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    Congrats to the newly weds. Epic thread on Twitter.. Naraaz Phupha
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    Congratulations to Virat and Anushka!!

    It's official Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
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    India's new FTP may have more T20 games https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/indias-new-ftp-may-have-more-t20-games/articleshow/62015824.cms What's the fuss about number of playing days? There are so many young players ready to play for those 84 extra days. If reducing workload is required, then it can be done without reducing matches. Just rotate players and give chances to those who are waiting eagerly for it or warming benches.
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    Why is everyone blaming this on Kohli lol It's because the broadcaster demanded it .Nothing to do with Kohli. BCCI is phasing out test cricket slowly because there isn't much interest and hence broadcasters don't want it.And they are not the only board doing it either.
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    I see a very sinister pattern here. He has finally realized that he has no chance of surpassing SRT's test tally. But if he can get more ODIs, 19000 ODI runs is reachable considering the prevailing balance between bat and ball. In Kohli's mind if he finishes as top ODI and T20 run scorer of all time, he will be regarded by the chewtiya public as the GOAT batsman. True, moronic Indian fans (majority) with no knowledge about the history of the game will buy that line of argument but in the eyes of proper knowledgeable Indian fans, Indian cricket will suffer, our overall standing in the game will be sacrificed at the altar of one man's unlimited greed and selfishness. Make no mistake, his firing of Kumble (Dumbledore) was not because of cricketing reasons, it is a well thought out long term strategy. Kumble was an honest selfless servant of Indian cricket who had a vision for team India, Kohli (Lord Voldemort) wanted chamchas (think of Shastribot as Pius Thicknesse) in that post. He wanted to become the undisputed dictator and block potential bright prospects. Eg: KL Rahul (Harry Potter), who has the potential to become a superior version of Kohli has been shunted away to accommodate guys like Dhawan, Rohit (test) and Pandey/Karthik/Jadhav (shorter formats). Kohli is scared of Rahul because he knows Rahul is a potential super star. Takes me back to Lord Voldemort, why did he want to control the wizarding world? It was not just his hate for muggles, he wanted a surveillance over the schools of the entire wizarding world (esp Hogwarts). By doing this he wanted to weed out potential threats, all wizards have to hone their skills in a schooling system....by identifying potential future Dumbledore's in their young age and killing them the immortal Voldemort would remain undisputed no 1. I see a similar trait between Kohli and the Dark Lord, hope the brat's wings are cut off before he does irreparable damage to Indian Cricket, at least unlike Voldemort he has no Horcruxes.
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    Agarkar the voice of reason. Pandya needs to concentrate on cricket rather than his hairstyles. He hasn't achieved anything yet.
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    Kohli loves test cricket. Cant blame Kohli here. The players wanted lesser playing days and better workload management, so the board went after the least profitable form of cricket. This is what Kohli said recently "“My favourite obviously is Test cricket, we are making sure from every angle that this should be the most important format because as batsman or as bowlers also we know how pleasing it is to score in Test matches, especially when conditions are tough,” Kohli said." http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/virat-kohli-speaks-about-his-fitness-and-diet-change-on-his-stupendous-success/article21258591.ece https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/virat-kohli-wants-youngsters-to-focus-more-on-test-cricket-1781606
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    the ball moved more than an inch. Come on now. Did you watch the match yesterday? It was crazy movement. And most of those players wont play in the test team anyways. Now you're just being pessimistic like fineleg. Sorry if I offended you.
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Loved the phainty Kar gave to traditional rivals Mumbai. We always had a domestic rivalry Kar is #2 to Mumbai in RT history. One of the weakest Mumbai teams, Kar was also missing Pandey and Rahul. If they are not playing in ODIs, they should be released to play in Semi-finals at least, no point in benching on non-consequential SL ODI/T20 series. It's a huge morale boost for the state team esp if they reach finals! Jai Ambe! Jai Karnataka! Now, go beat Vidarbha just like Mumbai.. This is a fight for Belguam!
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    Their jodi looks just fab.
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    Had talent-check got extended chances and a fair run - check This was by 2012-2013 No business getting chances in 2017. Also too many players playing for their spot in the team- Kuldeep, Iyer,Pandya all got atleast some runs because they were looking to score but Karthik was clearly playing to survive. Same with a Dhoni who showed more intent because he knows that is his only chance surviving on this pitch. We don’t need players playing for their spots...bring in the fearless youngsters.
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    Now, the Indian team management has asked the BCCI for four more pacers to assist the Indian batsmen in the nets. According to reports, the team management has identified four young pacers, Mohammed Siraj, Basil Thampi, Navdeep Saini and Avesh Khan to travel with Virat Kohli and co. According to the same reports, sources close to BCCI revealed that the request has been made by the team management keeping in mind the workload of the pacers in the actual squad. Adding to this, the youngsters will also learn a lot by travelling with the team, something that will come in handy whenever get the nod. "It will serve a double purpose. The young pacers will learn a lot by travelling with the team and bowling to international batsmen. It will also reduce the workload of our pacers in the nets. The request is to keep them for at least three weeks," the source told. Link- https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/reports-india-want-four-more-fast-bowlers-accompany-team-south-africa?ref=nv Not sure how true this news is but if it is ..............Mera dil kar rha hai deewar men sar maru khushi ke maare
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    So many doubters n wrist slitters, Kohli knows what he is doing , and agree the game might be against LogRat 11 in his backyard, so decision taken.
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    This is why dhoni has multiple tons in tests outside Asia . Has courage to face extreme bowlers in alien conditions . When faced with such conditions he stands up to be counted . He has proved this time and again . As shown by his 20 odd overseas tons o wait just checked his record . Zero test tons outside Asia and even Saha has one . Must have used stats guru wrong , my mistake , apologies
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    The Realist

    Indian Coaching staff review

    Need someone like Ajit Agarkar as a coach, is perceptive and has an understanding of tactics. Only one of the recent retired players who is prepared to challenge the same old tired orthodox thinking.
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    SA always provides the slowest flattest track for warm-up games, and in this case they are openly at war with BCCI. Word was that the players for the warm-up game were going to basically below FC level, or club level. Indian team is definitely better off choosing to practice on its own - where it can control the quality of the bowling, and the track they practice on. As opposed to letting SA provide crap bowlers on a crap track. A 2 day warm-up wouldn't have given much "match practice" anyway. Its just a glorified net.
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    Maybe we should add one more allrounder in the lineup like Shankar or Sundar in place of a batsman.So he can share the overs of Pandya.
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    Well Apparently he is the most Tailunted Middle Order Batsman in the world . Just as his initials suggest, which he boldly carries on the jersey he wears representing his country, he is a D(ic)K with the bat in in his hand.
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    Axxcellent Move By BCCI, i have high hopes from Avesh Khan out of the 4, He hits the deck hard and bowls heavy balls and also nips it around a bit, groom them for future.
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    His lack of domestic experience should not be an excuse. Grooming should be done in domestic and team A matches ....not in the national team. I am a fan of his too but I don't believe anyone should get a 'lower expectation ' card for any reason'. 8He should not be seen as the only solution. The best way to groom is to provide competition for the team slot. Get a few more guys in the reckoning and everyone will raise the expectations on their own.
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    At some point but as of now , we all knew while drafting him that his grooming is happening at international level which he missed at domestic circuit. To be honest he has done really really well.........but as of now i feel the expectation among people are to high from him. Lets not forget he is the best option we have in his role Again he doesnt have to continue as bowler or batsman he does both jobs- as of now expectation shud be bits n pieces with occasional brilliance. Criticism on his batting- well on such pitches till date dhawan , rohit cnt score why to go after pandya About bowling- he has improved with time a lot and he will keep on improving and lets not forget he has been bowling on indian pitches for long U have separate each case from other , u cant treat raina , rohit , rahane with pandya.....all of them came after proving a lot in domestic and having that experience also. Pandya lacks it and the reason was coz we were in need for someone like him. I dnt understand the complain against pandya- if ull look at his career in detail he has performed so many times. Occasional failures are there with everyone. As of now there is no better option then him so their is no question in regds to his place. Cricket is no easy game every adjusment takes months and years , things dnt happen overnight. He ll become a better a batsman with time and same with his bowling but thats needs a lot of pateince We keep talking about getting youngsters in indian but we have 0 patience, with youngsters a lot of pateince is needed.
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    I hate his hairstyle. So annoying
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    I hate the rockstar treatment he gets from the media. I do feel he has the maturity to not get effected by it now but the same media will use the 'rockstar' image to rub his face in mud if he fails for sometime.

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