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    In the 2nd T20I, Usman Khan bowled a fastest of 139.5 k and average of 132.6 k No 140 k+ today. https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/6898#hawk-eye
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    Unientionally funny movie clips !!!

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    I was a big fan of him when he started his career. Rohit was in his shadows. He was playing all kind of innovative shots against all kind of bowling. He doesn't have obvious weaknesses. But he has massive concentration lapses. I still remember how well he negotiated new ball as opener in England when Jaffer wasn't exactly comfortable. He never converted. He didn't do justice to his potential. I am sure he will continue the same way. But you cannot ignore his massive run accumulation in domestic cricket especially in crunch situations.
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    Lol, your so proud of your stats but not realising that your interpretation skills are horrible. Am I supposed to accept that Wankhede is not a chasing wicket based on data from 1987 and 1996 world cups? Do you still believe in the Soviet Union? Why would Boycott go out of his way to denigrate all of gambhirs career achievements? Scholarly criticism? Agree I have venom for MSD, he and Srini tried to hijack Indian cricket for personal monentary gain, guilty as charged. Who awarded man of the match in the final to MSD- consensus vote would be gambhir when looking objectively. On to your precious main point about Yuvraj not coping with Murli, yeah he struggled against him from time to time but he also won player of the series in 2009 ODI series in Sri Lanka in Murli's favoured home conditions where he is normally deadly. This combined with him being player of the tournament in WC2011- shows he was clearly the man for the job. winning WC saves you from anything? So just because you win an ODI tournament, it gives you immunity from shamelessly flopping in the test cricket? Shall we now put Chepu into the ODI/t20 team based on his superlative test performances? Can't find footage of Riaz's ball vs yuvraj. Found an almost identical ball that Riaz bowled to Franklin months earlier. Notice how the commentators (who are ex cricketers) praise the bowler and don't blame the batsmen at all- they even used the same term 'ripper' which is synonymous with unplayable- and no you won't be able to find excuses for other batsmen in that match (good attempt at trying to weasel your way out though)
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    I cannot convince one person on this forum forget about the nation.
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    i know that would have made you happy, but to admit ones fault is the first step of correcting it. Its ones of the reasons India has many effective fast bowlers now.
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I think he can be a perfect fit for no.4 or no. 5 in 50 ODI , a position where he supposed to face more spinners than pace . Has demolished some of the best current spinners - Lyon , Is Sodhi , Ash in this match Murderer of spin bowling it seems . Hist lots of sixes . He may be inconsistent due to nature of hios aggressive play , but if you can thrash spinners in middle overs i think one can win 80% of the matches and almost all teams now bowl minimum 2 spinners . Yes .. nice feeling when you think of Iyer at 4 and hardik at 5 .. many of the spinners will have thier Pants ghilla when they see these 2 together at crease !! . And add KL & R Pant as when they hit good form .. Hope my wishes come true one day!
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    Unientionally funny movie clips !!!

    and the reaction for the above clip
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    Well we can use his lunges against Rabada,Philander,Morkel etc on a spicy pitch in tests but unfortunately in tests he will try to come down the track and try to smash them T20 style and behave like a buffoon
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    well seeing as how dhoni has been masquerading as a test player when playing odis for the past few years, that could very well happen
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    having rohit sharma in the squad for the test matches is like a neutred dog having a penis .. can piss n cnat do anything else
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    Perks of being the brother in law of your captains agent.
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    Ofcourse guys like Karthik makes you look good. Sometimes we want mediocrity around us just to justify ourselves in life.
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    Bhuvi bumrah Bhuvi shami Shami bumrah Chun le....
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    2003 WC bowling was pretty lethal - Zak, Srinath, Nehra.. Still remember the match against England, where they beat the bat like a 100 times...
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    Bowler to bowler, Indian pace attack is way better than Pakistan. Both in pace and in quality. Watch some cricket first and then come to debate
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    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    we have another 30 days for november f&o expiry .. OTM puts are ALMOST always costlier than OTM calls for the strike distance esp in index.. one of the main reason that which is relevant to indian market is MFs and big houses tend to write calls for extra income ( so more sellers ) .. and there are relatively more buyers for puts who wants to hedge ( my guess is put writers are typical guys who are short on derivative market ).. in index it is better not to be a seller of the options .. or main strategy shhould be on the long side of either call or put or both.. stock options have relatively higher premiums
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    Can they kiss and hug each other off the field. If Kohli is not competent enough to perform without Dhoni then maybe try someone else who can do it. Kohli needs to step aside from captaincy after failure in CT.
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    Pakistan has introduced so many brilliant youngsters lately. It's india which is persisting with has beens and vanilla players and degrading. Pakistan's loi team is in the ascendancy, while India's is degrading
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    it's like watching the same porn scene 100 times over.
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    Great visionary Goenka strikes back. It takes gut to go against public idiocy and make the right decision. Sacking dhoni as a captain and making Smith captain will be remembered forever in the history of IPL.

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