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    Both pitches are flat albeit Sydney was more flatter. Series was on the line in Sydney. This is a dead rubber and it has no impact. Tough to say really. I'd give the edge to Sachin since I'm a chamcha ;)
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    Bump, I am not sure if links in this post are working but Ravi the site owner and an Admin here who doesn’t post much these days first talked about this kid in 2006-07 when he was a 5-6 year old. He used to himself record videos and upload it. Today Rachin is part of the New Zealand under 19 and is going to be one of the players to watch out for in the world cup. Old timers on ICF will remember Ravi and him sharing the video clips from New Zealand of Rachin Ravindra. Thanks Ravi
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    My voodoo doll actually worked,time to use it on dhoni.
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    Ravi Shastri has a better chance of delivering in SA
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    Who wants to play in my series predictor competition? It's really easy but fun as the series goes on. For the upcoming 3 test series versus RSA, pick three Indian players for each test. Specify which player is your batsman, bowler, and fielding option. Points will be added for each test to give a series total. Batsman....1 RUN = 1 pt Bowler.......1 WICKET = 25 pts Fielder.......1 CATCH/STUMPING = 25 pts 1 RUN OUT (ANY PLAYER) = 25 pts (AS PER CRICINFO SCORECARD) For example for 1st test I might choose: Batsman - Kohli Bowler - Shami Fielder - Saha In above example, only Kohl's' runs will count not his catches, only Saha's catches/stumpings will count not his runs, you get the idea. You cannot have the same player in same category for following tests. In the next test you can't pick Kohli again as a batsman but you could pick him as a fielder. You could go crazy for example and pick Shami for all three options in the 1st test. If he effects a run out that would get you additional 75 pts. Submit your 3 players for the first test now using above format (changes allowed up until 10 min after toss i.e 20 min before 1st ball). If you will not be around at toss time leave some 2nd choices for borderline picks e.g. 'Umesh or if not picked then Bumrah'. Unless you have given me instructions to the contrary, either in an existing post or a future new post timed before the 1st ball is bowled, then in the event your player does not start the match the following alternatives will apply by default. UMESH/ISHANT/BUMRAH RAHUL/DHAWAN RAHANE/ROHIT
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    Cricket is a strange sport where bat tampering is excused and even celebrated (titanium reinforced bats etc), whereas accidentally touching the ball with your fingernail is cause for conviction. For the greed of money ICC has totally destroyed the balance between bat and ball.
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    Sachin's inns. India was on the verge of creating history by being the first Asian team in AUS to win a series there.Sachin who was under tremendous pressure to score(being terribly out of form) rose to the occasion so emphatically.And Sachin's inns came against a slightly better attack.More over that was an Asian batsman scoring a double in AUS(spinning conditions) which is more difficult compared to an English man(coming from far more similar conditions).Cook too was out of form, but the series was already lost is the key issue here
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    Look at the bowling attack of Australia when sachin scored 241, Lee Gillespie bracken and mcgil so sachin for me, and for cooks inning I have only one answer NO STARC!!!
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    ponting played and missed two balls .. those two balls to ponting destroying indian crciket for almost a decade
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    captaincy is overrated, leadership is not.
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    Nothing wrong in that. Batsman do share the burden with their partner. Priority is to not lose wicket. He prefered facing donald than cronje. He sheilded his team from rampaging steyn on 2010 tour. Its a team sport afterall.
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    Ranji Finals - great opportunity. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8050/game/1118703/delhi-vs-vidarbha-final-ranji-trophy-2017-18/ http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8050/report/1118703/day/4/ Total lack of temperament and very poor knock , very irresponsible one by Rishabh Pant. Just tried to bat like a "pinch hitter" (a poor-version/ugly-pinch-hitter at that) , and perished ugly too. Absolute lack of temperament. Captain's knock? Don't even go there.
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    No 2004 test if Gillespie can survive close 180 deliveries from top spinners like Bhajji and kumble on 4th day pitch. We could easily win the match. You should see a match to make a guess. The pitch was slow had no bounce and less turn. Chennai 2001 was a different pitch. You can’t compare pitches which are 2 years apart make a deduction.
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    chee chee What happened? No clouds?
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    Bohot sataya hai is insaan ne.
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    Doubt he was ever express as most people want us to believe. At his fastest he would have been 145ish.
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    I wish little god Rohit faced Ambrose and Walsh on a Perth like wicket. Ambrose would have torn his white shirt, tied it to a stump and waved it at Rohit. Total submission.
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    1996 WC match between WI and India. Chasing 174, India were 11/2 with both Ajay Jadeja and this joker Siddhu back in pavillion. Both were bowled by Ambrose. Sachin won us the game with an immaculate 70 runs with some great shots against Ambrose, Walsh and Bishop. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8039/scorecard/65165/India-vs-West-Indies-10th-Match-world-cup/ Seems like Siddhu's mental power have diminished after joining Indian National Congress
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    If not of that mental midgets background politics gambhir would have been one of the best and most successful captain ever to play for India after Dada, but sadly you are a Bot you won't understand still try to understand the pic below Genius captaincy and priceless field placement
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    you wouldn't scratch the shiny side. he doesn't have any nails. ICC denied there was an issue.
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    Most of the times we give less credit for a subcontinent batsman playing well in subcontinent saying that they are home pitches etc. Cook doing well in Australia too is similar when there is no bounce in the pitch.
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    Yeah and he's not even wearing wristbands later on in the video which cuts down the coolness factor.
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    You only perform what ahead of you, but if your performance does not include ATG opposition, it still doesn't match those who've faced ATG opposition and still thrived.
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    Is he talking leg byes. Last I saw dhonis bat was getting nowhere near the ball.

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