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    Kohli, Chahal and Bumbrah are only players worthy of a place in this t20 side. We need a total overhaul.
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    Man Chahal is bowling brilliant. He hasn’t gotten any wicket but bowled brilliantly under pressure. Not even a single boundary in both overs where batsmen were trying to slog him. Top bowling this.
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    8 over match Rohit out 8 off 9 Dhawan out 6 off 6 Sehwag played 50 over games faster than this
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    He sure does not like it when he is overshadowed by other younger and more talented players...
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    There are lot recalls in the Pakistani factory. They are shipping defective products. Following defects have been observed: (1) Angle exceeding 15 degrees in many products (2) Flexion/chucking observed in some (3) Products have tendency to rough up balls (4) Frequent breakdowns like stress fractures (5) High rate of medical leave (6) Reprogramming of some products like no betting and spot fixing etc. (7) Very few GBytes of memory because keep on forgetting beatdown by Inida. (9) No adherence to ISO standards. (10) Only 0.5 sigma observed in factory
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    Starc gets 2 hat-tricks in the same match

    Starc "the tailender destroyer" picks up 2 hat-tricks in the same match. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC4zvVRrgII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnaPdSkDBXM
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    Overtook the WI LOI series of 2017 as the Most pointless series ever....except maybe for
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    Do u think India has any fast bowler who can bowl better than Bhuvi in T20Is? And repeated makeover will never give a stable side. First of all we have to get out of this expectation that players r completely groomed in domestic cricket and only the ready products r upgraded to national side. No player can b totally groomed in domestic cricket. Pandya, for example, must not have seen too many so well bowled googlies in domestic cricket as he is getting in international cricket. So u can't expect him to read n learn to play googlies immediately. Let him n other youngsters b groomed in national side rather than in domestic cricket for a long years. Don't expect Shreyas, Pandya, Kuldeep, Pandey, Rahul to b consistent immediately. Give them enough matches to learn and get groomed. Otherwise we will keep changing players throughout the year without a stable playing XI
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    good game after a long time!!! proper nail biter. Difficult to watch and contain the emotions in office..
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    Thanks Newzealand. you were more competitive.. infact even better on most occasions..
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    Trundler no.1 ....please noooooo
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    Guys, be careful....

    Oh so swing both ways... Cool
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    Overs when he came to bat Match 1: 8.4 2: 14.2 3 14.5 4: 14.1 5:16.5 6: 8.1 7: 13.4 8: 13.2 9: 18.5 10: 19.2 11: 9.5 12: 16.2 13: 8.4 Have to say getting almost 6 overs an inning is more than enough fo rhim, but he is performing like tail ender coming at that position.
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    Hardik pandya T20I batting Stats

    Atleast he will never play 28(28) type of inning while chasing 197. Useless Inning, which makes sure that you lose the match.
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Just a regular shut up call to haters... Now us tell below how he is wrong "Experts" with big tummies.. List your FC records as well..
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    Let kohli pandya take rest. Because these two are playing every format without a gap whereas the test and LOI formats have two sets of nine different players other than kohli and pandya who are playing all three. ( I agree that was some lazy sentence framing)
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    why the f does KL Rahul not play..because he did not bat well against SL in SL... ? how come more people are not asking this. The guy looked a million dollars, what a waste.
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    Rohit putting on pounds

    He took a sensational catch today and his added layer provided the cushion for those acrobatic dives and is the biggest hitter in the team if not one of the biggest hitters in the world -so clearly the pounds are helping
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    Must say, both the deciders, ODIs as well as T20, has been totally nail-biting in this entertaining series. And in both formats, it was the kiwi captain, almost solely responsible for the defeat...b it 64 off 84 chasing ~340 or tonight less than run a ball chasing 8+
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    He could not have his drinks or his drinks got watered down in the rain....so manju caught him sober for once.
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    Look at the idiots with camera on their faces instead of wayching the nail biter. Wide
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    Man that was good throw by Pandya but camera guy focusing on Dhoni as if he did it by himself. This is what is wrong with the game.
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    Because we tend to mix a lot with t20 and odi. What is working in odi’s ends up getting copy pasted into t20s and this to me is totally wrong. We must have a seperate squad of batsmen when picking t20 team. Whats the use of two months of IPL when you want to retain same players.
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    You can only have one of Rohit or Dhawan playing, to play both is greatly limiting your final target
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    Wait our biggest hitter is saved down the order even in a T8 game below Pandey...I am not talking about Pandya here
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    He is definitely ready, we need to manage his work load, he is already down in pace from ct and some time looks fatigue, i dont want to see him playing all three format getting fatigued and loosing his pace, at the moment our test attack is doing fine, I think we need to add a left arm genuine pace bowler for variation in it more than bumrah.
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    8 over game...why even bother Pretty sure even if you play a full game now,crowd will stay back....they should remove these reduced game system from cricket...either play a full game of play on a reserve day.
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    http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/17974/scorecard/1119502/India-vs-Australia-2nd-T20I-australia-in-india-t20i-series/ Guwahati match scored 25 off 23 while batting first. Otherwise his highest score while chasing has been 2, so yes, he won't play 28(28) inn.
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    Rohit putting on pounds

    Whats going. He seems to be losing his fitness and soon it might show up in his batting. In fact already starting to show against spin bowling. Gained a lot recently. Almost like how Raina had gained a lot earlier.
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    Rohit putting on pounds

    Go play outside....shoo
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    The atmosphere was fantastic, newly built Greenfield stadium was great. One of the best crowds I have seen in recent matches at home, so many people were present just to witness the presentation ceremony & listen to the players. Kerala State Cricket Association did a commendable job.
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    Some of the pics you guys come up with are hilarious lol
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    Well played, NZ.. Fought it out well, both in ODIs and T20s.. Played much better than Aus that just gave up.. Latham and Munro were the finds of the tournament for NZ.. Taylor and Santner continued to make merry in India.. Hope Santner gets a good IPL contract...
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    Lol... This after a series win... And ICF will cry after the 'overhaul' as well... There are 2-3 stale fruits that need to be thrown out.. Otherwise still a competent side...
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    Good to see best 2 Bowles in white ball cricket are punjabis
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    Shikhar was dropped because of consistent poor performances in T20,in WT20 we were so desperate that we even got Rahane over him. How he suddenly walked back in to the main slot in T20 is a million $ question especially when the guy who replaced him has a S/R of 160+ with a 100 and a 50 in 6 games he played. Something is very shady
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    Dhoni with another not out lol 0* time for chamchas to celebrate
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    Laxman wanted Dhoni at no 4 for his hard hitting batting
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    Ind have THE worst openers in T20 cricket. Just embarrassing
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I am proud of 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999. This is just starters. I am proud of beating the crud out of you in everymatch that matters. I am proud to think on my own without being programmed like some of you. You guys do have big hearts(i dont know that) but bigger stomachs.
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    Not in last 17 years you don’t . Since new millennium we got better record then you everywhere . Heck we even went to Pakistan and won test series and all there when you guys thought genuinely you were fast demons lol you are like a Nottingham forest fan barking about how good they were . The Chelsea fan is like who gives **** about what happened pre internet !

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