has happened like 5-10 times max.
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    Everybody knows Pakistan aren't going to pull out, just purely on financial basis, the PCB is a loss making board, and the Pakistan is economy is a basket case based on foreign doles where big TV rights will be difficult to achieve The talk of Pak's 200m people is laughable because there is no value in these people, Bangladesh is a far more lucrative TV market with a well endowed middle class population who got disposable income to spend, no wonder BCB is making profits and building world class stadiums
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    express bowling

    Prithvi Shaw

    Trent Boult very impressed by Shaw. Says that the ball was swinging early on but it did not trouble Shaw. https://epaper.telegraphindia.com/details/284973-171846105.html
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    I see other sports teams having engagements with each other. Either stop all engagements or resume all. Can't be half arsed esp with respect to cricket.
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    There's a difference between a hooligan throwing a stone or a terrorist throwing a grenade and firing 1000 bullets. Can't ever equate the two of them. The drunk fan who threw the stone was sent to jail. He'll not be allowed in a cricket stadium ever. Whatever happened to the terrorists who attacked the Lankan team? I think they made a clean get away and were never caught. That's another difference. Where's the double standards ? It's about the fallacy of equating being attacked in a planned and coordinated terrorist attack with the actions of a drunk individual.
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    American authorities don't have any say in Indian sports .... like they do in Pakistan.
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    I think people can understand the difference between a drunk fan showing frustration by throwing a stone and a planned terrorist attack which wanted to kidnap/kills players. I like how you claimed about players not getting hurt but apart from 6 players injured, 6 policemen and 2 civilians were killed. Does their deaths not matter? However, to answer your question, the reason for the perception Pakistan has is because of their own doing. Seriously or not, people know that the stone throwers were caught and jailed. They know the intention and trust India and Indian government. on the other hand, this week, Pakistan threw out terror charges against Hafeez Saeed. Pakistanis can fool themselves by saying no evidence, etc, etc but the rest of the world is not blind and deaf. They know Pakistan government supports terrorists and since they do, how can they keep people safe from their own terrorists? Pet terrorists constantly go rogue The trust issues Pakistan has is linked to your government and their support of terrorists
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    No Country is safe now from terrorism. But there's a difference in being a country which is a victim of terrorism and in being a country which has sheltered terrorists and is continuing to shelter them The Pak army can't be trusted. Everyone knows who calls the shots in Pakistan and dictates the terms to the civilian government. The minute there's a civilian government strong enough to dictate terms to the Pakistan army and the said government is interested in talking and taking concrete steps against terrorist outfits. Let's have the discussion.
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    Countries like Australia have a path charted for their pacers, how many overs to bowl, in a season, also are monitored in domestics, yes Shami needs to be match fit, but not over used.
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    Pant failing isn’t a big deal. Lot of ATP level tennis players who are in top 75 in the world go back to challenger level tennis which is one level below ATP pro circuit and they also get beaten there not some times but most times in first or second round. So a batsman in cricket getting out early in a domestic or first class game has a higher probability of failing since it takes just one bad shot or one good ball. Pant is the future.
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    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Wishing all icfers a very happy Dhanteras and a very bright Diwali.
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    Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    You win the world's worst bragger contest
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    Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    It's been raining since weeks in Hyderabad. Why couldn't BCCI just shift it to another venue? This time you had time on your hand. Rajiv Gandhi has terrible terrible drainage. They should have shown a bit more awareness and shifted this series decider. Just swap some venue of the NZ or SL series with Hyderabad. One week should be more than enough for any of the metropolitan cities to arrange for a game.
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    well done India, this is a top class international ODI team and to have your second string turn them over says something about our bench strength
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    Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    For me the biggest non-shock was when SL which lost to India 9-0 in sl, trashed pak 2-0 in tests in their own home at uae. That was so pakistan that it was a total rofl and non-shock event. Buhahahahaha
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    Find great Babar Young boy, for Pakistan, runs churning like century every match
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    K Gowtham - against Assam 149 off 170 balls with 6 sixes and 10 fours .... liked the pulled 6 off Nechim 3 + 4 = 7 wickets True all-round performance.
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    New guy

    Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    T20 is a game for young players. The only T20 WC we won was when the oldies stepped aside and we went with a brand new, hungry team
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    Ashwin was a very good T20/ODI bowler when started.
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    2 A teams for one day practice matches against England, a ROI side and 2 A teams for 2 / 3 day matches. So....5 teams in all. And yet we have not seen either Nathu Singh or Ankit Rajpoot in any of the teams. No Aaron either despite being fit now. Basically, the 3 quickest pacers left out. ( I am assuming that they were not that aware of Thampi before SMA Trophy this season ) And we have seen Vinay, Dinda, Kaul, Vignesh type trundlers. This is worrying.
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    We should perhaps add around 4 k to these speeds

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