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    what about terrorism and people getting killed in the border ?
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    Embarrassing....need to throw up.....does Kohli even know that this guy is a convicted felon? If any of us had a friend like Amir,pretty sure our moms would by now say "don't be friends with such people...burey sangat me mat pado" or even ground us till we get better friends
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    I have no idea. Amir is real good but kohli is over hyping him.
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    lol your trundler brigade just got owned by sl of all teams who were beat like a high school team by India. Shami/Yadav average 140 and top 148-149 in sc tests. your guys trundle all day at 125 hehe there is no comparison.
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    any tom dick can come and bowl a fast 1-2 overs, you need an innings of supreme effort to prove that you are fast. ind pak match ? let me guess you mean the last world cup where wahab played lol..one odi spell makes him faster lahori logic.
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    Shreyas Iyer. Sanju Samson. Rishabh Pant. Karun Nair. Sarfraz Khan. And the latest addition to the mix, chota packet promising to be the next big dhamaka - Prithvi Shaw. All of these guys seem to have that 'it' factor when it comes to their batting. That certain something that jumps out when you watch them bat - plenty of timing, a plethora of strokes, and a willingness to take the attack to the bowlers. But take a bit of a closer look, and you can start to see telltale signs of inconsistency - a tendency to "live hard or die trying". Given the way the economic and 'popularity' incentives are stacked in favor of "modern" bats who are capable of exciting stroke-play, its not hard to see why the teenyboppers of Indian batting are all out to emulate the ABDVs and Rohit Sharmas of the world, as opposed to the Gavaskars and dare I say, even the great Sachin Tendulkar. Gone are the days where the domestic circuit prioritized, taught and honed the ability of a young batsman's ability to put a premium price on his wicket. These days, all you hear in terms of "cutting edge conventional wisdom" is the tiresome cliche of "expressing yourself" and "playing your natural game". So widespread is the epidemic in India's young ranks,, that even the normally reticent Rahul Dravid felt compelled to publicly call out some of his wards. An annoyed Dravid was quoted as dismissing all this emphasis on "natural game" as "frustrating". Dravid chose to make his point with an unusually strong choice of words. Strong words they might be, but I feel that it will be inevitably swamped by the tsunami of $$$$ that has flooded cricket since the inception of the IPL. After all, what will a young Indian cricketer aspire to be, considering the cricket circuit today - Why should he devote his energies to building his skills like say, a Murali Vijay, Che Pujara, or even an Ajinkya Rahane? When a test cricket 'failure' like Rohit Sharma is a multi-millionaire superstar IPL team captain, and gets to be a glory hogging ODI opener for the national team because of his ability to hit sixes? To some extent, this evolution of incentives and the corresponding evolution in batting is not restricted to India alone. One look at the young batsmen coming through the ranks in England and Australia will show you a markedly 'same-ness' in the ranks. James Vince. Marcus Stoinis. Chris Lynn. Glenn Maxwell. I wonder where the next Rahul Dravid will come from. Or if he will show up at all. Cricket will be poorer for it, if he doesn't.
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    wahab is garbage in world standards but near your atg because he does not use bottle caps or fix.
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    These two need to get a room
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    I think currently India A will be a stronger side than the likes of Srilanka,Pakistan,WI,Bangladesh and Zim in all conditions. They will be tougher to beat than the likes of Eng,NZ,Aus and SA in SC conditions.So if India team face India A in a 3 match test series what will be the result? India XI: Vijay,Rahul,Pujara,Kohli,Rahane,Saha (Wk),Hardik,Ashwin,Jadeja,Shami,Umesh. India A XI: Mukund,Prasanth Chopra,Iyer,Nair,Bawne,Vihari,Karthik (Wk),Karn,Kuldeep,Shardul/Aniket,Siraj. I've not considered Dhawan,Bk & Ishant as they are not Senior team regulars but in the squad so giving young guys the chance to play makes more sense.Other spinners have surpassed Jayant right now.So he's not there and picked Karthik based on form.Pant is in terrible form right now.If u've any other wk/bat options then I can add. I reckon a 2-1 win for India if it happens.
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    Got to learn from the Tamils. They brought their state to standstill when jalikattu was banned, Delhiites have confirmed their status as cowards, even more than the present day Bengalis.
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    Bhau, we are on the same page on this - See this in my first post on this subject:
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    Nice find buddy ! Aggressive run-up and strong action ... a bit more back-bending would be nice. Looks quite sharp for his age. Targeting top of off .... I love it ( although Mulo may be upset )
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    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    i use zerodha and i daytarde in banknifty when there are no results to trade , i find zerodha is more reliable for traders .. which paltform do you use ? i use kite as well as PI
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    Wahab riaz who? You mean the same trundler who was bowling 125-130 the last test match I saw him? yeah, he definitely is the fastest ever who walked on a cricket ground. Fastest ever spin bowler!
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    It is not just about number of games or wickets in a season. Time is an important factor too. Bowlers mature after they have time to reflect and work on their weaknesses when they get time off or in the off-season.
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    Was just going to write this line - Its worries me how next generation is not cashing in when chances are given on consistent basis to force selectors to consider them .
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    Far from it. When Agarkar made his debut for India, he was a bowler who the entire cricketing fraternity was talking about. He was taking wickets in heaps against strong batsmen like Aussie batsmen, SA, Pak, Zim etc... Opposition were talking about him. And mind you, this was when, Mcgrath, Wasim, Pollock and one red hot bowler by the name of Shoaib Akhtar were in the scene! Hassan hasnt displayed such strength of character yet. Although I have hopes on him
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    It does not matter. facts are facts. Janakpuri if you want to know. It has all to do with sporting ties and cricket is part of that. I am not good at debating that is why I just put my point forward. If I debate you I will probabluy lose but we can put forth our points nonetheless. I honestly spend 5 minutes reasseing after what you said and my argument still stands.
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    That's quite an intentional misreading of what I posted. Nobody is accusing the average Pakistani of being terrorists. But the average Pakistani does support a society, and a legal and government system that openly provides comfort and security to terrorists and murderers, many of whom are designated as criminal terrorists by the UN. Why is that Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed and their organizations get so much public support - in terms of manpower and money, within Pakistan's borders? Why are they openly allowed to continue their business of "non-state actors", not just by the feckless Pakistani government, or the PakMil with blood on their hands, but also by the general public which provides bulk of their support, not to mention soceital approval of their shenanigans? And look at yourself, out here, shamelessly playing the victim card instead of having the balls to call a spade a spade. I will not shirk in accepting that the recent actions of some Indians in India - with the beef ban etc have been shameful and criminal. Why are Pakistanis so shameless in not just tolerating, but condoning and supporting the violent actions of some of their countrymen?
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    Well track and field will be a problem he will wait for the last lap to accelerate...usually that's the way it works but he will be so far behind lunging in the other laps that it will be too late.100m is like T20 format he will suck at it anyways
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    Why dont they prepare properly list is endless from henry olanga , to behrendorff ..
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    Can't play on seaming tracks, can't play new bowlers, can't compete outside Asia, are the new perennial bridesmaids in every damn ICC tourney, team selection gone all awry....we have a few problems to solve and time is running out.

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