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    The Dark Horse

    Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    Afghan U-19 beat Pak U-19
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    Why can't Kohli also drop himself on green tops and England? He does sh*t when it swings around, so should be rotated with Rahane who is a good batsman on such pitches. What say @King Tendulkar?
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    Yesterday only we were having a discussion with a friend when I said that except Kohli everyone is droppable in this team and this friend laughed saying Bhuvi being best bowler isn't droppable. Took just 1 match to drop him. Imo, what's happening here is remarkable, unprecented, unbelievable.
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    Bhuvi was threatening the place of Rohit as batsman, hence was removed...
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    @King Tendulkar simple question, should Kohli also be dropped in all the test matches in Eng this year?
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    He is outperforming and exposing Kohli as batsman.Hence removed.
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    Why does this horses-for-courses policy not apply to Rohit and Dhawan ?
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    Saha has a niggle Kohli has a giggle, Let the hitman dance and wriggle, While Shastri’s moobs are a’jiggle Hum pehle se hi kuttey Kohli be banaya pig(gle)
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    New ball will always swing in SA. Bhuvi can pick some wickets with new ball. Ishant can just pray to God for picking wicket with any ball.
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    If there is no swing available even bhuvi can crank it up to 145kph this is not old bhuvi who used to depend on conditions, that ishant sharma didn't learn a s**t in all those 10 years don't expect any better performance from him than bhuvi in last game, pure rubbish by kohli destroyed Bhubaneswar here
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    +*"&_$#@ Go to hell kohli!
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    You don't drop your best player even in football.
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    Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    I have a small inkling that Kohli threw the match against Pak and put up that giggly schoolgirl pose to increase his brand and also to get one back at Kumble. Most embarassing moment in the history of Indian sports, any other fair and just nation he would be kicked out of captaincy. Even thinking about that F loss makes me cry so hard, 6-7 months after that massacre .
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    Forget India vs SA. This is real cricket!
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    i thought this was funz and stuff thread not a serious one lol Everything below Punjab is south India
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    With the new ball in his hands, Bhuvi would have taken out at least 1 opener by now.
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    Rohit must be singing "sajdeh kiye hai Maine laakho duaain maangi paaya hai Maine phir tujhe ". Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
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    If you force me to drop one of my buddies, I’ll get another in the team...
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    Do you see South Africa dropping Philander for this test ?
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    Still no Rahane? I am at a loss for words really. Rohit is a proven failure in these conditions. Let him stick to one dayers and flat pitches. Technically Rahane is probably the most competent batsman in the side to play swing/seam and he still doesn't get a chance. Unbelievable.
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    Dropping Bhuvi not just weakens our bowling but our batting as well. If Kohli really wanted Ishant for his extra bounce then should have picked him ahead of Bumrah.Bhuvi is too valuable with his new ball bowling.
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    If Ishant plays in place of Bk today, it will be as dumb and as bizarre as Dhoni's "Fat RP Singh selection" in England.
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    King Tendulkar

    Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    Omg enjoy the pak performance. But you guys still bleating over one game ages ago. This is vclassic pak batting . Love it lol
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    I don’t he can put a sentence like that together in English. its going to be more like alla talha ke mehelbaani Che lalke acche khele inshallah
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    Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    Kohli should be fired from ODI captaincy for losing to this crap of a team in CT. Shame.

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