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    And Raina being unfit.I know that you are still sore at how he used to sodomize your lalloos everytime we met but this is cringeworthy.The only pakistani who could ever outrun Raina is the bloke who runs when Amreeki drones come after him.None of biriyani lalloos can even dream to field like him even in their dreams.
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    Have to feel sad for Dhoni. The guy who came into the team with the promise of a revolution, bringing youth and banishing the oldies who were past it is now himself a liability. At his peak no one could touch him, he was a match winner, not selfish, etc, etc. Now he is hanging on while he is way past it and he needs others to come and make such statements to protect him. Once his attitude and his on field performances spoke for themselves. The day you need others to defend you, the day you know you have hung on for too long
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    I noticed in the game yesterday, Kohli was continously going to Dhoni after every over for advice. There is no harm in it but for how long will Kohli stay under the shadow of MS Dhoni? He rarely takes any input from his vice captain (who is a lazy bum agreed) and even after so many months being a captain needs help from his predecessor. He goes to Dhoni for each and every DRS advice, invariably goes to him for whenever there is a pressure sitaution and rarely takes a decision on his own. Not sure its helping Indian cricket though. When Dhoni was made captain, he used to take his own judgement and took most of the decisions on his own rather than consulting Saurav or Dravid or Sachin for everything. Thats why he was so successful. How long is this transition? When will Kohli comes out of Dhoni's shoes?
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Kulwant picks Rahul. seems like a flat pitch, karnataka won the toss and chose to bat. this game should have been live.
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    Ah! Test matches finally...

    They have NEVER won a test match in India. If I were you, I'd start making dua.
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    it will be fun to watch. pride before a fall and all that.
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    Ah! Test matches finally...

    They trashed us they will trash you.
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    Rohit putting on pounds

    Maybe Rohit is thinking that if he grows so fat, a bowler will have to bowl a 7th-stump line to him, thus increasing the chances of a wide being called
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Just hope he builds on this. Next step is top order wickets.
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    Didn't expect anything and got 2 podium finishes in a row
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    I don't care even if it was not a great success. A sincere attempt was made to combat curruption . That is good enough reason . I still support.
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    On one hand across the border we get wannabe conquerors of the golden age who come up with coups,backstabbings,oaths on holy books, over throwing captains etc etc and on the other hand we have the modern day “Shravan Kumar”- for those of you who don’t know the old moral folk tale-it is about a kid who carried his old and blind parents on his shoulders on a pilgrimage. Now on surface the 2nd scenario looks pleasant and heart warming but this is Cricket just enough with this crappy shenanigans.. can we just pick the best team
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    Even bhuvi supported Dhoni in the PC Waisay, what will the poor guy say if the captain fattu needs a helping hand.He will say what the captain wants. This works best for kohli....wins , he gets credit.losses...dhoni takes the flak.
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    As long idoits like u r far away, any place is safer
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    Indian players not good enough to play in other leagues, and that's why IPL is worst in quality behind Pak t20 and BPL and Big Bosh
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    Ummie, Shami and Bumrah should be our first choice of bowlers in SA. Kumar can be included depending on the conditions. My squad: Vijay, Rahul, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Saha and (back_up_opener), Ummie, Shami, Bumrah, Kumar, Pandya, Ashwin, Jadeja and Kuldeep. We might win with this team.
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    Lalaji....keep it real or the thread is going to the jokes section.
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    the Pakistani sure did fight well to lose 3-0 in all 3 test matches they played. and that too with a team with misbah, younis, yasir, etc. Without Misbah and Younus, they will be decimated in Oz. What kind of a pathetic team loses to SL while playing on "home" turf?
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    Ticsy, you ought to know that I never want India to lose. But I'm feeling the frustration of seeing 2 years go by, and a stubborn refusal by the team to adapt to the evolving game and its requirements. It is aggravating to see India not deliver results on the batting side when it clearly does have players and skillsets at its disposal.
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    Dreams do not come true. this is real life.
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    Krunal is being blown out of proportion here in icf imo...he has done nothing to warrant a place in national side on merit
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    Ae meri jeet teri jeet, teri haar meri haar Sun ae mere yaar Tera gham mera gham, meri jaan teri jaan Aisa apna pyaar Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge Sab se dushmani
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    Whats the big deal with Siraj

    It should be said that one knock by Dhoni was a big one though.
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    World Most Overrated XI

    Trigger level rising over 9000!
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    This is true esp in a flat wicket. Bhuv kumar does not know how to bowl above club level in flat wickets with new ball. So if you bring in harddick after him the batsmen get hard on.

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